White’s 1857 Directory of Derbyshire


Transcribed by Neil Wilson



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Please Note: I have been informed that the pages, which contain lists of names and address, are very difficult to read when using Netscape as the browser. It is therefore advisable to use Internet Explorer. I am sorry if this inconveniences anyone.

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To search for a name in a part of the directory, point the mouse over the right hand side of the screen and left click it. Then use the ‘Find’ facility on your browser. See Spelling below.
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The spellings are as they were originally in the Directory; whether the misspellings were by Mr. White, one of his compilers or by the printers, I am not sure. Examples: Ashbourne is spelt as Ashbourn, Ashbonrn, Ashborne or Ashburn. A postmistress called Mary J. Brace, is also shown as Bracey Mary Jane. Names are also as in the directory; therefore sometimes it is William Bacon, Wm. Bacon, Bacon William, Bacon Wm., or Bacon Willm.
I originally intended to keep the layout of the book as near to the original as I could, but for ease of searching the listings, those pages that had part list and part text, I have split.
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Last revised: Tuesday 28th December 2004