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Buena Vista County Deaths
1911 End of Year Chronology, Storm Lake Pilot Tribune

The following 1911 deaths were extracted from an end of year chronology from the SL Pilot Tribune. Some dates may represent the day the death was published.

Jan. 3--Death of Joseph Hintz of Washington Twp.

Jan. 5--Death of Mrs. William Betcher

Jan. 6--Death of Mrs. Charles H. Springer, at Spokane

Jan. 16--Death of Mrs. Irene Nelson of Alta

Jan. 17--Death of Mrs. Eli Selling, of Maple Valley

Jan. 20--Death of Mrs. H. B. Delbridge

Jan. 20--Death of Mrs. Laura Kinne

Jan. 22--A. M. Anderson of Maple Valley accidentally shot and killed by his son

Jan. 25--Death of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Wiebe of Grant Twp.

Jan. 28--Death of Ida Peterson, of Elk Twp.

Jan. 29--Death of Mrs. Patrick Clancy

Feb. 1--Death of Elmer Cox

Feb. 1--Death of A. P. Branvold of Barnes Twp.

Feb. 6--Death of A. L. Bryan

Feb. 6--Death of M. C. Jahren of Barnes Twp.

Feb. 10--Death of Mrs. William Buchanan at Marathon

Feb. 10--Mrs. John Hegna, of Barnes, dies

Feb. 18--Death of Lydia W. Stevens

Feb. 26--Death of John Wilcox

Feb. 27--Death of Mrs. D. E. Quinn

Feb. 27--William C. W. C. VanCleve of Alta killed in railroad wreck near Jennings, KS

Mar. 6--Death of Gustaf Anderson

Mar. 11--Death of Albert Hadenfelt

Mar. 12--Death of John Strock Sr.

Mar. 12--Death of Mrs. C. A. Swan

Mar. 14--Death of Mrs. T. A. Jones of Alta

Mar. 21--Death of John Guilfoyle

Mar. 21--Death of Stephen Callahan of Providence Twp.

Mar. 26--Death of G. A. Spiegelberg of Rembrandt

Apr. 1--Death of Mrs. L. G. McLaughlin

Apr. 9--Death of Leona Fern Spragg

Apr. 12--Death of Mrs. Charles Gilmore of Sioux Rapids

Apr. 14--Death of Henry Williams

Apr. 19--Death of Lizzie Mathies of Grant Twp.

Apr. 23--Death of Mrs. Thomas Smith at Sioux Rapids

Apr. 25--Death of Mrs. Edward Campbell in California

Apr. 28--M. C. Watkins dies at Hawarden

May 17--George W. Santee dies in California

May 19--S. J. Swenson dies at Albert City

May 20--Gust Hultgren buried at Alta

June 19--Cal McMullin of Alta dies

June 25--Death of Mrs. Mary Hartwick

June 26--Johnny Kevane drowns at Sioux Rapids

June 30--F. Louis Keister dies

July 1--B. F. Johnson dies at Marshalltown, buried here

July 3--R. A. Shisler, of near Rembrandt, dead

July 4--Clyde Hanson, Fonda, killed here

July 16--W. H. Zinser dead

July 22--Death of Phil Schaller

July 23--Mrs. Carl Swanson of Alta dead

July 29--Charles Meinking dies at Sheldon

July 30--E. H. Larson dead

July 30--W. F. Sassman died

Aug. 2--Mrs. Joseph Mathies dies

Aug. 2--Death of May E. Lewis

Aug. 11--Death of Mason Parish

Aug. 14--Mrs. A. D. Wilson dead

Aug. 19--Herman Halverson dies

Sept. 5--Mrs. E. H. Rutledge dies

Sept. 15--Rose May Teeters dies

Sept. 16--Henry Rushman dies at Fort Dodge

Sept. 18--D. Meinking Sr. dies at Aurelia

Sept. 23--E. G. Grodahl of Barnes Twp. dead

Sept. 29--Mrs. Charity Jane Hills dies

Oct. 4--Paul William North dies

Oct. 11--Death of Willie Engelkes

Oct. 26--Mrs. Thomas McBride dies

Oct. 27--Mrs. John Onnen of Rembrandt dies

Oct. 28--Death of Mrs. Louis Leech

Nov. 2--Mrs. A. Karges dies

Nov. 9--Death of little son of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Kennedy

Nov. 15--Arthur Preston suicides

Nov. 21--Mrs. C. Redden dies

Nov. 27--Ada Carrington dies at Alta

Dec. 5--John Gustafson killed at Sioux Rapids

Dec. 10--Death of Alexander O'Boyle

Dec. 18--Mrs. J. Arnott dies

Dec. 28--Harold Conrad Kellar, 2 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kellar of Storm Lake, dies of scalding in LeMars

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