This website is dedicated to all those in our families who have walked before
                            us...Those who have fought against harsh winters in log cabins, those who
                            have travelled the oceans in search of a new life, those who have suffered
                            through depressions and recessions and floods and wars.  If it were not for
                            these people, we would not be who we are today.

                            It may sound corney, but the thousands of hours we spend on finding our
                            roots is a gift.  It is a gift to all of our children, to their children and to
                            their children's children.  A very wise person once said that "One cannot
                            possibly know where they are headed in life if they don't know from whence
                            they came."

                            This is an all encompassing project, not just limited to "direct lineage".
                            Tracing only those people in our direct ancestry would be like watching only
                            the scenes in a movie that had the starring actors/actresses in them.  It is
                            the other players, the aunts, the uncles, the cousins, the in-laws that make
                            the story real and interesting.  These are their stories--stories which each
                            following generation adds to, builds on, and hopefully learns from.  As you
                            read the stories of their lives, keep in mind these are real people, not just a
                            group of vital statistics -- people who have laughed and cried, known the joy
                            of birth and the emptiness of death, who have known both love and lonliness.

                            This is an ongoing project - by no means complete.  Check back often to see
                            how we are progressing.  And don't hesitate to "leaf" your mark behind.  If
                            you have information, corrections or questions, PLEASE drop us an email.  The
                            sharing of information is critial to this and every other genealogical journey.

                            Big Thanks To:  All those who have contributed to this project.  We have
                            connected and reconnected with cousins, aunts, uncles and friends who have
                            made this possible.  It is because of the hard work they have put in that you
                            are able to see life through the eyes of those who have gone before us. I
                            have gladly taken on the role of "clearing house" to present not only our work,
                            but that of Nell, Carl, Elsie, Jo Ann, Jim, Gayle and everyone else who added
                            branches and leaves to our tree.

Our Families
John Ball
Ludwig Diedrich
in the Civil War
James (John) Farmer
in the Civil War
Robert Farmer
Nicholas Speak
Lee Co., Virginia Marriages  
Census Extracts
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Pedigree Charts
General Interest

Family Reports: (more to come)

Ahaus Atherold Baciak
Ball Bartholoma Belt
Bentz Billingham Bird
Black Brashears Briscoe
Cager Caldwell Cavein
Church Coschois Courts
Croxstoll Cummings Curtis
Defren Diedrich Dietz
Domhoff Dowell Engelhardt
Farmer Farris Ferris
Gerber Goforth Graf
Harrison Hathaway Herbstriet
Hoeflich Howard Ilsen
Jones Kall Koch
Krupa Lamar Leckleiter (Lickliter)
Linton Macdonald Malinkowski
Mann Mansell Marlin
Matuszewski Mayer McGuire
Miller Monczynski Moss
Muller Neu Noppert
Ormiston Park Pope(1)
Pope (2) Potter Preston
Radomski Reed Reimer
Rheinecker Richford Schaefer
Seiler Slaughter Speake (Speak)
Thomas Tonnelier Turner
Tydings Vesey Waltham
Webb Weber Wesson
Williams Yeary Zacharias

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