NP35: Chute Family Notes 35-564 through 35-581

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Lived in Brooklyn, New York and West Hoboken, New Jersey.


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WEC says of Frederick K. and Moses: "These two were in the war and in Libby Prison."


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Notes on Aaron Chute:

"Died at sea about 1850."

Source: Chute, William Edward. A Genealogy and History of the Chute Family in America: With Some Account of the Family in Great Britain and Ireland, with an Account of Forty Allied Families Gathered from the Most Authentic Sources. Salem, Massachusetts, 1894. Page 78.


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Notes on Josiah Chute and Catherine Clement Chute:

"Born Sett. 11, 1789, Windham, Me., married Catharine, daughter of Joseph and Joanna Clement, Feb. 20, 1820, lived in Portland, a grocer; died Feb 1, 1837; his widow kept house for George W. Chute thity-five years, and died Dec. 13, 1877, aged eventy-eight years, six months. One son."

Source: Chute, William Edward. A Genealogy and History of the Chute Family in America: With Some Account of the Family in Great Britain and Ireland, with an Account of Forty Allied Families Gathered from the Most Authentic Sources. Salem, Massachusetts, 1894. Page 79.


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"He was a soldier in the late war."


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"Died from being kicked by a horse."


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Notes on John A. Upton and Martha Ellen Knight Upton:

WEC: [John Upton]"was killed by the cars July 31, 1866".


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Notes on Joseph Knight and Mary Kindred Knight:

WEC: "He was in the 10th and 29th Maine Volunteer Infantry, in the war, and lives in California."


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Notes on Luther Bradford & Lovisa Foster Knight Bradford:

WEC: "He lost an arm in the late [Civil] war."

The record of the marriage taking place in Clinton, Iowa is still being researched ... it is uncertain if one or both family moved there briefly, or permanently.


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Notes on William Woodbury and Sarah ("Sally") Chute Woodbury:

WEC: "Lived in Sweden, Oxford County 27 years; Mexico, same county five years, then to South Paris, in 12/1872."


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"Was a soldier in Company I, 30th Maine."


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Had 4 children.


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Had 2 children.


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Notes on William Carr Chute, Rosannah (Rozanna) Mayberry Chute and Nancy Rowe Chute:

"Born in Windham, Feb. 12, 1788; married Rosannah, daughter of William Mayberry, Jr. and Rose Waldon, Sept. 10, 1809, and after the opening of the Cumberland Canal, about 1832 or 1833, he moved to Naples; he was an honest, industrious citizen and farmer; his wife died Dec, 13, 1831, aged forty-two years, seven months; he married 2nd, Mrs. Nancy Rowe, Dec. 13, 1832, and died Aug. 19, 1864; she died Sept. 19, 1856, aged sixty-nine."

Source: Chute, William Edward. A Genealogy and History of the Chute Family in America: With Some Account of the Family in Great Britain and Ireland, with an Account of Forty Allied Families Gathered from the Most Authentic Sources. Salem, Massachusetts, 1894. Pages 80-81.

"Frank A. Chute, a prominent citizen of Harrison, actively engaged in farming, was born in the adjoining town of Naples, Cumberland County, on February 25, 1827. His parents were William C. and Rozanna (Mayberry) Chute; and his paternal grandfather, Thomas Chute*, was one of the pioneer settlers of Windham.

William C. Chute was born in that town and continued to live there until his marriage, when he removed to Otisfield. He was engaged in farming in that place until December, 1826, going at that time to Naples, where the remaining years of his life were spend on a farm. His wife, formerly Rozanna Mayberry, was born in Windham. She died in December, 1831. They were the parents of eight children, of which a brief account follows: Mary married Calvin Brown, and both are now dead. Thomas married a Miss Wyer, of Harpswell, Me. (both deceased). Caroline S. first became the wife of Robert King. After his death she married Edward Kilmer**; and, being a second time left a widow, she removed to Texas, where she married a Mr. Packing***. Both have since died. James was twice married, his first wife being Ellen Mann, his second Jane Cole, who survives him and is now living in Naples, Me. Edward P. died at eleven years of age. Newell married Miss Mary Jane Chaplin; and they are living in Bridgton, Me. Frank A. Chute is a resident of Harrison, as above mentioned. William Chute, who married Miss Emily Steward is dead; and his widow resides at Gorham, Me.

Frank A. Chute, now the youngest living child of his father's family, received a good common-school education, and continued to reside with his parents until he was twenty-three years of age. At that time he went to work on the York & Cumberland Canal, where for the next few years he was employed during the summers; and during the winters he worked at different places in this county. He then went to the town of Naples and purchased a farm. After eight years spent in improving and conducting that property, he removed to Waterford, Me., where he followed farming for seven years. In partnership with his son, he then came to Harrison and bought the old Deacon Bray farm, containing about one hundred and sixty -five acres of well-improved land. Mr. Chute and his son here devote their attention to general farming, at which they are very successful.

On September 24, 1853, Mr. Chute was united in marriage with Miss Elizabeth J. Hall. She was born in Bridgton, April 4, 1829. After her birth, her parents, Thomas and Mary (Riggs) Hall, removed to Westbrook, where they lived until their deaths. Mr. Hall was a farmer. Two children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Chute; namely, Quincy M. and Cora B. Quincy M. Chute, born November 30, 1854, has already been referred to as in partnership with his father. He is well known throughout this county, having held a number of town offices. For a number of years he has served as Chairman of the Board of Selectmen of Harrison, and he is now the Representative from this district to the State legislature. He married Miss Melissa D. Lewis, of South Harrison, and they have four children, respectively named: Blanche A., Roland H., Walter D., and Philip A., all of whom are living at home. Cora B. Chute, born September 14, 1863, is the wife of John Witham, who is engaged in farming on a place near her father's.

In political views, Mr. Chute and his son are staunch Republicans; and true to the duties devolving upon them as citizens, they make it a point to be present at town meetings, in which public interests are the topic of discussion, or in which important questions are to be voted upon. Fraternally, Mr. Chute is a member of Mount Tyron Lodge, A.F. & A.M., of Waterford; and he and his son are members of Harrison lodge, No. 41, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, of Harrison Village. Mr. and Mrs. Chute are member of the Methodist Episcopal church, whose house of worship is but a short distance from their farm."

Source: Biographical Review: This Volume Contains Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens of Cumberland County, Maine. Boston Review Publishing Company, Boston. 1896. Pages 588-189. Entry: Frank A. Chute.
*  This is incorrect. The Thomas Chute who was a pioneer settler in Windham was Franklin A. Chute's great-great grandfather.
**  Her second husband is primarily known as Jonas Killmer. Their son is alternatively known as Jonas Edward or Edward Jonas Killmer.
***Caroline S. Chute's third husband's surname has been recorded as Patebin, Patchin and Patching. It is still open to further investigation.


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Notes on Calvin F. Brown and Mary Chute Brown:

WEC: "Mary, b. April 1, 1810; m. Calvin F. Brown, a blacksmith, 1833 and lived in Bridgeton, Milo, on the Kennebec River, and to Des Moines, Iowa and Carthage, Missouri; she d. Mar. 1881. They had Charles, Edwin, William, Rose and Ellen."

The Hillard Family records Ellen Brown (daughter of Calvin Brown and Mary Chute Brown) as "Mary Ellen".

However, one of Mary Ellen or Ellen Brown's descendants wrote to George Maynard Chute, Jr. in 1957. The exact line of descent between Mary Ellen/Ellen Brown and the letter-writer is not yet known.

[Written on stationery from "The Air-Conditioned Biltmore", Madison Avenue at 43rd, New York City]

July 4, 1957

"Dear Mr. Chute: We have just returned from an auto trip through the east. Once again, we went to South Windham and Naples, Maine. Saw Mr. Chute at Naples, he seemed more interested in the Chute family, due to you, he claims.

I am a descendant of Thomas Chute, if I could be of any help in my line, would be glad to do so. Many times I have thanked [William] E. Chute for the work of compiling his book on the Chute family.

On page 80, my grandmother was the last of her line mentioned - she was the daughter of Mary Chute and Calvin Brown. Her name was Ellen.

I hope to trace the Mayberry line some time, but now I am working on Ellen's husband's line, Nicholas. [Jackie's note: am unsure if Nicholas was her husband's first or last name.]

Yours truly,

Lucile D. Deramus
6109 McGee
Kansas City, MO
GMC handwritten comment: "p. 80, answered July 10, 1957"


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Notes on Thomas Chute and Jane Wyer Chute:

"VII.54.ii. Thomas, b. Jan. 25, 1813; m. Jane Wyer, 1S40, and was collector 1850-51. They went to Oshkosh, Wis., 1854, where he d. Sept. 21, 1870; she returned to Portland."

Source: Chute, William Edward. A Genealogy and History of the Chute Family in America: With Some Account of the Family in Great Britain and Ireland, with an Account of Forty Allied Families Gathered from the Most Authentic Sources. Salem, Massachusetts, 1894. Page 80.


Note    N581         Index
Notes on Caroline S. Chute and husbands Robert King, Jonas Kilmer or Killmer and her third husband, named either Patebin, Patchin or Patching:

WEC: "Robert King left for Michigan about 1840, and she went and lived in Peterboro, N.H., eighteen years. Then she married Jonas Kilmer, and went to Council Bluffs, Ia., and had two children; the daughter died in infancy, the son, J. Edward, b. Sept. 6, 1850, grew to manhood. Mr. Kilmer died there, before the war; then she married - Patebin, 1861, and moved to Corpus Christi, Tex., where he died 1869; then she lived with her son at Legato, Live Oak Co., and died 1889."

This version of her wherabouts during her marriage to Robert King differs from the version compiled by researchers in Corpus Christi:

"Caroline Chute Killmer was a descendent of an old English family. Her ancestral lineage is first recorded in 1261 upon the death of Alexander Chute, Lord of Tuaton Manor of Somershire. Another ancestor, Phillip Chute of Appledore, was standard bearer for Henry VIII. The First of the Chutes to emigrate to the American English Colonies was Lional Chute in the later part of the 17th century. He settled in the part of Massachusetts which later became a part of the State of Maine.**"

[**A number of facts are incorrect in this: "Tuaton" is "Taunton", although still incorrrect; "Somershire" should be "Somerset". Lionel emigrated in the earlier part of the 1700's, not the later (1630's) and Ipswich, Massachusetts then is still Ipswich, Massachusetts now.]

"Caroline was born February 11, 1815 in Naples, Maine, daughter of William Carr Chute. Jonas Killmer, Jonas Edward�s father, was born in Cumberland County, New York July 4, 1819. The predecessors of Jonas emigrated from Holland. Jonas Killmer�s father was a baker.***

***[Note: Cumberland County is in Maine, not New York.]

Caroline Chute married Robert King in 1835 who was a Mormon and went with them to Michigan in 1840. King died shortly thereafter. Caroline Chute King moved to Peterboro, New Hampshire and then to Iowa City, Iowa where she married Jonas Killmer December 4, 1844. They moved to Council Bluffs, Iowa a staging area for westward migration. A schism developed among the Mormons and the group of which Caroline and Jonas were a part moved south led by Lyman Wright and settled near Austin, Texas in 1847. A daughter, Rosannah, was born there February 20, 1847. She died July 6, 1847 and is buried on the Colorado River where Lake Austin is now located. This group of Mormons were skilled craftsmen and while located near Austin, they built the first permanent jail in Austin and nearly grist mills. Then they moved to the Pedernales River near Fredericksburg and Johnson City and constructed grist mills and other structures.

In 1850 Jonas Killmer and Caroline moved to San Antonio where he was employed in the military commissary. In 1851 they moved to Nueces County and he was actively involved in buying and selling cattle and horses. Jonas Killmer died January 1, 1858 and is buried in the Bayview Cemetery in Corpus Christi.

Caroline Chute Killmer married a man named Patchin in 1861. He died in 1869 and is buried in San Antonio. No children were born to this union.

Caroline Patchin and Jonas Edward Killmer were granted �safe passage� through the Union lines in 1864 and returned to her native state of Maine. After the Civil War they returned to Corpus Christi. As a consequence of his return to Maine, he was called a �Blue Bellied Yankee.�

Jonas Edward apprenticed as a cabinet maker and carpenter. He helped build a two story house where the second location of the Lichtenstein store (presently Frost Brothers store) is presently located. A shipment of square nails did not arrive as planned, so the house was constructed with pegs.

Caroline Killmer Patchin died February 21, 1890 and is buried in the Bayview Cemetery.
Source: Papers of Bobbie Ann Hamer Hubbard
b. 1580 in Dedham Essex, England Lional married Rose Barber or Baker
b. (Unknown) Baptized 1643 James married Elizabeth Epps
Dedham, Mass.
b. 1649 Epswich, Mass (?) James married Mary Wood (James, Jr. ?)
b. 1690 Thomas married Mary Curtice (married by Cotton Mather)
b. 1728 d. 1767 Curtis (Curtice?) married Miriam Carr
b. 1762 d. 1816 Thomas married Marry Mayberry
b. 1788 d. 1864 William Carr Chute married Rosannah
b. 1815 d. 1890 Caroline married Robert King, Jonas Killmer, Patchin
b. 1850 d. 07/16/1929 Edward Jonas Killmer married Ellen Adams
d. 04/14/1893
Note: The family history recorded above is from Marylee Killmer Norris. Additional genealogical information about the Chute Family.
1. Chute, William E., A Genealogy and History of the Chute Family in America with Some Account of the Family in Great Britain and Ireland, with an Account of 40 Allied Families Gathered from the Most Authentic Sources, Swanpscott, MA, 1994 2. Chute, George M., The Chute Family in America, 1967
3. Doll, Samuel Thomas, Windham in the Past, Windham (Maine) Historical Society, 1974.
Transcription by: Rosa G. Gonzales

OBITUARY FOR CAROLINE KILLMER PATCHING KILLMER � At the residence of her son, Ed. Killmer, in this county, February 21, 1890, of paralysis, Mrs.Caroline Killmer-Patching, a native of Otisfield, Maine, aged 75 years and 10 days. The deceased was one of the oldest settlers of Nueces county, having first moved to Corpus Christi in 1849. She was a member of the Presbyterian church and attended the house of worship upon every opportunity. The remains were interred near her late home last Saturday, but will be brought to Corpus Christi in a year or two for final burial. Another landmark has gone. Peace to her ashes. Source: Unknown newspaper account Submitted by: Harrison F. Hamer

Caroline Chute Killmer Biography
Corpus Christi Public Libraries 805 Comanche Corpus Christi, TX 78401. Tel: (361) 880-7000 Fax (361) 880-7005 Email: [email protected]. ... oldbayview/killmercsbio.htm - 9k - Cached - Similar pages Jonas and Caroline Schute Killmer Jonas Killmer. Caroline Chute Killmer. Jonas. Killmer. Born. July 4, 1819. Jan. 1, 1858. In his 39 Year. Caroline. Schute. Wife of. Jonas. Killmer. Born. Feb. 11 ... oldbayview/killmers.htm - 13k - Cached - Similar pages [ More results from ]

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