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Buena Vista County Deaths
1917 End of Year Chronology, Storm Lake Pilot Tribune

The following 1917 deaths were extracted from an end of year chronology from the SL Pilot Tribune. Some dates may represent the day the death was published.

Jan 2--William Rasmussen of Newell dies at Malbone hospital

Jan. 11--Mrs. Lucy Jones Nichols died at Minneapolis

Jan. 17--F. G. Tincknell of Alta dies

Jan. 22--Mrs. W. P. Miller dies at St. Petersburg, Fla.

Jan. 24--Mrs. Edwin Hoch dies at Park Rapids, Minn.

Jan. 28--Mrs. Priscelli Groom dies

Jan. 28--Miss Dora Steen of Grant Twp. dies

Feb. 7--Mrs. Josephine Wallen dies

Feb. 11--W. A. Wilkins victim of pneumonia

Feb. 12--Mrs. Ellen Carey dies

Feb. 16--Death of E. Mauser

Feb. 16--H. C. Cutts found dead in barn

Mar. 1--Mrs. E. P. Curtiss dieds at Greeley, Colo.

Mar. 2--Joseph Kraemer dies after short illness

Apr. 20--Death of John Erickson at an advanced age

Apr. 23--Death of Mrs. Chrisine Weiland

Apr. 25--Harry E. Burt dies at Swallum hospital

Apr. 26--Death of Mrs. D. T. Scorer at Colorado Springs

May 1--Edward DeLand found death from asphyxiation.

May 1--Death of A. J. Swallum

May 6--Death of Dr. L. M. Nusbaum after illness with erysipelas

May 8--Funeral of Dr. Nusbaum

May 12--Mrs. Hannah Hannum died at Letts, Iowa

May 13--Funeral of J. D. B. Sierke

May 14--Burial of Charlotte Smith, daughter of M/M W. A. Smith of Sioux City

May 21--Death of Mrs. A. N. Aldrich

May 23--Death of Ruby Knox at Swallum hospital

May 28--James Robert Breecher, son of William Breecher, dies

May 30--W. M. Lawnsbury died in Cherokee

June 11--Frank Redden dies

June 18--W. L. Clemons dies

July 21--John Brazel died at Norfolk, Va., while in naval service. Is first war victim from county

July 23--Car driven by Mrs. Earl Johnson struck by train near Aurelia and son is killed

July 24--H. H. Peterson of Alta dies

July 29--Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Jones of Alta killed by evening flier

July 29--Charles W. Turner dies

Aug. 20--Henry B. Harding, father of F. M. Harding, dies at son's home

Sept. 13--Bernadette Wright, daughter of E. P. Wright, killed in auto accident

Sept. 18--Nancy Storck, 10 years old, dies of diabetes

Sept. 18--Russell Haines dies

Sept. 22--Little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Jessell died

Sept. 23--Mrs. W. H. Goff succumbs from paralysis

Sept. 25--Mrs. W. L. Smith dies at the age of 82 years

Oct. 19--Body of W. W. Wedgwood, old resident, interred in Storm Lake

Oct. 24--N. W. Richardson, 90 years old, dies at W. L. Geisinger home

Oct. 31--N. Patterson, chairman of board of supervisors, dies suddenly

Nov. 3--J. W. Christopher dies after long illness

Nov. 16--Wilbur, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Holmes meets death in tragic manner

Nov. 24--Mrs. George Erickson killed in auto accident near Alta

Nov. 25--A. R. Biddle died in Rochester, Minn.

Nov. 25--Mrs. Gustaf Anderson dies

Dec. 1--Hon. D. C. Miller of Newell dies in Rockford, Ill.

Dec. 22--Olive Holmes of Northwood interred in Storm Lake cemetery

Dec. 26--A. M. Hallock, Civil war veteran, passes

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