Miscellaneous Chute Family Literary Records
Miscellaneous Chute Family Literary Records:
Books, Short Stories, Articles, Papers, Theses Written by Chutes

The Chute Genealogical Library Collection

Chute Alan Gilbert An experimental study investigating the comparative effectiveness of a color and a monochrome version of an instructional film presentation on incidental and task-relevant discrimination learning. Dissertation UMI 7806414 Yes
Chute Beatrice Joy Green Willow 1956 E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc. 56-6310 No National Book Award, fiction, 1957
Chute Beatrice Joy The Good Woman OCT 1986 Vanguard Press 0814909205 Yes
Chute Beatrice Joy The Story of a Small Life JAN 1971 E P Dutton Yes 052521108X
Chute Christopher G. Endogenous and exogenous estrogen, body size and smoking on colon cancer in women. Dissertation Yes
Chute David The Making of Judge Dredd AUG 1995 ISBN: 0786881062 No With David Hughes (Contributor) and Jane Killick
Chute David The Big B: The Rise and Fall and Rebirth
of Bollywood Superstar Amitabh Bachchan
March-April 2005 Film Comment Not Applicable Article on File, 6 pages See more extensive article listing in his Notes section.
Chute David Face Value: David Chute Declares Chor Yuen
the leader of the Shaw Brothers pack
May-June 2005 Film Comment Not Applicable Article on File, 3 pages See more extensive article listing in his Notes section.
Chute Dennis Turning Samoan 2001 Great Plains Publication, Winnipeg, MB, Canada ISBN: 1-894283-29-5 No
Chute D. MacLaboratory for Psychology (3rd Ed.) Student Laboratory Manual 1994 Brooks/Cole Publishing Company, Pacific Grove, Ca Unknown Yes Listed as editor, with "Daniel, R." Article included in the manual: O'Brien, Jean and Edward O'Brien, "Subliminal Psychodynamic Activation."
Chute Douglas L. ProsthesisWare: Concepts and caveats for microcomputer-based aids to everyday living 1994 Experimental Aging Research, 20, 229-238 Unknown Yes Co-Author: Bliss, Margaret E.
Chute Douglas L. Exploring Psychological Disorders, Macintosh: Version 3.0 3 JAN 1995 Wadsworth Publishing Company 0534231799 Yes Co-Author: Bliss, Margaret E., CD-ROM 1st edition
Chute Douglas Lawrence The Engram, Lost and Found. UMI Dissertation 7418501 Yes
Chute Edward Joseph Comic wrestling: A comparative analysis of the comic Agon and its dramatic idea and form in selected comedies of Aristophanes, Shakespeare, Jonson, Shaw and Calderon. UMI Dissertation 7718972 Yes
Chute Elizabeth Emery The Social Means of Going On: Adapting to Chronic Illness UMI Dissertation 9902988 Yes
Chute G.R. The lily-iron returns to Monterey Bay: shark fishing recommences on a harpoon basis. 1930 Calif. Fish. Game 16 (2): 143-152 Unknown Yes
Chute George Reluctant Warrior 2002 greatunpublished.com #669 ISBN: 1-58898-669-1 No
Chute Harold Leroy Infectious Bronchitis in Domestic Chickens 1955 A thesis presented for the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Science. The University of Toronto. Download available at https://atrium.lib.uoguelph.ca/xmlui/handle/10214/4682 No
Chute Hillary L. Graphic Women: Life Narrative and Contemporary Comics (Gender and Culture Series) 2010 Columbia University Press. Paperback, 316 pages ISBN: 0231150636; Dewey: 741.5973 No
Chute James E. The reemergence of tonality on contemporary music as shown in the works of David Del Tredici, Joseph Schwantner, and John Adams. Dissertation UMI 9302359 Yes
Chute Janet Elizabeth The Legacy of Shingwaukonse: A Century of Native Leadership APR 1998 University of Toronto Press ISBN: 0802042732 No
Chute John Lawrence, Jr. Polarization Studies of Geomagnetic Rapid Variations 1969 Columbia University UMI 7006949 Yes 111 pages
Chute Joseph H., Jr. Confederate Staff Officers, 1861-1865 1982 Derwent Books Yes
Chute Katherine A Victorian Christmas Tea HeartQuest Anthologies Unknown Yes Co-Editors: Catherine Palmer, Dianna Crawford, Peggy Stoks
Chute Katherine Benge A content analysis of newspaper advertising in China's 'People's Daily', 1979-1993 Unknown Dissertation UMI 9606286 Yes
Chute Marchette Two Gentle Men: The Lives of George Herbert & Robert Herrick 1960 Unknown B00005X1AW Yes Winner, National Brook Award, Nonfiction, 1960
Chute Marchette The End of the Search: Discovery and Encounter With the Divine APR 1998 Acropolis Books, Inc. 1889051284 Yes
Chute Marchette The Wonderful Winter OCT 2002 Green Mansion Press 0-9714612-1-X No The introduction to this edition was written by her niece Elizabeth Marchette Smith Hauser, daughter of Mary Grace Chute Smith. The original edition had been dedicated to Elizabeth and her brother William Frank Smith.
Chute Mary Grace Short Stories Various - see notes Various - see notes Not applicable Yes Author of the "Sheriff John Charles Olson" series of short stories.
Chute Mary Grace "Too Young to Marry" 22 JAN 1955 The Saturday Evening Post Not applicable On File, 5 pages From the "Sheriff John Charles Olson" series of short stories.
Chute Mary Grace "The Trouble with Love" 04 JUN 1955 The Saturday Evening Post Not applicable On File, 6 pages Illustrated by Wesley Snyder.
Chute Mary Grace "Teacher's Pay" 16 MAY 1959 The Saturday Evening Post Not applicable On File, 7 pages Illustrator unknown.
Chute Nikala N. Psychological responses and adjustments to sports injuries by varsity athletes Unknown Dissertation UMI MQ20614 Yes
Chute Patricia Tolstoy at Yasnaya Polyana : His Life and Work in the Charmed World of His Estate AUG 1991 Harper Collins 00-6039-1316 Yes
Chute Patricia M. Children With Cochlear Implants in Educational Settings (School-Age Children Series) FEB 1996 Singular Publishing Group 1565931602 Yes Co-Author: Mary Ellen Nevins
Chute Patricia Molinelli The effects of visual distortion on the speechreading ability in adult users of multichannel cochlear implants. Dissertation UMI 9414221 Yes
Chute Rebecca D. Issues in cockpit/cabin communication and coordination. Unknown Dissertation UMI 1358161 Yes
Chute Robert M. Thirteen Moons/Treize Lunes 1982 Penumbra Press, Ontario, Canada 0-920803-23-6 No Translated by Christian Bedard. The autographed Chute Family copy has passed through BookCrossing.com. The ID# is 659-1345076.
Chute Robert M. An Introduction to Biology DEC 1976 Harper Collins 0060412933 Yes
Chute Robert M. Book Review: Rhythms of life (2004; Foster, Russell G.) January/February 2005 Science Books & Films v. 41 no. 1 (January/February 2005) p. 20 Yes
Chute Robert M. Book Review: The Case of the Missing Caterpillar May/June 2005 Science Books & Films: v. 41 no. 3 (May/June 2005) p. 129 Yes
Chute Shirley Belle The Evolution of Business Letter Writing. Dissertation UMI 7902689 Yes
Chute Stewart Kinsman Pharmacological changes in dopaminergic systems induced by repeated administration of phenylethylamine. Dissertation UMI 9115574 Yes
Chute Tanya "Segur luchando". The Struggle Continues: Salvadoran political participation in Toronto. A participatory action research project (Ontario) Dissertation UMI MQ95594 Yes
Chute Verne Short Stories Various - see notes Various - see notes Not applicable Yes Confirmation needed that Verne Chute and Vernon Richard Chute are the same individual.
Chute William Joseph Damn Yankee!: The First Career of Frederick A. P. Barnard, Educator, Scientist, Idealist APR 1978 Associated Faculty Pr Inc 0804691770 Yes Series in American Studies
Fitzpatrick Martha Chute From My Window. (Original art) (Oil paintings) UMI Dissertation 1329992 Yes
Miller Cheryl Chute Automorphism groups of aleph(0)-categorical structures with equal numbers of orbits on k and k + 1 sets. UMI Dissertation 8919966 Yes

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