Teddy bears doll and dress up clothes,

The time went by so fast;

Tea parties filled with giggling girls,

Sweet memories from the past.

You were always there beside me,

As we grew up through years;

You shared my sorrows and my joys,

My laughter and my tears.

There's something God has given me,

A gift so sweet and rare;

A love for my sister deep in my heart,

And a friend who will always be there.

Allison Chambers Coxsey [email protected]



Although I didn't chose you as my sister,
As you had no choice for a sister in me.
I have been so lucky to have been given you,
As you're the best sister there could ever be.

What we share together is so very special;
Unlike what we share with anyone else.
As we have a bond that only sisters can feel,
Because in each other we see apart of ourselves.

Being individuals we may not always agree,
But that is just part of us all being unique.
Yet I know that I can always turn to you,
and you'll be my strength when I am weak.

You've been more than just as sister to me,
As over the years you have been a best friend.
I cherish the joys of having you as my sister;
A blessing I've been given, which has no end.

We've shared our lives, our laughter and tears,
and grown as close as two sisters could be.
You're an important part of my life, and I love you;
I'm so glad that you have been a sister for me!

©Pamela Hall



This is dedicated to my sisters Redonna and Lisa who I love very much. BROTHERS GENEALOGY