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Buena Vista County Census Files

Note: Several years ago I transcribed the complete 1885 and 1905 state censuses for Buena Vista Co., and a partial transcription for the 1895 census, for IAGenWeb. I will not attempt to place those files on this site (although I do hold the copyright to them) because I try to avoid duplication of information. However, I will provide below the links to those files. Please let me know if you have trouble accessing the links below, because URLs may change.

On the four 1895 transcriptions, the heading on each page reads "1885" but that was an error. They are actually from the 1895 enumerations.

1885 1895 1905
Barnes Twp. Brooke Twp. Barnes Twp.
Brooke Twp. Coon Twp. Brooke Twp.
Coon Twp. Grant Twp. Coon Twp.
Elk Twp. Newell Twp. Elk Twp.
Fairfield Twp. Fairfield Twp.
Grant Twp. Grant Twp.
Hayes Twp. Hayes Twp.
Lee Twp. Lee Twp.
Sioux Rapids Lincoln Twp.
Lincoln Twp. Maple Valley Twp.
Maple Valley Twp. Newell Twp.
Newell Twp. Nokomis Twp.
Newell Poland Twp.
Nokomis Twp. Providence Twp.
Alta Scott Twp.
Poland Twp. Sioux Rapids
Providence Twp. Storm Lake Twp.
Scott Twp. Washington Twp.
Storm Lake
Washington Twp.

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