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June Byrne

Biography of June Clover Byrne

        June Clover Byrne was brought up in Wichita, Kansas.  She is the daughter of Ray Virgil Courter and Ella Melissa Clover.  She was married in 1960 to Alan H. Byrne in 1960 and they have spent many years traveling the world because he was a career army officer.  June graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Secondary Education. After many adventures teaching in many countries, she went back to school for her Master’s Degree in Education from Boston University as a remedial reading teacher.

        She started with genealogy because a friend was doing it and she tagged along.  As she found more and more, she fell more and more in love with this wonderful pastime. In fact, she enjoyed it so much that she worked for some time for a Private Investigating Agency looking for missing heirs and was quite successful in finding them. 
        She was a subscriber to the original Clover Family Exchange newsletter which was published by Bob and Marguerite Clover.  They published it from 1985 until 1993 when they had to discontinue it because of their failing health.  In 1997, after many contacts with Bob and Marguerite, they agreed to turn over the rights to the newsletter and the names of the subscribers if June would agree to send out the newsletters that were owed to the subscribers.  At the time they had to cease publication, many issues were owed to subscribers.  She paid for all of that out of her own pocket and in 1998, began publishing the later issues of the Clover Family Exchange.  She also created the Clover Family Chronicles, another Clover newsletter.
        In 2000, she published a book on Clovers of Franklin County, Ohio: A Study of Henry Clover, His Ancestors and Descendants.
        In 2002, she published a reprint of the original newsletters published by Bob and Marguerite, in a book entitled The Clover Family Exchange: The Early Years. She added an index and pages of comments.
        She has also written a book called Handbook for Genealogical Research in Central Florida which is now in its second edition. This is published by the Daytona Beach Family History Center. She donated the rights to this book to the local FHC to help support the local genealogy community.
        In 2005, along with Ann Aniello, she compiled and edited a book of Clarion County, Pennsylvania Will Abstracts, 1841 to 1876.  This book is available from Closson Press. (www.clossonpress.com)    
        June published the Clover Family Exchange Newsletter herself for four years from 1998 through 2001.  She then published the Clover Family Chronicles for four more years.   
        The genealogy world has changed over the years and people  now expect to see research on line.  There is no longer a market for the detailed fifty page newsletters with footnotes that once existed.  Since 2006 she has concentrated on her massive file cabinets, preparing material to be put on line.  Her concern is that she has the largest collection of Clover data ever in existence and she wants this to be available to posterity. 
        She now concentrates on teaching genealogy classes and giving speeches in various places in Florida..  She is a very respected expert in her area and has been a long time contributor to the local email newsletter. She also lectures on genealogy on cruise ships which is a new endeavor that has brought much joy to her life. She still enjoys volunteering at the local Family History Center and has done so since 1995. This is part of her ongoing effort to support the genealogy community that has been so good to her. She no longer accepts genealogical commissions unless they are for a particular Clover family. 
        She also is the club manager and head director at the Daytona Beach Metro Bridge Club, a major bridge club in Daytona Beach.  She teaches and directs bridge games there. She has also written some bridge books. 



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