NP24: Chute Family Notes 24-386 through 23-404

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Had 2 daughters with first wife, three sons with second.


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Was at the "Sanwich Islands" in 1894.


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4 children.


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4 children.


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Had a daughter who died in infancy.


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Returned to England about 1800, after the death of his wife.


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They kept a boarding house in Lynn.


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Had 3 children.


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"Joseph Noyes was a mate of a ship, under Captain Joel Prince, sailing to the East Indies, caught yellow fever and was lost at sea."


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Moved from Windham to Westbrook where he remained for 2 or 3 years, then to Gorham, 1844, where he died, age 77.5 years."


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Notes on James L. Green and Alfreda A. Abbott Green:

WMC: The family had 6 children. Her birthplace has also been listed as Bolster's Mills, but according to the History of Otisfield, her correct birthplace was Gorham; her parents moved close to Bolster's Mills after she and her younger brother were born.

WMC: James Green was a soldier in the 25th Maine.


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Notes on John Lawrence Chute, Sr. and Lillian Frances Leville Chute:

A portion of a letter written by John Lawrence Chute to George M. Chute, Jr., dated 10 MAR 1959:

March 10, 1959
Dear George:

..."I cannot give you much information about my family. My mother died when I was five and the family was broken up at once. I, myself, worked for my keep on a farm from the time I was nine. I have had no close ties, even with my father and sister.

My father once told me that my great, great grandfather escaped hanging in Glasgow, Scotland, worked his passage to America and settled with a tribe of Indians in Maine. He married an Indian woman and started our branch of the Chute family. This story may be truth or fiction, I do not know!

[Note: The individual he's referring to would be John Alder Chute's father. However, there is a working theory that John Alder Chute may be one of the 13 children of Moses Chute and Ruth Mosher Chute of the William Chute/Shute and Hannah Carter line; it is unclear how the story of marriage between a Chute and an indigenous resident would fit into this family tree; this seems unlikely. It is also uncertain whether or not William Shute/Chute did, in fact, originate in Scotland.

There is only one confirmed instance of a Chute marrying a Native American, and that was in upstate New York, not in Maine, confirmed by a tribal roll. This was during the general period of time when tribes were forced off of their own lands in the east and sent west at gunpoint - Andrew Jackson, infamous for initiating the shameful "Trail of Tears" was president from 1829 through 1837. I wouldn't entirely discount a marriage in Maine between a Chute and a Native American, but many times this is more of a romantic notion than a genuine family history. More research needs to be conducted on this line.]

Here is what I do know:

My full name is John Lawrence Chute, born September 9, 1911, in Saco, Maine. 12 South Street. My wife's maiden name was Lillian Frances Leville, born Nov. 11, 1917, in East Boston, Mass. One of nine children born to Mr. & Mrs. William Henry Leville. We have one son, John Lawrence Chute, Jr., born June 12, 1938 in Biddeford, Maine. He is now a Junior at Notre Dame University, majoring in Nuclear Physics.

My brother Harry Samuel Chute was born in 1908, in Saco, Maine. I cannot give you his present address or his birthday. I think he still lives in Saco or Biddeford, Maine. My sister Lucy Olive Chute was born in 1914, in Saco, Maine. I cannot give you her present address or her birthday. I think she moved to California with her husband Louis Miller and son William. My mother's maiden name was Ellen Agnes Young, born in Biddeford, Maine, daughter of Benjamin Young. She died in 1916.

My father was Harry Cressenden Chute. I think he was born in Saco, Maine. He died in 1948. One uncle, Daniel Chute, is buried in the Methodist Cemetery in Goodwins Mills. I do not know any more about him. Another uncle, John Chute, lived in Saco, as do his son Arthur and his grandsons, John and Lloyd. Another uncle, Sydney Chute, lived in Fryburg, Maine. I think his son, Forest, still lives there. That is all the family history I can give you.

[*Note: He may be thinking of his cousins Sidney Walter Chute and Forest Ellwood Chute, both sons of uncle Daniel William. There is no record of his having an uncle named Sydney.]

I am a pattern maker by trade. I came to East Chicago for work; there is little to be had back home. Right now, we are in a slump here, and I am working in the Youngstown Steel Mill, on the Mechanical Maintenance gang. I now live in an apartment at 905 West Chicago Ave., but my mailing address is PO Box 2114, East Chicago, Indiana.

I hope I shall hear more from you in the future.

Sincerely yours.

John L. Chute


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Had two or three children.


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Had 9 children.


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"Went to sea; not heard from since 1847."


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Notes on George Conant, Eliza Ann Thomas Conant and Sarah Worthington Smith Conant:

George Conant had 4 sons, 9 daughters with Eliza Ann Thomas.


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"Changed his name legally to Charles L. Patten."


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Notes on Colonel Thomas Chute and Mary Mayberry Chute:

"Born in Windham, Me., Feb. 19, 1762; married Mary, daughter of Richard and Martha Mayberry, Jan. 2, 1782, and lived in Windham. He was colonel of militia, war of 1812, and high sheriff of Cumberland Co. In the latter part of his life, he was much afflicted with gravel, and was found dead in his bed Sept. 4, 1816 in his fifty-fifth year. His wife died Aug. 19, 1839, aged seventy-seven."

Source: Chute, William Edward. A Genealogy and History of the Chute Family in America: With Some Account of the Family in Great Britain and Ireland, with an Account of Forty Allied Families Gathered from the Most Authentic Sources. Salem, Massachusetts, 1894. Pages 42-43.

"Chute, Thomas, Windham. Descriptive list of men enlisted from Cumberland Co. for the term of 9 months from the time of their arrival at Fishkill, June 16, 1778; Capt. Thomas Trott's co.. Col. Pike's (Cumberland Co.) regt.; age, 16 yrs. [calc. birth year 1762]; stature, 5 ft. 4 in.; complexion, dark; residence, Windham ; also, list of men enlisted from Cumberland Co. for the term of 9 months from the time of their arrival at Fishkill, returned as received at Fishkill June 25, 1778, of Maj. James Johnson, Superintendent for Cumberland Co., by Jonathan Warner, Commissioner ; also, Private, Col. Benjamin Tupper's ( 15th) regt. ; muster roll for March, 1779, dated West Point; enlisted June 16, 1778; discharged March 16, 1779; also, Capt. Nathan Merrill's co. ; marched from home July 8, 1779; discharged Sept. 25, 1779, at Falmouth ; service, 2 mos. 17 days, with a detachment raised in Cumberland Co., and commanded by Col. Jonathan Mitchell, on Penobscot expedition; roll sworn to at North Yarmouth."

Source: Office of the Secretary of State, State of Massachusetts, Massachusetts soldiers and sailors of the revolutionary war, A compilation from the archives by Massachusetts. Vol. 3 CAAL - CORY. Wright and Potter Printing Co., State Printers in Boston, pages 464-465, "Chute" entries. 1896.


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Had 3 daughters.

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