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Buena Vista County Deaths
1910 End of Year Chronology, Storm Lake Pilot Tribune

The following 1910 deaths were extracted from an end of year chronology from the SL Pilot Tribune. Some dates may represent the day the death was published.

Jan. 4--Christian Bitter June 30--Mrs. H. J. Poulson of Alta
Jan. 4--Eugene Wright of Providence Twp. July 4--George Bernard
Jan. 9--Prof. Eno of Newell at Sac City July 5--Arthur A. Caldwell of Sulphur Springs
Jan. 11--I. B. Williams of Staple, Minn. funeral July 12--George Vanderhoff of Elk Twp.
Jan. 12--Mrs. S. L. Maynard funeral July 15--Mrs. Fred Meinking of Linn Grove
Jan. 16--Dr. A. W. Stevens funeral at Manchester July 24--J. A. Hughes at Battle Creek, Mich.
Jan. 16--Cecilia child of E. P. Wright July 29--Gretchen Shore
Jan. 26--H. F. Wellmerling of Lincoln Twp. July 29--Amasa Stanton
Jan. 27--Michael Schmitz Aug. 1--Patrick Clancy
Jan. 30--Frank Fethkenher's daughter Aug. 9--Herman Schumann at Fonda
Feb. 5--Mrs. Nancy Avenall Aug. 13--Mrs. Charles Blakely at Minneapolis
Feb. 11--Ralph Joray Aug. 13--Nona daughter of George Lewis
Feb. 15--Mrs. Mary Munson funeral Aug. 15--Mrs. Margaret Wellmerling of Rembrandt
Feb. 21--Mrs. Guy Roberts of Marathon Aug. 18--W. H. Crawford of Washingon Twp.
Feb. 21--Mrs. Anna A. Anderson Aug. 18--Enos Thayer
Feb. 23--Martin Hopkins at Fulda, Minn. Aug. 24--James Christenson of Alta
Mar. 5--Mrs. Emily C. Stevens Sept. 6--Mrs. B. L. or H. L. Tower
Mar. 19--Harry N. Viers Sept. 13--James O'Brien's infant son
Mar. 22--Miss Julia Neuman of Sulphur Springs Sept. 15--Mrs. John F. Lawson of Marathon
Mar. 27--Mrs. Fred Grosshauser Sept. 30--Royal Ralph Buck/Huck
Apr. 2--Georgie, infant John Hoch Oct. 13--Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Eadie
Apr. 6--Samuel Coulson Oct. 25--Delia Williamson
Apr. 17--James Christenson of Alta Oct. 27--Mrs. S. B. Cox
Apr. 18--Rev. G. W. Pratt at Sioux City Nov. 4--James Miller of Maple Valley Twp.
Apr. 19--J. J. Scovel of Newell Nov. 17--Wanda Hobart of Lincoln Twp.
Apr. 19--Rev. W. S. Cason Nov. 21--Rev. J. O. Kindstrom of Alta
Apr. 25--Sylvester Ellis of Newell Nov. 22--Charles E. Franz
Apr. 26--Wilhelm Hyllested funeral at Rembrandt Nov. 26--Edward Nute of Alta
Apr. 29--Mrs. Leslie Card Nov. 29--Mrs. R. L. Cooper
May 14--Mrs. George M. Foell Nov. 30--Mrs. Edith Watson of Alta
May 19--Mrs. H. C. Calla Dec. 6--Mrs. H. E. Whealen/Wheaten
May 24--Mrs. Fred Zinn Dec. 11--August Swanson of Linn Grove
June 4--Mrs. John Fultz Dec. 12--Hazel Powell
June 10--J. A. Rankin Dec. 18--James Tyers
June 13--G. J. Gilmore Dec. 21--Edwin Grundermeier
June 18--Mrs. Caroline Brown Dec. 21--Mrs. Jacob Latch of Alta
June 23--August Huseman of Maple Valley Twp. Dec. 24--Benjamin L. Barnett/Harnett

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