Family History of Charles M. McCool III (Humphries line)

Family History of Charles M. McCool III
Humphrey / Humphreys / Humphries Line

Humphrey -- Humphreys -- Humphries History

The earliest record for this family line is the 1850 census for Coahoma County Mississippi. A summary of the information appears as follows:

5 Humphreys America 56 F SC
6 Humphreys Joshua 20 M IN
7 Humphreys Alfred 18 M IN
8 Humphreys Jesse 16 M IN
9 Humphreys Felix V. 13 M IN
10 Humphreys Franklin 11 M IN

The first number is the line; they are all on page 406. The second number is the reported age; the census date was 12 September 1850. The last piece of information is the state of birth. Incidentally, the complete information can be viewed online.

From this census data, I can assume that the father died between 1839 and 1850. The dates are based upon he not appearing on this census and the birth of the youngest child. The earliest he could have died was 9 months before the birth of Franklin. Also, I can assume that the family was in Indiana from 1830 (birth of Joshua) to 1839 (birth of Franklin). It would be helpful to find the 1840 census for this family. Anyone?

Interestingly, an Elisha Humphries appears a couple of households away. He is listed under Calvin Cunningham. Elisha is listed as 37 years old and born in TN. Elisha Humphries may have been a brother or other relative of America's husband--or he may have been not related at all. Calvin's wife is Louisa, age 25, born in Indiana. I believe that she was Elisha's sister and part of the above family (America,

Joshua Humphrey appears in the 1860 Saline County Arkansas census. He is listed under the household of James Walton. It is unknown what the relation between Joshua and James, if any, was. A James Walton is listed on page 394 of the 1850 Coahoma Mississippi census, so the families probably knew each other in Mississippi and moved together to Arkansas. Anyway, Joshua B. Humphrey is listed as 30 years old and born in TN. I have not seen the source document, only the online copy; I believe that "TN" is a transcription error-- TN and IN can look the same, especially on old documents. Joshua has two children, Emily 4 and John 2; both were born in MS. The mother is unknown. She could have been Julia Walton, James' sister or a sister of Angeline (James' wife). Joshua later married the widow Mary Jane Moore. She appears in the same census as Jane Moore with three young children under Andrew McCool's household. Mary Jane McCool, her maiden name, was born 1835 to Andrew McCool and Nancy Ashcraft in Alabama.

I have not located the other members of Joshua's family (America and his brothers) in 1860. They are not listed on the Saline County census. Perhaps they are listed on the 1860 Coahoma County census, which is not online. In 1870, many of them are listed on the Grant County Arkansas census. Jessey L. Humphrey, I.B. Humphries (Joshua Badger), and F.W. Humphries (Franklin) are on it; America D. Humphries appears under F.W. Humphries. Then, Felix V. Humphreys appears on the 1880 Parker County Texas census. I have not found Alfred.

Emily, full name believed to be Emily Louizia Humphries, married Andrew Mathis McCool in 1880. They had seven children live past childhood, including Roscoe Daniel McCool, my great-grandfather.


As with any history endeavor, there are bound to be errors, omissions, and discrepancies in this document. Please inform me if you have any corrections or additions to this data. If we share any of the same ancestors, I would love to hear from you.

Here is my HUMPHRIES line, starting with my great-great-grandparents:

Emily Louizia Humphries
Andrew Mathis McCool

Joshua Badger Humphreys

America D.

For more information about the HUMPHREY family, visit this site.

For more information about the HUMPHREYS family, visit this site.

For more information about the HUMPHRIES family, visit this site.

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