Family of Delos Scott and Harriet Steele: Robert Delos THOM document

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last updated 21 March 2008

The Family of Delos Theodore SCOTT and Harriet Selina STEELE

of Otsego & Delaware Counties in New York and Steele County, Minnesota

Text copyright 2006-2008 Carolyn M. Brady

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Left column has a transcription of document written by Robert Delos Thom (undated) with original varied spelling of names preserved. (Underlining in last paragraph may have been added by another hand.) Right column has notes on information from research to date.

The Scott Family Tree

Samuel Scott 1788 - Berthshire Scotland
Anna (Scheilds Patton) Scott - Ancestors to American in Mayflower

Census records indicated Samuel Scott was born about 1809 in New York state to English-born parents. The George Scott who was probably Samuel's father was born in Yorkshire, England, coming to America in 1788. Anna's father John Patten, however, was a native of Perthshire, Scotland.
Delos Theodore Scott - 1835 - New York, Fly Creek.
Harriet Zelina (Steel) Scott 1836 [ditto marks]
Harriet Steel(e) was probably born in Delhi, Delaware Co., New York.
Lelia (Scott) Thom - 1859 Fly Creek N.Y. Date unknown
Alexander Milne Thom - 1854 Aberdeenshire Scotland Mch 13
Census records indicate that Lelia Scott was born in Minnesota.
Robert Delos Thom 1878 - Steele Co. Minn May 4th
Elizabeth Bernice (Murphy) 1883 Nobles Co. [Minn] Nov 13th
Lelia Josephine Thom Jepson 1905. Kenneth Minn Jan 12th
Charles F. Jepson dates & place unknown
This is a record of my mother's family --
as far as I have it.

Anna Schields Patton Scotts ancestors came to
this continent in the Mayflower sailing ship
and settled in Massachusetts. They came from
Wales and were
cousins of Queen Victoria of
England. Letters written by the above are on
file with the Minnesota Historical Society


As of 2006, we have not been able to locate the letters at the Minnesota Historical Society to which he refers, so we hope there are other family members out there who may have more information.

Anna Shields SCOTT's parents were John PATTEN and Aurelia KIBBE. Because John PATTEN was a Scottish immigrant, the Mayflower connection, if it exists, would most likely be in Aurelia KIBBE's line. The maiden name of Aurelia's mother Ann has not yet been identified.

Some on-line trees (sources not verified) show her father Jacob Kibbe's line: