Family History of Charles M. McCool III (Schuler line)

Family History of Charles M. McCool III
Schuler line

My oldest confirmed SCHULER ancestor is Nickolous SCHULER, my great-grandfather. He was born in Hungary in 1879 or 1880, estimated from his age being 33 in 1913. He married Josephine RAUSCH, date and place unknown. The birth certificate of their daughter, Josephine SCHULER, says that they were married in Hungary but family history says that they met and married in Philadelphia. Josephine RAUSCH was born 1 May 1887 in Hungary.

Nickolous and Josephine had several children, including my grandmother, Josephone SCHULER, on 10 April 1913. Other siblings are still alive, and their names and information will not be listed. Nickolous died 20 November 1947. Josephine died 26 May 1968.

22 June 1999 - I received Josephine Rausch Schuler's SS-5 application. It lists her date of birth as 1 May 1887, her place of birth as Andrasch, Temes, Hungary, and her parents as Peter Rausch and Mary SIEF (which I believe should be SEIF).

20 April 1999 - I think that I have found their hometowns!!! Josephine RAUSCH is listed being born in St. Aubrand, Tems, in Hungary. This easily matches to St. Andres, Temes County, Hungary. In 1920, it changed to Sinandrei, Timis County, Romania. Other names for the town were Sankt Andres, Szentandres, and Andres. Family history says that they lived less than 5 miles apart in Hungary. The hometown of Nickolous SCHULER is listed as Sparkilhana. This one is harder to match up but I think it could have been Sackelhausen. It is now known as Sacalaz, again in Timis County, Romania. Both towns are adjacent to Timisoara.


As with any history endeavor, there are bound to be errors, omissions, and discrepancies in this document. Please inform me if you have any corrections or additions to this data. If we share any of the same ancestors, I would love to hear from you.

Here is my SCHULER line, starting with my grandparents:

Henry Els
Josephine Schuler

Nickolous Schuler
Josephine Rausch

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