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Buena Vista County Deaths
Miscellaneous Death Records, 1913 & 1916

Below are some "leftovers" I had after transcribing the courthouse ledger deaths for IAGenWeb. I may have more, and will add them as I find them.

Note: You will need to scan to the right to read the entire entry.

Decedent Born Father's name Mother's nameInformant Date of death Place of deathCause of death Burial
Beckfield, Mrs. L. M. Nov. 28, 1842, Germany H. H. Kielbick Margret Wallman Amy Beckfield July 6th, 1913 Coon. Twp. heart failure Crozier (Zion) Cemetery
Foval, Edward Augustus Apr. 14, 1851, Wisc. George Foval Keziah Metz wife July 14th, 1913 Marathon cerebral hemorrahge Marathon
Hansen, Henry Freeman Dec. 15, 1909, Ia. H. O. Hanson Rachel Bergeson father July 15th, 1913 Barnes Twp. diphtheria Linn Grove
Hill, Donald Sept. 18, 1850, Scotland Donald Hill Agnes Matheson Mary Hill July 25th, 1913 Storm Lake tuberculosis of bowels Storm Lake
Kevane, infant of Morris July 1, 1913, Buena Vista Co. Morris Kevane Maggie Brady father July 1st, 1913 Storm Lake premature birth Storm Lake
Klein, Vera May Sept. 27, 1907, Ia. Lauden Klein Lora Thays father July 29th, 1913 Storm Lake appendicitis/peritonitis Storm Lake
Kraase, Lars Nelson Feb. 22, 1853, Nibe, Denmark Nels Kraase Ane Larsen Morris Nelson July 27th, 1913 Alta typhoid fever Elk Baptist Cemetery
Lichtenberg, Leone S. A. July 30, 1912, Ia. Frank Lichtenberg Maria Kolpin father July 24th, 1913 Maple Valley Twp. carbolic acid burns/poisoning Hanover Cemetery
Martin, Lydia Helen Apr. 18, 1870, Wisc. W. Stoelting Frances Smith I. A. Martin July 13th, 1913 Storm Lake tuberculosis of bowels Storm Lake
O'Brien, James Feb. 23, 1906, Ia. Jack O'Brien Elizabeth Vaughn father July 24th, 1913 Storm Lake ran over by wagon Storm Lake
Rodda, Eliza A. May 3, 1857, Ind. H. S. Hunter Laura Dell John Rodda July 1st, 1913 Newell tuberculosis Newell Cemetery
Sandine, Ulrike Mar. 19, 1835, Sweden Eric Sandberg unknown L. E. Sandine July 23rd, 1913 Nokomis Twp. nephritis/valvular disease Scandinavian Cemetery
Ahlberg, Gust E. Nov. 6, 1893, Kansas Gust Ahlberg Sophie Abramson A. T. Ahlberg July 2nd, 1916 Storm Lake appendicitis/peritonitis Morganville, KS
Boots, Leonard Sylvester Jan. 15, 1878, Ia. Thomas Boots Mary Henry J. C. Boots July 30th, 1916 Providence Twp. prolapsed rectum Early Cemetery
Christiansen, Gladys J. July 10, 1916, Ia. Hans Christiansen Marie Nelson father July 23rd, 1916 Providence Twp. lack of vitality Newell Cemetery
Eilers, John Hugh Mar. 8, 1915, Ia. Tom Eilers unreadable father July 4th, 1916 Storm Lake cerebral congestion Storm Lake
Hoch, John Godliet Nov. 17, 1835, Germany John Hoch unreadable Edwin Hoch July 9th, 1916 Storm Lake cerebral hemorrahge Storm Lake
Hogrefe, Eldora Marie May 4th, 1915, Ia. Henry Hogrefe Marie Sievers father July 15th, 1916 Grant Twp. intestinal catarrh Zion Luth. Cemetery
Johnson, Mary Apr. 14, 1860, Norway ? Martensen Marie unreadable Minnie Grote July 26th, 1916* Lee Twp. cancer of stomach & liver Lone Tree Cemetery
Lodge, Elmer Edgar Mar. 4, 1905, Ia. James Lodge Martha E. Wald father July 29th, 1916 Storm Lake skull fracture, hit by auto Russell, Ia.
VanBuskirk, Margaret Jan. 1, 1863, Ia. unreadable Hannah unreadable unreadable July 27th, 1916 Alta goiter Woodlawn Cemetery
Anderson, Augusta Oct. 21, 1857, Sweden Gustaf unreadable Lena Johnson Albert Anderson Aug. 18th, 1916 Storm Lake shock after splenectomy Albert City
Christiansen, Nola May May 4, 1914, Buena Vista Co. Niels Christiansen Katherine Larsen father Aug. 21st, 1916 Newell convulsions Newell Cemetery
*date of death unreadable; this is the date of doctor's report

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