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Hess Genealogy

My family tree has some pretty interesting “branches”


Came to North America on Mayflower: George Soule and Edward Doty

Fought in War of 1812: Bonham Harlan

Fought in Revolutionary War: Charles Floyd, Captain John Stewart, Capatain Abram Schyler, Skillman Doty (Doughty), James Woodworth (b. 1733) and Captain John Thompson

Fought in Civil War: William Harlan and Roseander Farnum Lobdell

World War I Vet: Henry Fredrick Hess and Harlan Briggs Hess

World War II Vet: Thomas A. Hess and Rober Eugene Hess

Lewis and Clark Expedition: Sergeant Charles Floyd, brother to Cynthia Floyd. He was the only member of the expedition to die. There is a monument to him near Sioux City, Iowa, on a bluff called Floyd's Bluff

My 9 great-grandmother, Cleopatre, was youngest sister to Pocahontas (Matoaka, Rebecca Rolfe)

Nanye’hi (Nancy Ward)’s daughter, Ka-ti Kingfisher married Ellis Harlan, my 2nd cousin 7 times removed


Enter Hess genealogy from the web page link below.

Hess Genealogy

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