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   Do you have Native American Ancestry?

  Kentucky Native American research is nearly impossible for us! Maybe we can help each other better. Here are some links to pages to get you started. See you there!

I would like to thank everyone allowed us to link to their pages. The more information we can make available to Lawrence County researchers, the more researchers we'll have making new discoveries that will enrich everyone's understanding of our families' histories.

Please, if you can provide information for others, write Laura


Native American Resources on the Web

The National Archives Catalog of Native American records. Please read this page carefully. The page will give you advice on what records are available to help you in your search.

Kentucky Native-American Query Forum

Cherokee Proud Tony Mack McClure, Ph.D. offers a book on researching your Cherokee roots. Not only is it a good resource for finding your Cherokee family history, it is also a considerate work regarding American Indian research and celebrating our heritage and our history. I read Tony's book cover to cover by flashlight at a Boy Scout campout the day before I first met him. The book was too interesting to put down and I refer to it often as I research my family.

Mary K Goodyear and Mary Ann Merritt made this page for links for Native American research

More National Archives information on Native American records

NAIL = National Archives Information Locator A searchable database if you would like to search online for selected records. It is slow and tedious but oh so worth it!

THe Museum of the Cherokee Indian. Be sure to look at what they offer for sale. Their publications list contains many books that I have read and that I own.

I promise! More is coming.

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