Ernest Eli Hamilton

Ernest Eli Hamilton

Ernest Eli Hamilton was born in 1885 in Bloomer, Arkansas. He was the fifth child born to John S. and Elizabeth Hamilton. Ernest Hamilton married Martha Ann "Patsy" Layman in June of 1904 in Charleston, Arkansas. Patsy was the daughter of Soloman Cligid Layman and Martha Stophal Myers.

Frank and Ethyl (Bateman) Hamilton and Ernest and Patsy (Layman) Hamilton (on right) taken about 1906.

Ernest and Patsy Hamilton had five children during their marriage, namely:

1. Agnes Hamilton (married Monte Rippy/George Hill)
2. Ruby Irene Hamilton 1908 AR (married Hershel F. Godwin)
3. Pauline Hamilton 1919 AR (married John Ward/Charles Harris)
4. Jewell Hamilton AR (married Leland Spears)
5. Johnnie Lou Hamilton 1924 AR - 1979 AR (married John Newhart)

Patsy and Ernest Hamilton with daughters Jewel, Agnes and Ruby

Ernest and Patsy Hamilton lived in Sebastian County Arkansas, Bloomer Township, in 1910. Ernest was a farmer of cotton and sugar cane. Having five daughters and being a farmer, Ernest Hamilton hired hands to help him during harvesting season. The children picked their fare share of cotton as well. During harvest time, the girls worked equally as hard as they had to cook and feed the farm hands, as well as wash their clothes. Ernest had a team of sorrel gray horses which he had traded a mule for, and used the horses to work the farm. Ruby said she felt sorry for the horses because they worked so hard and they always looked so tired.

Pictured at the Hamilton farm in Bloomer, AR (left to right) is Ernest Hamilton, Hershel Godwin, Annie Hamilton (sister of Ernest) and Patsy (Layman) Hamilton

Ernest also worked for the WPA during the depression. Patsy Hamilton died 10 Aug. 1939 in Arkansas. Ernest died in Ventura, California at age 63 on 13 July 1948. He is buried next to Patsy in the Morris Cemetery, Bloomer, Arkansas.