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Snodgrass Researchers World Wide
Adrian Jack Arnold Snodgrass [email protected] Andrew Snodgrass & Ann Stewart
Alan & Peggy Kohn [email protected]
Alan Cole [email protected] William & Sarah (Long) Snodgrass
Alfred O. Stromquist [email protected]
Alice Lenore Boyle Oyler Joseph Snodgrass & Hannah Vernon
Alicia B. Snodgrass [email protected]
Allen Snodgrass [email protected]
Allen Snodgrass [email protected]
Allyn M. Campbell [email protected]
Allyn M. Campbell [email protected]
Amanda Bailey [email protected] Glenn Snodgrass & Grace
Amy Snodgrass [email protected]
Amy Snodgrass [email protected]
Andrew P. Snodgrass [email protected]
Angelina Snodgrass [email protected]
Anita Silvey [email protected] Robert & Mary Ann (White) Snodgrass
Ann Maxson [email protected] Robert & Mary Ann (White) Snodgrass
Ann S. Dodds [email protected] Samuel Snodgrass
Ann S. Jeffrey Andrew Jackson Snodgrass & Martha Warterfield
Anna M. Shelton [email protected] James Snodgrass
Anna Snodgrass [email protected]
Anne Baker [email protected] Robert & Mary Ann (White) Snodgrass
Anne Coon [email protected]
Anne H. Rohr [email protected] John & Margaret (Snodgrass) Morgan
Anne Naiman (Snodgrass)
Anthony Wayne Kinard (Snodgrass) [email protected]
Arleen Marie D.Sweeney [email protected]
ashcrafts [email protected]
Ava Ogden [email protected]
Barbara Chynoweth [email protected] William H.& Dolly Eunice (Snodgrass) Stanley
Barbara Elliott-Worth [email protected]
Barbara J. Pierce [email protected] William Snodgrass & Margaret ?
Barbara P Buckles [email protected] Nelson Snodgrass
Barbara Rector Hill [email protected] John & Margaret Hutton
Barry Esker [email protected]
Barry F. Smith [email protected] Thomas Snodgrass & Mattie Smith
Becky Lowe [email protected] George & Pricilla (Ice) Lowe
Becky Snodgrass [email protected]
Beth Standen [email protected] William & Eunice (Williams) Snodgrass
Betty and Doug Boustead [email protected] Eli Smith & Mary Snodgrass
Betty Logan (Snodgrass) [email protected] Charles Snodgrass & Barbara
Betty Shanks [email protected] Daniel W. & Eleanor I. (Ball) Fee
Bev [email protected] Mary Snodgrass & William Scott Grace
Bill Higginbotham [email protected] Higginbotham
Bill Mahoney [email protected] James & Jane (Greenlee)
Bill Snodgrass [email protected]
Bill Snodgrass [email protected]
Bill Snodgrass [email protected]
Bill Snodgrass [email protected]
Bill Snodgrass [email protected]
Billie Marrs Harless [email protected] William & Lucinda Jane (Snodgrass) Marre
Billy F. Snodgrass [email protected] William Snodgrass & Catherine Patterson
Billy Snodgrass [email protected]
Blake Snodgrass [email protected]
Bob Doehrman [email protected]
Bob Snodgrass [email protected]
Bonnie Connell [email protected] Alexander Snodgrass
Bonnie DeMaree [email protected] Isham Snodgrass
Brad Carter [email protected] Florence Belle Snodgrass & W.T.Riley
Braded James Snodgrass [email protected]
Brenda L. Underdown [email protected]
Brenda Ritter [email protected] William Snodgrass & Dorcas Huff
Britt Snodgrass [email protected]
Brooke Snodgrass [email protected]
Bruce E Andrews [email protected] Samuel & Susannah (McCasland) Snodgrass
Bryan Engelhardt [email protected]
Bryan S. "Hollywood" Hayden [email protected]
Burdette W. Coberley [email protected]
Buster Snodgrass [email protected]
C.Stribling Snodgrass [email protected] William Snodgrass & Catherine Patterson
C.T. Evans [email protected] John & Mary (Holstein) Snodgrass
Calvin Cook Jacob Keffer & Rebecca Snodgrass
Carl E. Porter [email protected] John & Agnes (Snodgrass) Patton
Carla Rotmans [email protected] Joseph & Hannah (Vernon) Snodgrass
Carol [email protected] Walter & Harriet (Huffman) Cleveland
Carol A. Carmean [email protected] William Snodgrass & Uuknown (Mythical John)
Carol Hassig [email protected] Burris Snodgrass
Carol Keck [email protected]  Lemuel & Jane (Stephens) Snodgrass
Carol Stout [email protected] Andrew Jackson Henderson
Carole Bean [email protected] Donald Maurice
Carole Snodgrass [email protected]
Caroline Doyle [email protected] Maden Lucille Crumley
Carolyn (Allen) Griffin [email protected] George Washington Allen & Nancy Jane Hopkins
Carolyn Byrd Snodgrass [email protected] Nathan Snodgrass & Minerva Eastwood
Carolyn D. Ford [email protected]
Carolyn D. Ford [email protected] Joseph Snodgrass
Carolyn June (Snodgrass) Zornes [email protected] Robert C. & Elizabeth (????) Snodgrass
Carolyn Kyle [email protected] Don Alonzo Snodgrass
Carolyn L. Anderson [email protected] Samuel & Susannah (Mc Casland) Snodgrass
Carolyn L. Anderson [email protected] Samuel Snodgrass & Susannah Mc Caslin
Carolyn Madden [email protected] Higginbotham family
Carolyn Wolf [email protected]
Cathleen Maak [email protected]
Cathy Majoris [email protected] James G. & Hester Ann (Postlethwaite) Calvert
Cecil Snodgrass [email protected]
Charles Ann Jarvis (Snodgrass) Jesse T. Snodgrass & Mary Doss
Charles Clark [email protected] Thomas Clark
Charles E. Gilliland [email protected] Robert E. & Sarah Elizabeth (Elliott) Snodgrass
Charles Edward Snodgrass, III [email protected] William Snodgrass & Catherine Patterson
Charles R. Stewart Jr. [email protected] Abraham Stewart
Charles Snodgrass [email protected]
Charlie Burkhardt [email protected]
Charlotte Freels Duvall (Mrs. John Emack) [email protected] James Snodgrass
Charlou Dolan [email protected] Joseph Snodgrass & Hannah Vernon
Cheralynn Wilson [email protected] John Dearborn & Nancy (Hays) Snodgrass
Cherie Martin [email protected] Zelma Snodgrass
Chertsey Anne (Hinds) Heaton [email protected] Richard E. Caldwell & Maud Fry
Cheryl Cilles Cilles [email protected] Bill's Daughter
Christine Snodgrass [email protected]
Christine Welch Harrison [email protected] Henry Snodgrass & Elizabeth Phillips
Christopher N. Snodgrass [email protected]
Christopher Snodgrass [email protected]
Cindy B. Hill [email protected]
Claire Jordan Edwards [email protected] Martin Marvin Ayres & Manervia Bird/Byrd Anderson
Clara Morehead Black Elizabeth Taylor Snodgrass
Cody Snodgrass [email protected]
Coleen Miller Barger [email protected] Samuel Snodgrass & Mary Chambers
Coleen Miller Barger - Gary [email protected] Elijah Snodgrass & Margaret Smith
Conaway Kunst Hoback [email protected]
Connie Faulk [email protected] Alexander Snodgrass & Rebecca
Cora S. Lloyd Henry P. Snodgrass & Elizabeth Phillips
Craig Snodgrass [email protected]
Cynthia Jane Miller-Snodgrass [email protected]
Cynthia M. Spearman [email protected]
Dan Snodgrass [email protected]
Daniel W. Snodgrass [email protected]
Danny Snodgrass [email protected]
Darlene Snodgrass [email protected]
Darren Snodgrass [email protected]
Dave Snodgrass [email protected]
David & Wanda Schomp [email protected] Elijah J. Snodgrass
David A. Agnew [email protected] William & Mary Jane (Higginbotham) Agnew
David C. Snodgrass [email protected]
David Caywood [email protected] Elijah Jefferson & Martha Ann (Burris) Snodgrass
David F. Parsons [email protected] Darren Snodgrass - Alabama
David H. Pendleton [email protected] Joseph Snodgrass
David H. Whitman [email protected]
David J. Snodgrass [email protected]
David John Harding [email protected] William Snodgrass & Elizabeth
David L. Snodgrass [email protected] Benjamin Snodgrass & Agnes "Nancy" Mc Clung
David Lauren Snodgrass [email protected]
David Madigan [email protected]  Morris A. Kilgore & Lolita Townsend
David R. Snodgrass [email protected] Robert Charles Snodgrass & Nancy Jane Hinshaw
David Snodgrass [email protected]
David W. Piepho [email protected] Higginbotham
Davonna M. Hoover Eston Snodgrass & Sarah Ann Camper/Kemper
Dawn Shepard [email protected] William Roberts
Dean & Joan (Woodard) Douglass [email protected] June Snodgrass d/oLeslie Monroe Snodgrass
Dean Snodgrass [email protected]
Deb Ryon [email protected] Robert Snodgrass & Mary Ann Kirkpatrick
Debbi Higginbotham [email protected] Higginbotham
Debbie [email protected] Hugh & Mary (Snodgrass) Montgomery
Debbie [email protected] Maude Snodgrass
Deby Snodgrass [email protected]
Denise D. Snodgrass [email protected]
Dennis Lark [email protected] Josha & Matilda (Weekly) Beverlin
Denzil D. Garrison [email protected] Samuel Snodgrass
Diane Shough [email protected] Thomas & Nancy (Stewart) Snodgrass
Dick Philpott [email protected] Raymond Silas Philpott
Dolores (Cobb) Phifer [email protected] Floyd J. Cobb
Don Snodgrass [email protected]
Don Snodgrass [email protected]
Don Webb [email protected] William & Mary (Harper) Mc Candless
Donald C. Pauley Robert Snodgrass
Donald G. Houk [email protected] William Snodgrass & Catherine Patterson
Donald P. Snodgrass [email protected]
Donald R. Snodgrass [email protected] James Snodgrass, f/o Rev. James Snodgrass
Donie Stanley [email protected] Temple Watson & Morris Parr
Donna [email protected] Ralph & Doris Houston
Donna Bray [email protected] John McClanahan & Eleanor Snodgrass
Donna Carr [email protected]
Donna Davis [email protected] John & Margaret Hutton
Donna M. Hughes [email protected] Robert Snodgrass & Sarah Coulter
Doretta Willey [email protected] John & Jane (Snodgrass) Patten
Doris J. House Samuel Snodgrass & Susannah Mc Caslin
Doris Jane "Cease" May [email protected] Joseph Snodgrass
Doris S. Roberts [email protected] Henry P. Snodgrass & Elizabeth Phillips
Dorothy Deal Siebenmorgen [email protected] James Snodgrass & Ann Long
Dorothy H. Foster Robert Snodgrass & Sarah Taylor
Dorothy O. Downing [email protected]
Dorothy O. Downing [email protected] John Snodgrass & Mary Miller
Doylene Evans [email protected]
Drew Snodgrass [email protected]
Duane Snodgrass [email protected]
Earl R. Snodgrass [email protected]
Earl R. Snodgrass, MD [email protected] Robert Snodgrass & Jean White
Earla Vogt [email protected] William & Catherine (Patterson) Snodgrass
Earle T. Snodgrass William "Black Bill" Snodgrass
Ed Zimmerman [email protected] Anna Jane Snodgrass & John Milton Mugg
Edgar T. Brown [email protected] Titham Snodgrass
Edith E.Y.Galley [email protected]
Edna Heath [email protected] James Snodgrass & Mary Ann Redshaw
Edward Norman Snodgrass, Jr. [email protected]
Elizabeth (Snodgrass) Standen [email protected] Herchel & Ella Elizabeth (Robinson) Snodgrass
Ellen Miller [email protected] Joe Miller Constr. Inc
EllieKeller [email protected] Willie G. & Sallie (Unknown) Snodgrass
Elmer B. Jackson [email protected] George Snodgrass & Mary E. Henderson
Elnora Garcia [email protected] William Snodgrass & Unknown (Mythical John)
Emily Lynn Snodgrass [email protected]
Emily Nutt (Snodgrass) John Snodgrass
Eric M. Snodgrass [email protected]
Eric Tiplady [email protected] Eliza Spriggs & Charles Tempest Plastow
Erin Elizabeth Stringer [email protected] Amelia Mae Snodgrass
Eugene Wilshire [email protected] Carrol M. Snodgrass
Eugenia Dernosek [email protected] John & Elizabeth (Walker) Fee
Evan Snodgrass William "Black Bill" Snodgrass
Evelyn Murray [email protected] Susan Jane Snodgrass
F. D. Huff [email protected] Mary Snodgrass & William M. Bucy
Farris Womack [email protected] Sarah Banks Higginbotham
Festus W. Snodgrass [email protected] Hiram Snodgrass
Floyd P. & Jacquie Simmons [email protected] George Washington Snodgrass
Forrest D. Ruby [email protected] William & Catherine (Patterson) Snodgrass
Fran Cobb-Arnold [email protected]
Frances Alma Newkirk Reber Joseph Snodgrass & Catherine Gish
Frances Brown (Snodgrass) [email protected] David Snodgrass & Margaret Glenn
Frances S. Brown [email protected]
Francis W. "Mac" Mc Intosh [email protected] All Snodgrasses
Frank L. Cain [email protected]
Frank L. Cain [email protected] John Snodgrass & Anna
G.J.A.I. Snodgrass [email protected]
Gabe Snodgrass [email protected]
Gail Condit Toulouse [email protected] Martha E. Pope & Ballard Peterson
Gail Kleve [email protected] Eunice Essick & William Dunlap
Gail Snodgrass [email protected]
Garon Bailey [email protected]
Gary L. Houk [email protected] William Snodgrass & Catherine Patterson
Gary L. Snodgrass [email protected]
Gayla Snodgrass [email protected]
Gayle Morgan [email protected] Caleb Higginbotham
Gene Alan Phillips [email protected] John Snodgrass
Gene Snodgrass [email protected] Joseph Snodgrass
George and Sheila Taylor [email protected] John Thacker
George Bradley Snodgrass [email protected] William Snodgrass & Dorcas Huff
George D. Farazier [email protected]
Gerald Cox [email protected] Moses & Malinda (Walker) Lipes
Gerald D. & Judy Snodgrass [email protected]
Gerald L. & Eunice B. Larson Robert Snodgrass
Gerald P. Beach, Jr. [email protected]
Gerald R. Saylor [email protected] Samuel Snodgrass & Susannah Mc Caslin
Gerald R. Saylor w/attachments [email protected] Samuel Snodgrass & Susannah Mc Caslin
Gerie Smith [email protected] Cynthia Snodgrass (ca 1819-1854, TN)
Gil Gaumer [email protected] Clarence W. Gaumer & vivian Talbott
Gina Harper [email protected] William Pedro Snodgrass & Amanda Revis
Ginni D. Snodgrass [email protected]
Ginny Blankenship [email protected] Mc Laughlin Family Line
Glenda R. Snodgrass [email protected]
Gordon K. Lacy [email protected] Samuel B. & Ella (Lacy) Snodgrass
Grace Kirk (Snodgrass) [email protected]
Greg Beavers [email protected] Ulrich Bieber
Greg Jackson [email protected] Morrison Snodgrass
Gregg Snodgrass [email protected]
Gregory Hamlin [email protected] James & Elizabeth (Chesnut) Carson
Gregory Wayne Snodgrass [email protected] William H. Snodgrass
Gwendolyn Snodgrass [email protected]
Harland Snodgrass [email protected]
Harold J. (Jeff) Snodgrass [email protected]
Harold R. Snodgrass, Dr. [email protected] Hiram Snodgrass
Heather Alida Snodgrass [email protected]
Heather Hegger (Newman) Lopez [email protected] Saucerman & Newman
Heather S. Miller [email protected]
Hedley Fitch [email protected] Rose Agnes Emma Snodgrass
Helen (Cook) Abercrombie [email protected] John Mc Henry Cook
Helen Robinson [email protected] Robert Benjamin Snodgrass
Herschel Snodgrass [email protected]
Ila Johnson [email protected] Lawrence Washington Snodgrass
Ilana Kingsolver-Tuten [email protected] Potts-Minnick
J Ann [email protected] Andrew Snodgrass & Salina
J. Blake Snodgrass [email protected]
J. Snodgrass [email protected]
J. W. Barr [email protected] John Watson & Phoebe (Snodgrass) Barr
J.R. Snodgrass [email protected]
Jack Lee Snodgrass [email protected] William Snodgrass
Jack M. Kaufman [email protected] John & Dottie (????) Snodgrass
Jack W. Snodgrass, Jr. [email protected]
Jackie [email protected] Virginia Wilson Snodgrass
Jackie Engelhardt [email protected] Gary's wife
Jackie Lynn Sterkel-Sandersfeld [email protected] Lee & Catherine (Bulck) Cleveland
Jackie Lynn Sterkel-Sandersfeld [email protected]
Jacqueline Lou Martin (Shook) [email protected] John Snodgrass, Sr.
James A. Snodgrass [email protected]
James D. Snodgrass William Snodgrass & Elizabeth
James J. Snodgrass [email protected]
James Joshua Snodgrass [email protected]
James L Wallace [email protected] Jonathan L. & Isabel (Mc Caskill) Wallace
James L. Snodgrass [email protected]
James Snodgrass [email protected]
James W. Barr [email protected] James W. & Pheobe (Snodgrass) Barr
Jamie [email protected]
Jan Snodgrass [email protected] Snodgrass
Jan Snodgrass [email protected]
Jan Snodgrass [email protected]
Jane A .Gottschall [email protected] Jacob & Mary Ann "Polly" (Snodgrass) Lyon
Jane A. Scott [email protected] Thomas Snodgrass
Jane Hanson [email protected] James Snodgrass & Mary Ann Redshaw
Janet M. Parsons [email protected]
Janet R. Cartlidge [email protected] James Allen Jones & Jane Fish
Janet Sue Snodgrass [email protected]
Janice Battle [email protected] Snodgrass
Jarold F. Fish [email protected]
Jay Snodgrass [email protected]
Jean & Larry Wright [email protected] Jeremiah Frame & Elizabeth MaGill
Jean L. Miller [email protected] Robert Benjamin Snodgrass & Mary Ann "Polly" White
Jean Moehlman Andrew Jackson Snodgrass & Martha Warterfield
Jeanie Crisp [email protected] Andrew Carroll Snodgrass
Jeanne A. Snodgrass [email protected]
Jeanne Snodgrass Bonham [email protected] George Walker Snodgrass & Selina Drury
Jeff M. Snodgrass [email protected]
Jeff Snodgrass [email protected]
Jeffry Parker [email protected] Nancy Snodgrass
Jennifer (Justice) Ruble [email protected] Orlando & Hannah (Curts) Snodgrass
Jennifer Duckworth [email protected] Sheila Dodge
Jennifer Sellers [email protected] Billy Ray Snodgrass
Jeri L. Johnson [email protected]
Jerome L. Keeling [email protected] Thomas & Catherine (Simmons) Snodgrass
Jerry Cooper [email protected] William Thomas Snodgrass
Jerry Johnston [email protected] Higginbotham
Jerry M. Betsill [email protected] Joseph Snodgrass
Jerry Sooter [email protected] Robinson Carney and Amanda Snodgrass
Jesse Carter [email protected]
Jessi Snodgrass [email protected] John C. "JC" & L.Sue (Engelhardt) Snodgrass
Jill (Snodgrass) Arn [email protected] David & Nancy (Carson) Snodgrass
Jill Alexander [email protected] Martha Snodgrass & William Frost
Jill Arn (Snodgrass) [email protected] David Snodgrass & Nancy Carson
Jill Winkleman [email protected] Wilber Grafton Kingsolver
Jim & Mary Snodgrass [email protected] William & Jane Elizabeth (Chipps) Snodgrass
Jim & Ruth Ann Meyerholtz [email protected] Charles Snodgrass
Jim L. Snodgrass [email protected]
Jim Snodgrass [email protected] William & Catherine (Patterson) Snodgrass
Jim Snodgrass [email protected]
Jim Snodgrass [email protected]
Jim Wallace [email protected] Isabell Snodgrass & Jonathan Wallace
Jo Ann Haines [email protected] Jasper Franklin Marshall
Jo Ann Haines [email protected] Jasper Marshall Franklin
Joan Albertson [email protected] David & Margaret (Glenn) Snodgrass
Joan Albertson [email protected] David Snodgrass & Margaret Glenn
Joan Snodgrass [email protected]
JoAnn [email protected] James Allen Jones & Jane Fish
Joanne (Scobee) Morgan [email protected] Kingsolver
Jody Gladden [email protected] Rachel Rebecca Wetzel Frost
Joe Armbruster [email protected] Kilburn Snodgrass
Joe B. Snodgrass [email protected] David Snodgrass & Elizabeth Walker
Joe Neal [email protected] Jacob A. Reaugh
Joe Snodgrass [email protected]
John Birch [email protected] Leona Birch
John Bryant [email protected] Matilda J. Snodgrass
John C. Snodgrass [email protected]
John Charles "JC" Snodgrass [email protected] William Snodgrass & Unknown (Mythical John)
John David Snodgrass [email protected]
John David Snodgrass [email protected] John Snodgrass & Jane Long
John M. & Deby Snodgrass [email protected] Robert Snodgrass & Sarah Coulter
John M. Jenkins III (Mitch) [email protected]
John Mathew [email protected] Ice - Higginbotham
John R. Snodgrass [email protected]
John Snodgrass [email protected] James & Palmina (Hall) Snodgrass
John Snodgrass [email protected]
John Snodgrass [email protected]
John Snodgrass [email protected]
John Snodgrass [email protected]
John Snodgrass [email protected]
John Snodgrass [email protected]
John Spraberry [email protected] Wayne Loveday & Beth Spraberry
John Studiner [email protected] Joseph & Hanna (Vernon) Snodgrass
John Tabb Snodgrass, Jr., Lt.Col. [email protected]
John W. Pegg [email protected] Charles Snodgrass
John Whitney Snodgrass, III [email protected]
Jon L. Wolf [email protected]
Jordan Snodgrass [email protected]
Joseph Erner [email protected] Elvira Ellen Snodgrass & James Arner
Joseph L. Armbruster [email protected] James & Mabel (Morely) Snodgrass
Joseph William "Bill" Snodgrass John Snodgrass & Ann Elms
Joy Snodgrass-Neely [email protected] Joseph Snodgrass & Sarah Hooser
Joyce Hoffas [email protected] Amanda Snodgrass & Wiseman Scott
Joyce Wright [email protected] Beaver Family
Juanita Arnold [email protected] Marshall Snodgrass & Nora Della Toney
Judith Byars [email protected] Conner
Judith Taylor [email protected] Hiram Haskins & Elizabeth Garlick
Judy "Swafford" Hendrix [email protected] Carrol M. Snodgrass
Judy (Compton) Underwood [email protected] Thomas & Caroline (Moore) Snodgrass
Judy (Compton) Underwood [email protected] Tennessee Snodgrass
judy Lawence [email protected] William E. Mc Conkey
Julia Alice Cantrell [email protected]
K.C.Snodgrass [email protected]
Karen (Van Horn) Covalt [email protected] Florence Fayola Grobey Van Horn
Karen Snodgrass [email protected]
Karin Sloan Reichart [email protected]
Karlen B. Bain [email protected] John & Jane (Long) Snodgrass
Karlen B. Bain [email protected]
Karlen B. Bain [email protected] John Snodgrass & Jane Long
Karly [email protected] Gary A. Justice & Joy Mahoney
Kasi Miller [email protected] P.B. & Artia (Turner) Snodgrass
Katharine T. Barnes [email protected] Elizabeth "Bessie" Barnes
Katherine M. Lingenfelter [email protected] Eliza Snodgrass & William C. Clark
Kathleen (Covington) Hornbeck [email protected] Francis K & Leona Snodgrass
Kathleen Snodgrass [email protected] Angie / Angelina Snodgrass
Kathleen Stewart [email protected] Thomas & Nancy Jane (Stewart) Snodgrass
Kathryn E. Clark [email protected]
Kathryn S. Schultz [email protected] William Snodgrass & Unknown (Mythical John)
Kathy [email protected] Edmond Phillip Snodgrass
Kathy and Benjamin Pasley [email protected] James & Jane (Greenlee) Snodgrass
Kathy Lee (Lipford) Dover [email protected] Madeline Marie Snodgrass
Kathy Litton [email protected] Benjamin & Sarah (Snodgrass) Glenn
Katie Snodgrass [email protected]
Kelly Robbins-Cripe [email protected] Opal Beulah Snodgrass
Ken Mullins [email protected] Joseph & Hannah (Vernon) Snodgrass
Ken Snodgrass [email protected]
Kenneth Edward Snodgrass [email protected]
Kenneth L."Rip" Stephens [email protected] Charles E. Stephens
Kenneth R. Lemmon [email protected]
Kenneth W Snodgrass [email protected] James Snodgrass & Janet Mc Kenzie
Kent R. Cales [email protected] William Raymond Cales
Kent R. Cales [email protected] Delores Mc Guire Snodgrass
Kim Holmes (Snodgrass) [email protected] Joseph Snodgrass & Jane James
Kim Salyer [email protected] Dorpha Snodgrass & Elmo Sloan
Kimberly Higinbotham Harless [email protected] Nicholas Higginbotham
Kirey Shane Snodgrass [email protected]
Kris Snodgrass [email protected]
Kyle Long [email protected] George Lindsay Essick
L Darrell Nelson,Jr [email protected] John Snodgrass
L. K. Mauna [email protected] Otis Herndon
L.Darrell Nelson [email protected] John Snodgrass
Ladye Jane Stuart [email protected] Dick & Helen Jane (Snodgrass) Lansden
Lana Frerking [email protected] Jerry V. Jensen
Larry Snodgrass [email protected]
Larry Snodgrass [email protected]
Larry Snodgrass [email protected] William Snodgrass
Lavern W. Snodgrass [email protected]
Lee Snodgrass [email protected] Alexander & Hannah (Unknown) Snodgrass
Lesley Bone [email protected] David Snodgrass & Mary Kerr
Leslie [email protected]
Leta K Cornett [email protected] David Glenn & Eliza Tate
Lia Kay Snodgrass [email protected]
Lila J. Terwiel (Snodgrass) [email protected]
Linda G Pratt [email protected] Snodgrass - Jackson Co., AL
Linda Geaugh [email protected] Josiah Snodgrass & Margaret Holsapple
Linda Palmer [email protected] Everett E. & Susan (Sullinger) Snodgrass
Linda Price [email protected] Thomas & Martha Mc Ahern Snodgrass
Linda Snodgrass [email protected]
Lionel Benson [email protected] Bryce Kerr & Violet May Brack
Lisa Clayton-Hutchinson [email protected] Jeremiah Snodgrass & Euphamy Clayton
Lisa Fandal Hart [email protected] Andrew Mayo Canulette
Loretta [email protected] William M. Snodgrass & Catherine Chrisman
Loretta S. Fitzgerald [email protected] William Snodgrass
Loretta B. Fisher (Whelchel) Henry Snodgrass & Matilda Jane Hunt Smith
Lori Alterman (Snodgrass) [email protected] George E. & Ada Katherine (Cook) Snodgrass
Lori Thompson [email protected] Noah & Mollie (????) Snodgrass
Lori Wichman [email protected] Robert Bean Snodgrass
Lorna Schoonover [email protected] Schwanebeck
Louise Gillespie [email protected] Snodgrass & Myrtle Virginia Jones (Common Law)
Lucille Fagala Bowman David Snodgrass & Nancy Carson
Lynn G. James [email protected] Thomas Snodgrass & Caty/Catherine Simmons
Lynn Mauldin [email protected] Henry Minnick
Lynn Snodgrass [email protected]
Lynne Plant William Anderson Snodgrass, MD & M2- Margaret M. Turner
M. J. Hecate [email protected] Riley G. Walker
M. Jean Ober [email protected] Joseph & Harriet (White) Fish
Machelle Hammack Bronaugh [email protected] John Wills & Mary Snodgrass
Mallory Smith [email protected] Matthew A. Snodgrass & Mary Mallery
Marc Linsey [email protected] William L. & Orphah ((Smith) Snodgrass
Marcia Bennett [email protected] John W. & Mary (Ringler) Tittle
Marcia Hill (Snodgrass) [email protected] Samuel Snodgrass & Susannah Mc Caslin
Marcia McKillop [email protected]
Marcia Peura [email protected] Thomas & Nancy (Stewart) Snodgrass
Marco Terwiel [email protected] Lawrence Washington Snodgrass
Margaret [email protected] Silas Angereau Coram
Margaret Kincannon [email protected] Kincannon Families
Margaret Scoresby [email protected] William & Isabella (Mc Clanahan) Snodgrass
Marianne "Rustie" Brink [email protected] Ralph Brink & Blanche Marie Waid
Marie Martin [email protected] Polly Olivia Snodgrass & James Albert Comer
Marilyn [email protected]
Marilyn (Glenn) Szum [email protected] Benjamin Glenn & Sarah Snodgrass
Marilyn Sue Marine [email protected] James Snodgrass
Marjorie P. Hoelzel William Snodgrass
Marjorie S. Knight Paul D. Snodgrass & Florence P. Brown
Mark A. Snodgrass [email protected]
Mark Snodgrass [email protected]
Mark Snodgrass [email protected]
Mark W. Snodgrass [email protected]
Marlene Robinson [email protected] Rosena Jane Snodgrass & Jonathan Clark
Marsha Lowry-Gilman [email protected] Claude Lowry
Martha S. Snodgrass [email protected]
Mary [email protected] Jasper Gates
Mary Allen [email protected] Charles Ferdinand Snodgrass
Mary Ann Niswanger [email protected] Melvina Snodgrass
Mary K. [email protected] John D. & Anna (Bateson) Snodgrass
Mary Lou Fitzpatrick [email protected]
Mary Lou Fitzpatrick [email protected] Robert Snodgrass & Ann Chenant
Mary Lou Morgan [email protected] Jarrett Snodgrass
Mary Mc Intosh [email protected] William W. & Rhoda Melinda (Snodgrass) Hayes
Mary P. Royall George Washington Snodgrass
Mary Pennington [email protected] Samuel L. Snodgrass
Mary Ready-Gatewood [email protected] Howard Kinsel
Mary Statler [email protected]
Mary VanBuskirk [email protected] William James & Mary Ann (Taylor) Snodgrass
Maryjo Jenkins [email protected]
Matthew Snodgrass [email protected]
Matthew Snodgrass [email protected]
Maureen Belzer [email protected] Jean Clouse
Maxine Cunningham [email protected] Don Snodgrass
Maxine Hunter (Snodgrass) [email protected] Elijah Franklin Snodgrass & Susannah Rebecca Isabelle Tate
Maxine M Wilton [email protected] Abraham & Rebecca (Rooks) Snodgrass
Maxine Purdy [email protected] George Finley & Mary Ann Keltz
Maydelle (Smith) Meier [email protected] Elizabeth Lyon & Harbert Smith
Mel and Maggie Beckstead [email protected] Matthew & Mary (Snodgrass) Cooney
Melissa Luettel [email protected] Joseph & Hannah (Vernon) Snodgrass
Melva S. Hagan George Washington Snodgrass & Julia Daniels
Merril Bourne [email protected] John Solon
Michael Babcock [email protected] Isabella Snodgrass & Mc Clanahan
Michael D. Snodgrass [email protected]
Michael Moore [email protected] Gordon & Mary (Snodgrass) Mc Calister
Michael Ray Snodgrass [email protected] James Snodgrass & Jane Greenlee
Michelle Snodgrass [email protected]
Mickey Kearbey [email protected] Amanda Jane Snodgrass
Mike Bequette [email protected] James T. Kincaid & Emily Higginbotham
Mike Ferris [email protected] Thomas Patrick Cummings
Mike Fry [email protected] William E. & Selah (Snodgrass) Fry
Mike Reed [email protected] James & Jane (Greenlee) Snodgrass
Mike Snodgrass [email protected]
Mildred Covey Fry (Millie) [email protected] Charles Snodgrass & M1 & M2- Barbara Foulke
monshot [email protected] Mel & Cynthianne (Snodgrass) Hancock
Myrtle Poor [email protected] Benjamin Elijah & Josie (Hudson) Snodgrass
N. Fetty [email protected] Charles Alonzo Fetty
nancy [email protected]
Nancy (Snodgrass) Gilbert [email protected]
Nancy Chaney [email protected] Enoch F. & Minerva (Snodgrass) Johnson
Nancy Gilbert [email protected] William Snodgrass
Nancy N. Apple [email protected]
Nancy Plant (Snodgrass) [email protected] William Anderson Snodgrass, MD & M2- Margaret M. Turner
Naomi and W. D. West, Jr. [email protected] Joseph Bradley & (Louise Isabell (Snodgrass) Braswell
Naomi E. Mc Cabe Samuel Snodgrass & Susannah Mc Caslin
Nathan Snodgrass [email protected]
Neil Smith [email protected]
Nell Snodgrass [email protected]
Neva Snodgrass [email protected]
Neville Snodgrass [email protected]
Newell Clarno [email protected] Mary Engleman
Nicholas Green [email protected] William M. Roberts & Susan Emily Whitehead
Nick Snodgrass [email protected]
Nina [email protected] David & Mary (Fuller) Zeller
Nola Carlson William Snodgrass & Catherine Patterson
Norma J. Cummings James (Major) Snodgrass 
Norma Jo Snodgrass [email protected] Virgil & Rosie (Eichman) Snodgrass
Norman F. Pyle [email protected]
Norman Snodgrass [email protected]
Norvan L. Johnson [email protected] Jeremiah Snodgrass & Euphamy Clayton
Oliver Snodgrass [email protected] Ralph & Della (Payne) Snodgrass
Omer Leslie Snodgrass, II [email protected]
Opal L. Maple [email protected] Robert Snodgrass & Dorothy Rodman
Oscar Barron [email protected] Mathew Morehead
P.J.Snodgrass [email protected]
Pam Jenkins [email protected] Edgar & Fern Snodgrass
Pam Navrat [email protected] Isaac Snodgrass & Jane Thompson
Pamela Hillebrand [email protected]
Pamela J. Mc Clish [email protected] Alexander Snodgrass & Rebecca Dever/Devor
Pat Benton [email protected] America Ellen Snodgrass
Pat Brown [email protected] Reuben Franklin
Pat Ricketts [email protected] John Snodgrass
Pat Snodgrass [email protected]
Patricia Dickey [email protected]
Patricia P. Williams [email protected]
Patricia Robison-Wenger [email protected]
Patricia Snodgrass [email protected] Orlando Snodgrass
Patricia T. Schoutteet [email protected] George Snodgrass
Patty Russell [email protected] Ann Snodgrass & James Manary
Patty Snodgrass [email protected] Jessie Shreve
Paul [email protected] Mary J. Snodgrass & Hezikiah Morgan
Paul D Snodgrass [email protected] The Snodgrass Clan Society
Paul D. Snodgrass [email protected] Editor, MACE
Paul Griffith Garland [email protected] Snodgrass "Wales to SW Virginia"
Paul Hyatt [email protected] Hyatt
Paul M. Cooper [email protected] James (Major) Snodgrass 
Paul Roark [email protected] Ora Snodgrass & Mancel Millhone
Peggy Hancock [email protected] James Snodgrass
Peter Jorgensen [email protected] Higginbotham
Phyllis B. Litton [email protected] William Henry Snodgrass
Phyllis Harrell [email protected] Sadie Louvada Snodgrass
Phyllis Reinheimer [email protected] Eliza J. Carter
Phyllis Seagraves [email protected] Abraham & Susanna (Snodgrass) Niday
Priscilla Marcum [email protected] Minerva J. Snodgrass & enoch Franklin Johnson
Priscilla Sharp <[email protected]> Abraham & Susanna (Snodgrass) Niday
Quin Stagman [email protected] Henry J. & Melvina (Mullikin) O'Kane
R. E. Snodgrass [email protected] The Snodgrass Clan Society
Ralph H. Griffin [email protected] John Snodgrass
Ray Calvert [email protected] James G. Calvert & Pleasant Jane Province
Reed E. Elms [email protected] John Snodgrass & Anne Elms
Rena Mills [email protected] Samuel Snodgrass
Rex Jackson Snodgrass [email protected]
Rhonda G. Herndon [email protected] Thomas A. & Melissa (Milne) Kay
Rhonda Randolph [email protected] Jacob & Harriet (Rozell) Snodgrass
Richard Bugg [email protected] Jane Snodgrass & Asahel Rawlings
Richard G. Boyd [email protected] Joseph Alexander Snodgrass
Richard M. Snodgrass [email protected]
Richard Ostler [email protected] John & Jane (Steele) Snodgrass
Richard Palmer Patton [email protected] Sylvester Ogden "Rusty" Duhe & Lucille Beebee
Richard Reudien Bugg [email protected] Joseph Snodgrass & Nancy Kirkpatrick
Richard Shouse [email protected] Sarah E. Snodgrass & John B. Kamp
Richard T. Snodgrass [email protected]
Richard Zon Owen [email protected] Emory C. Snodgrass & Mary Ellen Stewart
Robert Allen Cooper [email protected]
Robert Allen Snodgrass [email protected]
Robert and Sandra [email protected] Addie Snodgrass & John Day
Robert D. Smith [email protected] William Alexander Snodgrass & Amy Loftin
Robert Henry [email protected] Clifford Carl Henry
Robert L. Sharp [email protected] Moses Lipes
Robert Snodgrass [email protected]
Robert Snodgrass [email protected]
Robert W Bowery [email protected] Sarah Catherine (Cassie) Snodgrass
Robert W. Maynard [email protected] John Snodgrass & Arminta Donna ?
Robert Wagner [email protected] William Wunder & Molly V. Snodgrass
Robert Werner [email protected] Thomas Snodgrass & Nancy Jane Stewart
Robyn Brew [email protected] Martha Jenkins & Robert Haskins
Robyn Edgell [email protected] James Edgell & Lucy King
Rod A. Green [email protected] Thomas Snodgrass
Rodney C. Snodgrass [email protected]
Rodney Snodgrass [email protected]
Roger Myron Cocklin [email protected] Cocklin Family
Roger Snodgrass [email protected]
Ron Cornelius [email protected] Ulrich Bieber
Ron Larch [email protected] Elton Jefferson Larch
Ron Miller [email protected] Silas F. Hale
Ron Snodgrass [email protected]
Rosalie A. Bridges James Wilson Snodgrass & Nancy Mc Gee
Rosalie Steele Bolene [email protected] Joseph Snodgrass, Jr.
Rosalie Steele Bolene - Robert [email protected] Bartley Snodgrass - Elizabeth Snodgrass & G.St.Clair
Rose Allgood [email protected] George & (Mary Henderson/Mary Morgan) Snodgrass
Rose Anderson [email protected] Abigail Snodgrass Samuel Sanders
Roxanne Grulkey [email protected] Charles Snodgrass 
Roxanne Helle [email protected] James & Mary (Hughes) Snodgrass
Roxanne Munns [email protected] John D. & Caroline (Smith) Snodgrass
Roy Lambert [email protected] Lawrence Leslie Cottingham
Roy Snodgrass [email protected]
Roy Snodgrass [email protected]
Ruby A. Miller [email protected]
Russel D. Turner, Jr. [email protected]
Russell Ford [email protected] August & Molly Jane (Snodgrass) Ford
Ruth Blake Burns [email protected] David Snodgrass & Martha Glenn
Ruth Gagliardi [email protected] Aaron & Sarah (Jones) Snodgrass
Ryan Justin Snodgrass [email protected]
S.H. Derago [email protected] George W. & Sallie T. Higginbotham
Sally A. Ivy [email protected] George Snodgrass
Sally V. Baldwin William Snodgrass & Ann "Nancy" King
Sandra Snodgrass [email protected] John H. & Mary J. (Midkoff/Childers) Snodgrass
Sandy Pardini [email protected] Charles & Rosa Dorn (Applegarth) Snodgrass
Sara Cancilla [email protected] Applegarth
Scott F. Hosier, Jr. [email protected] James Snodgrass & Jane Greenlee
Scott McBroom [email protected]
Sean Connor [email protected]
Sean Quentin Snodgrass [email protected]
Shari Laraine Shreve [email protected] Robert Gene Shreve & Trudy Carroll Brown
Sharon Foltz [email protected] Abraham H. & Artemesia Ball (Embree) Snodgrass
Sharon Harris [email protected] William Snodgrass & Clarinda J. Rouse
Sharon J. Misplay [email protected]
Sharon Mays Williamson [email protected] William Robert & Leafy (Cash) Higginbotham
Sharon Tullis [email protected] Mary Snodgrass & Levi R. Kelso
Shawn Snodgrass [email protected]
Shelley Cardiel [email protected] Alonzo Miller & Adda Ransom
Shelly Davignon [email protected] Mary Mae Snodgrass
Sherry Norton [email protected] Sherry's Family/Richland Co.
Sheryl Sage [email protected] William Snodgrass & Ann "Nancy" King
Shirley (Snodgrass) Slaughterbeck [email protected] Mollie Snodgrass
Shirley Garrett [email protected] William Snodgrass & Mary E. Sykes
Shirley Snodgrass [email protected] William Snodgrass (Scotland 1700's)
Sid Hall [email protected] Joseph Fish - Mary Ann Grove
Signe Parrish [email protected] Joseph Snodgrass & Hannah Vernon
Sondra Elmore Reger [email protected] Caleb A. & Mary (Huffman) Snodgrass
Stacy Cox [email protected] Noah & Mollie (????) Snodgrass
Stella Cotrill [email protected] Lemuel & Jane (Stevens) Snodgrass
Stephen Snodgrass [email protected]
Steve Snodgrass [email protected]
Steve Taylor Snodgrass [email protected]
Steven Watson [email protected] Margaret Snodgrass
Sue Anderson [email protected] James & Elizabeth (Shafer) Snodgrass
Sue Anderson [email protected] James Snodgrass & Elizabeth Shafer
Sue Heintzman William Snodgrass & Katherine Youste/Yost
Sue Holmes [email protected] Amon's
Sue Miles Hyland [email protected] James Snodgrass & Jane Greenlee
Sue Snodgrass [email protected]
Susan Lee [email protected] John & Rebecca (Bunn) Glenn
Susie Belford [email protected] Julia Ann Snodgrass
Susie Snodgrass [email protected]
Suzanne (Neely) Rychener [email protected] Matilda Snodgrass & William F. Neely
Suzanne M. Horner [email protected]
Suzanne Wood Painter [email protected] Lewis & Susie Hughes
Sylvia Snodgrass [email protected]
Tabatha Stull [email protected] Lemuel & Jane (Stevens) Snodgrass
Tamara Daily [email protected] Higginbotham
tammy [email protected] Thomas Woods
Ted Snodgrass [email protected]
Teresa A. Hosfelt [email protected] William Snodgrass & Unknown (Mythical John)
Teresa Davis [email protected]
Teri Phelps [email protected] Margaret O. Snodgrass
Terrie DeShazo Nancy Snodgrass & Charles Arthur Plant
Terry Taylor [email protected] John B. & Amazella (Sharp) Snodgrass
Theresa Paxton Robert Snodgrass & Jean White
Theresa Snodgrass [email protected]
Thomas Haymond Snodgrass [email protected]
Thomas J. Snodgrass [email protected]
Thomas Jefferson Lowe [email protected] William Snodgrass & Unknown (Mythical John)
Tigger Buskirk [email protected]
Timothy Angely [email protected] Oscar F. & Lydia Elizabeth (Petty) Snodgrass
Tom Frost [email protected] David Hans Frost
Tom Snodgrass [email protected]
Tom Snodgrass [email protected]
Traci Dolan [email protected]
Tracy E. Patterson [email protected] Elisha Snodgrass & Susannah ?
V.Max Snodgrass [email protected]
Val Lane [email protected] Peter Costelloe
Valerie Parsons Jenkins [email protected] Thomas Jefferson Hayes
Vera Ross Boyatt [email protected]
Verna L. Snodgrass Thomas LaFayette
Vickie Wetzel [email protected] Charles & Rue/Rua (Snodgrass) Gelhart
Victor D. Rooks [email protected] William W. & Rhoda Melinda (Snodgrass) Hayes
Violet Suzie "Snodgrass" Schoolcraft [email protected] Charles Snodgrass
Vionna P. Shanks [email protected] William Snodgrass, f/o Joseph Snodgrass, Sr.
Virgil Hoftiezer [email protected] Joseph Snodgrass & Hannah Vernon
Virginia (Minnick) Lee [email protected] Minnick
Virginia E. Nerlove [email protected] James & Mary (Hughes) Snodgrass
Virginia Perry [email protected]
Wanda J. Nance [email protected]
Wanda Leeper Flint [email protected] John Snodgrass & Mary Kimble
Wanda Trachok [email protected] Samuel Snodgrass & Elizabeth Adair
Wilda Jean Hurst [email protected] William Snodgrass & Rhoda Phillips
William & Jane Curci [email protected] John W. & Mary (Snodgrass) Tittle
William C. Allsopp, Jr. [email protected] Andrew Jackson & Martha (Warterfield) Snodgrass
William Carson Snodgrass [email protected]
William Crocker Snodgrass [email protected]
William D. Snodgrass [email protected]
William F. Snodgrass [email protected]
William Howard Scarborough [email protected] Caleb A. & Mary (Huffman) Snodgrass
William Howard Snodgrass [email protected]
William Jerry Snodgrass, Jr. [email protected]
William Miracle [email protected] Mary Pearl Barnett
William R. Snodgrass [email protected]
William W. Utton [email protected]
Wilma (Lantz) Rose [email protected] Thomas & Nancy J (Stewart) Snodgrass
Young Snodgrass [email protected] Alexander & Rebecca (Dever) Snodgrass
Young Snodgrass [email protected] Alexander & Rebecca (Dever) Snodgrass


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