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I don't think there is any place in the world as beautiful as Kentucky. I am partial, I was born and raised at the foot of the "Knobs" in Madison County, Kentucky. My ancestors lived hard and worked hard, and I am proud of them for all that they did. They raised children, tobacco, horses, they mined coal, some had their own stills for making 'shine, some never missed church on Sunday, some may have drank too much Saturday night. The women loved their men and struggled through childbirth with none of the ease we have today. They rose early and built their fires, cooked and cleaned inside the house and worked outside, too. As a family, they raised gardens from seeds saved or shared, they used plants from the forests for medicine and food. They made their own soap, they made thier own clothes, they made their own way for themselves and their children. I am still proud of them all and I believe their strength and endurance is passed down from thier blood to ours. This site is dedicated to my father, Guy Embree. He had a sternness in him most of the time that others didn't understand, he had a pride no one could take away. He went through many miserable times, but he stayed strong and never gave up. Thank you, Daddy, I love and miss you, Barb

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