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This list is of Lawrence County’s residents on the first tax list in 1823, who had previously been in the area that had been Floyd County.

Adkins, John   
Addams, Archer     
Abshier, John
Addair, John
Adkins, David    
Ban ?, Hury     
Bannister, William     
Barnett, James 
Barnett, Noty     
Bartram, John      
Bartram, Michael     
Berry, Isaac
Berry, John      
Berry, Jubller     
Bigs, William     
Blair, John
Blevins, James     
Boggs, James      
Bogs, Hugh
Bogs, John
Borders, Archibald
Borders, Hezekiah
Borders, John
Borders, Ratham
Bowen, Addam
Brown, John
Brumfield, James
Burchett, John
Burgess, Edward
Burgess Sr., Edward
Burgess, Henry
Burgess, John
Burgess, William
Burton, William
Carter, David
Caines, Nancy
Caines, Richard
Caldwell, Robert
Chafin, David
Chafin, James
Chafin, John
Chafin, Jourdan
Chafin, Nancy
Chafin, Simon
Chafin, John
Chambers, Richard
Chapman, Andrew
Chapman, Isaac
Chapman, John
Chapman Patience (w)
Chapman, William
Childers, William
Collins, Charles
Collins, George
Collins, George Jr.
Conley, Allen
Cooksey, Isaac
Cooksey, William
Copley, James
Copley, Joseph
Copley, Thomas
Copley, William
Cornett, John
Cornett, David
Cornett, Reuben
Cox, Flora
Crabtree, Thomas
Crum, Addam
Daniels, Isham
Davis, Elihue
Davis, James
Davis, Joseph
Davis, Samuel
Davis, Zachariah
Dean, Amus
Derryfield, Enos
Edwards, Joseph
Edwards, Meredith
Evans, David
Fichpatrick, William
Fortner, Jesse
Frasear, Micajah
Fugate, Benjamin
Gavitt, Ezedial
Graves, George
Graves, William
Griffith, David
Griffith, James
Griffith, Robert
Hardin, John
Helton, Benjamin
Helton, Jesse
Helton, Rhourich
Hensley, Daniel
Hilt, John
Holbrook, John
Holbrook, Randall
Holebrooks, William
Indicott, Joseph
Ingram, Silas,
Iost (Yost), Christian
Jaynes, William
Jewell, Solomon
Johnson, David
Johnson, Andrew
Jones, John
Jones, Hardin
Jones, Gabriel
Jourdan, Jonas
Jourdan, Hiram
Jourdan, Jesse
Justice, John
Keeton, Lucy
Kelley, John
Kelley, Mathias
Kelley, Pleasant
Kozee, Elias
Large, Joseph
Large, Robert
Large, Thomas
Lemasters, Francis
Lyons, James
Lyons, Jesse
Lyons, Lewis
Lyons, William
McClure, Elijah
McClure, William
McCrekin, John
McDowell, John
McDowell, John Sr.
McDowell, William
McDowell, David
McHenry, Simon
Marcum, James
Marcum, William
Miller, Edward B.
Miller, Henry
Miller, Phillip
Miller, Robert
Mook, Peter
Moore, David
Moore, Frederick
Moore, James
Moore, William
Moorehead, Burnette
Moorehead, Joseph
Morris, Benjamin
Muncy, James
Muncy, Samuel
Nelson, Emmanuel
Pack, Charles
Pack, George 
Pack, George Sr.
Pack, Samuel
Packwood, Richard
Peck, Joseph
Perkins, George
Perkins, Stephen
Phillips, Daniel
Pigman, Obidiah
Preston, Isaac
Preston, Moses
Preston, Moses Sr.
Preston, Stephen
Price, Richard
Ramsey, Martin
Rankins, William
Ringesby, Lewis
Roberts, Sinclair
Roberts, Isaac
Ross, David
Selards, Elias
Sellards, Samuel
Scaggs, Jeremiah
Scaggs, John
Scaggs, Lewis
Scaggs, Peter
Scaggs, Solomon
Scaggs, Solomon Sr.
Sherter, James
Short, Aaron
Smith, Moses
Sparks, Jesse
Sparks, Allen
Sparks, Thomas
Spaulding, Francis
Stroud, Mark
Sullivan, Jacob
Sullivan, Peter
Swetnam, Neri
Skidmore, Henry
Stafford, John
Spencer, Thomas
Shannon, James
Swearinger, Leonard
Scidmore, James
Sparks, Thomas J. Jr.
Sparks, Jonathan

Terry, Miles
Thomason, George
Thomason, Richard
Thomason, Samuel
Thomson, Andrew
Vanhouse, Fella
Vanhouse, John
Venters, John
Venters, Jesse
Waller, Jacob
Walker, Daniel
Walters, Robert
Walters, William
Ward, James
Ward, Joseph R.
Ward, William
Warrett, Reuben
Wellman, (female)
Wellman, Elisha
Wellman, James
Wellman, Jeremiah
Wellman, Joseph 
Wellman, Lewis
Wellman, Michael
Wheeler, James
Wheeler, James Jr.
Wheeler, Stephen
Wheeler, William
Williams, Philip
Williams, Hiram
Williamson, Solomon
Williamson, Elizabeth
Woods, James
Woods, Nancy
Wooton, George
Young, Jesse
Young, Robert
Young, William

This list is of Lawrence County’s residents on the first tax list in 1823, who had previously been in the area that had been Greenup County.

Ball, John
Bailey, Jesse T.
Banfield, Zedoc
Bear, James Kerr
Bell, Samuel
Bell, Thomas
Biggs, Douglas
Biggs, Hiram
Biggs, Robert
Blankenship, Henry
Blankenship, William
Bloomer, Daniel
Bloomer, Gilbert
Bocook, William W.
Bolt, Isaac
Booten, Lewis
Bryan, John
Bryson, William
Buchanan, William
Burchett, Benjamin
Burns, Rowland
Burns, Jeremiah
Chadwick, Hiram
Cambell, Johnson
Cambell, James
Canterbury, Reuben Jr.
Canterbury, Benjamin
Canterbury, Reuben Sr.
Crown, Thomas
Danfield, John
Davidson, George
Davis, Mathew
Dyer, Wiley
Dyer, William
Elam, Caleb
Ellington, John
Ellington, Pleasant
Ellington, William
Fairfield, Samuel
Fannin, Benjamin Sr.
Fannin, David
Fannin, John
Friley, Isaac
Fulton, James
Fulse, Arthur
Fulse, Obadiah
Gallihue, Peter
Gardner, Joseph
Gorman, Jane
Gregston, John
Grubb, George
Guiger, Henry
Hagerman, Bailey
Hargus, John
Haize, Isaac
Haney, Henry
Hatton, David
Hatton, Jonah
Hatton, Samuel
Hatton, Samuel Sr.
Holaday, William
Hogan, David
Hoover, Emanuel
Hulse, John
Isum, Archibald
Jourdan, Pleasant
Kichen, James
Kinner, David C.
Kirk, Thornsbury
Kitchen, Andrew
Kitchen, John
Lakens, Levi
Lakins, Joseph
Lambert, Berry
Large, Robert
Layman, William
Layman, Elijah
Lockwood, Jacob
Luster, John
Lycan, Jacob G.
McCoy, Reuben
McCoy, George
McDonough, V.
Moore, Nicholas
Morgan, John
Mullans, Sherod
Mullans, Booker
Mullans, David
Newman, William
Nail, John
Neily, William
Nolan, Stephen
Octier, Simon
Octier, Stufley
Octier, Thomas
Parks, Robert
Peterman, Jacob
Preece, Richard
Price, Edward
Price, John
Price, John
Price, Lawson
Price, Robert
Prichard, Isaac
Prichard, Lewis
Rice, James
Ridge, Elijah
Ridge, George
Ridge, James
Ridge, John
Ridge, William
Ridge, William
Rogers, John
Rucker, James
Shannon, Jane
Skidmore, John
Sperry, Samuel
Stewart, Absolam
Stewart, Andrew
Stewart, Charles
Stewart, James
Stewart, Mitchell
Stewart, Ralph
Stewart, William
Story, John
Story, Charles
Story, William
Strother, Stephen
Strother, Robert
Thompson, James
Thomson, Richard
Thomson, Thomas
Toler, Christopher
Turman, Ignatius
Turman, William
Walker, Julius
White, Daniel
White, William
White, Solomon
Wight, James
Williamson, Samuel