chintro Cleghorn Chapel Church Book 1874 - 1916 (Akron, Centerpoint, and Cleghorn Chapel) by Liz Burns Glenn

Introduction                                                                             4
The Akron Congregation from 1874 to about 1884                  7
Akron Congregation - Names of Members                            10
The Centerpoint Congregation                                               13
Centerpoint Congregation - Names of Members                    18
Cleghorn Chapel                                                                    20
Cleghorn Chapel - Names of Members                                  28
Alphabetical Index to Church Rolls
    Akron                                                                               37
    Centerpoint                                                                       41
    Cleghorn Chapel                                                               45
    Appendix I                                                                        61
    Appendix II                                                                       63
    Appendix III                                                                      64
About the Author
     I was born March 25, 1955 to Bob and Madeline (Norris) Burns.  I graduated
from Batesville High School in 1973, then from Harding College in 1976 with a
degree in mathematics.  I am married to David Glenn and we have two children,
Becky and Jon David.
     I located the Cleghorn Chapel Church Book in 1984.  It was interesting to
find the names of my father, grandfather, great-grandparents -- on back to my
great-great-great-grandmother -- listed in the book.  I hope that others will
enjoy reading about their families and maybe find facts that are not recorded
anywhere else.
     I am a member of the Independence County Historical Society.
                          Elizabeth Ann Burns Glenn