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Necrology, S. A. Hurlbut Post #82, G.A.R., Alta

S. A. Hurlbut Post #82 was first chartered June 20, 1882. However, its charter was revoked in April, 1885 when the chapter failed to send in reports. It was re-chartered on Nov. 13, 1885 with a muster of 27 members. The post was named in honor of Gen. Stephen Augustus Hurlbut. Names with an (*) at the end denote a charter member of the Post. Below is the necrology (death records) of the Alta "Grand Army of the Republic" post.

Gen. Stephen A. Hurlbut, U.S.A.

Company & Rank
Other information
Anderson, Joseph A. Pvt. Co. H 10 IA Inf. Feb. 20, 1894, Scranton, IA   Born Knox Co., OH; transferred from Storm Lake post in 1887
Barstow, Ariel B.* Pvt. Co. E 25 WI Inf. Dec. 26, 1929, Rock Creek, MN Birchwood Cemetery, Pine Co., MN Born Feb. 19, 1842 OH; widower, one daughter, two sons
Bassett, Charles Pvt. Co. H 43 WI Inf 192? Florida Never married; born Jan. 23, 1846 London, England
Bond, Orrin G.* Pvt. Co. B 123 OH Vol. unknown   Wife, Sarah Rice
Bradfield, Adolphus* Capt. Co. F 39 IA Inf. Dec. 4, 1888, Alta Elk Baptist Cemetery Born Feb. 20, 1824 London Co., VA; wife Marie Stevens; children Adolphus, Orville, Rollin, Vasco Floyd, Mrs. H. T. Saherson
Brecher, Rudolph Pvt. Co. B 36 IL Inf. June 17, 1935, Alta Woodlawn Cemetery Born Aug. 25, 1843 Germany; parents, John & Elizabeth Neil Brecher; wife Katherine H. Gross
Breman, Benjamin Franklin* Pvt. Co. I 15 IA Inf. Feb. 26th, 1915, Alta Woodlawn Cemetery Born Aug. 24, 1846 Indiana; wife Amanda C. Boles; sons Morris & Homer
Browne, Frederick* 2nd Lt. Co. C 28 WI Inf Dec. 6, 1887, Alta Woodlawn Cemetery Born Mar. 26, 1843 Canada; wife Hannah Russell; son Andrew R. Browne
Cain, Orrin R.* Pvt. Co. D, 14 IA Inf. Mar. 27, 1922, Corning IA Walnut Grove Cemetery, Corning Born July 30, 1843 in Dubuque
Clancy, Patrick* Sgt. Co. A 58 IL Inf. Aug. 1, 1910, Storm Lake St. Mary's Cemetery Born 1835 Co. Galway, Ireland; parents, Timothy and Catherine Connelly Clancy; wife Anna Hunt; 10 children
Coddington, John Pvt. Co. H 34 IL Inf. May 11, 1904, Schaller St. Joseph Cemetery, Sac Co. Born Dec. 5, 1834 in Ohio
Conner, Aaron* Pvt. Co. D 21 IA Inf. Jan. 27, 1907 Alta Woodlawn Cemetery Born Mar. 19, 1843 IL; son of Thomas Conner; wife Martha J. Thompson; two children
Cox, William H.* Sgt. Co. H 12 IA Inf. Feb. 25, 1937 Marshalltown (Iowa State Soldiers' Home) Woodlawn Cemetery Born Oct. 12, 1844 Somersetshire, Eng.; three sons
Crowell, Edward W.* Pvt. Co. B 92 IL Inf. Jan. 11, 1900 Orange Co., CA Santa Ana Cemetery Born 1839 NH; wife Kate Rutledge; four children
Darnell, William Pvt. Co. C 7 Ia Inf. Sept. 19, 1912 Storm Lake Woodlawn Cemetery Born Dec. 16, 1838 Knox Co., IL; wife Lydia Rose Clemons; five children
Diller, John Pvt. Co. A 15 IA Inf. May 28, 1907 Alta Woodlawn Cemetery Born 1839 IN; wife Melissa Long; two sons
Dodds, William M.* Pvt. Co. F IA Cav. June 18, 1823 Alta Fairfield, IA Born Feb. 11, 1923 PA
Dupray, William H. Pvt. Co. I 12 Iowa Inf. Sep. 30, 1911 Carpinteria, CA   Born Oct. 4, 1846 Richland, IA; wife and son
Gates, John R.* Sgt. Co. G 22 WI Inf. June 3, 1891 Alta Woodlawn Cemetery Born 1828 NY
Harback, Calvin B.* Pvt. Co. K 21 IA Inf. May 20, 1909 Schaller St. Joseph Cemetery, Sac Co. Born 1830 MA; wounded, leg amputated Apr. 15, 1863
Harvey, Leonard J.* Pvt. Co. H 7 & Co. C 23 WI Inf. Jan. 26, 1909 Alta Woodlawn Cemetery Born Oct. 3, 1843 Trumbull Co., OH; wife Elizabeth Hawkins; five children
Hunt, Chester* Mus. Co. C 23 IA Inf. Sept. 12, 1909 Marshalltown Iowa Soldiers' Home Cemetery Born Mar. 24, 1838 Crawford Co., PA; two children
Jenks, Park M.* Pvt. Co. B 109 NY Inf. Jan. 30, 1919 San Diego, CA Greenwood Memorial Park Born Bradford Co., PA
Johnson, John A. Pvt. Co. C 153 IL Inf. Dec. 25, 1914 Alta Woodlawn Cemetery Born Feb. 18, 1840 Aspelund, SWE; wife Carrie; three children
Jones, Andrew W.* Pvt. Co. G 23 IA Inf. unknown   Enlisted Aug. 15, 162 Prairie City, IA
Jones, Thomas A.* Sgt. Co. F 26 NY Inf. & 24 NY Cav. Sept. 16, 1911 Marshalltown Woodlawn Cemetery Enlisted May 3, 1861 Utica, NY
Kendall, Albert O. Pvt. Co. G 141 IL Inf. June 10, 1927 Los Angeles Kane Co., IL Wife, Emma Stinchfield
Kendall, Gustavus S. Pvt. Co. E 3 IA Inf. Dec. 25, 1919 Disabled Soldiers' Home, Sawtelle CA Aberdeen Co., Washington? Prisoner at Andersonville
Kline, Daniel 1st Sgt. Co. A 47th OH Inf. Apr. 21, 1938 Jefferson Co., CO Crown Hill Cemetery Born Jan. 1, 1844 Cincinnati OH
Lovelace David Pvt. Co. K 21 IA Inf. Jan. 17, 1891 Alta Woodlawn Cemetery Born Nov. 26, 1812 Butler Co., KY; wife Mary Kibby
McMullen, Calvin* Pvt. Co. A 27 IA Inf. June 26, 1911 Alta Woodlawn Cemetery Born Nov. 3, 1833 NY; married twice, Sophronia Baragger and Margaret Boles; four children
Mahn, Paul Pvt. Co. B23 IL Inf. July 29, 1898 Alta Woodlawn Cemetery May 1, 1833 GER; wife Catherine; eight children
Michael, Dallas A. Pvt. Co. A 46th IA Inf. 1918 Linn Co., IA Troy Mills Cemetery Wife, Elizabeth Trott
Miller, Elias B. Corp. Co. K 192 PA Inf. Nov. 12, 1917 Storm Lake Storm Lake Cemetery Born 1841 York Co., PA; wife, Margaret Strine
Morrill, Charles A. Pvt. Co. A 75 IL Inf. Apr. 1, 1895 Alta Woodlawn Cemetery Born May 16, 1845
Morrill, Emery R.* Pvt. Co. E 21 IL Inf. Feb. 8, 1913 Alta Woodlawn Cemetery Born Oct. 13, 1849
Newton, Danford H.* Vet. Surg. Co. B 17 PA Cav. 1903, Scranton PA Scranton PA Born 1833 PA
Nute, Edward Pvt. Co. A 36 IL Inf. Nov. 26, 1910, Alta Woodlawn Cemetery Born Nov. 1, 1827 Steuben Co., NY; one son by first wife
Olmstead, Orin P. Pvt. Co. E 32 IA Inf. June 13, 1926 Hampton, IA Oakwood Cemetery, Ackley IA Born Dec. 5, 1839 Shabony Grove, IL
Packard, Alpheus John* Pvt. Co. H 7 OH Vol. Inf. June 6, 1913 Trumbull Co., OH Champion, OH Wife, Mary Scott
Packard, Marcus A.* Sgt. Co. K 3 IA Cav. Nov. 21, 1902 Trumbull Co., OH Champion, OH Wife, Laura Scott
Partridge, Walter E.* Pvt. Co. F 36 IL Inf. Mar. 16, 1910 Alta Woodlawn Cemetery Son of James and Anna Edwards Partridge; born June 3, 1833 Berkshire, Eng.; wife Harriett Cottew; several children
Pattee, John W. Pvt. Co. K 3 IA Inf. & Co. K 7 IA Cav. Sept. 30, 1916, Leavenworth, KS Widower
Pickering, John E.* Pvt. Co. E 15 OH Vol. Inf. Nov. 29, 1911 Iowa Soldiers' Home, Marshalltown Woodlawn Cemetery Widower
Reeder, William M.* Pvt. Co. G 4 MO Cav. Mar. 16, 1900 Mt Vernon, MO Mt. Vernon Cemetery  
Sprague, Tyler Edward* Sgt. Co. G 8 VT Inf. May 17, 1925 Alta Woodlawn Cemetery Born Dec. 21, 1845 North Stratford NH; wife, Charlotte Potter
Stamm, Christian* Pvt. Co. G 20 IL Inf. Mar. 13, 1938 Alta Woodlawn Cemetery Born Nov. 27, 1843 Switzerland; wife Louisa Jane Byerts
Stangeland, Samuel Pvt. Co. H 156 Il Inf. Oct. 28, 1920 Alta Woodlawn Cemetery Born Jan. 27, 1842 Norway
Stout, Stephen G.* Pvt. Co. D 10 Iowa Inf. Oct. 7, 1893 Alta Woodlawn Cemetery Born Jan. 28, 1837 Tazewell Co., IL; married twice, six children
Taylor, James Pvt. Co. A 92 IL Inf. Jan. 7, 1927 Boulder, CO Green Mountain Cemetery Born Mar. 22, 1884 Canada
Wadsworth, James H. Pvt. Co. B, 92 IL Inf. Sept. 27, 1937 Alta Woodlawn Cemetery Born July 7, 1850 Boone Co., IL; son of Royal and Armina Wright Wadsworth; wife Flora and son Frank
Walton, James G.* Pvt. Co. M 12 IL Cav. unknown   Enlisted Dec. 21, 1863
Wedgwood, William W. Lt. Co. C 95 IL Inf. Oct. 15, 1917, Storm Lake Storm Lake Cemetery Born May 16, 1835 in NY
Wheat, George W.* Mus. Co. H 173 OH Vol. Inf. unknown    
Wilkinson, Jebus Pvt. Co. M 6IA Cav. Nov. 29, 1914 Alta Woodlawn Cemetery Born Sept. 6, 1822 Mumby, Lincolnshire, Eng.; married twice, two children

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