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Buena Vista County Deaths
1916 End of Year Chronology, Storm Lake Pilot Tribune

The following 1916 deaths were extracted from an end of year chronology from the SL Pilot Tribune. Some dates may represent the day the death was published.

Jan. 2--Mrs. Ellen Lundgren June 1--A. M. Nixon
Jan. 4--Mrs. Ellen Fitzpatrick June 17--William Kerslake
Jan. 5--Susan Young Demott July 4--T. D. Eiler's infant son
Jan. 11--Frances Viers July 17--Mrs. Mary Notelhoffer
Jan. 24--O. J. Merica's infant son July 28--Elmer Lodge
Jan. 29--Mrs. Pearl Rush Braley Aug. 2--Herman Wellman of Grant Twp.
Jan. 31--Daniel O'Brien Aug. 6--James Barnes at Cherokee
Feb. 4--Mrs. Urias Myers Aug. 13--A. J. Shaull
Feb. 10--Miss Jessie Brown at Sioux City Aug. 18--Mrs. August Kornalie Anderson
Feb. 22--Mrs. Matt Huber of Truesdale Aug. 26--Walter Addyman funeral
Mar. 9--Jane Claerbout Sept. 10--Mrs. Elizabeth Malloy at Duncombe
Mar. 12--J. A. Haines Sept. 11--Mrs. N. N. Brimm
Mar. 13--Mrs. D. M. Sherman Sept. 19--Miss Margaret M. Connelly at Cherokee
Mar. 14--Claude Zwickey funeral Sept. 24--H. M. Sutter at Linn Grove
Mar. 16--M. G. Saathoff Sept. 28--Miss Martha Mason of Newell
Mar. 20--A. M. Buck Sept. 30--Emil Okerberg of Marathon
Apr. 16--Elmer Hicks at Sac City Oct. 2--Thomas Boots
Apr. 19--Mrs. Shultz Martine Oct. 11--Mrs. J. Chilgreen
Apr. 20--T. D. Eiler's mother in Ft. Dodge Oct. 21--Mrs. Lydia R. Darnell at Chicago Heights
Apr. 23--Mrs. H. T. Hoxsey Oct. 23--Nels Miller
Apr. 24--Mrs. Rebecca Hardy funeral Oct. 31--Robert McCleery at Kirksville, Mo.
Apr. 24--John Hannan Nov. 16--Mrs. Carrie Boen
Apr. 25--Mrs. Thomas Boots Nov. 26--Jorgen Larsen
Apr. 27--Harry Oglesby's infant Dec. 13--Mrs. Carrie Madsen
May 21--Frank L. Hassinger Dec. 25--Mrs. William Kischer
June 1--Lawrence Arenson

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