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The Huesgen Family

We are the Huesgen Family....Jack, Carol, Tom, Kathy and Shari. St. Louis is our Home.

Jack is a retired St. Louis Police officer, and is now currently employed by Anheuser Busch. I was everything a stay at home mom is....and a Cosmetologist. Tom is also a retired St. Louis Police Officer, and is currently employed by Switch and Data Facilities. Tom married Jenny Stiefvater and they have two children. Jenny is a stay at home mom. Kathy is married to Paul Santistevan. Paul is employed by Site Oil Co. and Kathy is a stay at home mom. Kathy and Paul have two children and are expecting their third in October. Shari is married to Jeff Tamborrino. They have four children. Jeff is employed by Southland Imports and Shari is a stay at home mom. As you can see, we are a large,busy family and we have many interests, so just browse and have fun. Thanks for stopping by and please come back soon!

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