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Buena Vista County Marriages
Newell Mirror Marriages, 1926

Aurinee Nuemann (d/o Hiram Nuemann) and George Comstock, Dec. 23, 1925 in Chicago

Margaret Marie Jensen and Evron M. Karges Dec. 31 at "Little Brown Church in the Vale" near Nashua

Iona Thomsen (d/o Anton Thomsen) and Charles C. Ross, Jan. 3, 1926 in Des Moines

Elizabeth Graham and Miles Nelson (s/o Matt Nelsen) Dec. 31, 1925 in Florida

Mrs. Rebecca Fitchett and Frank E. Totman, Jan. 19, 1926 in Storm Lake

Frieda Emma Alpers and Edward W. Garberding, Feb. 10 at Zion Luth. in Grant Twp.

Hattie Beckfield and Robert G. Neitzel, Feb. 24, at Henry Beckfield home

Violet Irene Schulz and Martin A. Johnson, Mar. 10 at the Methodist parsonage in Newell

Signe Bodholdt and William H. Kischer, Mar. 12 at St. John's German Luth. in Coon Twp.

Edith Esperson and Marshall A. Nelson, Mar. 24 at Baptist parsonage in Newell

Wilma (d/o Henry Witzke) and James A. Lane, May 5 at Henry Witzke home east of Newell

Thelma Dodd and George Waterman, jr., April 27, place not given

Agnes, (d/o Iver Nielsen) and Ray W. Brumbaugh married May 29 in Des Moines

Myrtle, (d/o J. E. Christensen) and Virgil Hohl married May 26 in Des Moines

Mildred Witt and Frank Nath married June 9 at Christian Church parsonage in Storm Lake

Gladys Drury and George Widel married June 17 at Methodist parsonage in Sioux Rapids

Genevieve (d/o George Schultz) and Laurence Sauter married June 10 at Catholic church in Norfolk, Neb.

Bess Papik and Thomas Ashley married June 21 at St. Mary's in Storm Lake

Ruth Gamble and Chester Doty married June 9 at Newton, Ia.

Marlys Roush and Ernest Hemmingsen married July 4 at Christian Church parsonage in Storm Lake

Mrs. Anna Hertz and Martin Andersen married July 16 at Storm Lake

Pauline (d/o W. H. Sievers) and Julius A. Bumann married July 17 at St. John's Lutheran

Lena Feitz and Ben Mott married Aug. 4 at Davenport

Mae Thompson and Marcus Christiansen married Sept. 2 at bride's Council Bluffs home

Ella Emily (d/o Ole Larsen) and Fred J. Mleynek married Sept. 12 at Congregational Church in Omaha

Pansy Kluge and Merle Jackson married Sept. 25 at Nashua at the “Little Brown Church in the Vale”

Sara (d/o hans Grau) and Dr. George Hearst married Oct. 9 in Des Moines

Thelma (d/o H. M. Couch) and Arthur J. Johnson married Oct. 9 at Spencer

Elna (d/o Anton Thomsen) and John Prather married Oct. 10 at Sac City

Mabel Cowden and Loren F. Parker married Oct. 9 at Sioux City

Bernice (d/o Henry Beckfield) and Glen Henrich married Oct. 27 in Storm Lake

Mrs. Adelia Couch and Thomas Harden married Nov.10 in Sioux Falls, S.D.

Margaret Van Wagennen and Andrew Hansen married Nov. 7 at Baptist parsonage in Spencer

Pearl Sine Davenport and Chresten Jensen Pedersen married Nov. 27 at home of bride's parents in Alta

Virginia Avery and Lee McFarline married Dec. 12 in Opelika, Ala.

Marjorie Walker and Harold E. Hemmingsen married Dec. 25 in Perry, Ia.

Irene Ehlers and Henry D. Gerke married Dec. 23 at Zion Lutheran Church, Grant Twp.

Clara Gerke and Fred A. Lehmann married Dec. 23 at Zion Lutheran Church, Grant Twp.

Amanda Gerke and Louis Sievers married Dec. 23 at Zion Lutheran Church, Grant Twp.

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