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Source    S1-1       Index

 Record Type: Interview
 Record Title: Biographical Data
 Record Date: 17NOV2000
 Interviewed: George M. Chute, III
 Interviewer: Jacqueline Chute
 Method: Telephone conversation
 This Source Has Been Cited for:  George Maynard Chute, III and Marjorie Pino Chute.


Source    S1-2       Index

 Type: Web Site
 Title: American Marriages Before 1699
 URL www.ancestry.com
 Date: 11/18/00


Source    S1-3       Index

 Type: Web Site
 Author: Edmund West, compiler
 Title: Gene Pool Individual Records, Provo, Utah
 URL www.ancestry.com
 Date: 2000


Source    S4       Index

 Type: E-Mail Message
 Author: Ray Chute
 Title: rchute.gno
 Date: 11/00
 LOCA [email protected]


Source    S5       Index

 Type: Web Site
 Author: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
 Title: IGI Record: Chute
 URL http://www.familysearch.org
 Date: 11/23/00


Source    S1-6       Index

 Type:Family Genealogical Database
 Title:The Noyes Family Web Site
 Author/Researcher:Paul M. Noyes
 Comments:"In part based on the two-volume set by Col. Henry E. Noyes, Genealogical Record of Some of the Noyes Descendants of James, Nicholas and Peter Noyes, published in 1904. Nearly 700 additional sources have been added over the years with literally thousands of citations to these various sources."
 URL as of 11/26/2000:http://genweb.net/~paul noyes/wgal18.html#I4277. (Link no longer works)
 URL as of 8/31/06:http://genweb.net/~paul noyes/wgal18.html#I4277.


Source    S1-7       Index

 Type:  Book
 Author:  William Edward Chute
 Title:  Chute Genealogies: A Genealogy and History of the Chute Family in America
 Title: 1894
 Location: Privately held

 Type:  Book
 Author:  Charles H. Pope
 Title:  THE CHENEY GENEALOGY: Descendants of WM. of Roxbury and John of Newbury
 Publisher: Boston: Charles H. Pope
 Date: 1897, September 1995
 Location: Chute Family Records

 Type:  Book
 Author:  Abraham Hammatt
 Title:  The Hammatt Papers: Early Inhabitants of Ipswich, Masssachusetts 1633-1700
 Publisher: Genealogical Publishing Company
 Date: 1880-1899; 1991
 Page(s): 53
 Location: Chute Family Records

 Type:  Book
 Author:  George Brainard Blodgette, Amos Everett Jewett
 Title:  Early Settlers of Rowley, Massachusetts
 Publisher: New England History Press, Somersworth
 Date: 1933; 1981
 To Purchase Source: Click on graphic.
 Location: Chute Family Records

 Type: Web Site
 Author: Paul Noyes
 Title: Noyes Family Web Site
 URL http://genweb.net/~paul noyes/wgal18.html#I4277


Source    S8       Index

 Type: Newspaper
 Publication: Halifax Herald
 Place: Halifax, Nova Scotia
 Date: 1-26-1929
 Title: Obituaries
 Page: Unknown


Source    S9       Index

  Consistory Court of London, Will Abstracts Volume 8 (1621-1630)
  Surnames S-Y


Source    S1-10       Index

  Descriptive Notes of The Lovelace Chapel of St. Margaret's
  Church in Bethersden, Kent, England


Source    S1-11       Index

 Type: GEDCOM File
 FILE Gertridge Family Connections
 Date: 10-6-2000
 Submitter: [email protected]


Source    S12       Index

 Type: GEDCOM File
 FILE Through the Ages: Mayberry Clan
 Date: 8/3/2000
 Submitter: Doreen H. Russell


Source    S1-13       Index

 Type: Web Site
 Author: Brown Thurston: [email protected]
 Title: Thurston Genealogy
 Date: 8-14-2000


Source    S1-14       Index

 Record Type:  Chute Family History/Book
 Title:  A Genealogy and History of the Chute Family in America: With Some Account of the Family in Great Britain and Ireland, with an Account of Forty Allied Families Gathered from the Most Authentic Sources
 Author:  William Edward Chute
 Published: Salem, Massachusetts, 1894
 Comments: Copy originally owned by George Maynard Chute, nephew of William Edward Chute with his signature on the flyleaf; handwritten notes in margins; passed to George Maynard Chute, Jr. who published an updated addendum to this work in 1968; passed to George Maynard Chute, III; passed to Jacqueline Irene Chute.
 Location: Privately held

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