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Buena Vista County Deaths
1908 End of Year Chronology, Storm Lake Pilot Tribune

The following 1908 deaths were extracted from an end of year chronology from the SL Pilot Tribune. Some dates may represent the day the death was published.

Jan. 1--August Kaskey May 20--Mrs. Menser
Jan. 1--Mrs. George Fettis, Sr. June 8--Louis Long
Jan. 9--Mrs. William Body June 11--Mrs. Mary Alexander
Jan. 10--U. E. Davis June 15--Jess Brown in San Francisco
Jan. 12--Mrs. Emily Richards June 22--James Tolan at Fonda
Jan. 12--Mrs. W. R. Hatton in St. Paul July 27--C. O. Ihmela
Jan. 28--Frank Anderson at Rockwell City Aug. 8--Mattias Lange
Feb. 3--Mrs. George North Aug. 18--C. Christiansen
Feb. 4--W. C. Christopher Sept. 10--Mrs. M. L. Ratcliffe of Lincoln Twp.
Feb. 17--Mrs. James Davis Sept. 12--Mrs. Enos Thayer
Mar. 4--Mrs. James Brown's infant Sept. 19--Earl Viers
Mar. 20--Mrs. H. D. Cameron funeral Sept. 27--Mrs. William Rissler
Mar. 23--Miss Florence Hutchinson of Lake City Oct. 11--Opal Thomas funeral
Apr. 7--Mrs. W. H. Giddle Oct. 17--Banks Smith funeral
Apr. 7--John Fultz Nov. 1--Frantz Dlugosch
Apr. 9--Mrs. D. Anderson Nov. 13--H. R. Mickelson of Barnes Twp.
Apr. 15--Owen Martz Dec. 10--T. D. Whitehead
Apr. 19--Mrs. A. C. Womach/Womack Dec. 27--Mrs. Benson
Apr. 24--Mrs. Henry Kay at Sioux City Dec. 28--Mrs. J. M. Russell
Apr. 27-- Clare Sherbondy

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