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Buena Vista County Deaths
1909 End of Year Chronology, Storm Lake Pilot Tribune

The following 1909 deaths were extracted from an end of year chronology from the SL Pilot Tribune. Some dates may represent the day the death was published.

Jan. 5--Double funeral of Mrs. Hannah Croak and son of Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Hopkins at Fort Dodge

Jan. 10--Timothy Timme, former resident, commits suicide in Westfield

Jan. 13--Mrs. E. R. Sisson called to Illinois by death of her father, Charles Carroll

Jan. 14--Funeral of Margaret Hopkins

Jan. 19--Father of William Cunningham dies in Burlington, Wisc.

Jan. 19--Mrs. George Otto dies near Newell

Jan. 23--Funeral services of W. L. Smith of Osmond, Neb., held here

Jan. 24--Death of C. W. Samuels

Jan. 25--George Robshaw dies instantly while walking down Lake Avenue

Jan. 26--Death of Dr. L. J. Harvey, pioneer at Alta

Jan. 28--Funeral service of Mrs. Carrie Anderson

no February entries

Mar. 2--J. Demuth died

Mar. 5--Funeral services of Peter Hughes

Mar. 21--Funeral of Adam Diehl held

Mar. 28--Carroll Sisson dies after two week illness of appendicitis

Mar. 30--Mrs. Frank Ford brought here for interment

Mar. 30--Death of Mrs. Helen Wheat Close

Apr. 19--Word received of the death of Mrs. Frank R. Scofield in North Yakima, Wash.

Apr. 22--Ezra Hurd dies

Apr. 25--Death of Mrs. Elizabeth Stomberg

Apr. 28--Mrs. Dick Meinking dies in Sioux City

May 1--Funeral of Ora Chamberlain

May 12--Father Hennessy dies suddenly, burial to be in Dubuque

May 17--Death of Mrs. Elizabeth Hyer

May 19--Word received of death of Edna McDonald at Ontario, Ore.

June 5--W. J. Preston, veteran, passes away

June 9--Ole Jenson dies at home of his sister, Mrs. N. H. Peterson

June 13--Death of B. F. Woods

July 7--Interment of Mrs. Elizabeth Highland

July 9--C. W. Garberson, pioneer and wealthy citizen, dies after long illness

July 28--Eva Traum burned to death by kerosene explosion

Aug. 2--Mrs. W. H. Halpeny dies in Kirksville, Mo.

Aug. 9--Funeral services of John Petty

Aug. 18--Death of John Callery, a pioneer resident

Sept. 14--Funeral service of Mrs. William J. Warnshius, sister of William Hurley of Newell

Oct. 7--Death of Helen Barnum, granddaughter of M. E. Boslough

Oct. 7--Death of infant son of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Weinner

Oct. 10--Mrs. Ruth Varney James dies in Madison, Wisc.

Nov. 14--Frank Welsh dead

Nov. 14--Demise of C. J. Dunn in Peterson

Nov. 26--J. E. Parry commits suicide in Linn Grove

Dec. 9--Word of the murder of Seth Ash, former Storm Lake man, received

Dec. 12--N. C. Wheat, pioneer resident dies

Dec. 12--Mrs. E. E. Reed called to Edgewood by death of her brother, A. E. (A. F.?) Robinson

Dec. 23--Mrs. W. C. Weddington dies near Los Angeles, California

Dec. 28--W. S. VanBuskirk of Alta succumbs at Rochester, Minn.

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