James M. Ryles

James M. Ryles

James M. Ryles was born 5 July 1853 in Alabama, being the 6th of 8 sons born to Thomas and Sarah Ryles. James married Mary Frances Smith sometime after 1879, who was born in October 1860 in Illinois. Together they had the following children:

1. Rosa "Rosie" Elvira Ryles born 1882 AR
2. Ada Ryles (married 1910 to John Brock)
3. Dan Ryles born c. 1890 (married 1908 to Mattie Stites)
4. Francie Ethel Ryles born 1885 (married 1902 to Jessie Sloan)
5. Rachel Ryles (married unknown Grayson)

James M. Ryles was married once prior to his marriage to Mary Frances Smith. I believe his first wife passed away. I do not know her name but her death was possibly related to giving birth. Mary Frances was only 18 years old when she married James Ryles, who already had three children. In 1880, James and Mary Ryles are listed as living in Scott County Arkansas (Tomlinson Township) with the following children from James' first marriage:

1. Allie born c. 1874 AR
2. James born c. 1876 AR
3. Josafine born c. 1879 (married A.E. Rowlett)

James Ryles was a farmer in Tomlinson Township, as was his father Thomas. Mary Frances was best known for wearing long black dresses and lots of petticoats, no matter how hot the weather was. She had little tolerance for children and often scolded the grandchildren for playing shirtless during the hot Arkansas summers. She always carried a black handbag and always had a cure for what ailed you. When visiting family, she would hang her bag on the highest hook she could find to keep it from the childrens' reach.

Following James Ryles' death on 7 July 1913, Mary Ryles lived with her son Dan Ryles in Logan County. It is said that she remarried a man named Phipps, but at this time I know nothing about him. Mary Frances Smith Ryles (Phipps) died in 1943. She and James are both buried at the Ryles Family Cemetery in Logan County.