Clulow Photo Album

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Harry Clulow (Click to Enlarge) Harry Clulow (Me) taken in 1930.
Harry Clulow (Click to Enlarge) Me in my Navy days, with Violet.
Our Wedding Photo (Click to Enlarge) Our wedding, 1948.
Harry & Violet Clulow (Click to Enlarge) A recent picture of us.
Patricia Ann & her husband Malcolm (Click to Enlarge) Our daughter Patricia Ann & her husband Malcolm.
Our grandson Andrew (Click to Enlarge) Our grandson Andrew (son of Patricia & Malcolm).
Our granddaughter Hayley (Click to Enlarge) Our granddaughter Hayley (daughter of Patricia & Malcolm).
Our grandson Thomas (Click to Enlarge) Our grandson Thomas (son of Patricia & Malcolm).
Barbara & her husband Christopher (Click to Enlarge) Our daughter Barbara & her husband Christopher.
William & Mary Perry (Click to Enlarge) William & Mary Perry (nee Caddick)
William Perry (Click to Enlarge) William (Bill) Perry
Fredrick Perry (Click to Enlarge) Fredrick Perry
The Perry Girls (Click to Enlarge) The Perry Girls (clockwise from left) Harriet, Annie, Caroline with daughter Edna and Alice pictured in the middle.
Annie Evans, (nee Perry) (Click to Enlarge) Annie Evans (nee Perry).
Fred Evans (husband of Annie) (Click to Enlarge) Fred Evans (husband of Annie).
William Evans (son of Fred & Annie) (Click to Enlarge) William (Bill) Evans (son of Fred & Annie), pictured at his wedding, on the extreme right is his sister Nancy
Nancy Evans & George Walker (daughter of Fred & Annie) (Click to Enlarge) Nancy Doreen Evans & George Brandon Walker (daughter of Fred & Annie), pictured at their wedding Sep 1940, Wolverhampton UK.
Walter Evans (son of Fred & Annie) (Click to Enlarge) Walter & Alice Evans (son of Fred & Annie), pictured at their wedding.
Caroline Shakespeare (nee Perry) & Edna (Click to Enlarge) Caroline Shakespeare (nee Perry) with her daughter Edna.
Elizabeth Perry (wife of Harry) (Click to Enlarge) Elizabeth Perry (wife of Harry).
Joseph Perry (Click to Enlarge) Joseph Perry.
Grandmother Mary Elizabeth Perry (nee Caddick) (Click to Enlarge) Grandmother Mary Elizabeth Perry (nee Caddick), we believe this picture was taken around 1907, and printed on the reverse side is... The little girl could be Alice Perry who was born at the latter end of 1904, although we are not positive.
Mary Elizabeth Clulow (nee Perry) (Click to Enlarge) Mary Elizabeth Clulow (nee Perry), with daughter Eunice & grandsons Peter & David.
Harriet Emsley (nee Perry) (Click to Enlarge) Harriet Emsley (nee Perry), pictured on right with her sister-in-law Eva.
Jim & Alice Tuft (nee Perry) (Click to Enlarge) Jim & Alice Tuft (nee Perry).
Charles & Betty Perry (nee Cole) (Click to Enlarge) Charles & Betty Perry (nee Cole).

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