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History and Genealogy

The Origins of Lawrence County and its Neighbors










When you research Lawrence County, you must keep in mind that people lived in the area of Lawrence County long before it was officially named Lawrence County.    Below is a genealogy tree of Lawrence County's origins as well as a list of its neighbors.

         You may click on the names of the counties to go to their webpages to look further for your family's history.

   Fayette County (1780)                 Fayette   +    Bourbon
                |                                                      |
Bourbon County  (1785)                               Clark (1793)
                |                                                     | 
          Mason (1787)                       Clark    Montgomery(1797) 
      |                        |                          |                           | 
Fleming (1792) Greenup (1803)       Floyd                     Floyd
Floyd  (1800) 

                              Floyd + Greenup
                               Lawrence County

Other Neighbors of Lawrence County are:
Wayne County West Virginia 
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