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Buena Vista County Deaths
Funerals, Norwegian Lutheran Church, Sioux Rapids, 1891-1910

Date of
Date of
Place of
Place of
LOE, Erik Olsen Dec. 29th, 1891 Dec. 31st, 1891 65yr Linn Grove Norway
LARSEN, Ingvald Dec. 31st, 1893 Jan. 2nd, 1891 2yr 6mo Sioux Rapids Norway
BARSTAD, Elias Aug. 27th, 1896 Aug. 29th, 1896 66yr Barnes Twp. Norway
JOHNSEN, Amon Jan. 11th, 1897 Jan. 13th, 1897 58yr Sioux Rapids Norway
LANDSNESS, Ludvig Sept. 11th, 1897 Sept. 13th, 1897 52yr Sioux Rapids Norway
SALVESON, Anna Mar. 20th, 1900 Mar. 22nd, 1900 20yr Sioux Rapids Norway
ROSELL, Clarence R. Mar. 22nd, 1900 Mar. 24th, 1900 not given Sioux Rapids Sioux Rapids
SALVESON, Mrs. Elina Apr. 24th, 1900 Apr. 25th, 1900 54yr Sioux Rapids Norway
FALLIN, Henry Theodor Jan. 27th, 1901 Jan. 28th, 1901 6yr 4mo Sioux Rapids not given
ANDERSON, Mrs. Ove Mar. 27th, 1901 Mar. 30th, 1901 25yr Sioux Rapids not given
BENSON, John May 13th, 1902 May 15th, 1902 not given Sioux Rapids Sweden
RONNING, not given May 1st, 1902 May 3rd, 1902 not given Sioux Rapids Norway
STENNERSON, Mrs. Knudt Jun. 4th, 1902 Jun. 7th, 1902 83yr Sioux Rapids Norway
CHRISTENSON, Mrs. Louis Nov. 1st, 1902 Nov. 4th, 1902 42yr Sioux Rapids not given
LARSEN, Rasmus May 14th, 1903 May 16th, 1903 55yr Sioux Rapids Norway
TORKELSON, Alida Beatrice Oct. 31st, 1903 Nov. 2nd, 1903 5mo Sioux Rapids Sioux Rapids
JOHNSON, Mrs. Carrie Sofie Feb. 10th, 1904 Feb. 13th, 1904 33yr Barnes Twp. Norway
RING, no name given April 6th, 1904 Apr. 8th, 1904 7yr / 77 yr. Barnes Twp. Norway
IFANSON, Nellie Mar. 16th, 1904 Mar. 18th, 1904 4yr 6mo Barnes Twp. not given
LEWISON, Peder Albert June 19th, 1904 June 21st, 1904 10wk Barnes Twp. not given
ANDERSON, Mrs. Tollaf July 18th, 1904 July 20th, 1904 58yr Linn Grove Norway
LARSON, Mrs. Petrikka Feb. 2nd, 1905 Feb. 6th, 1905 70yr Sioux Rapids Norway
JOHNSON, P. G. not given Apr. 11th, 1905 not given Sioux Rapids Sweden
STENNERSON, Knudt Sept. 7th, 1905 Sept. 11th, 1905 87yr Sioux Rapids Norway
THORGERSON, Mrs. Anna Sept. 18th, 1905 Sept. 21st, 1905 61yr not given Norway
STENNERSON, Emil Gilford Jan. 5th, 1906 Jan. 6th, 1906 1da Sioux Rapids Sioux Rapids
MAGSTER, Tollete Rosalie not given Jan. 31st, 1906 6wk Barnes Twp. Barnes Twp.
LANDSNESS, Arthur Apr. 12th, 1906 Apr. 14th, 1906 18yr Lee Twp. not given
OLSON, Mrs. T. L. not given Apr. 25th, 1906 not given Sioux Rapids Norway
LANDSNESS, Mrs. Grethe Apr. 30th, 1906 May 2nd, 1906 56yr Lee Twp. Norway
HELMER, Mrs. Anna Feb. 22nd, 1907 Feb. 25th, 1907 80yr Sioux Rapids Norway
GORDER, Mrs. not given June 25th, 1907 not given Sioux Rapids not given
JOHNSON, Mrs. Katrine Aug. 17th, 1907 Aug. 20th, 1907 79yr Sioux Rapids Sweden
EBBESEN, Mrs. Cora Oct. 21st, 1907 Oct. 23st, 1907 78yr Sioux Rapids Denmark
OLSON, Mrs. Hans Jan. 10th, 1908 Jan. 13th, 1908 70yr Sioux Rapids Norway
TORKELSON, Torkel not given Feb. 8th, 1908 78yr Lee Twp. Norway
JACOBSEN, Mrs. Martha Nov. 3rd, 1908 Nov. 5th, 1908 64yr Sioux Rapids Norway
JOHNSON P. M. Nov. 1st, 1908 Nov. 6th, 1908 66yr Sioux Rapids Norway
FAIRCHILD, Mrs. G. Nov. 10th, 1908 Nov. 13th, 1908 22yr Sioux Rapids Iowa
BARSTAD, Aletta Apr. 12th, 1909 Apr. 14th, 1909 28yr Cherokee Norway
ANDERSON, MARY Apr. 28th, 1909 Apr. 30th, 1909 75yr Sioux Rapids Norway
SIMONSEN, Gunda May 25th, 1909 May 27th, 1909 70yr Sioux Rapids Norway
SWENSON, Mrs. A. July 12th, 1909 July 16th, 1909 36yr Nebraska Norway
TOLLADSON, Florence July 20th, 1909 July 21st, 1909 11yr Sioux Rapids Sioux Rapids
KASTELLA, Dagmar Aug. 16th, 1909 Aug. 18th, 1909 4yr Hatton, N.D. Hatton, N.D.
KASTELLA, Oline Aug. 26th, 1909 Aug. 29th, 1909 16yr Hatton, N.D. Hatton, N.D.
VANBERG, Mrs. Ragnild Sept. 1st, 1909 Sept. 3rd, 1909 25yr Hatton, N.D. Norway
SAND, Effie Sept. 30th, 1909 Oct. 2nd, 1909 15yr Sioux Rapids Sioux Rapids
CHRISTENSEN, C. B. Oct. 2nd, 1909 Oct. 4th, 1909 75yr Sioux Rapids Norway
OLSEN, Elmo Evelyn Oct. 20th, 1909 Oct. 23rd, 1909 14mo Sioux Rapids Sioux Rapids
GUNDERSON, Sigrid Dec. 23rd, 1909 Dec. 28th, 1909 6hr Sioux Rapids Sioux Rapids
JOHNSON, Mable Jan. 21st, 1910 Jan. 24th, 1910 19yr Sioux Rapids Leland, IL
JACOBSEN, Mrs. Johanna Jan. 21st, 1910 Jan. 25th, 1910 80yr Sioux Rapids Norway
WILLMERLING, H. Fred Jan. 26th, 1910 Jan. 29th, 1910 71yr Rembrandt Germany
DANIELSON, Arthur John Feb. 4th, 1910 Feb. 7th, 1910 6da Sioux Rapids Sioux Rapids
MOE, Conrad Oliver Apr. 27th, 1910 Apr. 27th, 1910 3wk Sioux Rapids Sioux Rapids
WILLMERLING, Mrs. Henry Aug. 15th, 1910 Aug. 16th, 1910 53yr Nebraska Sioux Rapids
BRIGHT, Geneva Anna Sept. 2nd, 1910 Sept. 3rd, 1910 5yr Sioux Rapids Sioux Rapids
TORKELSON, Mrs. T. Dec. 11th, 1910 Dec. 17th, 1910 76yr Oakland, CA Norway
TORKELSON, L. A. Dec. 22nd, 1910 Dec. 24th, 1910 54yr Sioux Rapids Norway

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