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     According to family records my Great Great Grandfather William Clarence Tucker was the fifth cousin to Jesse Woodson James, the outlaw.  The genealogy of the James family is well documented and using that documentation as well as records provided by other family members I will show the link between my family and these infamous people.


     Years ago families would not acknowledge that these criminals were family members.  They have been in recent years elevated to almost a celebrity status.  Deep in our hearts we admire these "folk heroes" and have elevated them to the same type of  status as "Robin Hood".  It is up to the individual reader to decide whether or not they deserve that status.


     I hope you enjoy the following information.  It has been quite interesting to research these historical figures.  My research included a journey to the James Farm in Kearney, Missouri to visit the homestead of this famous family. 


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Jesse Woodson James in Confederate guerilla uniform, age 16

Photo from the James Farm collection