Adam Cleghorn and Isabella Richardson(AIR)
Alice Aaron Cleghorn and Lee Marvin Townsend (ALT)
David Cleghorn and Agnes Lilly (DAL)
Eleazer Cleghorn and Hannah Woodard (EHW)
Elizabeth Cleghorn and Edward Irons (EEI)
George Cleghorn and Agnes Hogg (GAH) Canadian Line
George Cleghorn and Elizabeth Hush (GEH)
George Cleghorn and Katherine Schiell (GKS)
Dr. George Elbert Cleghorn and Martha Jane Moss (GMM)
Henry Cleghorn and Helen Mason (HHM)
Isobel Cleghorn and Thomas Young (ITY)
James Cleghorn and Abia Lumbard (JAL)
     Nina Pitchford's line (Emma Cleghorn Bowman part of JAL line) Photos

James Alexander Caryle Cleghorn and Agnes Johnson (JAJ)
James Dewey Cleghorn and Ava Nelle Bailey (JAB)
James Cleghorn and Jean Waters (JJW)
James Cleghorn Jr. and Mary Johnston (JMJ)
James Cleghorn and Elizabeth "Betsy" Morrison (JBM)
James Cleghorn and Elizabeth Adams (JEA)   Iowa
James L. Cleghorn and Elizabeth Alice Ball (JEB)   Rhode Island
James Garfield Cleghorn and Irene Jacobs (JIJ) Otoe Missouria Indian Line
James Monroe Claghorn and Elnora Hutchingson (JEH)
John Cleghorn/Gleghorn born abt. 1760 (J??)
John Cleghorn and (1)Anne  (2) Elizabeth Marsh (JA?EM)   TEXAS
John Price Cleghorn and Jane Allcorn (JJA)
John Thomas Cleghorn and Barbara Jane (he had 3 wives( JB?)
John Henry Cleghorn and Rebecca Ann Simpson (JRS)
John Wilson Cleghorn and Artemisia (JWA?)  New York and Canada
Joseph Johnson Cleghorn and Jane F. Maxwell? (JJM)
Richard Cleghorn and (1)Emeline ? (2) Hannah Sturman(RE?HS)

Robert Cleghorn and Elizabeth  (RE?)
Robert Cleghorn and Elizabeth Maxwell (REM)
Robert Cleghorn and Jemima Lawrie (RJL)
Robert Cleghorn and Mary Louden (RML)
Robert Cleghorn and Mary McCoy (RMM)
Susannah Elizabeth Cleghorn and William Ahart (SWA)
Thomas Alexander Cleghorn and Minerva (TM?)
Thomas Cleghorn born abt 1758 Scotland (T??)
Travis Cleghorn and Mary Miller (TMM)
UNKNOWN CLEGHORN FATHER OF Thomas Albert Cleghorn and Mary Grace Bakalaar (TMB)
                                                                        James Beaumont Cleghorn and Rosina Kilpatrick (JRK)
                                                                       John Hill Cleghorn and Eva Irene Saunders (JHES)
UNKNOWN CLEGHORN FATHER OF James Cleghorn and Ann Steele (JAS)    Iowa
                                                                       Agnes Cleghorn and John Anderson (AJA) (NY & IA)
William Cleghorn and Agnes Frazier (WAF)       Hawaii

William Cleghorn and Sarah Butte (WSB)
William Cleghorn and Ova Richmond Hogg (WOH)
William Arthur Cleghorn and Jennifer Paisley (WJP)
William Cleghorn and Lettice Poage(WLP)
     Nathan Pearl Cleghorn's wife's Nelson ancestors(fromWLP line)
     Ruby Cleghorn Hamrick (WLP) updated info 2002 submitted by Ronald Hamrick Sr.
Walter Leroy Cleghorn and Lillian May Vail (WLV)
John Harvey Gleghorn (GLE)

Greg Blackburn's line from Scotland and New Zealand
Thomas and Jean Broun (TJB)(possibly connected to GEH, GKS, WAF lines--need more research)

This is Information that has been received from several hundred people
for over 60 years and has not been proven by C.D.A.F. 
Some of the old information was not documented properly and
I am  trying to go back and figure out what was the original source .
There will be mistakes and corrections can be sent to Rhonda.
After I organize all this into a usable(fairly accurate!) database we will make itavailable to our cousins.
I'll let you know when this happens.

As with any research info you receive from others, you need to be a 
viligant researcher and personally verify ALL info before accepting it as hard core fact.

If anyone has copies of original birth, death, marriage, will, bibles, deeds, etc. 
I would appreciate a copy of it. You can just scan it and send it to me by email.

It would also help me if you would send me new birth, wedding and death notices 
so that I may keep the main database up to date.
I will not place personal info after 1930 on the internet for privacy reasons.



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