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Buena Vista County Deaths
1915 End of Year Chronology, Storm Lake Pilot Tribune

The following 1915 deaths were extracted from an end of year chronology from the SL Pilot Tribune. Some dates may represent the day the death was published.

Jan. 12--H. S. Hunter, aged 83, commits suicide at Newell

Jan. 15--H. S. Patton died at Hannum home

Jan. 15--S. D. Carson, former resident, dies at Eskridge, Kansas

Jan. 17--Mrs. Ann Mullins dies

Jan. 17--Death of Mrs. Amanda Point McCue in Newell

Jan. 17--Infant of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ballou brought here for interment.

Jan. 25--Kenneth, son of C. C. Bryant, dies of diphtheria

Jan. 26--Mrs. J. B. Harris dies after lingering illness with cancer

Jan. 27--Daniel Anderson, 80, drops dead at his home

Jan. 30--Roy W. Murray receives word of death of his mother in Lincoln, Ill.

Feb. 3--Death of Mrs. B. Mills, mother of Mrs. L. G. Harrison at Schaller

Feb. 9--Jesse Redenbaugh, son of D. V. Redenbaugh, dies from injury

Feb. 12--Burial of Jacob Hatch, former resident, in Illinois

Feb. 12--Mrs Mary Cummings, resident since 1876, died

Feb. 14--William Delbridge Sr., succumbs after long illness

Feb. 15--Death of John Juergen

Feb. 16--Charles Duchinski dies after long illness

Feb. 19--Mrs. Frances Smith, mother of Dr. E. F. Smith dies

Feb. 19--William Schmitz dies at home of sister, Mrs. C. Brucher

Feb. 19--Death of Grandma Boese, 90

Feb. 24--P. Mackindoe dies

Feb. 26--Funeral of James Doherty held here

Mar. 2--C. N. Dahlberg dies after illness at age of 44 years

Mar. 6--H. O. Lee expires after months of suffering with blood poisoning

Mar. 6--Mrs. Wilford died at home of daughter, Mrs. A. E. McCord

Mar. 16--George Miller of Newell dies at Cherokee

Mar. 28--Burial of Mrs. E. W. Zinser, who died at Carroll, N.M.

Mar. 28--N. M. Nelson of Marathon dies

Mar. 30--Infant son of John M. Hussey dies

Apr. 2--Word received of death of T. D. Higgs in Kansas City

Apr. 6--Death of Frank Joray

Apr. 10--Mrs. H. C. Kessler dies at home of daughter, Mrs. J. C. McPherson

Apr. 13--Lawrence Manchester killed in accident in Omaha

Apr. 23--Mrs. John Welsh, former resident, died at Rochester

Apr. 27--Harold Paxton, son of J. B. Paxton, died in Rockford, Ill.

May 3--Miss Mary Rutter, former resident, interred here

May 16--George Thompson of Newell dies at Swallum hospital

May 23--Miss Sarah Strup dies in L. M. Nusbaum home

June 8--J. W. Bethards dies in hospital

June 22--Mrs. D. S. Spragg dies after long illness

June 22--Death claims Mrs. Richardson, mother of Mrs. W. G. Geisinger

July 7--Sudden demise of Mrs. Lottie Young Wilkins

July 13--Death of Mrs. Guy Williams near Truesdale

July 16--Mrs. Delphine Joray dies

July 24--Anders Erickson, an old resident of Alta, dies

Aug. 1--F. W. Weiland of Hanover, survivor of three wars, dies

Aug. 5--Mrs. Marie Knutson died at county farm

Aug. 6--J. N. Emarine, well known Alta restaurant man dies

Aug. 11--Lawrence Burns, lovable old Irish character died at 90 years

Aug. 22--Mrs. Jane Bottoms found dead in her home

Aug. 24--Mrs. Caroline Sanborn, resident since 1876, died at age of 80 years

Aug. 24--Funeral service of Mrs. Dodge Mulvihill of Long Beach, Calif.

Oct. 15--S. W. Robinson, father of W. H. Robinson, dies

Oct. 19--Mrs. Alfred Gustafson dies

Nov. 11--Philip Bauman dies at Chicago following operation

Nov. 18--Death of Mrs. Samuel Mullens of typhoid

Nov. 22--Mrs. Ethel Kidder dies after month's illness

Nov. 28--Demise of John Gordon

Nov. 28--Death of Patrick, son of A. J. Lally

Dec. 7--Tragic death of two young people by drowning, Edward Ball, football coach, and Fern Benedict

Dec. 7--Accidental death of John Reilly

Dec. 7--Death of Uleric Stone, son of Rev. Stone in Des Moines

Dec. 8--John W. Ridler killed near Nemaha

Dec. 10--Funeral of Fern Benedict

Dec. 10--Mrs. E. M. Fuller, former resident, dies in Des Moines

Dec. 13--Dr. D. C. Mackintosh dies in Shenandoah

Dec. 15--Frank Viers dies of consumption

Dec. 17--Mrs. William Sievers dies in Grant Twp.

Dec. 21--Death of E. M. Fuller in Des Moines

Dec. 25--Death of C. G. Cox

Dec. 30--Death of babe of Mrs. and Mrs. A. L. Whitney

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