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Buena Vista County Deaths
1913 End of Year Chronology, Storm Lake Pilot Tribune

The following 1913 deaths were extracted from an end of year chronology from the SL Pilot Tribune. Some dates may represent the day the death was published.

Jan. 4--Dorothy Lawrence killed in Sioux City

Jan. 7--Nels Peterson of Albert City dies in Des Moines

Jan. 10--Nels Hanson of Barnes Twp. dies

Jan. 12--Zelma Higgins dies

Jan. 12--Mrs. C. A. Haines dies in Los Angeles

Jan. 15--Death of Mrs. George Larson

Jan. 16--Death of Mrs. G. M. Walrod

Jan. 16--Mrs. Elizabeth Point died

Jan. 16--Death of Mrs. C. J. Louck

Jan. 17--Mrs. Durstine dies

Jan. 18--Sophia Menke dies

Jan. 20--August M. Smith, Storm Lake's first merchant, dies

Jan. 26--Mrs. Thomas Frykeberg of Albert City dead

Jan. 27--Andrew T. Douglas dies

Jan. 28--Mrs. C. J. Hough dies

Feb. 1--Eskie Nelson dies at Alta

Feb. 11--Mrs. Elizabeth Morris of Linn Grove dies

Feb. 12--Olaf Peterson dies

Feb. 13--Carrie Johnson dies

Feb. 17--Col. A. J. Warren, father of Mrs. George J. Schaller, dies in Rock Valley

Feb. 18--Mrs. Sarah Buck dies

Feb. 22--Mrs. James Moorehead of Sulphur Springs dies at Conception, Mo.

Feb. 28--Paul Weston, former Alta citizen, dies in California

Mar. 3--Mrs. Sarah Jane VanCleve of Washington Twp. dies

Mar. 5--Death of John Carney

Mar. 5--Samuel Watson dies

Mar. 9--Nathan A. Couch died at Newell

Mar. 11--Death of F. N. Reading of near Newell

Mar. 13--Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Goff dies

Mar. 16--Death of Mrs. Mary Divens

Mar. 17--Death of Mrs. Elizabeth Schaffer

Mar. 25--Death of L. O. Shaw of Sioux Rapids

Mar. 28--Death of Mrs. Julia A. Day at St. Paul

Apr. 10--Mrs. Findley dies at her home in Linn Grove

Apr. 11--Death of Esther Eneberg of Alta

Apr. 12--Death of Frank E. Wirick at Sioux City

Apr. 12--Death of Mrs. Ludvigson of Lee Center

Apr. 18--A. F. Zinser dies in Minnesota

Apr. 22--Death of Mrs. Ponsor of Albert City

Apr. 23--Rev. J. J. W. Place dies

May 2--Mrs. Harry Cox of Peterson dies

May 4--Death of Mrs. E. A. Michael

May 4--Mrs. Carl Emanuelson of Linn Grove dies

May 10--Death of Carl Olsen Mattelin of Marathon

May 11--Lewis Rose of Schaller struck by an auto and almost instantly killed

May 13--Death of Mrs. Lena I. Reichter

May 19--Death of Mrs. Bridget Whalen

May 19--Death of Mrs. R. Burham

May 19--Death of Opal Hoffman

May 19--Death of Mrs. O. D. Pettit

May 20--Death of Hugh Arnold

May 23--Death of Mrs. Fred Harjes, Sr.

May 26--Death of the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair

May 27--Death of Mattie Adams

May 27--Death of James Robertson

June 6--Remains of Mrs. Claude Zwickey of Cedar Rapids brought to Storm Lake

June 11--Death of Edward F. Farnsworth

June 11--Death of Esther Belle Spooner

June 20--Death of Mrs. William Schluntz at Peterson

June 23--Joseph Vale died at the O'Malley home

July 13--Death of Mrs. T. A. Marten

July 13--Death of Mrs. Dick Beckfield of Newell

July 19--Mrs. John E. Spooner dies

July 25--Death of Donald Hill

July 29--Vera McCline dies*

Aug. 3--John Foell of Los Angeles dies

Aug. 5--Death of Vera Klein*

Aug. 30--Death of O. P. Jenkins

Sept. 1--Death of George Fettis**

Sept. 3--James Leroy Bartholew died

Sept. 4--Death of Mrs. Clifford Stock

Sept. 11--Death of A. M. Nixon

Sept. 14--Death of L. L. Bell of Sac City at Swallum hospital

Sept. 30--Death of Henry Odiet of Pomeroy

Oct. 4--Death of George Fettis at Randolph, Neb.**

Oct. 11--Mrs. D. Strause dies

Oct. 12--Ernest Seaten of Spencer killed in auto accident at Sioux Rapids

Oct. 12--Death of Boyd Kerlin at Devil's Lake, N. D.

Oct. 16--Death of John McCabe in auto accident near Alta

Oct. 28--Death of Mrs. C. H. Conklin

Nov. 3--A. K. Lownsberry dies at Mason City

Nov. 6--Death of John Miller

Nov. 9--Death of Dr. Beason of Newell

Nov. 11--Death of G. S. Coman in Kansas City

Nov. 16--Death of L. Shaddinger in Florida

Nov. 17--Death of Patrick Murphy at McFadden home

Nov. 22--Death of Ernest DeGriselles

Dec. 3--Death of H. J. Kleyter

Dec. 4--Death of John McKenna

Dec. 4--Death of John Burr of Sioux Rapids

Dec. 9--Death of Mrs. Ray Richardson

Dec. 10--Death of Dr. W. W. Kerlin

Dec. 17--Mrs. E. D. Hoxsey burned to death

Dec. 23--Death of G. M. McMakin of Newell

Dec. 27--Death of Clara Bell Harding

* and ** referring to same person?

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