NP96: Chute Family Notes: Notes 96-1951 through 96-1970

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Notes on Russell Ira Chute and Florence M. Sweeney Chute:

Chute Family Data Worksheet, Russell Ira Chute, Millbury, Mass. to George Maynard Chute, Jr., MAY 1957

Your father's complete name?
Ira M. Chute

His birthdate?
Jan 16, 1866

Born where?
Nova Scotia, still living

Your mother's maiden name?
Lida Ann Drew

Your middle name?
Russell Ira

Your bithdate?

Born where?
Salem, Mass.

Your wife's maiden name?
Florence Marie Sweeney

Her parents' names?
Edward & Mary Sweeney

Your children's complete names, birthdates and live where?
Russell Edward, [Private], lives with me, aged 13
Donna Marie, [Private], lives with me, aged 10

Your grandfather Chute's name?

Your brothers' and sisters' complete names, birthdates and locations?
Harold, deceased at age 26 - TB after first world war
Roland, age 53, retired
Oscar, age 49, Supt schools, Cook County, Evanston, Ill.
Bertram, age about 46, Government employee, Bedford Hospital, Bedford.
Warren, deceased at age 3 (auto).
Hazelle Lord, age about 55, lives in N.Y.
Flora Kingman, age about 50, lives in Ipswich, Mass.

Their childrens' names? Birthdates??
Flo has no children
Hazelle has two: Lida Ann Lord age 32, Merle (girl) age 34

Can you name your Chute uncles or aunts?
William Chute, Beverely, Mass.
Fred Drew, Peabody Mass.

Names of your cousins?
Oliver Chute, Beverely, Mass.


Dear George:

I am not much of a writer but more than pleased to write an answer to your pleasant letter.

My dad has a copy of the book you referred to. Oscar M. Chute of Evanston, Ill. (Colfax Rd.) found it in a store in Boston. I beieve you met or called Oscar.

I am 42 (4-29-1915), my wife is 41, son Rusty age 13 & Donna 10. I am a Met Life sales agent (10 years); we have a nice little home here and my father in law (Ed Sweeney) lives with us, and of [illegible] Riley, our mutt.

My mom is gone at age 63. Dad is sound as a dollar at 81. He remarried a Florence Sloenwhite of Sauguss, Mass. I print better than I write, as you can see. I will ramble if I may and see how much I can help.

Pop came from Digby County, Nova Scotia at age 19 and settled in Salem, Mass., met Mom there, she was from Prince Edward Island (Nova Scotia). Pop learned to make candy in a local candy store and opened his own place - about 1910. He did very well & raised 9 kids. We boys never saw eye to eye so split up & Roland continued the business on in Salem til 1954 & then closed it up. [Illegible] pretty well heeled because he hasn't worked since. We are all over the place and I guess I am the least successful but I have the best golf score & the smallest ulcers.

We live 75 miles from all my relatives & this is fine as far as the Irishman I married is concerned.

I wrote twice as much as you did. If you want, maybe, drop me a line and I'll give you more dates next time.

Russ Chute


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Notes on Archie Chute and Wilma Alvina Turner Chute:

Chute Family Data Worksheet, Wilma Alvina Turner Chute, Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada to George Maynard Chute, Jr., undated (after 1964)

The Family of Archie and Wilma are:
Phyllis Alvina married T.L. ("Nick") John Carter (R.C.M.P.) in Dauphin, Manitoba December 4, 1952, and are living in Thompson, Manitoba.
Their family:
Mildred Dianne, born [Private]
John Patrick, born [Private]
Elaine Jacqueline, born [Private]

Jean Ruth married John (Sean) Kavanaugh and were married in Winnipeg, Manitoba on February 7, 1958, and live in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Their children are:
William John, born [Private].
Brendan Andrew, born [Private].
Patrick Bruce, born [Private].
Catherine Ruth, born [Private].
James Albert married Margaret Rose Armstrong on October 24, 1959 in Dauphin and are living in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Their children are:
Robert James, born [Private].
Donna Rae, born [Private].

Archie passed away on May 21, 1953 and is buried in Dauphin Cemetery.
Mrs Archie Chute
102 - 3rd Ave N.E.
Dauphin, Man.


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Notes on Harold Edward Chute, Jr. and Marlene Violet Young Chute:

Obituary, HAROLD E. CHUTE Jr.

On Wednesday, December 8, 2010, of Shaler Twp., age 84. Husband of the late Marlene Violet (Young) Chute; loving father of Darlane (Jeff) Fisher, of NY, Diane Chute, of Pgh, Kurt (Lori) Chute, of Gibsonia, Brian (Gilma) Chute, of AZ and Donna (Blair) Skundrich, of Franklin Park; also survived by nine grandchildren; brother of Lois Woodhall, Phyllis Schaffer and James Chute. Friends received on Sunday, 1-8 p.m. at the BOCK FUNERAL HOME, LTD., 1500 Royal Blvd., Glenshaw, where services will be held on Monday at 11 a.m. Send condolences at

Published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on December 12, 2010


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Notes on Adelbert Edward Chute and Charlotte Marie Van Derbogart Chute:

Letter, Adelbert Edward Chute to George M. Chute, Jr.

February 21st, 1951

Mr. George M. Chute
546 Garfield Avenue
Plymouth, Michigan

Dear Mr. Chute:

In reply to your recent correspondence to my late mother, Mary Ann Chute, wife of the late Peter A. Chute I shall endeavor to furnish you the desired information as to my family and that of my sister.

My name is Adelbert Edward (instead of Albert), born February 14, 1901. Married, Charlotte Marie VanDerbogart. Present address, 16409 Elsienna Avenue, Zone 11, Cleveland, Ohio. My children are as follows:

Adelbert Francis Chute, born August 27 1928.
Lois Jeanne Chute, born [Private]. Married to Raymond Winpisinger, resides at 1267 West 110 St., Cleveland, Ohio. Has a daughter Judith Ann, born [Private].
Robert Edward Chute, born [Private].

Mary Agnes Chute is the name of my sister, born 11/21/1902, she married Dee Franklin Harden, present address 19 Beech Tree Lane, Falls Church, Va. No children of their own. 2 war orphans from World War 2 being reared.

Mrs. Peter A. Chute & Peter A. Chute (late, both deceased) had a son Francis Robert Chute (deceased) 4/13/1913 age 13 months.

Peter A. Chute, birthdate October 1874, death Nov. 22, 1940
Mary A. Chute, birthdate May 14, 1878, death Feb. 10, 1951

The maiden name of Mrs. Peter A. Chute (deceased) was Mary Ann Reichwein. Their wedding date was Aug. 28, 1898.

From telephone directory hre in Greater Cleveland, the following Chute families appear; though no close or acquainted relationship that we know of. Several other Chutes appear in the City Directory.

Robert J. Chute, 3149 Huntington Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio, who has a daughter married, Anne Waldorf, an Editorial Writer for the Cleveland Press (a daily publication, Scripps Howard Newspaper).

Very & sincerely yours

Adelbert E. Chute

Would like Joseph Chutes' address in Detroit, Michigan. Last known address in 1930 was on Dumbarton Rd.

[George M. Chute, Jr. added handwritten notation: "19911 Norborn, Redford, Mich."] I'm not sure which Joseph Chute this references.

Family Data Worksheet, Charlotte Marie VanDerbogart Chute to George M. Chute, Jr., 14 OCT 1966

Whom did Adelbert Francis marry?. Not married

Does Lois Winpsinger have children later than Susan?. Richard Allan and Robert Joseph.

Whom did Robert Edward marry?. Not married.


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Notes on Zaki Abdalla and Francis Marion Porter Abdalla:

Letter, Frances Marion Porter Abdalla to George M. Chute, Jr.

5529 Kales Ave.
Oakland, California
February 23, 1969

Dear Mr. Chute;

On the basis of the Chute article in the January "Hobbies" magazine1, I wrote to Mrs. Eilers and she gave me your address. I am interested in your book (the 1967 supplement of the Chute Family history).

My mother was Arabella Barker Chute, b. 1884, Carbon Hill, Ohio. She now lives in Cleveland, Ohio. Her parents were Andrew Chute and Mary Curran, both from Southern Ohio, as far as I know. I know Andrew Chute had several brothers and sisters - only the name of one occurs to me - Icum2 - he lived in Columbus as late as 1938 or so. Mom can probably fill in dates and details - at 84 she has a remarkably active mind and memory. But I'd like to buy a copy of the book before her 85th birthday in mid April. Will you send me the price, tax and postage and I will send a check by return mail.

I have most of the major details of the Barker family from their arrival in Philadelphia in 1773 (from Barel, Switzerland) until the birth of Arabella Barker in 1827. She married ______ Curran3 in 1851. There were 6 children; only one - Mary married (Andrew Chute4, about 1880. He was killed about 1892, leaving 5 children, the oldest about 10, my mother 8, and 3 younger.

The article mentioned a Barker - perhaps there is a tie in earlier? If it would be of any use to you, I would be glad to send you a copy of the material I have on the Barker family.

In any case, please let me know about the book and where I can get the earlier one as well. I've never been interested in genealogy, but Mom would be delighted with this!

Thank you so much!
Frances Porter Abdalla (Mrs. Zaki N. or H.)

1I am not familiar with this magazine article. However, I did locate a January 1969 issue of "Hobbies" Magazine on e-Bay, so will check to see if the article is of any interest.
2 She probably was referring to Isom Chute.
3Our records indicate her husband was Robert Curran.
4Mary Curran married Frank Sylvester Chute, not Andrew Chute.

Letter, George M. Chute, Jr. to Frances Marion Porter Abdalla

Plymouth, Michigan
March 1, 1969

Dear Mrs. Abdalla:

To answer your February 23 letter, the 1967 Supplement to Chute Family in America is merely a set of 125 loose pages. Only 100 sets were assembled & these were sent to genealogical libraries and none have been for sale. A set can be seen at California Genealogical Society, Public Library, San Francisco.

From loose pages remaining I enclose pages that give all I have about your part of the family. My information is on what I was able to obtain from living persons, as I had no access to records. Arabella Barker Chute is at the center of Page 110, but showing her father was Frank Sylvester Chute. Her brother (your uncle) was Robert Curran Chute whose wife gave me most of the information by phone when I was in Athens, Ohio.

But then Arabelle Chute appears also on p. 111, based on information I got from Mrs. Andrew Evert Chute, while in New York City; they now live in S. Pasadena. Here it says that Arabella's father was Evert Chute, son of Andrew Hossom Chute, b. 1834.

I would greatly like to have correct information. But either case shows I cannot trace these Chutes earlier than 1800, and cannot connect them with any Chute listed in the old 1894 book by Wm. E. Chute. Probably your Chute ancestors are among those who came from Ireland to Ohio around 1810-1850. Possibly the blood lines join back around 1600, in England, at least 15 generations ago.

The 1894 Chute book probably can be obtained through Goodspeed's Book Shop, 18 Beacon Street, Boston, at about $17.50. But you will find nothing in it that concerns your branch, as it is limited to descendants of Lionel Chute who came from England to America in 1634.

It is fine that your mother has such good memory at 84. I hope she can recall which information is correct, on my pages 110 or 111.

On Page 1 of the 1894 Chute book, it says that Lionel Chute in 1610 married Rose, daughter of Robert Baker or Barker, so possibly your Barker ancestors tied in with the Chutes way back there. But I have not tried to gather information on any but Chutes.

I hope this gives you the help you need.


George M. Chute

5529 Kales Ave.
Oakland, California
March 3, 1969

Dear Mr. Chute

Thank you so much! You are quite right that my Grandfather was Frank Sylvester Chute. I didn't have the correct spelling of Isom, but seeing the names on the list, Mother had spoken of Loren and Lena Thorne. So the line under Evert is in error. As far as I know, the information under Frank Sylvester Chute is correct as far as it goes, except that Arabella Barker Chute Porter gives her birthdate as April 27, 1884. Her father died when she was 8 or 9 - which would tie in with Frank Chute's death in 1892. His wife's name could be Molly - a common nickname for Mary at that time, but her last name was Curran (note its use in her son's name - Robert Curran Chute, b. 1891. There is at least one great grand child in his family, as he mentioned on his Christmas card.

But Arabella Barker Chute Porter and Frank Porter had six children. You list only two - and not in order! Except for my (illegible) sister-in-law's maiden name which I can't remember*, I think it's all there. There will be an addition to the Lombardino-Ekins family in June, too. (*Note: It's Jean Miller - my husband remembered!)

Mom is going to enjoy this. She may have some corrections, but it seems to me the Frank Chute section is correct as far as his place goes. If she has any major corrections that she has reasonable proof of, would you like to have it?

This is a hobby that hasn't really interested me, but since I read the "Hobbies" from cover to cover of course the name caught my attention, and I'm always on the lookout for unusual gifts or items that will interest my mother. She does very little walking outside the house and since my sister Edith Bombardino is teaching, and her children are gone - one married, two in college, Mom is alone all day. She "blew" herself to an electric organ for her 81st birthday, and had a teacher come to the house. Her handwriting is beautiful, she draws very well, so her letters are frequently illustrated. She quilts, knits, crochets and keeps up a fairly consistent correspondence with the other four children, our brother Robert and half a dozen old friends.

I'm amused to find my aunt (Robert's wife) listed as Marie Erb - I never heard anyone call her anything but "Gladys"! Strange to want to be known by another name at this late date!

Again, thank you so much for the information.


Frances Porter Abdalla

Arabella Barker Chute, b. 1884, m. Frank Porter (b. 1883 d. 1961) 1912
Frances Marion Porter, b. 1914, m. Zaki Abdalla 1948, San Francisco, Cal.
    Bruce Alexander Abdalla, b. [Private].
    Kathryn Pamela Abdalla, b. [Private].
Edith Louise Porter, b. 1916, m. Eugene Lombardino 1941, Detroit, Mich.
    Jean Louise Lombardino, b. [Private], m. Richard Ekins, E. Lansing, Mich; child: Julie Marie Ekins, b. [Private].
    June Marie Lombardino, b. [Private]
    Robert Andrew Lombardino, b. [Private]
Robert Alexander Porter, b. 1919, d. 1941, single, Lakewood, Ohio.
Emily Isabelle Porter, b. 1921, m. Otis Ingels 1941, Cincinnati, Ohio.
    Deane Elizabeth Ingels, b. [Private].
    Valerie Ann Ingels, b. [Private].
    Sylvia Lynn Ingels, b. [Private].
Frederic Edwin Porter, b. 1923, m. Jean Miller 1946, Lakewood, Ohio.
    Michael Arthur Porter, b. [Private].
    David Alexander Porter, b. [Private].
    Ann Christine Porter, b. [Private].
    Sarah Elaine Porter, b. [Private].
Blanche Arabella Porter, b. 1929, m. Donald Shane 1951, Lakewood, Ohio.
    Steven Eugene Shane, b. [Private].
    William Donald Shane, b. [Private].
    John Frederic Shane, b. [Private].
    Patricia Ann Shane, b. [Private].


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Notes on George Joseph Chute:

[This record is interesting, as George Joseph Chute apparently assumes he is descended from a British family. It may be that he is, although the questionable aspect to his family's history is the "change of name" from "George Noble Duke" to "George Noble Chute" in the records of the State of Massachusetts. It appears that Joseph Homer Chute adopted both George and his twin brother Francis/Frank.]

Letter, George Joseph Chute to George M. Chute, Jr.

Providence, R.I.
Jan. 10, 1958

Dear Mr. Chute:

The only information I have of the Chute family is as follows:

My father was George Noble Chute, I presume his people come from England. He was a twin, his brother was Francis Chute; he also had a sister, her married name was Mary (Chute) Richardson.

Mr. Chute, I never remember seeing my father, in fact, I never did see a person named Chute. I have no record of my father either living or dead, but I presume he is dead. I have lived in Providence, Rhode Island all of my life; I live with my mother who is 78 years of age. I am single, never was married; no brothers or sisters, and my mother never married again. She was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts May 15, 1879.

I wish I could help you in your research, but I am not a learned man; I only have a grammar school education and I have no trade or profession.

I know you are busy, but would like to hear from you when you have time.

George Joseph Chute
715 Westminster Street Providence 3, Rhode Island


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Notes on Nelson Hardy Chute, Sr. and Beverly June Hill Chute:

Letter, Beverly June Hill Chute to George M. Chute, Jr.

June 1, 1967

Dear Mr. Chute:

I am sending the names of our grandchildren and their birth dates. No, I wasn't waiting for Carol's baby to be born to write. I was waiting to hear from Gladys. I keep asking her for the names and dates and she forgets to put them in her letters. We called yesterday to announce the birth of Carol's baby but couldn't get her.

I guess they must have gone camping in their camper. If there was anything wrong we would have heard, because they are very active in the church and they would have been missed at once.

Here is the list:

Nelson Hardy Chute, Jr.
Nelson Hardy Chute, 3rd born [Private]
Linda Ellen Chute, born [Private]
Dolores Mary Chute, born [Private]
Constance Carley Chute (Greenhalge)
Susan Eve Greenhalge, born [Private]
Thomas Charles Greenhalge, 3rd born [Private]
Carol Lee Chute (Parker)
Leon Hayward Parker, 4th, born [Private]

I will send a list of Gladys' children and dates as soon as she sends them to me.


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Notes on Charles George Falkiner or Faulkner Chute and Katherine Agnes Haines Chute:

Probate Record, Charles George Falkiner or Faulkner Chute

CHUTE, Charles George Falkiner of 48 Percy Park Tynemouth Northumberland died 13 June 1939. Probate Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 4 August to Katherine Agnes Chute widow and Trevor Victor Chute, brewers representative. Effects £2397 16s 2d."

Source: Principal Probate Registry. Calendar of the Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration made in the Probate Registries of the High Court of Justice in England. London, England � Crown copyright.

Probate Record, Katherine Agnes Haines Chute

CHUTE, Katharine Agnes otherwise Katharine Agnes of 14 Castlewood Park Rathmines Dublin widow died 2 March 1959 probate London 14 September to William James Walsh soliciter. Effects £7759, 11s. 8d. in England.


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Notes on Harvey Lyndon Chute and Lizzie Mae Everett Chute:

"The correct way to spell her name is Lizzie Mae Chute 1918 - 2006, her parents were Clarence Everett & Lillie (Wilson) Everett. Their son Curtis Chute was born in Annapolis Royal Hospital; he was the 2nd child born at the hospital. Also born at the hospital were Rita, Marion & Clarence Chute, Ina was born in Phinney Cove, Annapolis Co., N.S. Anna and the child that died were the only 2 born in Litchfield. My Father Lyndon Chute was born in the house of my Grandmother Lizzie Chute's parent had lived. Conrad Lawrence Stoddart, should be Chute, he was born to Ina, but unwed at time of birth; he was raised by Lizzy & Harvey Chute."

Source: E-Mail from Timothy Lemoine Chute to Jacqueline Irene Chute, Subject: "Correction to Elizabeth May Chute". Sent: Wed 2/16/11 8:37 PM.


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Notes on Ronald Kinsman Chute and Nancy Stewart Chute:

Letter and Chute Family Data Worksheet, Ronald Kinsman Chute to George M. Chute, Jr., September 30, 1966

11 Hillvale Drive
Clayton, Missouri 63105
September 30, 1966

Mr. George M. Chute
546 South Evergreen Avenue
Plymouth, Michigan 48170

Dear Mr. Chute:

I read your letter of September 13 with a great deal of interest.

The information you asked for is enclosed, except that portion dealing with my brother's children. I am not sure of their birth dates and have forwarded a form to him with the request that he fill it out and return it to you.

I would very much like to receive a copy of your completed work and hope you will visit us if you are ever in St. Louis.


Ronald K. Chute


P.S. My mother is living (594 Peakham Road, Sudbury, Massachusetts). Catherine Chute is Mrs. T.W. Savary. Marjorie Chute is Mrs. Chester McGill. R.K.C.

Children of Ronald Kinsman Chute and Nancy Stewart Chute
Stewart Kinsman Chute, born [Private].
Ann Austin Chute, born [Private].
Davis Morrison Chute, born [Private].

[See Chute Family Data worksheet Ronald Kinsman Chute prepared for his brother Arthur Roderick Chute, below.]

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Notes on Arthur Roderick Chute and Dolores Katherine Keller Chute:

Letter and Chute Family Data Worksheet, prepared by Ronald Kinsman Chute for Arthur Roderick Chute to return to George M. Chute, Jr., sometime after September 30, 1966

Dear Rod -

I received the enclosed letter from a George M. Chute of Plymouth, Michigan. I answered for my family. He also wanted to know about yours. I told him I would forward his request to you and that you would reply to him.

He wants to know:

Children of Arthur Roderick Chute and Dolores Katherine Chute

Edmund Austin Chute, born [Private]
Robin Marie Chute, born [Private]
Lois Linda Chute, born [Private].

His address is: 546 South Evergreen Avenue
Plymouth, Michigan 48170


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Notes on Dorothy E. Thorne:

Correspondence, Dorothy E. Thorne and George M. Chute, Jr.

Box 307
Annapolis, Nova Scotia
Feb. 18, 1952

Dear Mr. Chute,

This is a reply to the letter you wrote Mark Chute. I am sorry that I have been so long answering because he passed the letter to me only a short time after he received it.

First of all, I'll introduce myself. I am Mark Chute's niece, and a great-granddaughter of John Eber Chute. I am a school teacher, and teach history in the Middleton Rural High School. I am very much interested in family history. For many years I have had considerable information on my paternal ancestors but it was only last fall that I was able to borrow for a short time a copy of the Chute Genealogy. Needless to say, I dug deep into its pages.

I think you have undertaken a great job to try to bring the book up to date. However, a great deal can be done and no doubt some branches have disappeared. The book I had came from a descendant of Samuel (6) ... Robert (9). In my investigation, I found that my father and mother were third cousins as my father is descended through Sarah, daughter of Thomas (6), who married William Marshall.

I intend to spend some time on this work too, and no doubt will have more to offer you. I am in the heart of the country where the Chutes lived and should be able to get more information. My greatest handicap seems to be an automobile. The various cemeteries would give much in the line of dates, but I haven't been able to visit many of them.

Today I have typed a list of the descendants of John Eber Chute, but it is not complete. Very shortly I plan to call on Clara Armstrong mentioned in the list and Mrs. Reuben Chute who is a patient at the hospital here at the present time and from them I'll get more information. The additions I make to the papers I'm sending you may be in pencil. If so, please excuse.

I would like to hear further of what you are doing. My suggestion for speedy work would be that you spend your next vacation in Nova Scotia, and practically half of the old stock you meet in Annapolis and Kings counties will be connected in some way to the Chute family.

I don't know how well acquainted you are with the early history of Nova Scotia, but my home is at Port Royal, the oldest permanent settlement in Canada, in fact in America, north of St. Augustine, Florida. It is all so interesting if one has the time to dig into it. I have been doing quite a bit of work along those lines since my teaching has been confined to history.

The coat of arms of the Chute Family is hanging with several others in the Fort Anne Museum at Annapolis Royal.

I'm sure I've rambled on long enough, but this is a pet subject of mine, and as the assistant superintendent of Fort Anne says, "It's a bug or an obsesson and once you get it you can't shake it."

Hoping to hear from you again sometime, I am,

Dorothy E. Thorne
(Miss Dorothy E. Thorne)

P. S: You may also thank Mrs. Harold Palmer - daughter of Effie Chute Poole - for some of this. She was a great help. You will note there are many more details not given. I will probably find out more later. If I can be of further help to you, please let me know. I am interested in your effort.

Descendants of John Eber Chute (8). Prepared by Dorothy E. Thorne

John Eber Chute born at Hampton, Oct 20, 1833, died at Hampton Aug 1909. Married Mary Ann (1835-1909), daughter of Timothy Brooks, Jr. (1802-1888) and Susan Rhodes Brooks (1811-1884).


1. Jesse D. 1858 - 1864

2. Aledia J. 1859. m. Frederick Simms (his second wife). Children:
      A. Mabel, born in Lynn
      B. Thomas, born in Watertown.

3. Traverse Brinton 1862. m. Armina Cook (lived in U. S.). Children:
      A. Eaton, 1889
      B. Etta, 1891.

4. Eaton 1864. m. Emily Hudson (died about 1908, Hampton). Children:
      A. Harold B.
      B. Nellie
      C. Maurice. (Morris) All live in the U.S.

5. Jessie 1867. m. Frank Chute9 (Sidney8, David7, James6). m. 1888, died at Phinney Cove, 1949. Children:
      A. Lena 1889, m. Reuben Beaver, 1 son Osmam?, m. Victor Bent, 1 dau.
      B. Eva 1891 m. Henry Bennett, i. Albert, ii. Harold m. ____ Pinch, dau Sharon, divorced
      C. Minnie (U. S.), D. Kenneth (unm)
      E. Clyde, m. wife died
      F. Ola (Viola) m. Lloyd Hudson, Port Wade. i. Grant m. Irene Neaves, dau Marcia, ii. Kenneth m. Uella Ellis, children Leroy Keith or Leroy and Keith, iii. Dorothy m. Harold Van Tassel, Digby, iv. Audrey, m. ____, v. Eleanor m. William Hunt, Granville, dau Sheila
      G. Alta m. Joseph McLaughlin, H. Stanley (dead), married with children
      H. Eber m. Helen Gillis (children)
      I. Ulrica
      J. Ellen m. Arthur Gillis (children)
      K. Harvey m. _____ Gregory (children)
      L. Lester (deceased) m. Della Bent (children),       M. Roy m. ____ Sarty.
6. Henry Dunn 1869-1925. m. Maude Pool (daughter of Obadiah Poole 1875-1909). Children:
      A. Mary Ann 1900 m. Carey Thorne, Granville. Children i. Dorothy 1921, ii. Stephen 1926 m. 1947 Noreine DeWolfe, sons David and Stephen 1948, iii. Mary 1929
      B. Mark Henry 1901 m. Edith Pierce, Kingston
      C. Achsah Lavinia, 1904 m. Donald Bent, Phinney Cove. Children: i. Lester b 1925, m. Beth Lawrence, ii. Marjorie b 1926, m. Frank White ... Son Randall; iii. Patricia b. 1929, m. Francis Cropley, dau Martha, iv. Watson 1933, v. Mark, 1934, vi. James 1939, vii. Audrey, 1942, viii. Sandra and Samuel, twins, 1944. Henry Dunn's second wife: May Clayton, m. 1911. Children: D. Addie Pearl, 1913, unm. E. Ida Pauline 1914 m. Frank Cropley (brother of Francis who marrid Patricia Bent), i. Barbara 1942, ii. Dorothy, live at Hampton. F. Reginald, 1918, unm, Hampton, G. Maude 1920, m. Joseph Hall, New Germany, son Carl.
7. Ida Mae 1869-1870. Twin of Henry Dunn.
8. Hannah D. 1871. m. Oliver Parker, daughters Myrtle and Pauline.
9. Rhuperta 1874-1943. m. Burpee Armstrong (1875 - ), Mount Hanley, later of Middleton. Children,
      A. Clara 1901
      B. Lloyd (1903-1951) m. Kathleen Parker. Son Robert 1942 and Heather Ann 1949
      C. Morgan 1905, m. Addie Whitman, lives at Mount Hanley. Children: i. Lloyd Burpee 1926, m. Winnifred Carter, son George, lives in England; ii. Harold 1928 (R. C. A. F.), iii. Carl (1933, (R. C. A. F.), iv. David, 1947, v. Donald, 1949
      D. Melbourne 1908, m. Evelyn Durling, lives at Middleton, Children: i. Isabel 1929 m. Harold Smith, son Eric (1950), ii. William 1931.
10. Reuben Perkins 1876-1941. m. Clara Simms (dau of Fred Simms by 1st marriage). Children:
      A. Osman 1904 m. Alice McWhinnie (live in Lynn, Mass.), dau Beverly,
      B. Lawrence 1907, m. Delilah Hamilton, 1 dau Mona
      C. Clifford 1909 unm
      D. Floyd 1922, m. Alice Hannam, ch: Wayne and Linda
11. Effie 1878-1945. m. Bradford Poole (1876 - ) Children:
      A. Leta Marion 1898 m. Joseph Phinney Upper Granville (grandson of Phineas Phinney, see genealogy). Children, Gertrude, m. Franklin Graves, Phyllis, Evelyn, Marion m. Graham Graves, Karl, Joan, Barbara, Sandra, Robert
      B. Vaughn Eber, 1900, m. 1921 Laura Titus, ch Irene and Francis
      C. Kathleen Dorcas, 1902, m. 1923, Harry Nickerson, ch: Harry, Jr., Howard, Russell, Audrey
      D. Alyce Susanne, 1905, m. 1927 Harold Palmer, Middleton, no children
      E. Elvin Israel, 1906, m. 1929 Dorthy Neily, ch: Jean, Myrtle, Nancy, Barbara (deceased), Ann, Harry, Wesley, Melbourne, Edward
      F. Mildred 1908 died aged 9 months
      G. Harvey Bradford, 1910, m. 1931 Lillian Morris, dau. Shirley
      H. Minnie Myrl (Myrtle), 1913, m. 1931 Malcolm Healy, children Vivian, Frederick, Oscar, Terry
      I. Myrna Doris 1915, m 1933 Mark Young, children Carolyn and Robert

Middleton, N. S.
Apr. 24/52

Dear Mr. Chute,

I'm afraid my second letter is not as informative as the first one was. I found the necessary information about Reuben Chute's family. The Mrs. Osman Chute you mentioned is Reuben's daughter-in-law. Osman works in the General Electric and does photography for a hobby.

Perhaps Mrs. Eber Chute didn't mention Stanley and Lester because they are dead. They were sons of Frank and Jessie and passed away within the last few years. My mother knew them before she left Hampton many years agp.

The book I borrowed and which I intend to borrow again came from Hattie (Robblee) Morrison whose mother was Anabel Chute, a sister I believe, of the Robert you mentioned.1

I tried to obtain information on Eaton's family by contacting his wife's niece, but as yet I have had no answer.

I plan to make a trip to the U. S. this summer and one of my "historically-minded" neighbors has told me of a place in Boston where there is much data on the early families. I am looking forward to going there.

Under separate cover I am sending you some tourist booklets on Nova Scotia. I'm not trying to sell this province, but the tour book and map may be of interest. I enjoy the pictures in the large book.

I trust your work is progressing favorable. Don't be afraid to write me for more information if you think I can help you, and I may need some from you. I'm contemplating making a huge family tree. I already had some of the Robblee family (my paternal grandfather's mother was a Robblee.)

We are experiencing early spring weather now and am looking forward to warm weather flowers and gardens. Last winter we had the most snow in forty years.

Sincerely yours,

Dorothy E. Thorne

1: Anabelle was the daughter of a Robert Chute, not a sister, according to our records.


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Notes on James Orin or Oren Chute and Bobbie Sue Chauncey Chute:

Obituary, Bobbie Sue Chauncey Chute

Bobbie Sue Chauncey Chute.
Birth: Aug. 19, 1942
Echols County Georgia, USA.
Death: Jan. 3, 2011 Milledgeville, Baldwin County, Georgia, USA
Bobbie Sue Chauncey Chute (August 19, 1942 - January 3, 2011) Fargo, GA

Mrs. Bobbie Sue Chauncey Chute, 68, passed away Monday, Jan, 3, 2011 in the Oconee Regional Medical Center, Milledgeville, GA. Mrs. Chute was born Aug. 19, 1942 in Echols County, GA to the late, Sam Chauncey & Ruby Petty Chauncey. She was a self-employed oversize load escort driver and a member of the Fargo Evangelistic Church. She was preceded in death by her husband, James Oren Chute, two brothers: Ralph Chauncey & Junior Chauncey; two sisters: Mamie Chauncey & Frances Chauncey and two grandchildren, Chad Youmans & Haley Youmans.

Survivors are two daughters and son-in-law: Missy & Danny Youmans and Anita Bryant and fianc� Rodney Baldridge all of Fargo; four sons and daughters-in-law: Danny & Darlene Pittman, Fernandina Beach, FL, Kelvin & Robyn Chute, and Chuck Chute, all of Barnesville, GA, Mark & Traci Chute, Mount Dora, FL; one sister: Neill Eunice, Fernandina Beach, FL; two brothers & sisters-in-law: Quincey & Cardine Chauncey, Hahira, GA and John & Julia Chauncey, Fernandina Beach, FL; five grandchildren, two great grandchildren and several other relatives. Services for Mrs. Chute will be held, Thursday, Jan. 6, 2011 at two o'clock from the Fargo Evangelistic Church. Internment will be in the Fargo Memorial Cemetery. The family will receive friends Wednesday night from 6 till 8 pm at the funeral home. Mrs. Chute will be carried to the church one hour prior to the services. Sympathy may be expressed by signing the online registry at Roundtree Funeral Home is serving the Chute Family.

Family links: Spouse: James Oren Chute (1945 - 2010), Burial: Fargo Memorial Cemetery Fargo Clinch County Georgia, USA Created by: Wiregrass Irisheyes

Record added: Jan 07, 2011 Find A Grave Memorial# 63846811

Obituary, James Oren "Jim" Chute

James Oren "Jim" Chute

Birth: Oct. 18, 1945
Death: Nov. 14, 2010
James "Jim" Oren Chute (October 18, 1945 - November 14, 2010)

James Oren Chute, 65, of Eatonton, Georgia passed away on Sunday, November 14, 2010. He proudly served in the US Army and Army Reserve for 31 years. He was a veteran of the Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm. He was also a retired truck driver and a member of The American Legion. He was preceded in death by his father, William Chute. Survivors include his wife Bobbie Sue Chute of Eatonton; his children; Kelvin and Robyn Chute of Barnesville; Chuck Chute of Barnesville; Mark and Traci Chute of Mount Dora, Florida; Danny and Darlene Pittman of Fernandina Beach, Florida; Danny and Missy Youmans of Fargo, Anita Bryant and fianc� Rodney Baldridge of Fargo, his mother; Beatrice Edwards of Wellington, Missouri and his sister Sybile Offenburger of Walterboro, South Carolina. He had 11 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren and several nieces and nephews. Grave side services will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 18, 2010 at Fargo Memorial Cemetery in Fargo, Georgia. Roundtree Funeral Home in Homerville, Georgia is in charge of the funeral arrangements.

Family links: Spouse: Bobbie Sue Chauncey Chute (1942 - 2011), Burial: Fargo Memorial Cemetery, Fargo Clinch County Georgia, USA, Created by: Wiregrass Irisheyes Record added: Jan 07, 2011 Find A Grave Memorial# 63846905


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Notes on Kelvin Chute and Robyn (Maiden name unknown) Chute:

Birth Announcement, Joshua Robin Kaleb Chute

Joshua Robin Chute
Kelvin and Robyn Chute announce the birth of their son Joshua Robin Kaleb Chute at 7:28 p.m. [Private], at Spalding Regional Medical Center in Griffin. He weighed 6 pounds, 13 ounces and was 19 inches long. He joins siblings Ray, 20, James, 18, Bryant, 13, Kyle, 11, and Katlyn, 7. Maternal grandparents are Janice and Eddie Rainey of Milner and Russell and Nanette Underwood of Meansville. Paternal grandparents are Charles and Linda Kilgore of Hampton and James and Bobby Sue Chute of Eatonton.

Source: Unknown


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Notes on James Edward Chute and Bessie Ellen Hinckley Chute:

Correspondence between Bessie Ellen Hinckley Chute and George M. Chute, Jr.

Aug. 1, 1966

Dear Mr. Chute,

I took your suggestion and 2 weeks ago I went to Goodspeed's Bookstore & asked to see the Chute family book. I found it was written in 1894 and my husband�s father�s wedding was mentioned but nothing about John or Ed my husband. I saw my father-in-law�s name was given as James Loren but my husband has always spelled it Loring. My oldest son�s middle name is Loring, his son Ken's middle name is Loring & John�s son Clifford�s middle name is Loring.

My son Bill & family have been living in a cottage on So. Clark Lake Rd. on the lake in a home owned by a man named Doran. I had a letter from Bill today & he is located in Kalamazoo with 6 counties. One day in Battle Creek & 1 in Kalamazoo every week. He called me last night and said they have decided on a cape house in K. & expect to move in about Sept. 1. Their furniture leaves Needham Aug 12 & the family will be here for a few days. He wrote in his letter today he had been asked several times if he was a relative of yours & that you were an authority on electrical welding. He said he hoped he�d have a chance to get in touch with you before he moves to K. He & family seem to be very happy in Michigan. One night recently they went to Oakland University to see & hear Van Cliburn & enjoyed it immensely. Bill says he gets a little bit of �kidding� about his Boston accent but he is going to concentrate on keeping it.

I hope you do have a chance to get together for I think you will consider him a good example of a Chute.

There are a lot of things in the book not complete. I�ve heard my husband speak of his grandmother Irene & remembers her in Cambridge when he was a small boy. I was disappointed the book was not more complete. Hoping you�ll have success with your book and hope you enjoy your retirement. My husband does. With best wishes,

Bess H. Chute

Aug. 21, 1966

Dear Mr. Chute -

I have been waiting to get some birthdates from my husband�s brother�s family � I know my niece has had 3 grandchildren, my nephew has had a son and another niece has had 3 children since 1958.

I do want to send you Bill�s phone number before they move to Kalamazoo the end of the month. It is an 8-party line so pretty busy I imagine. The number is Lansing area 517 + the number is [Private]. His wife, son and daughter flew here Aug. 8 and went to their home in Needham. On Thurs. the movers came to pack. After several frantic hours of waiting to get to Boston, Bill arrived at 1. A man on the plane lived in Framingham and his car was at the airport, so he took Bill home.

The movers were supposed to come at 8 a.m. and after much phoning brot two trucks and started moving things at 3:30. Bill and his wife had to wait until they were through and came here at 8 for supper and overnight. The two kids stayed with friends in Needham. Sat. A.M. they went to the cape for the weekend to see Marj�s folks and Ken, the oldest son. They came back here Mon. at 2 � had lunch and left at 4:40 for the airport to get the 6:10 plane � they are very much pleased with the Cape Cod house they bought in. K. and ? say it is a �bit of home�. They say they plan to come home at Christmas � driving � but we will have to see what the weather is then.

I�ll write again when get the birthdates for your collection. Hope Bill has called you � I gave him your number.


Bess H. Chute

85 Myrtle St., Apt 3
Waltham, Mass.
Nov 2, 1970

Dear Mr. Chute -

I'm enclosing a clipping from tonight's Waltham News Tribune and that you might be intersested in. (Clipping not enclosed) I had heard you speak of the George Chute in the paper. It is strange but about 2 weeks ago in my mailbox there was a large envelope from one of the banks here addressed to, "Miss Donna Chute, 80 Ash St." I gave them to the woman in Apt 1, to give to the postman - which she did. I was surprised when I saw about her death - I think her father and mother had a bakery here on Moody St. a few years ago.

Hope all is well with your family. Bill and family are fine and enjoying their house in Hampden, Mass. Leslie is in 7th grade and last year set a record in the 6th grade as the only child who had had all A's all year. Bill's son Ken & wife are living in Dorchester now and I expect Bill, May & Lesle, my 2 sisters and I, my son Edward and family will spend Thanksgiving with them. They are expecting my great grandchild in April and I'm thrilled!

Don & family are fine & I see them often. Edward had an accident 6 weeks ago. I had just arrived at Woods Hole about 5 & about 6 he fell off the roof he was shingling - about 12 feet and landed on a brick patio, a foot from a cement step & 1 1/2 feet from a metal bulkhead. We got him to the hospital and found he had broken a bone in his left heel and had a hairline fracture of the left wrist. He had a pin put in the heel & of course a cast to the knee & a fiberglass cast on his wrist to his elbow. They took the pin out 2 weeks ago today & he expects the casts to come off this Thursday. Of course he has been on crutches & was home 2 weeks & then went back to work. He was so lucky he didn't get more injuries.

As for me, I'm still getting around but have trouble with poor circulation and I use a cane for confidence. I visit the boys quite often but enjoy my little apartment.

Ed's brother's wife keeps in touch with me and they are quite well. Jim Long, Ed's cousin from Woburn (he is Aunt Ida Chute's son) was 78 in July and he is not well. Has hardening of the arteries and it has affected his brain, so he is very hard to get along with.

Bill's family drove out to Kalamazoo in Aug. for 9 days. Greg is still at U. of Kalamazoo.

May 16, 1971

Dear Mr. Chute -

At last I can write to announce the arrival of my great granddaughter, Erin Elizabeth Chute, who arrived on [Private], 9 lbs. 5 1/2 oz. Parents of course are Ken and Beth (O'Brien) and they are ecstatic! Of course Bill & May and I aren't far behind! Ken's company where he had worked since graduating from Rutgers & worked for an accounting company told him Mar. 1 they were letting him and 19 others go the end of the month. They would be paid for the month and could look for a job at any time. He did, but didn't find anything until about 3 months ago. He is with an architect concern in Hooksett, N.H. They have several properties - one West Seabury, a big project on Cape Cod. He likes his work very much - different than he has done before. They plan to stay where they are - in Dorchester - until the end of May & middle of June & will then go to Beth's parents' summer home in Dunbarton, N.H. & will look for a home there. My 2 sisters and I went with Bill, May & Leslie yesterday afternoon to see the baby.

I have a couple other dates for you. On Page 79 you sent me with John Chute's children, Lillian Chute Young has a younger son Robert Hugh Young, born [Private]. Lillian is Thelma's oldest girl; Barbara married a James Matera 4 years ago and has a girl Melissa Marie born [Private]. She is expecting again in July. [Jackie's note: the closest group I can locate with these names and this data is not "Lillian Chute Young", but "Lillian Alice Smith", who married Russell Young. Lillian is the eldest daughter of Thelma Lois Chute Smith, and does have a younger sister named Barbara Lois Smith. Thelma is the daughter of John Marsden Chute. The family is located in Massachusetts.]

Bill had a rather rough time last winter. Greg wasn't doing at all well in Kalamazoo (last year) & had a low draft number. He had done some hospital work at the hospital in K, so in December, Bill took him to Naval Reserve Headquarters in Springfield & he went in in Jan. He has been in Memphis & is at Great Lakes now - leaves there the last of June for Portsmouth, Virginia & then to Camp LaJeane until the end of Nov & is out but has 5 years of duty monthly & summers.

Leslie had a terrible experience Xmas vacation. She went coasting to a girl friend's house. The girl took her up on this high hill and left her - she started down on the sled & the sled hit a tree throwing her off - she blacked out for a few minutes. The girl came back and took her down the hill & called May. Leslie complained of her shoulder so they took her for xrays and found noting. 8 days later she wasn't any better and had a pain in her side. Back to the hospital for tests. They found internal bleeding. The artery attached to the left kidney had ruptured but it had clotted which was the only thing that saved her life. They had to remove the kidney and spleen, but she is coming along O.K. now, though it was a very hard thing for them to accept. She was 13 in April.

I was up to Doris a week in March & then up to Bill's for a week. Came home Palm Sunday night with a bad cold. Called the Dr. on Monday to get a prescription for the cough but he said to come to the office. I did and he sent me to the hospital for 2 weeks with pneumonia! Had my 79th birthday while there. The boys were wonderful - Don came every night, Bill & May came 4 times & he and Edward called Don about every night to see how I was. My sister came home with me April 19 & was here 1 1/2 weeks but I've been alone since. I find I get tired easily - Dr. put me on a 1000 calorie a day diet and you can't get fat on that. We've had a miserable winter & spring with lots of snow and ice. I was lucky in Feb. - I spent 2 weeks with a friend near St. Petersburg. I really enjoyed it. Hope you and yours are well - excuse the writing, but the arthritis is a bother.

Ed's father's sister Ida married a Long and Jim & wife live in Woburn. I think I have given you some of their data. Their son Lewis died 2 years ago this June at 50 years of diabetes & heart. Jim will be 79 in July and he started going "diwbn hill" in health when Lewis died. Now Jim is in a nursing home in Wakefield & doesn't realize that he is there. Hardening of the arteries and it has affected his brain. It seems too bad to go through life in a good way of life and then have to end your days like this.

Well, I guess if you get thru this writing you'll be ready for rest. Regards to your wife and Ed & I were always so glad we had the chance to see you while in Michigan.


Bess H. Chute

I forgot John's son Clifford & his wife are divorced and he married a Jewish woman who is well liked by his family.

May 28, 1971

Dear Mrs. Chute:

Congratulations to Great-Grandmother Chute. Thanks for sending me the news of Erin Elizabeth; she has been added to my records. It's hard to realize now that Mary and Bill are grandparents - they seemed so young.

Am glad that Ken was able to get a new job so soon. So many young folk are forced to switch jobs these days. Hope things can settle down soon.

Thanks also for the other names and dates. And am glad to hear of Greg's progress in the Reserves. Hope that Leslie can lead a fully normal life; so many do so. We know quite a number of people to seem perfectly normal, with only one kidney.

Your doctor was wise to get you into the hospital. You are fortunate now to to be back to health. Your tired feelings are not unu8sual; we often feel that way at 8 years younger than you. And Jo is also on the 1000 calorie diet; makes me feel guilty to eat my big meal in her presence. But she is feeling fine.

We drove to New Orleans in March and enjoyed the gardens & old plantation homes. It helped to celebrate the the completion of a new 4th Edition of my textbook, "Electronics in Industry". My son Bob acted as co-author of it; he thereby shoulders the burden of dsoing the next revision by himself.

Yes, we can feel very fortunate still to have our health. Too many of our friends are in nursing homes, and I hope we nevet need to go there.

Thanks for keeping us posted on your family. Please give them our best wishes, especially to Mary & Bill. Hope you all enjoy little Erin.

As ever,

George Chute

Nov. 28, 1971

Dear Mr. Chute -

Have another family death to report - your 4th cousin James H. Long of Woburn - his mother and my husband's father, were brother and sister - lived in Eastport, Maine.

In fact I've always heard it was "Pa Chute" who caused Aunt Ida's lameness. When they were kids they were playing in the barn jumping into the hay. She insisted on playing too and Pa Chute told her he'd jump on her if she didn't move. She didn't and I understand her hip was broken, so she was always very lame - she also was a very good artist. Aunt Ida had 9 kids, 3 boys - Clarence, who died many years ago, Bill who was in the 1st World War and was prominent in Boston at the time of the Police Strike but who died 15 years ago or so, and Jim. There were 6 girls: Annie, Mabel, Bertha, Meredith (Rita) who are all dead, and Susan and Nellie still living. I saw them at the funeral home. Jim died in a rest home (79 years old) after being ill for 2 years with leukemia and hardening of the arteries which affected his brain. He had pneumonia for 2 weeks and died Nov 16 in his sleep. His daughter called me the next day and on Thursday night my son Don and Isabel took me over to Woburn to the visiting hours. Saw several of the family I haven't seen for many years.

Another interesting thing happened to me Friday. As I am not able to get out to a store to do shopping, I phone my order to a market in Newton. When the fellow came to bring it, it was a new man and he said, "Mrs. Chute, my wife's name was Chute before we were married." I said, "Was she from around Waltham", he said, "No, from Marshfield." Her father had lived in Whitman, Mass - those places are on the way going down to Cape Cod. Do you have any idea what branch they could be from?

I took my Chute Hinckley Sampson Archer genealogy up to May two months ago and she was going to type them for me and have them xeroxed. The last time I asked about them she said it would be not possible for her to start them until after Xmas. Greg is home now and is looking for a job in a hospital for pathology. He has had some experience in taking blood samples, etc. Hopes to start at Univ of Mass. in Amherst next Sept.

Three weeks ago Bill picked my sisters & me up and took us to Hampton - Ken, Beth & baby were there, and Don & family came up so there were 17 of us for Sunday dinner. It wasn't a very pleasant day as far as the weather went, but we did have a lovely time. Bill and May brought us home about 7. (86 miles each way).

Ken and Beth have bought a 7 room house in Manchester, N.H. and moved in the week before Thanksgiving. That baby is a doll!

We have had only about 1 inch of snow so far - Thurs. a.m. but it rained afterwards so it all went went. They had nearly 1 foot at Don's Thursday and only 13 miles from here.

Kathie came through her bout with mono all right and decided to get a position and start school next Sept. She started working as a typist in one of Zayre's offices right near her home last Monday.

I hope all is well with you and yours and may I extend my best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - even a little bit early!


Bess H. Chute

"The Hinckley and Chute Christmas News Broadcast, 1971"

Again December is here, and we find many happy or unusual experiences for some, and for others some events we would like to forget. We hope your year has been a happy eventful one in every way.

What about the Hinckleys and Chutes? Bill and family have enjoyed and continued to make improvements in their Hampden home � more roses, trees, brick walk to front door and sun dial in rear. During Christmas vacation, Leslie, aged 12, had a sliding accident requiring hospitalization and the loss of one kidney and the spleen. Her recovery was slow but she later returned to school and had a successful year. At Christmas Greg left his college at Kalamazoo and joined the Naval Reserve. His active service ended the 31st of October and now he reports monthly. Part of the time was spent as a corpsman. He plans to work now and return to school in the Fall. Another big event in Bill�s family was the arrival of Erin Elizabeth, a 9 lb., 5 oz. baby girl, [Private] in Ken and Beth�s home. What delighted grandparents, Bill and Marge, and great grandparent, Bess, as well as the rest of us! In Marge�s family, there are five as well as four generations. Fortunate Erin! Ken and Beth have recently bought a home in Manchester, N.H. The office of Ken�s company, as well as many of his business trips, are in that area. His new address is 32 Hilton St., Manchester, N.H.

Now what about Don and family? In June for the third time, Don had a hernia operation so was unable to return to work until Aug. 1. Bruce had some surgery the end of July, then to cap the climax, Kathie, a June H.S. graduate, entered Framingham State College and in three days came down with mononucleosis. This meant canceling the school project for this year. Recently she started office work at Zayre�s near home. In September, Jeff began his second year at a Junior College in Worchester. Both Kathie and Jeff worked at Ocean Park last summer � Jeff as a counselor part of the time. George, 13, enjoyed two weeks at the camp there � in fact, the whole family spent some of their vacation at the Park. Bruce, 6 years, loves music � sings and plays on the guitar, even �Jesus Christ Superstar�. Donald and Isobel are sponsoring the activities of the Junior Highs in their church. Fortunate group for such leadership!

Edward and family of Woods Hole, spend the summer at camp at the lake where they have a garden as well as water activities. Edward is an electronics consultant at Regional Vocational School at Bourne on the Cape, and is Secretary of the Boy Scout Committee. Nancy is active in her church, as treasurer, and for three or four years has worked with 4H girls. She managed to get in a rip to Washington with friends last spring. Chris, 16, has gone out for track and does some work on the side. Jamie, 13, a football enthusiast and Jon, 12, is interested in Art. Chris is an acolyte and Jennifer and her brothers sing in church.

Bessie visits in her sons� homes. Last year an unusual treat, an invitation to spend two weeks with friends in Florida. Her family thought it a fine idea and helped finance the trip, Feb. 10-24. How glad for her to get away from snow and ice and walk on the ground! While there she saw Mrs. Williamson and visited friends and relatives. A bright spot for Bess! Palm Sunday we realized she had a bad cold, and Monday she was sent from the doctor�s office to the hospital with pneumonia where she stayed two weeks. On her return home I (Hattie) stayed several days until she regained her strength. Her radio and television help keep her occupied, since trips outside are limited. Before Bessie was recovered, Etta went from the doctor�s office to the hospital, April 26 to May 2. After tests, treatment and two transfusions she came home to her plants and room projects. Due to limited eyesight, she depends on a cane when on the street. Dentistry has required office visits. This summer we all enjoyed her fine colorful window box of petunias on our porch.

Hattie? Hospital trips when Etta and Bessie were there, occasional errands to Boston stores � on one of the two Turnpike buses, three Retired Teachers luncheons an a trip to Worcester to the Baptist Women�s Conference � a chance to see some changes in the center of the city. Able to attend regularly church, Sunday School, group and Amoma meetings and do the errands. Getting to be quite a cook in my �spare� time.

We close with Season�s Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year � Pray for Peace.

As always � PS: Here is our letter. I talked to the grocery? Fellow and he said his wife�s father�s name is Richard E. and his mother's maiden name was Atwood and they lived in Whitman. Either her father or father�s father was a great friend of Dr. Richard Chute1 from Osterville who was drowned. Said he�d let me know if he could find out any more. Sincerely, Bess Chute

1Grandpa George crossed out "Richard" and wrote "James L., p. 95". This is the only mention of James Lemuel Chute's having died due to drowning. Also, Hattie and Etta were sisters of Bessie Hinckley Chute; Hattie composed the letter.


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Notes on Harvey Lee Brake and Vernie Erlene Greenwood Brake:

Obituary, Vernie Erlene Greenwood Brake

"Vernie Erlene Brake, one of six children of Ira Jackson Greenwood and Grace Ora (Ettleman) Greenwood, was born on December 6, 1920, on a farm near Glenwood, Iowa. She grew up and attended school in Thurman and Tabor, Iowa, graduating from Tabor High School in 1939. Following school, Vernie attended Tabor College for a year and began working at the Glenwood State School in the laundry department mending clothes.

Vernie and Harvey Lee Brake were married on September 22, 1942 at Rockport, Missouri. They made their home in Glenwood and were blessed with four children, Donna Veldynne, Conrad Lee, Sharon Marie, and Douglas Phillip. Harvey worked as a plumber for Records Hardware, Roth Packing as a butcher, and for the City of Glenwood as Superintendent of the Wastewater Treatment Facility. Vernie worked as a waitress at the Westside Cafe in Glenwood for many years as well as a head bank teller at the Mills County Savings and Loan. She retired in 1982.

Following retirement, Vernie and Harvey enjoyed camping and traveling. Vernie enjoyed many kinds of needlework, including knitting and crocheting. She also enjoyed playing cards, Bingo, and Solitaire. Vernie and Harvey were married 45 years, when Harvey passed away on July 5, 1988, at Clarkson Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska. Vernie continued to make her home in Glenwood. Vernie passed away on January 2, 2011 at the Jennie Edmundson Hospital in Council Bluffs, Iowa at the age of 90 years and 26 days. She was preceded in death by her parents; husband Harvey Brake; brothers, Burwyn Greenwood and Daryl Greenwood; sister Muriel Aughe and husband Clarence; and brother-in-law Irvin Aughe. Vernie is survived by her children, Donna Chute and husband Vaughn of Council Bluffs, Conrad Brake of Thurman, IA, Sharon Beer and husband Michael of Earlville, IL, and Douglas Brake and wife Prayoonsin of Blue Ridge, VA; sisters, Leora Aughe of Council Bluffs, and Ellie McPherron and husband Neil of Glenwood; five grandchildren; nine great grandchildren; three great-great grandchildren; nieces and nephews; other relatives and friends. Memorials suggested to Glenwood Public Library or Glenwood First Christian Church.

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Notes on Trevor ("Topper") Chute:

Articles, Car Accident, Trevor ("Topper") Chute

LOSING a brother to a tragic accident was made all the more horrific for two Bronx residents this week because a piece of paper prevented them from returning to Co. Kerry for his funeral. GEORGINA BRENNAN sat with a devastated sister and brother this week as they talked about the pain of not being able to go home to say goodbye.


LAST Saturday was normal enough for the Brennans. Nobody knew the day's events would later tear the family apart.

Mary, 38, a nurse from Listowel, Co. Kerry, had volunteered to babysit her 18-month-old niece, Megan, for her brother Michael, 35. She was busy making dinner while the little one ran around in her apartment in the Bronx when Michael came to collect his daughter.

He sat for a while, as brothers do when they visit. Mary called London then, to talk to her fianc� Charlie's father. Like any family who lives apart, weekends are often spent catching up with sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers across the Atlantic.

Mary has call waiting on her phone. When it signaled that somebody was there she looked. The number was unknown, the usual sign of a call from Ireland.

Mary looked at the clock. "I knew it was home. It was around the time my mother, Ann, would usually ring so I said I would call her back. But then my sister sent a text on my phone asking me to call home. I said to my brother it must be someone is bad or they won the lottery."

Michael laughed. It's true that phone calls or text messages that ask for immediate contact usually bring terrible news or terrific news. It's most often the former.

"I texted her back saying I was waiting for Charlie to get off the phone from his dad. And I asked what happened. All I got back was, 'Call now.' And we knew," Mary says as she stares off into the distance reliving the terrible moment over again.

She had initially thought it was her father, who at 70 is ailing. But no. There had been an accident.

Her 23-year-old brother and his girlfriend, 18, were dead.

The grief is worse than the news. It comes tumbling through the phone line. The shock and that empty feeling.

"It doesn't seem real when it is so far away," Mary says. Nothing to touch, nobody to hold.

Trevor "Topper" Chute, 23, Mary and Michael's brother, was killed in a car accident, near Ballyduff, Co. Kerry. Six of the brothers and sisters are Brennans, six are Chutes, but everyone is family.

"He had just bought a new van and wanted to do some work on it. It was parked at his girlfriend Eileen Keane's house. He rang looking for tools and decided to drive his Ford Escort to my sister Valerie's house where her boyfriend Ger had them," Mary said.

Valerie's house is just up the road from Eileen's uncle. Topper arrived and got the tools but the laugh was Ger locked his keys in Valerie's car. Topper was able to jimmy the lock and was laughing as he walked away getting into his car.

Two minutes later Valerie and Ger heard the crash.

The two were only pulling out of the small road onto a main road when a minibus carrying only the driver crashed into them at 9:45 p.m. on Saturday night.

Ger and Valerie raced to the scene. The car was mangled and there was glass everywhere. Eileen's uncle walked out of his house asking if anyone knew who was in the car. It was terrible for Valerie to have to tell him his niece was there, dead.

As for Topper, it looked like he had just a scratch on his head. He was perfect. It didn't seem real to anyone. Least of all Mary and Michael as they listened to the account over the phone.

"My mother said they were inseparable," recalled Mary, remembering her brother and his young girlfriend. Two lives that were just beginning were suddenly ended.

Eileen, the youngest of six children of Ritchie and Kay Keane, was studying health and leisure at the Institute of Technology in Tralee. But her friends were encouraging the gorgeous young woman to pursue modeling.

Topper had only just started a roofer's apprenticeship. He was just out on his road to happiness. The family was busy preparing for a nephew's confirmation this week and a wedding in September. They were busy living.

But tragedy doesn't wait for a good time to happen.

Mary, who has been deeply involved with the fight for green cards for the undocumented as part of the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform (ILIR), said when she first joined the organization she prayed that no tragedy would come until they all had their green cards.

She knew that the pain of being undocumented and away from home during sad times had touched so many, and she wanted to stop it happening again. But nobody can predict what will happen. Life is what happens when you are busy making plans.

And some plans are the hardest to make. Especially for Mary and Michael, who sat numb on the sofa on Saturday because they had to try and make plans to get a plane home to bury their brother.

Realizing that leaving New York would mean leaving their life behind - because to go brings the risk that they will never get back to what is now their home - they sat for a long time.

"But we were going. I looked around for my passport, but I knew it was in the safety deposit box at the bank so there was nothing I could do. Nowhere I could go until Monday at least," Mary said.

But the family back home had other ideas. They told them not to come to cry and mourn for a couple of weeks and then end up not being able to get back to America because of their undocumented status.

Mary has been in the U.S. since 1990. She applied for Morrison visas and everything else, but her birth in England stood against her. Michael has been here since 1996. If they left U.S. soil and attempted to return they could trigger a 10-year ban.

Ten years away from their homes in New York, their partners and Michael's gorgeous daughter. "You would be throwing everything away," says Michael, his blue eyes glassy from days of grief.

He watches his daughter running around the apartment, her presence calming everyone. She is the distraction they need as they go through this.

"My mother asked us not to do it to her. She said she wouldn't be able to handle the added stress if we didn't get back (to America). It's not about us, it's about her," said Mary.

Six years ago Mary and Michael took a plane home to bury their other brother Joe, also in tragic circumstances. When they had buried him, they spent the rest of their time in Ireland worried sick that they would not get back into America.

They did, but barely. Michael was grilled at the immigration desk. Their mother did not want that to happen again. Her heart was already broken enough without more worry.

Listening to their mother, they made an agreement not to travel to bury their brother Topper. It was not a choice. It was neither a right or wrong decision. It was just the best one at the time. They knew it was what their mother wanted. She is an amazingly strong woman. She has friends and family all around her, but if she had asked them to come home, they would have, says Mary. "No question."

As the family at home lays Topper out in the house, Mary and Michael make plans for a memorial mass in the Bronx on Wednesday, April 26. They talk through their memories of him.

He was so full of life, always laughing, always happy. Mary recalls changing his diapers because she is the oldest in their large family.

"He loved fishing, even had rods in the car," recalls Michael.

They smile at family jokes they share and they remember their brother far away. It's not much, but it's something.

But dealing with the pain is monumental when you are 3,000 miles away from the people you want to hold and remind them how much you love them.

"My brother held the phone up to Topper's ear and gave him a kiss from us. But that was how we went through the wake, down the telephone line," says Mary.

"It's inhuman to have to deal with this. It's not fair and it's unnatural to have to make this decision, to not be with your mother and your family and go to the funeral of your brother. A piece of paper is keeping us from burying our brother," she adds, her voice catching.

"My brother said to me, 'How long more are you going to deal with this?'" she says. "Everyone is waiting to see what will happen in the Senate this month."

Mary has a life to live, but right now it's on hold. She and her fianc� would like to set a date for their wedding but they can't. Too many people could not travel for an American wedding and for them to go to Ireland or England to marry would mean shutting the door on America forever.

Her sister is getting married in September, and Mary would like to be there. "Especially now, but if it is going to go another two years for something, I won't be able for it. I won't be able to go through this again."

Michael agrees. As he watches his little girl grow up, he thinks every day about going home. His girlfriend Liz too. But to go home means to leave America, and nobody wants to do that now.

But living in America without status means that families go through this situation every day.

"I know we are not the first family to go through this, and sadly we won't be the last. We are not unique, it has happened before," said Mary.

"But that's the reason people should go to the Long Island ILIR meeting this Saturday. This bill needs to be passed. We have to keep this going. We have to put 200% into it now."

(The Brennans are holding a memorial mass for Topper at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, April 26 in St. Barnabas Church on Martha Avenue and East 241st Street in the Bronx led by Monsignor Edward Barry. The family will adjourn after Mass to a hall nearby.)


Friday, October 20, 2006

No ending the heartache
By: Alan Healy

THE grim death toll on the roads of Kerry for the first 10 months of this year has risen to 18 following another horrific weekend of carnage...

On 22 April driver Trevor Chute (23), from Listowel, and his passenger Eileen Keane(19), Ballylongford died when their car collided with a minibus at a junction in the town-land of Ardoughter near Ballyduff.

Source: TCH Group � Irish Examiner Sunday Bus. Post Evening Echo. � Kingdom Media Limited, 97 South Mall, Cork. Registered in Ireland: 315660.


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Notes on Earl Clayton Chute and Elizabeth Pritchard Covert Chute:

Obituary, Earl Clayton Chute

CHUTE - Earl C., 72, of Bridgetown, died Wednesday in Soldiers Memorial Hospital, Middleton, N.S. Born in Nokomis, Saskatchewan, he was the son of the late Harry and Nora (Pyne) Chute. He was educated in Saskatchewan and worked on his father's farm before joining the RCMP in 1931 in Regina. He was posted to H Division of the RCMP in Nova Scotia and began his duties in Yarmouth, later serving Bridgetown, Liverpool, Meteghan River, Shelburne, New Glasgow, Halifax, Truro and Dartmouth and St. John's Nfld. He retired from the force in 1952 and worked with the Major Insurance Adjustment Bureau in Truro anbd later opened his own bureau in Amherst. At the time of his death he operated Chute Insurance Claims Service, Bridgetown. He was the oldest active independent insurance adjuster in Nova Scotia, was a member of the Gordon Providence United Church, Bridgetown; past master of Rothesay Masonic Lodge Number 41, Bridgetown. He was an active member and former treasurer of the Bridgetown Board of Trade; past secretary of the Maritime Independent Insurance Adjusters Association and past secretary of the Amherst Rotary Club. He is survived by his wife the former Elizabeth Covert; a son Wayne, St. Catharines, Ont; a sister Ella; three brothers, Donald, Harold and John, all of Saskatchewan; one grand-daughter. The body is in the Robert L. Hall Funeral Home, Bridgetown. Funeral Services will be Saturday at 2:30 p.m. in Gordon Providence United Church, Bridgetown, Rev. S. G. Walls officiating, assisted by Dr. George P. Allen. Followinf cremation, burial will be in Riverside Cemetery, Bridgetown. In pieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Bridgetown Lions Club or the Gordon Providence United Church.

Source: Saskatchewan Cemeteries Project - Nokomis Obituaries - Nokomis, Saskatchewan.


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Notes on Harold Borden Chute and Hazel Grigor Chute:

Obituary, Harold Borden Chute

CHUTE - Harold Borden. Funeral Services for the late Harold Chute took place May 1985, at the United Church of Canada, Nokomis with Rev. Hugh MacGregor and R.W. Swann officiatinfg. Mrs. Kay Hamilton was the organist. Special music was supplied by Mrs. Pat Nanson who sang, "I'll Walk with God", a tape choral selection, "Just a Closer Walk with Thee" by his four children, and a violin solo as a recessional "Amazing Grace" by Norman Truman. Harold Borden Chute was born February 29, 1912 and passed away May 26, 1985. He was the third of five children of Harry and Nora Chute. He was raised and took his schooling in the Kutawagen district and later started farming in the Richfarms district. On December 2, 1942 he married Hazel Grigor of Newlands school district. The marriage was blessed with four children. They moved to town in 1965 and Harold continued to farm until ill health forced him to retire in 1972. Harold was a loving husband, father and grandfather, and a dear friend to many. He served 27 years on the R. M. of Mount Hope council and 29 years on the Nokomis Union Hospital Board. He served the Richfarms United Church as Sunday School Superintendent, as well as being a member of the Board of Stewards for several years. He also served as a steward and elder of the Nokomis United Church. Harold was a talented musician and was well known throughout the province for his participation in Old Time Fiddling contests at which he spent much of his time during his retirement years. He also took keen interest in the Senior Citizen's Welcome Inn, serving on the Board of Directors until his death and was president for years. He was also on the Housing Authority Board at the time he passed away. Harold took a very special pride in family. His most valued hours were spent surrounded by family and music. He leaves to mourn his passing his loving wife, Hazel; his daughter Sharon and her husband Wayne and grandchildren Kevin, Trevor and Leanne; his son Jim and his wife Barb, and grandsons David and Douglas; his daughter Noreen and her husband Bob, and granddaughters Michelle and Julie; his daughter Brenda and her husband Carl, and grandchildren Carla, Lori and Kyle. Being predeceased by one brother Earl, he also leaves behind Earl's wife, Betty; his brother Donald and his wife Florence; his brother John and his wife Jeanne, and his sister Ella and her husband Roland and many nieces, nephews and cousins as well as a host of friends. Hansen's Funeral Home was in charge of funeral arrangements. Internment was in Nokomis Cemetery. Pallbearers were Aaron Boak, Ray Hards, Alan Hemingway, Clayton Hobman, Clarence Slater and Bud Watson. Honorary Pallbearers were Bill Birtles, Bob Edwards, Glen Hobman, Ralph Beeler, Dick Carter, Gordon Hicks, Julius Orthnor, Ech Wallace and Don Benson and Charlie Rennie who was unable to attend. Ushers were Bill McClughan and Lorne Smith.

Source: Saskatchewan Cemeteries Project - Nokomis Obituaries - Nokomis, Saskatchewan.

Mrs. Hazel Chute is also recorded as having participated in the following funeral services as a soloist or participant:
Alice King Edwards, died June 1983, solo, "In The Garden"
Mary Louise Harley, died October 2, 1982. Served as Honorary Pallbearer
Harold Robert Johnson, died March 9, 2006. Served as Register Attendant.
Merlin Johnson, died March 20, 1984, solo, "I'll Walk with God".
Frederick William Kresier, died September 1, 1980. Solo performed, not identified.
Jessie Clark Massie, died March 3, 1975. Solo, "Beyond the Sunset".
Barbara Georgina Rennie, died March 20, 1979, solo, "In the Garden"


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Notes on John Newton Chute and Jeanne Catherine Gammie Chute:

Obituary, Jeanne Catherine Gammie Chute

CHUTE - Jeanne Catherine (nee Gammie) Chute passed away at Nokomis, SK on Monday, March 14, 2005 at 82 years of age. Jeanne was born at Lockwood, SK, the second of nine children of Alex and Violet Gammie (eight girls and one boy). Jeanne went to school and was raised in the Howat School District. In 1945 she married John Chute, and moved, and lived near Kutawagen until retirement to Nokomis in 1978. They had one son, Kenneth (Deanna) of Halifax and daughter Shirley (Brian) of Preeceville. Jeanne's hobbies included knitting, crocheting, sewing, baking, as well as making jams and jellies. Jeanne was a member of Mount Hope Homemakers for a few years and was a member of the United Church Women since 1962. Jeanne was also a Director of the Nokomis Agricultural Society. Jeanne and husband John had a passion for traveling and traveled in Canada from the west coast (Victoria) to the east coast (St. John's, Newfoundland) as well as parts in between. Jeanne had an independent nature that allowed her to stay in her Nokomis home until deteriorating health forced her to move into the Nokomis Health Center in the fall of 2002. She is survived by: her daughter Shirley (Brian) Neufeld of Preeceville and her son Kenneth (Deanna) of Halifax, N.S., grandchildren, Darren (Kelly), Gramd Cache, AB; Deanna Neufeld of Saskatoon and Holly Chute of Nova Scotia as well as great-granddaughters Jessica and Taylor Neufeld, Grande Cache, AB. Also surviving are: sisters, Mary Worley and Ann Wentz (Devon) both of Melfort, Hazel Wentz (Roy) of Humboldt, Nell Friesen of Drake, Alice Kane (Ken) of Regina, Irene Forner (Harvey) of Lethbridge, AB and brother Morris (Anne) Gammie of Saskatoon. She is also survived by: sisters-in-law Hazel Chute Mollison, Nokomis and Betty Chute of Halifax, NS, as well as numerous nephews and nieces. She was predeceased by: her husband John and her sister Mirianne; sister-in-law Ella Beeler; brothers-in-law Ernie Wilhelm, Ernie Worley and Abe Friesen, as well as her parents, Alex and Violet Gammie. The funeral service was held at Nokomis United Church on Friday, March 18th at 2:00 p.m. with Rev. George Holliday officiating. Organist was Lorna Mansell. The Nokomis Church Choir was in attendance. Special music was provided by the Chute Family. Holly Chute played a flute solo, The Ashokan Farewell. Belle Hobman gave the eulogy. Honorary pallbearers were all her family and friends. Pallbearers were Alf Dennis, Bob Walker, Dale Driediger, Jonathan Powell, Reuben Proseilo and Earle Mansell. Internment followed in Nokomis Cemetery.

Source: Saskatchewan Cemeteries Project - Nokomis Obituaries - Nokomis, Saskatchewan.

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