Ancestor Codes
We have several codes that appear after our names in C.D.A.F. Below is a list of what they mean. We use the initials of the first christian name of the Cleghorn ancestor of the earliest known generation together with the initials of the spouse (both first and last name of spouse).

(AIR) Adam Cleghorn & Isabella Richardson
(AJA) Agnes Cleghorn & John Anderson (NY & IA) NOTE: sister to (JAS)
(ALT) Alice Cleghorn & Lee Townsend
(DAL) David Cleghorn & Agnes Lilly
(EHW) Eleazer Cleghorn & Hannah Woodard
(EEI) Elizabeth Cleghorn and Edward Irons
(FOF) Friend of Family
(GAH) George Cleghorn & Agnes Hogg (Canada)
(GEH) George Cleghorn & Elizabeth Hush
(GKS) George Cleghorn & Katherine Schiell (Scotland) NOTE: (JHS & RHW) lines added to this one
(GLE) Gleghorn  (NOTE: (TEM) Thomas Cleghorn & Ethel Marshall are part of GLE line)
(GMM) Dr. George Cleghorn & Martha Jane Moss
(HHM) Henry Cleghorn & Helen Mason
(IRL) Ian Cleghorn & Lynn Richardson (reside in TX)
(ITY) Isobel Cleghorn & Thomas Young (d/o James & Isobel Tait) s/o Thomas born 1749 SCT
(JAB) James Dewey Cleghorn & Ava Nelle Bailey (s/o William Ezekiel)
(JA?EM) John Cleghorn & (1) Anne ?      (2)Elizabeth Marsh   (TX)
(JAJ) John Alexander Carlyle Cleghorn & Agnes May Johnson   NOTE: EEA/FE?/JES were added to this line
(JAL) James Cleghorn & Abigail Lumbard (s/o Henry/James/David)   NOTE: (JAG) line added to this one
(JAS) James Cleghorn & Ann Steele (IA)    NOTE; brother to (AJA)
(JB?) John Thomas Cleghorn & Barbara June ? (Norman B. Cleghorn’s line)
(JEA) James Cleghorn & Elizabeth Adams (IA)
(JBM)James Cleghorn & Elizabeth "Betsy" Morrison
(JJW) James Cleghorn & Jean Waters
(JEB) James L.Cleghorn & Elizabeth Ball (RI)
(JEH) James Monroe Claghorn & Elnora Hutchingson
 (JIJ) James Garfield Cleghorn & Irene Jacobs (s/o Grant s/o James & Jane) Otoe Missouria Indian Line
(J??) John Cleghorn/Gleghorn born 1760
(JJA) John Cleghorn Cleghorn & Jane Allcorn
(JES)John Hill Cleghorn & Eva Irene Saunders (brother to JRK & TMB)
(JWA?) John Wilson Cleghorn & Artemia ?
(JJ?) Joseph Johnson Cleghorn & Jane F. Maxwell             need to add maiden name
(JMJ) James Cleghorn & Mary Johnston (s/o James  born 1735) NOTE: (JJR & JMB) lines added to this one
(JRK) James Beaumont Cleghorn & Rosina Kilpatrick (brother to TMB & JES)
(JRS) John Henry Cleghorn & Rebecca Simpson
(RE?HS) Richard Cleghorn & (1)Emeline  ? (2) Hannah Sturman
(RE?) Robert Cleghorn & Elizabeth ? (not a duplicate of REM)
(REM) Robert Cleghorn & Elizabeth Maxwell
(RJL) Robert Cleghorn & Jemina Lawrie
(RML) Robert Cleghorn & Mary Louden
(RMM) Robert Cleghorn & Mary McCoy
(SWA) Susannah Elizabeth Cleghorn and William Ahart
(TM?) Thomas Alexander Cleghorn & Minerva ? (NJ)
(T??) Thomas Cleghorn &      ?
(TMB) Thomas Albert Cleghorn & Mary Grace Bakalaar  (borther to JRK & JES)
(TMM) Travis Cleghorn & Mary Miller
(WAF) William Cleghorn & Agnes Fraser (HI)
(WJP) William Arthur Cleghorn & Jennifer Pailsey
(WLP) William Cleghorn & Lettice Poage
(WOH) William Grayson Cleghorn & Ova Richmond Hogg
(WSB) William Cleghorn & Sarah Butte
(WVL) Walter Cleghorn & Lilian Vail (s/o Thomas NY)
(UN)  Unknown