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Buena Vista County Births and Christenings
Fenstad Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church, Alta
Christenings, 1875-1889

This church existed from 1872 until it disbanded in 1901; however, these records go from 1875 only to 1889. I am not sure exactly where it was located--the records only say "Alta." However, most of the congregants appeared to live a couple of miles WSW of Alta, so it may have been somewhere in that area of Nokomis Twp.

Also, a couple of notes about spelling. The name Gulbransen/Gulbranson/Gulbrandsen was consistently spelled "Guldbrandsen" throughout the record. That was the pastor's surname, who usually filled out these ledgers. Perhaps that was a older spelling and was modernized/simplified as the years went by. I did drop one of the "d's" in the spelling below. Another name, usually spelled Wegerslev in modern records, was spelled in various ways--Wigerslov, Vigerslov, Vikerslov. I used "Wegerslev" in this transcription. Another name that I took the liberty of using the more modern spelling was "Rokkan." In some of the earlier entries it was spelled "Raaken."

Child Parents BornChristened Sponsors
Petra Josephine Jens Jahnsen and Marthea Jahnsen Aug. 22, 1875 Sept. 19, 1875 Kristian Gulbrandsen, Gunerius Gulbrandsen, Sophie and Gurine Gulbrandsen
Peton Hjalmar Gunerius Gulbrandsen and Mathea Johannesen Oct. 30, 1875 Nov. 14, 1875 Kristian and Martin Gulbrandsen, Gurine and Marie Gulbrandsen
Karl Sigvard Christiansen and Anna Christiansen May 6, 1875 Nov. 14, 1875 Gulbrand Hendricksen and Sophie Gulbrandsen
Jes Andreas Osvaldus Henry Ehrenpford and Marie Pedersen Mar. 5, 1876 April 2, 1876 Andreas Rokkan, Gudbjor Gulliksdatter and Lydia Dahl
Amanda Sophie Karl Jahnsen and Johanna Kalsen Apr. 30, 1876 June 16, 1876 O. Andersen and Thilda Andersen
Anne Marie Karl Olsen and Johanna Olsdatter Apr. 7, 1876 July 16, 1876 Gunerius Gulbrandsen and Mathia Johannsdatter
Markus Antoni H. Paulsen and Gurine Nielsensdatter June 15, 1876 July 16, 1876 Ole Paulsen, Otto Jensen and Anne Nielsdatter
Jens Otto Jensen and Maren Mortensdatter May 30, 1875 July 16, 1876 H. Paulsen, Ole Paulsen, Gurine Nielsdatter
Kristian Alfred Anders Kalberg and Johanne Kalberg June 6, 1876 Aug. 20, 1876 Ollaf Andersen, Kristine Gulbrandsen, Marie and Gurine Gulbrandsen
William Laurits Peder Larsen and Marie Larsen June 4, 1876 Oct. 22, 1876 J. Jahnsen, Gunerius Gulbrandsen and Sarah Gundersen
Anton Peter Peder Larsen and Marie Larsen same as above? Oct. 22, 1876 Gunerius Gulbrandsen and Mathia Hansdatter
Halpdan Wilfred Simon Olsen and Lydia Dahl June 23, 1876 Apr. 24, 1877 Andreas Rokkan, Anton A. Rokkan and Sophie Rokkan
Marie Christiana Christian Gulbrandsen and Sophie Gulbrandsen May 2, 1877 July 1, 1877 G. Hendriksen, G. Gulbrandsen, Mathia Hansdatter and Marie Gulbrandsen
Alfred Peter Jes Knudsen and Mathe Knudsen Dec. 20, 1876 July 1, 1877 Peder Knudsen, Hendrik Wegerslev and Otto Jensen
Willy Endy Ole Andersen and Marthea Andersen Mar. 6, 1877 July 1, 1877 Julius Molvig, J. Jahnsen and Mrs. Marthe Molvig
Gjertro Marie Jorgen Mortensen and Anne Jacobsdatter ng July 16, 1877 Peder Larsen, L. Peder Fredriksen and Marie Larsen
Emma Elise H. Paulsen and Marie Kristine Paulsen July 6, 1877 July 29, 1877 Otto Jensen, Jens Jahnsen and Jensine Pedersen
??nda Bolettie George Nielsen Feb. 7, 1877 Sept. 30, 1877 Kristian Gulbrandsen, Gunerius Gulbrandsen and Mathea Johannesdatter
Anne Marie Hendrick Wegerslev and Marie Wegerslev July 30, 1877 Sept. 30, 1877 Jes Knudsen, Joseph Andersen and Peder Knudsen
Emilie Jorgene Gunerius Gulbrandsen and Mathia Johannsdatter Dec. 19, 1878 Feb. 10, 1878 Christian Gulbrandsen, G. Hendriksen, Gurine Gulbrandsdatter and Sophie
Alfred Martin Gulbrandsen and Karoline Gulbrandsen Dec. 21, 1878 Feb. 10, 1878 Gunerius Gulbrandsen, G. Hendriksen, Marie Gulbrandsen and Gudbjor Gulliksdatter
Leonora Mathilde Amalia O. Paulsen and Anne Nielsdatter Sept. 18, 1877 Mar. 10, 1878 Jens Jahnsen and Marthe Oline Molvig
Jes Wilhelm Jes Knudsen and Mette Knudsen Aug. 31, 1878 Sept. 29, 1878 Gravis Lauritz, Peder Knudsen and Marie Wegerslev
Sorine Christine Christian Eriksen and Jensine Pedersdatter Dec. 11, 1878 Feb. 4, 1879 Hans John Paulsen, Christian Pedersen and Hans Knudsen
Alexander George Nielsen Feb. 2, 1879 Apr. 6, 1879 Christian Gulbrandsen, Anton Rokkan, Gunerius Gulbrandsen and Gurine Gulbrandsdatter
Morten Broder Otto Jensen and Maren Kirstine Mortensdatter Jan. 1, 1879 Apr. 6, 1879 Peder Larsen, Joseph Andersen and Marie Larsen
Agnes Elevine Peder Larsen and Marie Larsen July 4, 1878 Apr. 6, 1879 Otto Jensen, Joseph Andersen and Sarah Gundersen
Helen Elvine Hans Paulsen and Gurine Nielsdatter Nov. 23, 1878 May 11, 1879 Ole Paulsen and Anne Nielsen
Christian Alfred Jens Johannesen and Mathia Hansdatter Apr. 22, 1879 May 11, 1879 Christian Gulbrandsen and Marie Gulbrandsen, Sophie Gulbrandsen
Enis (?) not given June 14, 1879 July 6, 1879 Christian Eriksen, George Nielsen And Johan Knudsen
Katerine Sophie Henry Wegerslev and Marie Wegerslev Oct. 6, 1879 Nov. 30, 1879 Hans Pedersen, Lars Larsen and Anne Mortensen
Berthy Albert Olmstead and Mette Olmstead Oct. 27, 1879 Nov. 30, 1879 Halvor Pedersen, Anton Rokkan and Kari Pedersen
Artur Godtfred Anton Rokkan and Gurine Gulbrandsdatter Nov. 2, 1879 Nov. 30, 1879 Andreas Rokkan, Gulbrand Henricksen, Sophie Rokkan and Gudbjor Gulbrandsdatter
Carl Gerhard Christian Gulbrandsen and Sophie Gulbrandsen Apr. 6, 1880 May 2, 1880 Gulbrand Hendriksen, Gunerius Gulbrandsen, Mathia and Marie Gulbrandsen
Tennis Tidemand Bertness and Sorine Hansdatter ? 12, 1880 Sept. 30, 1880 Halvor Pedersen, Albert Olmstad and Kari Pedersen
Amanda Georg Nielsen and Maren Pedersdatter May 4, 1881 June 6, 1881 Christian Gulbrandsen, Sophie Gulbrandsen and Marie Jensdatter
Marie Jensine Kamela Johan Johannesen and Karen Christiansdatter June 30, 1881 Aug. 21, 1881 Hans Jahnsen, Kaspar Olsen, Barbara Olsen and Gusta Christiansen
Barbera Kristine ?? Corneliusen and Marie Gulbrandsdatter Sept. 17, 1881 Oct. 6, 1881 Engebregt Engebregtsen, rest unreadable
Karl Johan Anton Rokkan and Gurine Gulbrandsdatter Oct. 18, 1881 Nov. 13, 1881 Kristian Gulbrandsen, Pastor Gulbrandsen, Mathia ??
Nora Adelie Otto Sorensen and Julia Olsen Feb. 19, 1882 July 16, 1882 Martin Olsen, Barbra Olsen and Marie Sorensen
Henry Hjalmar Hans Johannesen and Johanne Olsen June 20, 1881 Sept. 24, 1882 Hans Olsen, Kristian Sorensen and Jesta Christiansen
Martha Emilie Engebregt Engebregtsen and Anne Hendriksdatter Sept. 9, 1882 Sept. 24, 1882 Christian and Gunerius Gulbrandsen,
Clayton Albert Olmstad and Mette Olmstad Aug. 3, 1882 Oct. 17, 1882 Tideman Bertness and Sarah Bertness
Solga Marie Jens Hage and Anna Hage ng Nov. 18, 1883 Johan and Cornelius Corneliussen, Aksel Christensen
Kristifer Kolumbus Engebregt Engebregtsen and Anne Gulbrandsen Nov. 2, 1883 Nov. 18, 1883 Gunerius Gulbrandsen, Kari Jahnsen, Sophie Gulbrandsen
Oscar Severin Marcus Sorensen and Marie Sorensen Nov. 2, 1883 Nov. 18, 1883 Hans Olsen, Martin Olsen and Gustava Olsen
Hatty Tidemand Bertness and Sorine Hansdatter ng Feb. 12, 1885 Ole Tidemandsen, Mette Olmstead and Mrs. Pettersen
Karl Johan Marcus Sorensen and Marie Sorensen ng Oct. 11, 1885 Martin Olsen, Johan Sorensen and Jens Pedersen
Peder Magnus Jens Hage and Hanna Hage ng June 20, 1886 Cornelius Corneliussen, Theodor Olsen and Bergite Olsen
Almer Albert Olmstead and Mette Olmstead Apr. 17, 1886 June 20, 1886 Tideman Bertness and Sarah Bertness
Einar Engebregt Engebregtsen and Anne Gulbrandsen Aug. 12, 1886 Sept. 19, 1886 Christian, Gunerius, Mathea and Gyda Gulbrandsen
Bertha Christine Johan and Christine Corneliussen Aug. 2, 1886 Sept. 19, 1886 Cornelius Corneliussen, and Rev. G. Guldbrandsen
Helen Kirstine G. Gulbrandsen and Mathea Gulbrandsen Dec. 24, 1886 Mar. 6, 1887 Jens Johansen, Christian, Sophia and Gyda Gulbrandsen
Emilia Gustava Martin Olsen and Mina Olsen Oct. 22, 1886 Mar. 6, 1887 Gunerius Gulbrandsen, Axel and Anne Engebrectsen
Arthur Oliver A. O. Lokken and Ragnhild Tollefsen Nov. 22, 1887 Mar. 11, 1888 Rev. Gulbrandsen, Berhardt Johanesen and Dorothea Johanessen
Ole Jorgen Anders Eriksen and Marie Eriksen nee Olsen June 22, 1888 Sept. 9, 1888 Jens Pedersen, Emil Olsen, Anders Eriksen
Maren Ole L. and Karoline Shov Nov. 15, 1888 Dec. 30, 1889 Jens Pedersen and Karen Pedersen

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