Family History of Charles M. McCool III (Hood line)
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Hood Line

Hood History

The earliest definite record for this family line is the 1860 Saline County Arkansas census. A summary of the information appears as follows:

Hood Pleasant 54 VA
Hood Sarah 53 NC
Hood Green 24 NC
Hood Jane 35 NC
Hood Balcus 32 NC
Hood Eliza 17 TN

The census date was 5 June 1860. The last piece of information is the state of birth. Incidentally, the complete information can be viewed online.

Marriage records appear for:

Balens Hood age 25 and James A. Shockley age 27, married 25 Nov 1860
Jane Hood age 42 and Lot Quinn age 62, married 16 Dec 1866

Given that Balcus Hood from the 1860 census and Balens Hood from the marriage record are the same person, then it is hard to explain the 7 year age difference. The 1880 Saline census shows that she (name is now Princess) is 46 years old. That would make her year of birth 1833 or 1834. Also, an LDS record (film #1985261) shows that Balcus was born in 1828 in NC to Pleasant Hood and Sarah Hood. I believe Balcus, Balens, and Princess are all the same person. More research will determine exactly when she was born.

A Pleasant B. Hood appears on the 1860 Haywood County NC census. He also appears as enlisting as a CSA on 29 Jun 1861 in Haywood County (he was 35 years old then). He may have been the oldest son of Pleasant Hood and Sarah; and did not move with them to Arkansas. Pleasant B. Hood may have also been born to Pleasant Hood and another wife. An LDS record (film #1903735) shows that Pleasant Hood married Sarah Hood about 1835 in NC. My guess is that there was another wife of Pleasant Hood before Sarah, since there are a couple of children that were born before 1835. Pleasant B. Hood also could have been born to another family, perhaps the brother of my Pleasant.

Listings for "Pleasant Hood" on other census records, include:

1830 Amelia County VA
1830 Caswell County NC (Pleasant S. Hood)
1840 Caswell County NC
1850 Haywood County TN

Pleasant S. Hood on the 1830 Caswell County NC census is 20 to 30 years old. That is the same age range as the Pleasant Hood that later appears in Arkansas. This Pleasant S. Hood had two males under 5, one female 5 to 10, and one female 20 to 30 in the household. Three households away was Abraham Hood, who was 70 to 80 years old. It is likely that Abraham Hood was the father of Pleasant S. Hood.

Abraham Hood was listed on the 1820 Caswell County NC census as being 45 or over. His household also had males 16 to 26, 16 to 18, and 10 to 16 (2), along with females 45 and over, 16 to 26, and 10 to 16. Abraham Hood was earlier listed on the 1800 Dinwiddie County VA census as being 26 to 45 years old and seven other people in the household. Two other Hood families were near: John Hood and David hood. Both were over 45 years old. Quite possibly, one of them was the father of Abraham Hood.

Pleasant Hood was born around 1805. An LDS record lists that he was born 1806 in Virginia. The 1820 census index for Virginia lists three HOOD families in Amelia County: Chesley, Elisha, and Solomon. Pleasant was likely the son of one of them, if not Abraham.

The Pleasant Hood from the 1860 Saline census appears on the 1870 Pope County Arkansas census as a 67 year old (as is his wife, Sarah). Also in the household is his daughter Eliza (24, b. TN) and John E. Panet (20, b. MS). A couple of dwellings away is the household of Thomas J. Hood (age 47, b. NC) with wife Martha and seven children (including another Eliza). It is unknown if Thomas is another son of Pleasant. Further research, especially of the 1850 census records, should answer this question.

Note that there are records of other people named "Pleasant Hood" from the same time period. Many records exist for a Pleasant Hood from Allen County Kentucky. It is unclear if there is any relation between them. A Green W. Hood enlisted as a CSA soldier in Monticello Arkansas on 20 Jan 1864. Green Hood, perhaps the same person, appears on the 1880 Johnson County Texas census.


As with any history endeavor, there are bound to be errors, omissions, and discrepancies in this document. Please inform me if you have any corrections or additions to this data. If we share any of the same ancestors, I would love to hear from you.

For more information about the HOOD family, visit this site.

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Last update: 1 May 2001