Solomon Cligid Layman

Solomon Cligid Layman

Solomon Cligid Layman was the eighth child born to Jeremiah L. and Mary Ellizabeth Layman. He was born 25 Sep. 1850 in Kentucky. It is thought that Solomon came to Arkansas in 1874 at age 24, after being in Missouri for a short period of time. He married Martha Stophal Myers on 24 June 1875 in Franklin County, Arkansas. Franklin County census records show that in 1900, Solomon Cligid Layman and Martha Stophal Myers (Mattie) Layman had been married 25 years, which would have been about 1875 that they married. From family bible records, we know that his father died 18 January 1876, and his mother died 12 October 1876, which would indicate that both families migrated to Arkansas before their marriage.
Solomon and Mattie Layman had a family of ten children, three sons and seven daughters, namely:

1. David T. Layman born 1876 AR (married Maudie I. Carpenter)
2. A. Luther Layman born 1878 AR (married Ella Hewett)
3. Lizzie Kate Layman born 1881 AR AR (married Griss Dooly)
4. Hershel Layman born 1883 AR (married Minnie Herriman)
5. Nellie O. Layman born 1885 AR (married Wesley Fry)
6. Martha Ann "Patsy" Layman born 26 June 1888 AR (married Ernest Eli Hamilton)
7. Brittie Mae Layman born 1891 AR (married June Dooly)
8. Lee Alice Layman born 1893 AR (married Ed Taylor 1910 AR)
9. Lillie V. Layman born 1897 AR (married Paul Sanders 1914 AR)
10. Ruby Vernon Layman born 1899 AR (married J. Newton Kaylor 1921)

The 1900 census was the first record where their names appeared and they were living in Big Creek Township, Sebastian County, Arkansas at that time. The oldest child, Dave, was not listed because he was already married and not living in that household. The family lived in several locations in this area farming, mainly cotton.

Both Solomon and Mattie died in 1902 at ages 52 and 46. Mattie died on 18 Jan. 1902 of pneumonia at their home on the Jetton place, west of Charleston. It is thought that she was not actually sick long before her death, but was possibly in rather poor health for some time. On Oct. 1, 1902, Solomon took a load of cotton to the gin at Charleston by wagon. During the course of the day, he suffered a heart attack and was taken to a nearby home. He died there in a matter of hours.

Dave and Luther both married and left home before their parents' death. Nell married after her mother's death, but before her father's, and had moved from the home. She died in childbirth along with one twin child in 1903. The burden of rearing the remaining five littles girls (Patsy 14, Brittie 11, Lee 9, Lillie 5, and Ruby Vernon 2) laid on the shoulders of Kate, who was age 21 years old at that time, and Hershel who was 19. Kate was dating Griss Dooly, and Hershel ws dating Minnie Harriman. Both couples were planning marriage in the near future, so they proceeded with their plans in order to make a home for the little sisters.

Patsy, Britt and Ruby Vernon went to live with Kate and Griss Dooly. Since the youngest was only 2 years, it was decided that the two oldest ones should also go to help with the work. Patsy lived there about two years before marrying Ernest Hamilton in June 1904 in Charleston, Arkansas. Brittie married June Dooly in July of 1907 in Lavaca. She died at age 23 in 1914 with tuberculosis, leaving two little sons. Ruby Vernon married Jasper Newton Kaylor on 5 Jan. 1921.

Lee and Lillie went to live with Dave and Maudie Layman. Lee married Ed Taylor in January 1910 in Lavaca. Lillie married Paul Sanders 20 Sep. 1914(?) in Branch.

This page is dedicated to Ruby Vernon Layman Kaylor, known to my family as simply Aunt Vernon. Much of the Layman family information came from Aunt Vernon and her daughter Joy, whom I had the priviledge of meeting in 1996. Aunt Vernon lived to the age of 99 years old. She died 5 Dec, 1998 in Muskogee, Oklahoma, and is buried at Forest Park Cemetery, Fort Smith, Arkansas. She was a wonderful woman, and will be missed greatly.