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Buena Vista County Deaths

From the end of year chronology published in the Storm Lake Pilot Tribune:
1908 Deaths; 1909 Deaths; 1910 Deaths; 1911 Deaths; 1912 Deaths 1913 Deaths; 1914 Deaths
1915 Deaths; 1916 Deaths; 1917 Deaths; 1918 Deaths

From courthouse ledgers:
Miscellaneous death records, 1913 & 1916

Necrology (death records), S. A. Hurlbut Post #82, G.A.R., Alta

Necrology (death records), James Miller Post #503, G.A.R., Marathon

Funerals, 1902-1917, Trinity Lutheran Church, Linn Grove

Funerals, 1891-1910, Norwegian Lutheran Church, Sioux Rapids

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