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Susan Mulvey

The word Proprietors, as used in this document, means a person who has exclusive right or title to something, i.e., an owner. The Proprietors consisted of a group of men who bought land from the Indians. They called the land Noble's Town or Noble Town. They had periodic meetings at which they discussed and voted on: how to divide the land, the setting aside of land for ministers or public use, collecting fees for the operation of the committee and legal defense of the the land, what to do about persons living on their land, etc. Men owned various amounts of the land according to their investments, each share being noted below. By the drawing of lots, the location of each man's property would be decided.

In 1766 some of the men were killed and much that they owned was destroyed by John Van Ransler and others of New York. A complaint was made to Boston and their assistance was requested for settling the boundary line between Massachusetts and New York. During that settlement, they planned to exhibit an account of damages.

Additional Note: In the old style of writing, an 's' was sometimes written to look like an 'f '. That style has been preserved herein. Therefore, if you do a search for a name that contains an 's', you may want to try the same name with an 'f '. In all cases, the first letter of a word that began with an 'S' always looked like an 'S'.

Source: The Felt Collection: Volume 6, Pages 405-413.
Microfilm at Massachusetts State Archives

[Page 405]

Timothy Woodridge Esqr one of his Majesties Juftices of the peace for the County of Hampshire--- The Requeft of Robert Noble Thomas Whitney Jofeph Gillit John McArthur and Japheth Hunt Proprietors in a Townfhip called Nobles Townfhip lying weft of Sheffield in the County of Hampfhire. That you would grant a warrant for calling a meeting of the Proprietors of said townfship on Thursday the 5th day of May Next at ten of the clock in the forenoon at the houfe of Lieut Thomas Whitney in said propriety To chufe a Moderator A Proprietors Clerk And for the said proprietors to settle accounts with the committee that Purchafe said Townfhip and otherways for said Proprietors. And to chufe a committee to lay out the home lots to each proprietor according to their several intereft in said property. And to receive a deed of the committee who purchafed said township of the said Indians. And to fix on some Method for calling

[Page 406]

Proprietors Meeting for the Future--------        
Noble Town April 17th 1757         Robert Noble
Thomas Whitney
John McArthur
Joseph Gillet
Japheth Hunt

Whereas the Noble Town People having in their confusion and tumults which have been in that Town for some years past by reason of their having been drove from their habitations lost the Warrant which issued upon the above and [crossed out] and Within application-----

I hereby Certify that I did issue a Warrant for calling a meeting of the people who were become Proprietors of said land by their purchafing the same of the Native Indian Claimers

And Attended the Meeting---------
                        October 30th 1767                Timothy Woodbridge

The above is a True Copy of the original Certificate
Novr 9th 1767                                                Test William Kellogg Clerk
                                                                                                To Proprietors

With a legal Proprietors Meeting of the Proprietors of the townfhip called Nobles Township held on May the 5th Anno Dom 1757 at the houfe of Lieut. Thomas Whitney in said propriety: and passed the following Votes (viz)-------

1thly Mr. Joseph Gillet Moderator-------

2ndly Richard Hubbel Clerk-------
                     And sworn to the faithful Discharge
                     Of said office: as Clerk to said proprietors
                     By one Timothy Woodbridge Justice Peace

3dly That the proprietors have affefsed on their rights in equal proportion the sum of Seven Pounds Eighteen Shillings to pay the committee for servifes done for the Proprietors (viz) Jofeph Gillit Robert Noble Thomas Whitney and John McArthur--------

4thly Voted that Thomas Whitney Robert Noble Joseph Clark Ely Lyon and Jacob Bacon for a committee for laying out the home lots for their proprietors. And for laying out roads in said property.

[Page 407]

5thly Voted that the abovefaid committee lay out proper highways convenient for faid property. And to make a return to the next ^ [ above the line is unreadable] or some other Proprietors meeting of their Doing: for the acceptance
And Approbation of the Proprietors-------
And the said Committee sworn to a faithful and juft Proceeding in the laying out of lands
To the Refpective Proprietors-------

6thly Voted that Proprietors Meetings for the future be called by five of the Proprietors applying to the clerk under their hands signifying The time and occafion of said Meetings: And the Clerk's setting up a notification fourteen days Before the meeting, setting fourth the time and place and occafion of said meeting: Said notification being set up in some publick place in said propriety-------
Joseph Gillit Moderator

At a meeting of the proprietors of Nobletown being legally warned, at the house of Thomas Whitney in said Nobles Town on the Nineteenth Day of July Anno Dom 1757 pafed the following Votes (viz)

1thly Joseph Gillit Moderator--------

2ndly Voted Joseph Gillit Jonathan Knap John McArthur and William Kellogg be added to the committee for laying out lots and Highways-------

3dly Voted that the committee shall Imploy any Surveyor that they shall agree on for to lay out highways and home lots, and that any two of the committee signing the Survey Bill with the Surveyor the same shall then be fit for record-------

4thly Voted that William Kellogg be an agent for the propriety to go to Bofton and prefer A petition to his Excellency the Governor and the Honorable General Court for Town privileges or to be incorporated into a Body Politick &

[Page 408]

5thly Voted that the Committee Shall have three Shillings Per Dium for Their service in Laying our Lots and Highways-------

6thly Voted to raise six shillings on each right to defray the charge of the propriety and to buy a book for the Proprietors Records-------

7thly Voted that Ely Lyon collect the money Voted to be raifed as aforefaid and deliver it to William Kellogg and others who have juft Demands on the propriety-------

8thly Voted Michel Lyon and Ely Lyon be a committee to forbid the proprietors to make any more improvements than in proportion to their respective intereft at the rate of one hundred acres to a right of one sixty fourth part of said townfhip. And that their home lots be all laid out in that proportion. And to include their poffefsions and no otherwife. And likewife to warn off all thofe who are settled in said Town that refufed to joyn in the purchafe of the same - And to forbid and forewarn them And all other perfons making any poffefsion or improvement in said Townfhip Without Purchase or leafe or some other approbation in Writing from some one or more of the proprietors of said Townfhip--------

At a meeting of the proprietors of Noble Town Held at the houfe of Mofes Gilbert in said Noble Town on the twenty sixth day of December Anno Domini 1764 They being firft thereunto legally warned Pafsed the following votes (viz)

1thly Voted Thomas Whitney Moderator

2ndly Voted that Thomas Whitney John McArthur and James Bagley be a committee to defend the title of the land of said township againft John Van Ranfler and all other pretended claimors-------

[Page 409]

In such form as they shall think proper by the advife of good attorneys

3dly Voted that Jofeph Clark Ebenezer Blackman Pirce Walter and Zachariah Squire be a committee for and that they do renewedly warn off all the [?] proprietors settled or making improvement on any of the land in said townfhip-----

At a legally warned meeting of the proprietors of Noble Town held at the meeting house in said town on the 28th day of Auguft Anno Domini 1765. Pafsed the following Votes - (viz)

1thly William Kellogg Moderator-------

2ndly Voted Robert Meaker, treafuser for said propriety, to receive and hold all the money raifed by the propriety aforefaid. And to deliver it out as he shall be ordered by the majer part of that committee who are appointed to take care of the Provintial bufsinefs of faid propriety in defending the title and the like to the same, in writing from under their hands And no otherwife--------

3dly Voted that the proprietors deed of partifion be returned to the committee that purchased the townfhip of the Indians, and a new one taken to the prefent owners as a number of the original owners have put their rights to other owners, and none of the deeds are Recorded &-------------

4thly Voted that one right of a sixty fourth part of said Townfhip shall be sequeftered to the ufe of settling gofpel minifters in said town. And that one hundred acres of said right be laid out for a settlement for the firft prefenting congregational minifter that shall settle in the work of the miniftry [crossed out]---- And one other hundred acres for said right be laid out to, and be dispofed of by the Incorporated Society of the Church of England in said town for the ufe of the ministry as aforefaid as the pleafe

[Page 410]

5thly Voted that one pound seventeen shillings and six pence be raifed on each right of a sixty fourth part of said townfhip for defraying the charge of defending the property of said townfhip against the sixty [?] commenced against several of the proprietors by John Van Ranslar and others---------

6thly Voted that William Kellogg take the proprietors deed of partfion and get it recorded on the registry in Berkshire County-------------

At a Meeting of the Proprietors of Noble Townfhip by legal warning at the meeting house in said town on the 6th day of March Anna Domini 1766 pafsed the following votes ----(viz)

1stly Voted William Kellogg Moderator-------

2ndly Voted that Joseph Clark, William Kellogg and James Bagley be a committee to examine and settle accompts [may be accounts] with the former committee by reasoning with them in the name and behalf of the Propriety-------

3dly Voted to lay out one hundred acres more of each right of a sixty fourth part of said townfhip for a second divifion of land. And to each proprietor proportionably according to their refpective interest in said townfhip. The same to be laid by pitches for the which each proprietor shall draw a lot for the chance of laying a hundred acres or under, the firft lot to be laid on the tenth day of April next and the second chance drawn to lay the next day. And so on daily according to the Draughts till the whole is laid (Except Sabbath Days only)-------

4thly Voted that the same committee that laid out the firft Division Lots shall lay the second and that they shall imploy a surveyor and prepare survey bills for record as in the divifion and no otherwife-------

5thly Voted that thofe who neglect their chance of pitching in their turn may lay their lots when they pleafe after the turns are all run out. Each proprietor paying the coft of laying his own lot himfelf-------

6thly Voted that Mr. Nathaniel Culver of Spencer Town draw the lottery for the chance of pitching the lots as aforefaid-----------

[Page 411]

At a meeting of the proprietors of Noble Town held by legal warning at the meeting houfe in said Noble Town on the 12th day of January Anno Domini 1767 Pafed the following votes (viz)

1thly Voted William Kellogg Moderator------

2ndly Voted William Kellogg Proprietor Clerk in the Lieu of Richard Hubbel who has moved out of the town--------

  March 16th 1767  
  William Kellogg of Noble Town  
Be chofen Proprietors Clerk of said
Town Made Solemn oath that he
Would Discharge his said office
Faithfully and Impartially according
To his beft skill and judgement
Mark Hopkins Juft Peace

At a meeting of the Proprietors of Noble Town held by legal warning at the meeting house of said town on the 20th day of May Anno Domini 1767-------
Pafsed the following Votes (viz)

1thly Voted Jofeph Clark Moderator-------

2ndly Voted William Kellogg Agent for said Propriety to [???] a petition to the Honorable General Court of the Maffachufetts Bay at Bofton to interpofe between said propriety and John Van Ranflar and others, Who have murdered some and distrayed [?] their subfstance of moft of the proprietors of said townfhip. And to exhibit the account of the damages suftained etc. And to Pray the said Honorable Court to devife means for the relief of the distrefsed inhabitants who had their provifsions all deftroyed by said Van Ranfler And his afsociates laft year. And likewife to Pray the said Honorable General Court to transfer all the account of all the sufferings of said propriety caufed by said Van Ranfler as aforefaid home to Europe in order that they may be laid before the Honorable Board of Trade in Great Britain ------------

3dly Voted that Robert Noble Jofeph Clark and William Kellogg be a Committee to Reckon With the Committee That was appointed to Defend the Title of said Propriety And to Procure to them the account of the State of Said Propriety at the Next or some other Meeting as soon as May be--------

4thly Voted that Jofeph Clark William Kellogg and James Bagley shall Sell Two Rights of Land of a Sixty fourth part of Said Townfship each. Which was heretofore defigned for Publick uses. To Defray the change of defending the Title of the Land in said townfhip and other incident charges and return the pay for the same

5thly To the Proprietors treafurer for the ufes aforefaid -
Voted that William Kellogg be a Committee in Lieu of Lieut Thomas Whitney Late Deceased--------

6thly Voted to ajurn this Meeting to Monday the 29th June Next at 2 oclock afternoon at the meeting houfe

[Page 412]

7thly Voted at the same meeting held according to the ajurnment that William Kellogg shall meet the commefaries appointed by the Honorable General Court of the Province of the Maffachufetts Bay for settling the boundary line between the said Province and that of New York and to exhibit to them the accounts of damages and evidences relative thereunto perfuent to said courts directions

Noble Town 27th Octr Anno 1767
The foregoing is a True
Coppy of the Original
Votes Teft William Kellogg
Proprietors Clerk          

Here followith an Exact List of the Names
And proportions of Each Perfon that came into
The Indian Purchafe of Noble's Town (so Called),
As affociated With Capt Robert Noble Lieut. Thomas Whitney John McArthur and Japheth Hunt. Who were employed to make the Purchafe of said Noble Town of the Native owners aforefaid
In the Proportion following (Viz)-------
To the Said Robert Noble 5 Sixty fourths of said Tract
To the Said Thomas Whitney 3 sixty fourths & 3 two hundred & fifty sixth
To the Said John McArthur 2 Sixty Fourths & two Hundred & Fifty Sixth
To the Said Japheth Hunt 1 Sixty Fourths part of faid tract
To the Said Jofeph Clark 3 Sixty Fourths & 1 hundred & twenty Eighth
William Kellogg }
James Bagley    }   Each 2 Sixty Fourth & 1 Two hundred & fifty Sixth

Jacob Bacon 2 Sixty Fourths

William Whitney   }
William Alworth    }   Each Sixty fourth & 1 hundred & Twenty Eighth

James Pattefon   }
Jonathan Knapp } Each 1 Sixty fourth & 1 Two Hundred & Fifty Sixth

[Page 413]

Thomas Pattefon          }
Benjamin Lovejoy        }
John Wilfon                  }
Richard Voughn            }
Daniel Hopkins             }
Nathan Lovejoy            }    To Each 1 Sixty Fourth
William Whitney Junr  }
Samuel Mefsinger        }
Benoni Blumore           }
Jofeph Gillit                  }
Ephraim Jackfon          }
Afhael Patchon             }
Stephen Dewey            } To Ministers Ministry & School

Ely Lyon                       }     Each one Sixty fourth part
Pirce Walter                 }

James Smith                 }
Isaac Andres                 }       to Each 1 Eighty Fifth
Eleazer Williams           }

Peter Mallery                }
Edmond Spear               }
Hannah Kitley               }
Andrefe Rafe                 }
Jofeph Van Gilder         }
Hendrick Van Gilder     }     To Each 1 Hundred and Twenty Eighth
Jacob Van Gilder           }
Jeremiah Hogeboom     }
Elias Bixby                    }
John Darling                  }
Henry Fuller                  }
Elijah Hatch                   }
Zachariah Squire            }
Uriah Van Volkenburg   }
Jacob Van Vokenburg   }
Samuel Trifcot               }
Caleb Clark                   }
David Weller                 }
Stephen Green              }
Lydia Bell                      }
Richard Gilbert              }
John Bagley                   }

Mofes Gilbert                 }
Robert Meeker              }
William Nelfon                }     to Each 1 two Hundred and Fifty Eighth part of said
Jethro Morehoufe          }    Townfhip------
David Shearwood           }
Jofeph Carley                 }

               The remainder to be disposed of by the Proprietors as they pleafe
2nd Novr 1767 The above and foregoing is a True Lift of the names with their proportions test William Kellogg Proptrs Clerk of the proprietors of Noble Town.

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