My Ancestors and their Descendants

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Ancestor Surnames: Busby, Cadenhead, Carr, Coleman, Craine, Dunning, Duvall, Evans, Foster, Gilkey, Grayson, Griffith, Hamilton, Harvick, Hayslip, Hazelip, Horton, Johnson, Jones, Keane, Kessler, Kniffen, Knight, Lamb, Long, Maloney, McCue, Morrison, Moss, Nagle, O'Connor, Pemberton, Pippin, Reidy, Rhodus, Russell, Sammons, Stockett, Stone, Sullivan, Webb, Wells, Weston, Wheeler, White, Whitesides and Williams.

Credit where credit is due: The Clayton Library, Center for Genealogical Research, Houston, Texas, Michael Harwell Flanagan (my Genealogical mentor), Johndad and Marymom Long O'Connor (my parents and supporters), Vera Wheeler (inspiration), Frieda Corene Carr Long, Stephen Joseph O'Connor, Senior, Barbara Galipp, William and Mary Eaton, Gerri Emmons, Harley Cadenhead, Sid Cozart, Jean Grumbles, Julie Mitchel, Robert Frank Lawrence, Lee Strohm, Robert Travis, Sylvia Spearman Thomas, Acey Lee Carr, Mrs. Lewis Kerr Colvin (Mabel), John J.J. FitzPatrick "Uncle Moe", James E. Lawless, Jimmy Long, Marie Mulligan, Ann Merrill Nielsen, Naomi Roquemore, Madileen and Calvert P. Small, Kenneth Cadenhead, Brenda Joyce Jerome, George L. Gilkey, Kenneth E. Gilkey, Francess Willess, Elaine Herrington, Hal and/or Don Biggers, C.H. Hainline, Mary Bernice (Bunnie) Kniffen Brown, Bernice Kiefer, Albert L. Carr, Donald E. Dunning, Senior, Ogreta W. Huttash, Dolores Stone Escalara, Bobby Neel, Lynda Ruth Henderson and to those not mentioned - Thank You, and BevAnn Stone.  The Grapevine Public Library, Frances Pittman Malcolm Genealogy Room, Grapevine, Texas.

Clyde City Cemetery, Clyde, Callahan County, Texas

Clyde Cemetery, Clyde, Callahan County, Texas

The Robert Michael Darby Family Tree

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The Family Genealogy contained herein must not be taken as complete or the final authority.  Proofs and documentation justify the providing of this data.  The information that is provided here is basically supported, but may contain errors.  I would appreciate any additions, corrections or deletions. Use this information only as a guide for conducting your own research, not all of the information contained herein is adequately proven and some family connections have been compiled from secondary sources without verification. Please advise me of any errors so that I may update my files, thank you.