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Lawrence County Kentucky History, Genealogy and Origins


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"Hello! and an old-fashioned southern "Welcome!" to our Lawrence County, Kentucky genealogy and history site. Come on in, sit a spell...take your shoes off and get comfortable. Our aim is to make your visit here reminiscent of a cool lemonade in the summer, to help you quench your thirst for more knowledge about your Eastern Kentucky ancestors and in particular your Lawrence County Kentucky ancestors.

      If you have ties to Lawrence County Kentucky, we know it holds a special place in your heart as it does in ours. Watch this site for materials to be added constantly. We have some very big plans for many resources to help you in your search for your roots in Lawrence County. And remember, you're always welcome here.....we aim to make your time spent here the next best thing to a real visit to Lawrence County. 

Pictures of the countryside in Lawrence County KY
   On the hill to the top left of this picture is a Shannon graveyard. This farm          belongs to a member of Laura's family living near Louisa, Larwrence County, Kentucky. Photo courtesy of Laura Brown McKenzie 1983.
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Doc Burgess lived in this home
Doc Burgess's house on HW 23- in Lawrence County, Kentucky. Photo courtesy of Sharon Young Jebavy 2000.

About us:

For Sharon, Lawrence County is synonimous with one word - home. She was born in Columbus, Ohio when her dad rivited the wings on Hell Diver airplanes in WWII and was six weeks old when the war was over and the family came back home to Lawrence County, to Georges Creek.

Laura's dad was born and raised in Louisa, Lawrence County, Kentucky. Her mother lived around the corner from his parents house and met him at Dee's. Members of Laura's family still live in and near Louisa.

Both Sharon and Laura have been researching their families since 1976.


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Sharon's YAHOO id is YoungLamont

Laura's ICQ # is 65383849

Laura's YAHOO id is ekyoriginsoflaura.

You can reach Sharon and Laura at [email protected]


The Johnson County Kentucky USGenWeb page has many resources pertaining to Lawrence County families. Give them a visit at Johnson County Kentucky Genealogy and History
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