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Notes on Augustus S. Chute:

American Civil War Soldiers
Augustus S. Chute
Service Record:
Enlisted as a Sergeant 1st Class on 08 October 1861 at the age of 21
Enlisted in Company D, 56th Infantry Regiment Ohio on 08 October 1861.
Promoted to Full Lieutenant 2nd Class on 03 October 1862
Killed Company D, 56th Infantry Regiment Ohio on 16 May 1863 in Champion's Hill, MS


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Notes on Sylvia Bell Chute and John William Hartley:

GMC recorded this family as having 3 sons and 3 daughters, but other records indicate they had more children than previously indicated.


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Notes on Dora Augusta Chute and William Loren Hartley:

This couple had 6 sons; additional information needed.


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2 daughters.


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Had 6 daughters, one of whom, Frances, had a daughter named Edith Chute Heis.


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Son, Robert.


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Notes on Philena Alvena Chute and Cyrus L. Thorne:

Altogether, this couple had 12 or 13 children.

"My grandmother, Philena Alvina Chute was born in Carbon Hill, Ohio. Her mother was Louisa Robinson, She was his [Andrew Hossom Chute's] second wife. We have been unable to find very little material on Andrew H. Chute and his forebearers. He owned coalmines in southeastern Ohio and used to travel to Ellis Island to recruit workers for his mines, many of whom were Germans. He had a large first family. Several of his sons were in the Civil War. There were only two children in his second marriage, Philena and her sister Jean. He built the only brick house in the little town. He had a large Victorian grand piano shipped in for grandmother and her sister. The Christian Church in Carbon Hill was built on land he gave and materials he financed. Each of his daughters was given a house in the churchyard. My mother, Alice Philena Thorne, was born in the house. Grandmother married Cyrus Lincoln Thorne. His family lived in Carbon Hill and the men worked in the Chute mines. This marriage produced twelve children. Nine grew to maturity. I have traced the Thorne family and their various connections. I forgot another gift he gave the little town. Across the creek from the site of the brick house lies the local cemetary. This, too, he gave. He and Louisa are buried there." Adaline Thorne Buchanan, daughter of Philena Alvena Chute, via e-mail, 9 FEB 2003


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2 children.


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Notes on Pritchard Chute:

Died young.


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Notes on Abraham G. Chute and Mary Wilcox Chute:

According to his grandson, Clarence Lee Chute, "Abraham Chute (my grandfather) served in the Civil War, died during the war in Missouri as a result of drinking from a spring, poisoned by the enemy."

The United States Military, not being one for helpful explanations of the deaths of their soldiers, merely records that he did indeed die during the Civil War.

They record that Abraham G. Chute enlisted as a Private on 10 July 1861, listing the State of Tennessee as his residence. He enlisted in Company C, 59th Infantry Regiment Illinois on 5 August 1861. He died Company C, 59th Infantry Regiment Illinois on 6 November 1861 in Springfield, Illinois.

Even this information is questionable, given the history of the Illinois Fifty-Ninth Infantry.

"The companies composing the regiment had been raised in the State of Illinois and mustered in at sundry times, in July, August and September [1861], and Companies A, B and C, under Captain Clayton Hale, had been on duty at Cape Girardeau since August 6th."

It is possible that Abraham's recently mustered unit left Springfield in August and had joined their Company C in Cape Girardeau when Abraham died in November, but not in Springfield, Illinois, which is where the U.S. Army has him dying.

But oddly enough, the records of the 59th Infantry indicate that while 4 officers were killed or mortally wounded, 105 officers died of Disease or Accident and 4 enlisted men were killed or mortally wounded ... there were no enlisted men who died of "disease or accident". Assuming those records are correct, the poisoning version of the story would fall under the "mortally wounded" category.

Prior to his enlistment, he appears in the Missouri Census, in 1860, living in Portage Des Sioux Township, St. Charles County, Missouri.

State: MO Year: 1860
County: St. Charles County Record Type: Federal Population Schedule
Township: Portage Des Sioux Township Page: 809
Database: MO 1860 Federal Census Index


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Last name of wife is illegible: Charlotte Edna *reest.


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Notes on William Abner Chute and Elsie Curtis Chute:

He had a second wife, with the first name of Beulah. Lived in Rockland, Ohio.


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Notes on Joseph Chute and Mary Jane Rowan Chute:

Ancestry of this family is not known at this time.

There is a marriage record of Civil Marriage Registration for a "Mary Rowan" for the year 1870, in the Archives of Ontario, Toronto, but there is no record for a "Joseph Chute" during that same time period. Unknown whether this is a recording error, or if records in this database were organized by the bride's name only. The full information is as follows:

 Name: Mary Rowan
 Year of Record: 1870
 Source: Office of the Registrar General (RG-80-5)
 Source: Ontario, Canada: Civil Marriage Registrations, 1869-1873
 Microfilm Group: MS932, Reel 4, Unit 80-5-0-15, Volume 14
 Page: 275


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Adopted by maternal aunt Mary Chute and J. Earl Mitchell.


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This family also adopted the son of Mary's sister Alice: Allan Leahy.


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Notes on William Francis Chute, Sr. and Margarett Smith Chute:

Ancestor of this family is not known at this time. Daughter Mary does not appear in a Federal Census; however, descendant Eddie Chute states that she appears in the 1870 Census of New Britain, Connecticut and was listed in the obituaries of the Hartford Courant.

William's parents were known only as "Thomas" and "Mary". A possible descendant of this couple suggests the as yet unconfirmed maiden name of "Mary" as being "McCarthy", based on the following: "We're descended from the Irish branch of Chutes - Thomas Chute and his wife Mary (nee McCarthy) arrived in the US in the 1870's and moved to Connecticut." The emigration time frame we have on record is ~1860-1864, but the dates are close enough to be intriguing.

Elizabeth Emery ("Libbie") Chute
9 NOV 2001
Helena, Montana, USA
Her family story of her brother Robert's experience on 9/11/2001 can be located in History.


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Died at 1 year.


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Notes on Patrick Henry ("Henry") Chute and Elizabeth Dean Chute:

GMC: "Came from Ireland about 1845, lived in Brooklyn. Had 5 sisters, no brother. Ancestry is unknown at this time."

According to the 1880 Census, he was known as "Henry" rather than "Patrick", and appears in two locations: in Brooklyn, New York and in Hastings-on-Hudson, in Westchester County, New York. Given daughter Evangeline's later role on the executive committee of Jubilee celebration for the Academy of Mount St. Vincent on the Hudson, it is unknown whether the family had two households because Evangeline was attending the school there, or whether she attended the school because the family happened to be living there for other reasons; daughter Carrie appears to be the one 'keeping house' for the Westchester household. Numerous family members appear in both locations. It is also possible that the family moved between the time of the Brooklyn census taking and the Westchester census taking, although this would not explain why daughter Katie and son William appear in the Brooklyn household and not the Westchester household. Adding to the confusion is the two different estimated birthdates for Patrick Henry, although his occupation ("Furniture Manufacturing") is the same in both locations.

Regarding the Brooklyn household, the suspicion is that Lillian is his second wife, even though eldest daughter Carrie (age 20) has her mother's birthplace listed as "Kentucky", suggesting that Lillian gave birth to her at the age of 13. In the Hastings-on-Hudson household, he identifies himself as "single". It may be the census taker made an error in the recording of information, or that Henry Patrick's first wife was also from the State of Kentucky. More information is needed on this family.

1880 United States Census: Brooklyn, 214 Raymond Street
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Estimated Birthdate Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Henry Chute Self M Male W 52 ~1828 Ireland Furniture Ireland Ireland
Lillian Chute Wife M Female W 33 ~1847 Kentucky Ohio Ohio
Carrie Chute Daughter S Female W 20 ~1860 New York At Home Ireland Kentucky
Vanie Chute Daughter S Female W 15 ~1865 New York At School Ireland Kentucky
Clarence Chute Son S Male W 14 ~1866 New York At School Ireland Kentucky
Katie Chute Daughter S Female W 13 ~1867 New York At School Ireland Kentucky
William Chute Son Male W 22 ~1858
Mortie Chute Son S Male W 10 ~1870 New York At School Ireland Kentucky
Mary Smith Other S Female W 23 ~1857 England Servant England England

Census Source Information
Census Place: Brooklyn, Kings County, New York - Greater New York
Family History Library Film: 1254846
NA Film Number: T9-0846
Page Number: 430C


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Ancestry unknown at this time. Moved to Philadelphia around 1870.


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Came from Canada to New Britain, Connecticut. Ancestry is unknown at this time.