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List of coal mines UK 1880.





The list gives, Name of Colliery, Where situated and Owner's Name.




Landsale Collieries In Northumberland And North Durham




Landsale Collieries In Southern Division Of Durham


Yorkshire, North Riding







Fireclay Mines In The South Staffordshire And Worcestershire District 1875


The West Division Of Lancashire. St. Helens






Bristol Coal Field As Far As Regards Somersetshire. Nettlebridge District

Radstock District

Paulton District

Nailsea Coal Field





1 Acomb, C, Hexham, Messrs. Morrison.

2 Ashington, Morpeth, Ashington Coal Co.

3 Axwell, Gateshead, R. S. Bagnall and Sons.

4 Backworth, Newcastle, J. C. Lamb and Co.

5 Beamish, Gateshead, James Joicey and Co..

6 Bedlington, Morpeth, Bedlington Coal Co.

7 Bebside, Blyth, Bebside and Choppington Coal Co.

8 Blaydon Burn, Blyth, Joseph Cowen and Co.

9 Blaydon Main, Blyth, George H Ramsay and Son.

10 Benkinsopp, Haltwistle, M. Thomson and Sons.

11 Boldon, Near South Shields, Harton Coal Co.

12 Bridge (Old), Woodburn, W. Gren.

13 Broom Hill, Acklington, Sowerby and Andrew.

14 Burnopfield, Gateshead, John Bowes and Partners.

15 Burradon, Newcastle, N G. Lambert and Co.

16 Cambois, Blyth, Cowpen and North Seaton Coal Co.

17 Carr House (sinking), Consett, R. Dickinson and Co.

18 Choppington, Morpeth, Bebside Coal Co.

19 Chevington (sinking), Morpeth, Chevington Coal Co. Limited.

20 Coanwood, Haltwistle, Coanwood Coal Co.

21 Cox Lodge, Newcastle, Owners of Buradon and Cox Lodge Collieries.

22 Cramlington, Newcastle, Lamb and Partners.

23 Cowpen, Blyth, Cowpen and North Seaton Coal Co.

24 Delaval Benwell, Newcastle, J. 0. Scott.

25 Dinnington, Near Newcastle, J. Bowes and Partners.

26 Dipton, Near Gateshead, J. Bowes and Partners.

27 Dipton New, Near Gateshead, R, Dickinson and Co.

28 East Castle, Annfield Plain, C. Bainbridge and Co.

29 East Holywell, Earlson, East Holywell Coal Co., Limited

30 East Pontop, Lintz Green, Gateshead, E. M. Bainbridge and Partners.

30 East Stanley, Chester-le-Street, James Joicey and Co.

31 East Tanfield, Gateshead, James Joicey and Co.

32 Elswick, Newcastle, Elswick Colliery Co.

33 Ewehurst Head, Gateshead, R. Dickinson and Co.

34 Felling, Gateshead, Sir George Elliot Bart.

35 Forest Burn, Rothbury John Caisley and Partners.

36 Foorstones, C, Hexham, Wm. Benson.

37 Garesfield, Gateshead Marquis of Bute.

38 Gosforth, Newcastle, John Bowes and Partners.

39 Hamsterley, Gateshead, H. W. Watson.

40 Harton, South Shields, Harton Coal Co.

41 Hebburn, Gateshead, Tyne Coal Co., Limited.

42 Heworth, Gateshead, Owners of Heworth Colliery.

43 Hilda, South Shields, Harton Coal Co.

44 Horsley, Near Wylam, The Horsley Coal and Coke Co.

45 Howard's West Hartley, Nedderton, Morpeth, Owners of Howard's West Hartley Colliery.

46 Kibblesworth, Gateshead, John Bowes and Partners.

47 Killingworth, Newcastle, John Bowes and Partners.

48 Lambley, Haltwhlstle M. Thompson and Sons.

49 Lintz, Gateshead, F. McLean.

50 Loughurst, Near Morpeth. Rev. Ed. Lawson.

51 Marley Hill, Gateshead, Jobn Bowes and Partners.

53 Marsden (sinking), South Shields, Whitburn Coal Co.

52 Mickley, Stocksfield-on-Tyne, Mickley Coal Co.

54 Montagu Fire Clay Pit, Scotswood. near Newcastle, Thos. Carr and Son.

55 Montagu Main, Newcastle, William Benson and Son.

56 Netherton, Morpeth, Jackson, Bean, and Co.

57 Newsham, Blyth, Cowpen and North Seaton Coal Co.

58 North Biddick, Washington Station, Sir Geo. Elliot, Bart.

59 North Fenham. Newcastle, Bambridge and White.

60 North Seaton, Blyth, Cowpen and North Seaton Coal Co.

61 North Wylam, Wylam-on-Tyne, Robert Dunn.

62 Ouston, Gateshead, E. M. Perkins and Partners.

63 Penshaw, Pensher, Sir Geo. Elliot, Bart.

64 Pegswood, Near Morpeth, S. H. Frazer.

65 Plashetts C, Falstone, C. U. Laws.

66 Pontop, Gateshead, John Bowes and Partners.

67 Prudhoe, Gateshead, Mickley Coal Co.

68 Radcliffe, Acklington, Radcliffe Coal Co.

69 Redheugh, Gateshead, John Fleming and John Milling.

70 Rennington, Alnwick, Wm. Barkus.

71 Saint Hilda, South Shields, Harton Coal Co.

72 Seaton Burn, Newcastle, J. Bowes and Partners.

73 Seaton Delaval, North Shields, Seaton Delaval Coal Co.

74 Seghill, Newcastle, J. Laycock and Co.

75 Sheriff Hill, Gateshead, R. Forster.

76 Shield Row, Annfleld Plain, R. Dickinson and Co.

77 Shipcote, Gateshead, John Bowes and Partners.

78 Shire Moor. Earsdon, Shire Moor Coal Co.

79 South Benwell, Newcastle, Wm. Cochrane Carr.

89 South Derwent, Gateshead, R. Dickinson and Co.

81 South Medmosley, Dipton by Lintz Green, Owners of South Medmosley Colliey.

82 South Pelaw, Chester-le-Street, Owners of Pelaw Main Collieries.

83 South Pontop, Annfield Plain, U. A. Ritson.

84 South Tanfield, Chester-le-Street, Jas. Joicey and Co.

85 Springwell, Gateshead, John Bowes and Partners.

86 Stanley, Chester-le-Street, J. Joicey and Co.

87 Stobswood, Widdrington, J. H. Burn.

88 Tanfield, Lea, Gateshead, J. Joicey and Co.

89 Tanfield Moor, Gateshead, J. Joicey and Co.

90 Team (Eighton Moor), Gateshead, A. E. Burdon.

91 Throckley, Old, Newcastle, Wm. Stephenson and Sons.

92 Throckley, Newburn-on-Tyne, Throckley Coal Co.

93 Townley and Stella, Blaydon-on-Tyne, Stella Coal Co.

94 Twizel, Chester-le-Street, Jas. Joicey and Co.

95 Urpeth, Chester-le-Street, Owners of Pelaw Main Collieries.

91 Usworth, Washington Station, Elliot and Johnasson.

97 Victoria Garesfield, Links Green, Priestman and Peele.

98 Walbottle, Newcastle, Terale and Kirton.

99 Walker, Washington Station, N. G. Lambert and Co.

100 Wardley, Gateshead, J. Bowes and Partners.

101 Washington, Washington Station, Willian Stobart.

102 Wearmouth Monk (formerly Pemberton), Sunderland, Wearmouth Coal Co., Limited.

103 West Pelham, Chester-le-Street, Jas. Joicey and Co.

104 West Sleekburn, Morpeth, Bedlington Coal Co.

105 West Wylam, Prudhoe, Mickley Coal Co.

106 West Shield Row, Annfield Plain, R Dickinson and Co.

107 Whitburn, Shields, Whitburn Coal Co.

108 Whitley and Monk Seaton, Whitley, near Newcastle-on-Tyne, J. Carr and others.

109 Widdrington, Widdrington, near Morpeth, Widdrington Coal Co.



 Landsale Collieries In Northumberland And North Durham.

 1 Axwell Park, Near Gateshead, Mrs. Mary Hannington.

2 Bareombe, Haltwhistle, J. and B. Makepeace.

3 Barmoor C, Belford, A. Goodman and Co.

4 Bearsmouth C, Bellingham, J. and B. Armstrong.

5 Billy Law, Tweedmouth, Scremerston & Shoreswood Coal Co.

6 Birtley Row, Gunnerton, Messrs, Charlton.

7 Benwell Fire Clay, Newcastle, W. C. Gibson.

8 Bow's Hill, Bellingham, J. and B. Armstrong.

9 Briar Edge, Bellingham, James Thompson.

10 Brown Rigg, C, Near Otterburn, John Dixon.

11 Broomhill, Morpeth, Henry Ritson.

12 Callerton, Newcastle, Executors of S. Forster and Co.

13 Chirm, C., Morpeth, Thos. Temple.

14 Deckham Hall, Gateshead, J Hopper and Co.

15 Derwent Valley, Winlayton, Priestman and Peel.

16 Edgewell, Near Prudhoe, John Johnson.

17 Eglinham, Alnwick, R Ormrond and Brown.

l8 Elsdon, Elsdon, Owners of Elsdon Colliery.

19 Eltringham, Prudhoe Station, Eltringham Colliery Co.

20 Ewesley, Rothbury, Thos, Temple.

21 Fallowfleld, C., (Acomb), Hexham, Walton and Cooper.

22 Farnacres, Gateshead, E. Hogg.

23 Felkingston, Duddo, Scremerston & Shoreswood Coal Co.

24 Fellend, Haltwhistle, South Tyne Coal Co.

25 Fenham, North, Newcastle, Bainbridge and White.

26 Ford Moss, C, Ford, M. Nethrington.

27 Gateshead Fell, Gateshead, R. Foster

28 Gatestones, Wark, J. H. L. Allgood.

29 Gray Mare Hill, Hexham, Thos. Robinson.

30 Greenside, Ryton-on-Tyne, R. Simpson.

31 Gunnerton, C., Hexham, R. and B. Armstrong.

32 Halton, Matfen, Thos. Weddle.

33 Handen Hold, Chester-le-Street, J. Joicey and Co.

34 Hareshaw and Melkridge, C, Bellingham, J. and B. Armstrong.

35 Hedley-on-Hill, Gateshead, Messrs, Walker and Sons.

36 Heddon, Wylam-on-Tyne, Heddon Coal and Fire Brick Co.

37 Henshaw and Melkridge, C., Haltwhistle, Henshaw and Melkridge Collieries Co.

38 Hollings, Ebchester, B. Dixon.

39 Ingoe. C., Matfen, John Russel.

40 Kirkheaton, C., Capheaton. Newcastle, Grace and Tone.

41 Lee, Rothbury, Thomas and John Turnbull.

42 Long Framlington, Morpeth, Exors. of George Nicholson.

43 Longwitton, C., Rothbury, Longwitton and Greenleighton Coal and Lime Co. Limited.

44 Lowick, Lowick, Robert Wright.

45 Mickley Bank, Stocksfield, Elizabeth Bewick.

46 Newton-on-the-Moor, C., Felton, S. T. Widdrington.

47 Old Bridge, Corsenside, William Green.

48 Park House, Morpeth, John Short and Co.

49 Pegswood Drift, Morpeth, H. Gibson.

50 Plenmeller, Haltwhistle, Plenmeller Coal Co.

51 Prestwick, Ponteland, Turner and Young.

52 Preston, North Shields, Preston Coal Co.

53 Scremerston, C., Berwick, Scremerston and Shoreswood Coal Co.

54 Shillbottle, Alnwick, The Shillbottle Coal Co.

55 Shilburn Haigh, Falstone, M. Robson.

56 Shipley, Alnwick, J. Baird.

57 South Birtley, Chester-le-Street, J. F. Swinburn.

58 South Garesfield, Gateshead, Mrs. C. M. Richardson.

59 Stublick, Langley Mills, Executors of Joseph Dinning.

60 Stiddle Hill, C., Bellingham, Wm. Mundle.

61 Thorn Grafton, C., Haltwhistle, Frederick H. Hall.

62 Ulgham Grange, Morpeth, Wood and Slinn.

63 Unthank, Riding Mill, J. Drummond.

63 Whickham, Gateshead, Jas. Snowball and Sons.

64 Whittington, C., Corbridge, John Hall.

66 Wylam Hills, Wylam, W. Turnbull.




 1 Allhallows, Carlisle, Allerdale Coal Co.

2 Alston, Alston, Alston Lime Co.

3 Ashy, Workington, Executors of late W. Irving.

4 Bolton, Maryport, Maryport Haematite Iron Co.

5 Bowthorn, Whitehaven, Whitehaven Haematite Iron Co. Limited.

6 Brayton (Domain), Aspatria, John Harris's representatives.

7 Camerton, Workington, R. S. Mutch.

8 Clifton, Workington, West Cumberland Iron and Steel Co Limited.

9 Crosby, Maryport, Crosby and Gilerux Colliery Co.

10 Dearham Main, Maryport, John Osmaston, Esq.

11 Dean Moor, Maryport, George Greveson and Co.

12 Dovenby, Maryport, DovenbyColliery Co.

13 Eagle Gill, Maryport, W. Parker and Co

14 Flimby, Maryport, B. Wilson.

15 Frizington, Frizington, Frizington Coal Co.

16 Gilerux, Maryport, Crosby and Gilerux Colliery Co.

17 Gillhead, Maryport Richard Graves.

18 Harrington, Harrington, Sir James Bain and Co.

19 Montreal, Moor Row, John Stirling.

20 Moresby, Whitehaven, Moresby Coal Co.

21 Naworth, 5 Pits, Carlisle, Maria Thompson and Sons.

22 New Banks, Grey Southern, Marrou Brick Co.

23 St. Helens, Maryport, St. Helens Colliery Co.

24 Seaton Fire Clay Mine, Workington, Jospeh Cope and Co.

25 Whitehaven, Whitehaven, Earl of Lonsdale.

26 Whitehaven Fire Clay Mine, Saint Bees, The Executors of the late James Dees.

27 Wythemoor, Workington, Wythemoor Colliery Co.



 l. Borrowdale (North Stainmoor), Brough, North Stainmoor Co.

2 Mallerstang, Mallerstang-craig near Eaden-spring, John Scott.

3 Tanhill, Swaledale, near Richmond, Knowles and Co.




 1 Adelaide (North Shildon), Bishop Auckland, Jos. Pease and Partners.

2 Adventure, Fence Houses, Marquess of Londonderry.

3 Alexandrina, Fence Houses, Marquess of Londonderry.

4 Auckland Park, Bishop Auckland, Bolckow, Vaughan and Co. Limited.

5 Barras, Barras Brough, John Drogden.

6 Bearpark, Bransepeth, Durham, Bearpark-Brancepeth Coal and Coke Co. Limited.

7 Billingside Drift (Consett), Durham, Consett Iron Co. Limited.

8 Binchester, Ferry Hill, Bolckow, Vaughan and Co. Limited.

9 Bishop Middleham (standing), Ferry Hill, Bolckow, Vaughan and Co. Limited.

10 Bishop's Close, (standing), Ferry hill, Weardale Iron and Coal Co. Limited.

11 Black Boy, Bishop Auckland, Bolckow, Vaughan and Co. Limited.

12 Black Hill Drift, Black Hill, Co. Durham, Conset Iron Co., Limited.

13 Black Prince, Tow Law, by Darlington, Wearale Iron and Coal Co. Limited.

14 Bourn Moor (Morton), Fence Houses, Earl Durham.

15 Bowden Close, Crook, Jos. Pease and Partners.

16 Borrowdale, Brough, Executors of Thos. Walton.

17 Brancepeth, Willington, Durham, Strakers and Love.

18 Brandon, Durham, Strakers and Love.

19 Brandon, Waterhouses, Jos. Pease and Partners.

20 Brasside, Durham, Earl Durham.

21 Brooms Drift. Medomsley, Consett Iron Co., Limited.

22 Broomside, Medomsley, Broomside Coal Co.

23 Drew, Willington, Bell Brothers, Limited.

24 Burnhope, Willington, Fletcher and Sowerby.

25 Butterknowle, Cockfield, Darlington, Butterknowle Coal Co.

26 Byers Green, Willington Durham, Bolckow, Vaughan and Co. Limited.

27 Caterihorn (not working), (Witton Park), Witton-le-Moor, Henry Chaytor and Co.

28 Castle Eden, Ferry Hill, R. S. Johnson and Co.

29 Charlaw, Durham, Elliot and Hunter.

30 Charley, Annfield Plain, Hendley and Bell.

31 Chatham Drift, Evenwood, Norwood Coal Co.

32 Chester South Moor, Chester-le-Street, Thiedemann and Wallis.

33 Cocken, Durham, Earl Durham.

34 Cold Knot, Crook Darlington, Wooler, Chapman and Co.

35 Chute, Ferry Hill, South Durham Coal Co.

36 Cornsay, Durham, Ferens and Love,

37 Crake Scar, Darlington, Woodland Coal Co.

38 Crook, Darlington, Chapman and Morson.

39 Croxdale, Tudhoe, Weardale Iron and Coal Co.

40 Delves, Medomsley, Consett Iron Co., Limited.

41 Derwent, Consett, Consett Iron Co., Limited.

42 East Howle, Ferry Hill, Carlton Iron Co., Limited.

43 East Hedley Hope, Towlaw, Hedley Hope Coal Co.

44 East Hetton, Coxhoe, Durham, Walter Scott.

45 Eden, Consett, Consett Iron Co., Limited.

46 Eden Drift, Consett, Consett Iron Co., Limited.

47 Edmondsley, Chester-le-Street, Edmondsley Coal Co.

48 Eldon, Bishop Auckland, South Durham Coal Co.

49 Elemore, Hetton-le-Hole, Fence Houses, Hetton Coal Co.

50 Elm Park, Tow Law, Darlington Weardale iron and Coal Co., Limited.

51 Emma (Roddymoor), Crook, Joseph Pease and Partners.

52 Esh, Durham, Durham, Joseph Pease and Partners.

53 Eppleton, Hetton-le-Hole, Fence Houses Hetton Coal Co.

54 Etherley, George, Etherley Darlington, Henry Stobart and Co.

55 Etherley, Jane, Etherley, Henry Stobart and Co.

56 Evenwood, Evenwood, Joseph Hill.

57 Fanny Colliery (not working), Chester-le-Street, J. H. Burn.

58 Foul Syke, Woodland, Blackett and Dowson.

59 Frawellgate, Durham, Frawellgate Coal Co.

60 Gladdow, Cornsay, J. M. Greenwell.

61 Hamsteels, - Whitworth, Spennymoor, Johnasson, Reay and Johnson.

62 Hargill, Howden-le-Weir, Wooler, Chapman and Co.

63 Harraton, Chester-le-Street, Earl Durham.

64 Haswell, Fence Houses, Haswell, Shotton and Easington Coal and Coke Co. Limited.

65 Hazard, Fence Houses, North Hetton Coal Co.

66 Hedley Hill, Fence Houses, Weardale Iron and Coal Co. Limited.

67 Herrington, Fence Houses, Earl Durham.

68 Hetton, Hetton-le-Hole, Fence Houses, Hetton Coal Co.

69 Holmside, Chester-le-Street, Hedley Bros.

70 Houghton, Fence Houses, Earl Durham.

71 Houghall, Duham, Joseph H. Love and Partner.

72 Howden, Crook, Howden Coal and Brick Co.

73 Hunwick, Willimgton, Durham, Bolckow, Vaughan and Co. Limited.

74 Hunwick, West, Bishop Auckland, Jospeh Torboch.

75 Hutton Henry, Ferry Hill, Hutton Henry Coal Co., Limited.

76 Inkerman, Tow Law, Darlington, Ferens and Love.

77 Ivesley, Waterhouses, John Kellett and Partners.

78 Iveston, Consett, Consett Iron Co., Limited.

79 Job's Hill Drift, Crook, Joseph Pease and Partners.

80 Kimblesworth, Chester-le-Street, Elliot and Hunter.

81 Lady Durham, Sherburn, Earl Durham.

82 Lands, Darlington, Henry Stobart and Co.

83 Langley Park, Witton Gilbert, Consett Iron Co., Limited.

84 Leasingthorne, Coundon, Bishop Auckland, Bolckow, Vaughan, and Co., Limited.

85 Leasingthorne, Bishop Auckland, Bolckow. Vaughan, and Co., Limited.

86 Littleburn, Durham, North Brancepeth Coal Co., Limited.

87 Littletown (not working), Durham, Earl Durham.

88 Low Beechburn, Crook, Darlington, John Sharp.

89 Ludworth, Durham, Original Hartlepool Collieries Co., Limited.

90 Lumley, Fence Houses, Earl Durham.

91 Malton, Lanchester Love and Son.

92 Mallestang, Kirkby Stephen, Mallestang Coal Co.

93 Marshall Green, Bishop Auckland, Marshall Green Coal Co.

94 Medomsley, Consett, Consett Iron Co., Limited.

95 Medorosley Edge, Consett , Consett Iron Co., Limited.

96 Middle Beechburn, Howden, Darlington, Middle Beechburn Coal and Coke Co.

97 Middridge (standing), Shildon, Darlington, Weardale Iron and Coal Co. Limited.

98 Morley, Bishop Auckland, Joseph Gise.

99 Morley Main, Hamsterley Stephen Hope.

100 Morrison, Annfield Plain, Hedley and Dell.

101 Murton, South Hetton, Fence Houses, South Hetton Coal Co.

102 Nettlesworth, Chester-le-Street, Fence Houses, Sir G. Elliot. Bart., and William Hunter.

103 Newbottle, Chester-le-Street, Fence Houses, Earl Durham.

104 New Brancepeth, Darlington, New Brancepeth Coal Co.

105 New Copley, Cockfield, Darlington, Woodland Colliery Co.

106 Newfield, Willington, Durham, Bolckow. Vaughan, and Co., Limited

107 Newfield, Chester-le-Street, Lord Dunsaney and Partners, Limited.

108 Newton Cap, Darlington, Henry Stobart and Co.

109 North Beechburn, Bishop Auckland, North Beechburn Coal Co.

110 North Hetton, Hetton-le-Hole, Fence Houses, North Hetton Coal Co.

111 North Roddymoor Colliery, Crook, Jos. Pease and Partners.

112 North End, Cockfield, Darlington, Walker, Simpson, and Co.

113 Norwood (Evenwood), Darlington, Owners of Norwood Colliery.

114 Oakenshaw, Wlllington, Durham, Strakers and Love.

115 Page Bank, Willington, Bell Brothers, Limited.

116 Pelton Fell, Chester-le-Street, Lord Dunsaney and Partners.

117 Pit Close, Morley, George Lawson.

118 Pittington, Fence Houses, North Hetton Coal Co.

119 Poverty Hill, Castleton, Brunton and Walker.

120 Rachwoodside, Lanchester, Ferrens and Love.

121 Railey Fell, Etherley, Darlington, Henry Stobart and Co.

122 Rainton (standing), Fence Houses, Marchoness of Londonderry.

123 Rough Lea, Hunwick, North Beechburn Coal Co.

124 Ryhope, underland, Ryhope Coal Co. Limited.

125 Sacriston, Durham, Sir G. Elliot, Bart., and W. Hunter.

126 Saint Helens, Bishop Auckland, Jos. Pease arid Partners.

127 Seaham, Sunderland, Marquess of Londonderry.

128 Sherburn Hill, Durham, Earl Durham.

129 Sherburn House, Durham, Earl Durham.

130 Shildon, Darlington, Shildon Coal Co.

131 Shildon Lodge, Darlington, Bolckow, Vaughan, and Co., Limited.

132 Silksworth, Sunderland, Marquess of Londonderry.

133 South Durham, Darlington, South Durham Coal Co., Limited.

134 South Hetton, Fence Houses, South Hetton Coal Co.

135 South Wingate (standing), Ferry Hill, Hutton Henry Coal Co., Limited.

136 Spennymoor, Ferry Hill, R. S. Johnson and Co.

137 Stanley, Crook, Joseph Pease and Partners.

138 Storey Lodge (standing), Darlington, Trustees of T. Charlton and Co.

139 Storth, Hawes, Alexander Dimsdale.

140 Sunniside, Tow Law, Joseph Pease and Partners.

141 Tan Hill, Swandale, Knowles and Co.

142 Tees Hetton (standing), Evenwood, Bishop Auckland, Trustees of T. Charlton and Co.

143 Thrislington, Coxhoe, Ferry Hill, ThrislingtonCoal Co.

144 Thornley, Ferry Hill, Original Hartlepool Collieries Co., Limited.

145 Tindale, Bishop Aucekland, J. Pease and Partners.

146 Trimdon, Ferry Hill, Trimdon Coal Co.

147 Trimdon Grange, Ferry Hill, Trimdon Grange Coal Co.

148 Tudhoe, Ferry Hill, Weardale Iron and Coal Co., Limited.

149 Ferry Hill, Grange, Ferry Hill, Weardale Iron and Coal Co., Limited.

150 Tursdale, Ferry Hill, Bell Brothers, Limited.

151 Toradale, Ferry Hill, Bell Brothers, Limited.

152 Ushaw Moor, Durham, Henry Claytor and Co.

153 Vane's Hartley, Cockfield, Staindrop, R. Summerson and Co.

154 Waldridge, Chester-le-Street, Fence Houses, Thiedemann and Wallis.

155 Waldridge Busty, Chester-le-Street, Strakers and Love.

156 West Aurkland, Bishop Auckland, Bolckow,Vaughan, and Co., Limited.

157 West Beechburn, Tow Law, Darlington, C. W. and T. Snowdon.

158 West Broom (standing, Durham, North Brancepeth Coal Co.

159 Westerton, Chester-le-Street, Bolckow,Vaughan, and Co., Limited.

160 West Stanley Lamp, Coundon, Bishop Auckland, J. H. Burn.

161 West Stanley Kettledrum (standing), Chester-le-Street, J. H. Burn.

162 West Stanley, (standing), Chester-le-Street, J. H. Burn.

163 West Thornley, Tow Law, Darlington, Weardale Iron and Coal Co., Limited.

164 West Walton, Wilton-le-Were, William Walton.

165 West Woodifield, Tow Law, Kellett and Snowden.

166 Westwood, Consett, ConsettIron Co., Limited.

167 Wheatley Hill, Ferry Hill, Original Hartlepool Collieries Co. Limited.

168 White Lee, Crook Darlington, Bolckow,Vaughan, and Co., Limited.

169 Whitworth Park, Ferry Hill, R. S. Johnson and Co.

170 Whitworth Park, Spennymoor, R. S. Johnson and Co.

171 William Gill, Reeth Arkendale, Jos. Caygill.

172 Willington, Willington Durham, Strakers and Love.

173 Windlestone, Ferry Hill, Joseph Pease and Partners.

174 Wingate Grange, Ferry Hill, Wingate Grange Coal Co.

175 Witton-le-Wear, Darlington, Witton Fire Brick &c. Co.

176 Wiltton, Durham, Elliot and Hunter.

177 Woodfield, Crook, Darlington, Bolckow,Vaughan, and Co., Limited.

178 Woodland, Cockfield, Darlington, Woodland Coal Co., Limited

179 Wooley, Crook, Joseph Pease and Partners.



Landsale Collieries In Southern Division Of Durham

 1 Crane Row, Bishop Auckland, Thomas Atkinson and Son.

2 Crook Hall or Durham Main Durham, J. Lishman and Co.

3 Cust Barn, Woodlands, Executors of Thomas Marr.

4 Elvet, Durham, T. Crawford.

5 Hill Top, Esk, C. Gillow aud others.

6 Osmonderoft, Near Barnard Castle, Osmonderoft Coal and Brick Co.




 1 Agnes, Barnsley, William Day.

2 Barrow, Barnsley, Barrow Haematite Steel Co., Limited

3 Belle Vue (Darton), Barnsley, T. W. Naylor

4 Blacker Main, Barnsley, Blacker Main Coal Co.

5 Bloomhouse Green (standing), Barnsley, Henry Lodge.

6 Carlton Main, Barnsley, Yorkshire and Derbyshire Coal and Iron Co.

7 Corton Wood, Barnsley, Corton Wood Coal Co.

8 Darfield Main, Barnsley, Darfield Main Coal Co.

9 Darley Main, Barnsley, Darley Main Coal Co.

10 Darton Hall, Barnsley, Darton Coal Co.

11 Dodworth, Barnsley, Silkstone and Dodworth Coal and Iron Co.

12 East Gawber, Barnsley, R. Craik and Co.

13 Edmunds Main, Barnsley, Edmunds Main Co.

14 Ellis Laith, Barnsley, Robert Leather.

15 Haigh, Barnsley, Fountain and Son.

16 Higham, Barnsley, Silkstone and Dodworth Coal and Iron Co.

17 High Stile, Barnsley, High Stile Colliery Co.

18 Hodroyd, Barnsley, Hodroyd Coal Co.

19 Houghton Main, (Darfield), Barnsley,Houghton Main Main Coal Co,

20 Hoyland Silkstone, Barnsley, Wells and Co.

21 Kidfield Nook, Barnsley, Joseph Sykes.

22 Lund Hill, Barnsley, Lund Hill Coal Co.

23 Mitchell Main, Barnsley, Mitchell and Co.

24 Moor House, Barnsley, Fountain and Son.

25 Monk Bretton, Barnsley, Monk Bretton Colliery Co.

26 Monckton Main, Barnsley, Monckton Main Coal Colliery.

27 Mount Osborne, Barnsley, William Day.

28 North Gawber, Barnsley, Thorp's Gawber Hall Co.

29 Oaks, Barnsley, C. Cannell and Co.

30 Old Mill, Barnsley, William Day.

31 Old Silkstone, Barnsley, R. C. Clarke.

32 Old Silkstone Main, Barnsley, Coopers and Co.

33 Pindar Oaks, Barnsley, Darley Main Coal Co.

34 Rockingham, Barnsley, Newton Chambers and Co.

35 Rockley, Barnsley, T. A. Mann and co.

36 Rosa, Barnsley, W. Day.

37 Silkstone , Barnsley, Silkstone and Dodworth Coal and Iron Co.


The discrepancy in the numbering occurs in the original document.


43 Smithies, Barnsley, C Marsden and Son

44 Stanhope, Silkstone, Barnsley, G. A. Haworth & Co.

45 Swaithe Main, Barnsley, Edmunds Main Co

46 Strafford, Barnsley, Strafford Collieries Co.

47 Tingle Bridge, Barnsley, Willow Main Coal Co.

48 Underhill, Barnsley, Fountain and Son.

49 Victoria, Barnsley, E. Sutcliffe and Co.

50 Wharncliffe Silkstone, Barnsley, Wharncliffe Silkstone Coal Co.

51 Wharncliffe Woodmoor, Barnsley, Wharncliffe Woodmoor Coal Co. Limited.

52 Willow Bank, Barnsley, Thorp's Gawber Hall Co.

53 Winter Hill (hoyland, Barnsley, Haigh and Co.

54 Woombwell Main, Barnsley, Woombwell Main Coal Co.

55 Woolley (Darton), Barnsley, Woolley Coal Co

56 Worsborough Park, Barnsley, Coopers and Co.


1 Denholme, Bingley, Isaac Wood and Co.

2 Hollinghall Denholme, Bingley, Overend, Wood and Co.

3 Hazel Crook (Wilsden), Bingley, J. Wood, jr.

4 Shipley Moor, Bingley, J. Fife and Co.

5 Wilsden, Bingley, Wood and Son.


1 Allerton, Bradford, Bowling Iron Co., Limited.

2 Allerton, Bradford, Wood and Son.

3 Alderscholes, BradfordBradford, E. Clayton.

4 Birkby Lane, Bradford, Bowling Iron Co.

5 Birkenshaw, Bradford, W. Ackroyd.

6 Bowling, Bradford, Hird, Dawson and Hardy.

7 Bowling, Bradford, Bowling Iron Co. Limited.

8 Bowling, Bradford, J. Beanland.

9 Bowling, Bradford, H. Gittings.

10 Bradford, Bradford, Bowling Iron Co. Limited.

11 Bradford Moor, Bradford, Bowling Iron Co. Limited.

12 Bradford Moor, Bradford, Joseph Wood.

13 Broom Hall, Bradford, Thomas Pitts.

14 Bunkers Hill, Bradford, Bowling Iron Co. Limited.

15 Cleckheaton, Bradford, Bowling Iron Co. Limited.

16 Cleckheaton, Bradford, Bowling Iron Co. Limited.

17 Clifton, Bradford, Hird, Dawson, and Hardy.

18 Clutter Height, Bradford, Hird, Dawson, and Hardy.

19 Denham, Bradford, Hird, Dawson,and Hardy.

20 Eccleshill, Bradford, Thomas Tomlinson & Co.

21 Green Lane (Wyke Banks), Bradford, John Hind and Brothers.

22 Heaton (Shipley Moor), Bradford, Joseph Briggs and Sons.

23 Heaton (Shipley)Bradford, John R. Fyfe and Co.

24 Holme Bank, Bradford, Hird, Dawson, and Hardy.

25 Holebottom, Bradford, Asa Fawthrop.

26 Holme Tong, Bradford, Bowling Iron Co., Limited.

27 Hunsworth, Bradford, Bowling Iron Co., Limited.

28 Hunsworth Hills, Bradford, J. and R. Taylor.

29 Merchant Fields (Cleckheaton) near Normanton, Holt, Thomas and Healey.

30 Newmarket (Tong), Bradford, Broadbent & Johnson.

31 North Bierley, Bradford, Bowling Iron Co, Limited.

32 North Bierley, Bradford, Hird, Dawson and Hardy.

33 Oakenshaw, Bradford, Hird, Dawson and Hardy.

34 Oakroyd (Birkenshaw), Bradford, John Harrison.

35 Pasture, Bradford, Hird, Dawson and Hardy.

36 Popplewell (Cleckeaton), Bradford, Holt and Co.

37 Rake Lands, Bradford, Hird, Dawson and Hardy.

38 Red Hill (Tong), Bradford, W. Terry and W. Rushfirth.

39 Rockwell, Bradford, Smith and Co.

40 Rooks, Hipperhome, Bradford, Hird, Dawson and Hardy.

41 Scholes, Bradford, Hird, Dawson and Hardy.

42 Scholes, Bradford, Crossland Coal Co. Limited.

43 Shelf, Bradford, Hird, Dawson and Hardy.

44 Shipley Moor, Bradford, William Firth.

45 Syke, Bradford, Hird, Dawson and Hardy.

46 Thornton, Bradford, Wood and Sons.

47 Thornton, Bradford, Illingworth and Sons.

48 Tofyshaw Moor, Bradford, Healey and Co.

49 Tong, Bradford, Hird, Dawson and Hardy.

50 Tong, Bradford,Bowling Iron Co, Limited.

51 Westfield, Bradford, Hird, Dawson and Hardy.

52 Whitehall, Bradford, Hird, Dawson and Hardy.

53 Wike, Bradford, Hird, Dawson and Hardy.

54 Wroe, Bradford, Mitchell Brothers.


1 Babes in the Wood, Dewsbury, C. Crawshaw and Warburton.

2 Bank Top, Dewsbury, Raynor Brothers.

3 Batley, Dewsbury, James Critchley.

4 Brier Hall (Birstall), Dewsbury, Isaac Colbeck.

5 Calder (Mirfield), Dewsbury, Charles Wheatley.

6 Chickenley Heath, Dewsbury, Chickenley Heath Coal Co.

7 Chickenley Wood, Dewsbury, Chickenley,Wood Coal Co.

8 Chidswel, Dewsbury, C. Crawshaw and Warburton.

9 Combs (Thornhill), Dewsbury, B. T. Ingham.

10 Cross Bank (Batley), Dewsbury, John Holiday, Brothers.

11 Dark Lane (Mirfield), Dewsbury, Mirfield Coal Co.

12 Dewsbury Moor, Dewsbury, J. and G. Haigh.

13 Falhouse (Whitley), Dewsbury, Joseph Bedford.

14 Gregory Spring (Mirfield), Dewsbury, Gregory Spring Coal Co.

15 Hopton, Dewsbury, Joseph Bedford.

16 Hostingley (Thornhill), Dewsbury, E. T. Ingham.

17 Howroyd (Briestfield), Dewsbury, John Cutt.

18 Ings (Thornhill), Dewsbury, E. T. Ingham.

19 Know (Hopton near Mirfield), Dewsbury, J. Ashton.

20 Ladywood, Dewsbury, Charles Wheatley.

21 Ledgard Bridge (Mirfield), Dewsbury, Charles Wheatley.

22 Mirfield, Dewsbury, Nevin and Barraclough.

25 Occupation, Dewsbury, Messrs. Marriott.

24 Park Farm, Heckmondwike, Dewsbury, Rhodes, Wright, and Wroe.

25 Ravens Lodge, Dewsbury, Messrs. Haigh.

26 Ridings, Dewsbury, C. B. Crawshaw and Warburton.

27 Roach, Dewsbury, Roach Coal Co.

28 Saville, Dewsbury, C. B. Crawshaw and Warburton.

29 Shaw Cross, Dewsbury, C. B. Crawshaw and Warburton.

30 Soothill, Dewsbury, C. B. Crawshaw and Warburton.

31 Southill Wood, Dewsbury, Joseph Blakeley.

32 Upper Crossly, Dewsbury, Benjm. Burraclough.

33 Whitley Wood, Dewsbury, Charles Wheatley.


1 Beacon Hill, Halifax, Oates and Green.

2 Brownend, Halifax, S. Illingworth and Sons.

3 Charlestown, Halifax, Charlestown Brick and Tile Co.

4 Cinder Hill, Halifax, Jos. Norton.

5 Cinder Hill, Halifax, Waddlngton and Haigh.

6 Claremont, Halifax, R. Holt.

7 Cockhill Farm (Shelf), Halifax, M. Bottomley and Son.

8 Elland, Halifax, J. G. Robinson.

9 Ellen Royd, Halifax, Ellen Royd Brick Co.

10 Field Beacon Hill, Halifax, Oates and Green.

11 Howcans, Halifax, Halliday.

12 Lower Shibden, Halifax, John Lister.

13 New Bank, Halifax, Julius Whitehead.

14 New Bank, Halifax, George Greenwood.

15 New Hall, Halifax, Lutz and Armitage.

16 Norwood Green, Halifax, Norwood Green Coal Co.

17 Quarry House, Halifax, Holmes and Co.

18 Queensbury, Halifax, Joseph Briggs and Sons.

19 Shaw Lane, Halifax, Michael Stocks.

20 Shibden, Halifax, Holmes and Co.

21 Shibden Hall, Halifax, John Lister.

22 Shibden Head, Halifax, Michael Stocks.

23 Shipley Moor, Halifax, Briggs and Son.

24 Shugden, Halifax, Briggs and Son.

25 ShugdenHead, Halifax, Michael Stocks.

26 Sunny Bank, Halifax, Halifax Coal Co.

27 Victoria (Elland), Halifax, J. and J. Farrar.

28 Whitigate, Halifax, J. Saville.

25 Woodman Clay Mine, Halifax, Huddersfield Building Society.


1 Box Ings, Huddersfield, Seth Senior and Sons.

2 Bradley, Huddersfield, Charles Wheatley.

3 Brockholes,Huddersfield, Messrs. Haigh.

4 California (Shelley), Huddersfield, Matthews and Co.

5 Clayton Common (Norton-thorpe), Huddersfield, Norton Brothers and Co.

6 Cowmes, Norton, J. Sheard.

7 Denby Dale (sinking), Huddersfield, Schofield and Forbes.

8 Duke Wood (Clayton West), Huddersfield, Norton Brothers and Co.

9 Fieldhouse, Huddersfield, Edward Brooke.

10 Germain Main, Huddersfield, Littlewood and Firth.

11 Greenhouse, Huddersfield, J. Alderson and Son.

12 Grimescar, Huddersfield, Jones and Waterhouse.

14 Helm, Huddersfield, Charles Wheatley.

15 High Park, Huddersfield, (Bradley), Huddersfield, H. Lister.

16 High Wood (sinking), Huddersfield, Lodge and Co.

17 Hollinhouse, Huddersfield, Messrs Haigh.

18 Hollinhouse, Huddersfield, Messrs. Haigh.

19 Kirkheaton, Huddersfield, Messrs. Cardwell.

20 Lane End, Huddersfield, E. Heeley and co.

21 Linfit, Huddersfield, George Hey.

22 Lockwood Common, Huddersfield, H. Brook and Sons.

23 Lower Cumberworth, Huddersfield, Jas. Schofield.

24 Lower Holmhouse, Huddersfield, Pit and Booth.

25 Moor Lane (Highburton), Huddersfield, Geo. Newsome.

26 New ground, Huddersfield, E. Brook and Sons.

27 Oxlee, Hepworth, Huddersfield, Hirst and Cartwright.

28 Ozzinge (Shelly), Huddersfield, W. and C. Hurst.

29 Pease Hill, Huddersfield, J. Sheard.

30 Pulling Hill, Huddersfield, Mellor and Sanderson.

31 Rowley, Huddersfield, J. Sheard.

32 Schrogg, Huddersfield, H. T. Beaumont.

33 Siuking Wood, Huddersfield, Messrs. Haigh.

34 Snowgatehead, Huddersfield, Messrs. Haigh.

35 Thorncliffe Spring, Huddersfield, W. Jaggar.

36 Thorncliffe Green, Huddersfield, W: Lodge and Co.

37 Thurstonland, Huddersfield, Kempenny and Robinson.

38 Toppits (Clayton, West, Huddersfield, John Hargreaves and Co.

39 Whitely (Kirkheaton), Huddersfield, Messrs. W. and J. Cardwell.

40 Wilson Main, Huddersfield, George Newsome.


1 Bartiside (Hepworth), near Holmfirth, Hirst and Lockwood.

2 Clay Works, Holmfirth, C. S. and H. W. Tinker.

3 Gatehead, Holmfirth, C. S. and H. W. Tinker.

4 Hollin House (New Mills), Holmfirth, Hepworth Iron Co.

5 Hepworth, Holmfirth, Hepworth Iron Co.

6 Knab (sinking), Holmfirth, Geo. Hinchcliffe.

7 Knowles, Holmfirth, J. and A. Kaye.

8 Meal Hill, Holmfirth, C. S. and H. W. Tinker.

9 Wood, Holmfirth, C. S. and H. W. Tinker.


1 Greata Main, Burton in Lonadale, Levi Towler.

2 Ingleton, Ingleton, W. Bracewell.


1 Adwalton Common, Leeds, Medcalf and Harrison.

2 Adwalton Lane, Leeds, Rushforth and Co.

3 Adwalton Moor, Leeds, William Bower and Brothers.

4 Allerton Main, Leeds, T. and R. Bowers.

5 Astley, Leeds, T. and R. Bowers.

6 Baildon Moor, Leeds, William Midgely.

7 Balaklava (Morley), Leeds, West Yorkshire Iron and Coal Co.

8 Beckett Street, Leeds, Holdsworth and Wilkinson.

9 Beeston, Leeds, Hird, Dawson, and Hardy.

10 Beeston Hill, Leeds, William Morris.

11 Birkhill (Birkenshaw), Leeds, Executors of W. Harrison.

12 Blue Hill Lane, Leeds, Benjn. North.

13 Briggs, Leeds, Farnley Iron Co.

14 Brown Moor, Leeds, Manston Coal Co.

15 Bruntcliffe Hill, Leeds, Bruntcliffe Hill Coal Co.

16 Bushey (Drighlington), Leeds, Newmarket Coal Co.

17 Calder (Elland, Leeds, E. J. W. Waterhouse.

18 Churwell, Leeds, Hird, Dawson and Hardy.

19 Churwell, Leeds, William Ward.

20 Cliff, Churwell, Leeds, Farnley Iron Co.

21 Cottingley Hall, Churwell, Leeds, Hird, Dawson and Hardy.

22 Cross Flats, Leeds, Hird, Dawson and Hardy.

23 Crow Trees (Gommersal), Leeds, Rhodes' Executors.

24 Dartmouth (Morley), Leeds, ) Lister and Co.

25 Dean Hall (Morley), Leeds, Bedford and Co.

26 Dixon, Leeds, Farnley Iron Co.

27 Doleswood (Drighlington), Leeds, Joseph Bray.

28 Elland Road, Leeds, Wortley Fire Clay Co.

29 Elland Park, Leeds, Ed. Brooke and Sons.

30 Farnley, Leeds, The Famley Iron Co. Limited.

31 Farnley Wood, Leeds, A. Rogers and Son.

32 Foxholes (Methly), Leeds, William Wood.

33 Garforth, Leeds, Garforth Coal Co.

34 Glederd Road, Leeds, Willliam Ward.

35 Glederd Road Gildersome, Leeds, Clayton and Speight.

36 Gomersal Main, Leeds, J. Taylor.

37 Gomersal Main, Leeds, T. and C. Taylor.

38 Green Man (Hunslet), Gomersal Main, Leeds, Robinson and Co.

39 Green Top (Pudsey), Gomersal Main, Leeds, B. Canthery.

40 Grove, (Farnley), Leeds, W. Woodhead and Son.

41 Holbeck, Leeds, Hird, Dawson and Hardy.

42 Holly Park, Calverly, Leeds, Holly Park Mills Co.

43 Horse Riggs (Adwalton), Leeds, Garforth anmd Townsend.

44 Howden Clough, Leeds, Howden Clough Colliery Co.

45 Howley Park (Morley), Leeds, Howley Park Coal Co.

46 Hunger Hill (Adwalton) (sinking), Leeds,) Jas. Troughton and Co.

47 Hunslet, Leeds, Hird, Dawson, and Hardy.

48 Hunslett Carr, Leeds, G. W. Hick.

49 Idle, Leeds, F. B. Ellison.

50 Ingham, Leeds, Farnley Iron Co.

51 Joan Royd, Leeds, Trustees of James Kellett.

52 Killingbeck (York Road), Leeds, York Road Coal and Iron Co.

53 Kippax, Leeds, Locke and Co.

54 Lanes Wood (Gomersal), Leeds, amuel Jackson.

55 Little Gomersal, Leeds, Crowther and Co.

56 Lumb Lane (not working), Leeds, John Mann.

57 Manston, Leeds, Manston Coal Co.

58 Manston Lodge, Leeds, Manston Coal Co.

59 Mary (Churwell), Leeds, Whitaker and Roberts.

60 Micklefield, Leeds, Micklefield Coal and Lime Co.

61 Middleton, Leeds, Middleton Coal Co.

62 Middleton Main, Leeds, C. Waterhouse.

63 Moorland (Gildersome), Leeds, Bedford and Rushforth.

64 Moortown, Leeds, H Harrison.

65 Morley, Leeds, Harding and Co.

66 Morley Main, Leeds, William Ackroyd and Bros.

67 Morley West End, Leeds, Morley West End Coal Co.

68 Muffitt Lane, Leeds, Alfred West.

69 Neville Hill, Leeds, Norwegian Titanic Iron Ore Co.

70 New Hall (Middleton), Leeds, Charles Grosvenor and Son.

71 Newmarket (Adwalton), Leeds, J. H. Watson.

72 Oldhill (not woorking), Leeds, John Taylor.

73 Osmondthorpe No.1, Leeds, Hird, Dawson and Hardy.

74 Osmondthorpe No.2, Leeds, Hird, Dawson and Hardy.

75 Paradise, Leeds, Hutchinson and Troughton.

76 Park (Liversedge), Leeds, Park Coal Co.

77 Polternewton, Leeds, Low Moor Iron Co.

78 Primrose (Now Town), Leeds, Leed Patent Brick Co.

79 Primrose Hill (Liversedge), Thomas Hardy Jackson.

80 Prospect (Robertown) (not working), Leeds, A. Sheard.

81 Quaker Lane (Liversedge), Leeds, Joseph Wright.

82 Ravels, Leeds, Clayton and Speight.

83 Royds, Leeds, Clayton and Speight.

84 Robert Town, Leeds, Mann and Co.

85 Robin Hood, Leeds, J. and J. Charlesworth.

86 Rock (Burmantofs), Leeds, Wilcock and Co.

87 Rothwell Haigh. Leeds, J. and J. Charlesworth.

88 Seacroft, Leeds, Manston Coal Co.

89 Smithies (Birstal), Leeds, Alfred West.

90 Sowden, Leeds, Farnley Iron Co.

91 Spring Gardens (Drighlington), Leeds, Fearnley Garforth.

92 Stanley (Main), Leeds, Stanley Coal Co., Limited,

93 Strawberry Bank (Liversedge), Leeds, Liversedge Coal Co.

94 Street Lane (Glidersome) (not working), Leeds, Robert Leathley.

95 Sykes (Drighlington), Leeds, Walker and Reddich.

96 Tanhouse Mill, Leeds, Tanhouse Mill Co.

97 Tingle, Leeds, Farnley Iron Co.

98 Tong Moor, Leeds, Healey and Petty.

99 Victoria (Gildersome), Leeds, Messrs. Haigh and Sons.

100 Victoria, Leeds, J. Towler.

101 Waterloo Main, Leeds, John T. Leather.

102 Webster, Leeds, Farnley Iron Co.

103 Wellington, Leeds, John Jackson and Son.

104 West Lane (Gomersal), Leeds, John Jackson and Son.

105 West Yorkshire (Manston), Leeds, Manston Coal Co.

106 White, Leeds, Farnley Iron Co.

107 White Horse (York Road), Leeds, York Road Iron and Coal Co.

108 White Lee, Leeds, Alfred West.

109 Wirehall, Leeds, Rushforth and Co.

110 Wortley, Leeds,Ingham and Son.

111 Wortley, Leeds, Cliff and Sons


1 Don Pedro, Normanton, H. Briggs and Son.

2 Goodhope, Normanton, H. Briggs and Son.

3 Haigh Moor (Silkstone), Normanton, Pope and Pearson, Limited.

4 Haigh Moor, Mormanton, H. Briggs and Son.

5 Methley Junction, Normanton, H. Briggs and Son.

6 New Sharlston, Normanton, New Sharlston Collieries Co.

7 Saville, Normanton, H. Briggs and Son.

8 Silkstone, Normanton, H. Briggs and Son.

9 St. John's, Normanton, Locke and Co.

10 West Riding, Normanton, Pope and Pearson, Limited.



1 Fogshaw, Pateley Bridge, M. Brown.

2 Woogill (Middlesmoor), Pateley Bridge, Matthew Dolphin.


1 Bullhouse, Penistone, J. Hinchliffe and Co.

2 Crow Edge, Penistone, J. Hinchliffe and Co.

3 Flash House (Thurltone), J. Hinchliffe .


1 Allerton Bywater, Pontefract, Silkstone and Haigh Moor Coal Co. Limited.

2 Featherstone, Pontefract, Featherstone Coal Co.

3 Acton House and Featherstone Manor, Pontefract, George Bradley.

4 Fitzwilliam Main, Pontefract, J. R. Foslick.

5 Fryston (Castleford), Pontefract, Fryston Coal Co.

6 Glass Houghton, Pontefract, The Exors. of. D. Thorp.

7 Newton SMain, Pontefract, T. D. Brand.

8 Prince of Wales, Pontefract, Rhodes and Dalby.

9 Snydale, Pontefract, Rhodes and Dalby.

10 South Kirkby (sinking, Pontefract, The Rosedale and Ferryhill Iron Co.

11 Streethouse, Pontefract, H. Briggs, Son, and Co. Limited.

12 Wheldale (Castleford), Pontefract, Wheldale Coal Co., Limited.


1 Akdwarke Main, Rotherham, John Brown and Co., Limited.

2 Butterthwaite (Ecclesfleld), Rotherham, Mark, Davey and Co.

3 Carhouse, Rotherham, John Brown and Co. Limited.

4 Denaby Main, Rotherham, Denaby Main Coal Co.

5 Elsecar, Rotherham, Earl Fitzwilliam.

6 Fene (Woodhouse Mill), Rotherham, Rother Vale Collieries, Limited.

7 Grange, Rotherham, G. Chambers and Son.

8 Greasbrough Old Park Gate, Rotherham, Hinchliff, Bramaham, and Co.

9 Green Lane House (sinking), Rotherham, J. W. Beaver.

10 Green Odd (Rawmarsh), Rotherham, Elijah Hart and Co.

11 Holmes, Rotherham, Rotherham, Mastorough, and Holmes Coal Co.

12 Jordan, Rotherham. Moses Law.

13 Kilnhurst, Rotherham, J. and J. Charlesworth.

14 Low Stobbin, Rotherham, Earl Fitzwilliam.

15 Manvers Main, Rotherham, Manvers Main Coal Co.

16 Meadow, Rotherham, Thomas W. Broome.

17 Netherfied (Rawmarsh), Rotherham, Hawkins, Hague and Twigg.

18 Newhill, Rotherham, Green Hill and Milton Coal Co.

19 North Staveley, Rotherham, Staveley Coal and Iron Co.

20 Park Gate, Rotherham, Earl Fitzwilliam.

21 Rawmarsh, Rotherham, J. Knapton.

22 Rawmarsh, Rotherham, Thos. Smith.

23 Roundwood, Rotherham, Cooper, Sellars and Co.

24 Scholes, Rotherham, Mangham and Co.

25 Thryberg Hall, Rotherham, J. and J. Charlesworth.

26 Tinsley Park, Rotherham, Benjamin Huntsman.

27 Waleswood, Rotherham, Skinner and Holford.

28 Warren Vale, Rotherham, J. and J. Charlesworth.

29 Wath Main, Rotherham, Wath Main Coal Co., Litmted.

30 West Melton, Rotherham, William B. Law.


1 Aston Main, Sheffield, W. H. Stone.

2 Alumnia, Sheffield, Brooke and Son.

3 Beighton, Sheffield, Skinner and Holford.

4 Birkin, Sheffield, Jos. Bramall and Sons.

5 Bracken Moor, Sheffield, Executors of Jas. Grayson.

6 Brightside, Sheffield, John Denton and Co.

7 Bromley Main, Sheffield, Bromley Silkstone Coal Co.

8 Busk Flat, Sheffield, J. Helliwell.

9 Chapeltown, Sheffield, Newton, Chambers, and Co.

10 Clay Works, Sheffield, C. S. and H. W. Tinker.

11 Clough, Sheffield, Jas. Grayson.

12 Clough, Sheffield, John Gregory.

13 Deepcar, Sheffield, John Armitage and Son.

14 Deepcar, Sheffield, John Grayson, Lowood, and Co.

15 Dungworth, Sheffield, Haigh and Co.

16 Ecclesfield, Sheffield, Haigh and Co.

17 Gleadles, Sheffield, Thos. Ward.

18 Gateshead, Sheffield, Hepworth Fire-Clay Works.

19 Grimesthorpe, Sheffield, John Denton and Co.

20 Hall Park, Sheffield, Charles Marsden.

21 Henholmes(Deepcar), Sheffield, John Armitage and Son.

22 Holly Bush, Sheffield, Joseph Hattersley.

23 Hurlford, Sheffield, John Gregory and Son.

24 Kiveton Park, Sheffield, Kiveton Park Coal Co.

25 Low Ash, Sheffield, Geo. Siddon.

26 Lower Wincobank, Sheffield, J. Johnson.

27 Lowood Wharncliffe, Sheffield, Grayson, Lowood, and Co.

28 Loxey, Sheffield, T. Wragg.


29 Malin Bridge, Sheffield, Grsyson, Lowood, and Co.

30 Manor, Sheffield, Nunnery Colliery Co.

31 Meadow Fire Clay, Sheffield, T. W. Roome.

32 Meadow Hall, Sheffield, Mark Davy.

33 Myers Lane, Sheffield, George Longden and Son.

34 New Winning, Sheffield, Nunnery Colliery Co.

35 North Staveley, Sheffield, Staveley Coal and Iron Co., Limited.

36 Nunnery, Sheffield, Nunnery Colliery Co.

37 Orgreave, Sheffield, Rother Vale Collieries Limited.

38 Potter Hill, Sheffield, H. Law.

39 Shaw House, Sheffield, Benjamin Jackson.

40 Sheffield, Sheffield, Benjamin Huntsman.

41 Stannington Wood, Sheffield, Nichols and Jackson.

42 Starr's Bridge, Sheffield, Marshall and Crapper.

43 Spink Hall, Sheffield, Mrs. Grayson.

44 Spring Wood (Ecclesfield), Sheffield, John Mallison.

45 Stannington, Sheffield, Grayson, Lowood and Co.

46 Stocksbridge (Deepear), Sheffield, Samuel Fox aud Co., Limited.

47 St. Davids (Oughtibridge), Sheffield, Russell and Co.

48 Tankersley, Sheffield, Newton, Chambers, and Co.

49 Thorncliffe,Sheffield, Newton, Chambers, and Co.

50 Unstone Main, Sheffield, Unstone Coal and Coke Co.

51 Unstone, Sheffield, Houdall Coal Co.

52 Vernon Silkstone, Sheffield, Edward Swift.

53 Wharncliffe (Oughtibridge), Sheffield, J. Beaumont.

54 Wharncliffe Wood, Sheffield, Silica Fire Brick Co.

55 Wood, Sheffield, C. S. and H. W. Tinker.

55 Woodthorpe, Sheffield, Nunnery Colliery Co.

57 Wortley Silkstone, Sheffield, Thomas Andrews and Co.


1 Bradley, Skipton, L. Homer and Co.

2 Threshfield, Skipton, W. Lambert.


1 Alverthorpe, Wakefield, Messrs. Haigh.

2 Bottom Boat, Wakefield, J. and J.Charlesworth.

3 Denby Grange, Wakefield, Miss Lister Kaye.

4 Dirt-car, Wakefield, Thos. Frith and Co.

5 East Ardsley, Wakefield, Robert Holliday and Sons.

6 Emley Moor, Wakefield, Jagger and Co.

7 Emley Park, Wakefield, Edward Stringer.

8 Emroyd, Wakefield, Stansfield and Co.

9 Flockton, Wakefield, Miss E. Lister Kaye.

10 Flockton (Upper Whiteley), Wakefield, Stansfield and Co.

11 Flockton, Wakefield, Lockwood and Co.

12 Flockton Moor, Wakefield, Robert Jaggar.

13 Gawthorp(Ossett), Wakefield, George and John Haigh.

14 Grange Ash, Wakefield, Jesse Jaggar.

15 Grange Moor, Wakefield, Stansfield and Co.

16 Grange Moor, Wakefield, John Roberts.

17 Hartley-Bank (Netherton), Wakefield, Flockton Coal Co.

18 Havereroft Main, Wakefield, E. Sutcliffe and Son.

19 Healy Lane (Ossett), Wakefield, Hinchcliffe, Kilner and Co.

20 Hollingthorpe, Wakefield, Cliff Coal and Fire Clay Co.

21 Hope, Wakefield, Robert Brown.

22 Hunt Royal (Upper Whitley), Wakefield, John Roberts.

23 Lofthouse, Wakefield, Lofthouse Colliery Co.

24 Manor, Wakefield, J. and J. W. Woodhead.

25 Netherton, Wakefield, Abraham Brooke.

26 Newmarket, Wakefield, J. and J. Charlesworth.

27 Nostell, Wakefield, Rowland Winn, M. P.

28 Ossett, Wakefield, G. and J. Haigh.

29 Ox Close (Ossett),Wakefield, Ossett Flockton Coal Co. Limited.

30 Park Lane (Ossett), Wakefield, G. and J. Haigh.

31 Park Mill, Wakefield, Ed. Stringer.

32 Pildacre (Ossett), Wakefield, Naylor and Co.

33 Ravensthorpe, Wakefield, G. and J. Haigh.

34 Roundwood, Wakefield, Terry, Greaves, and Co.

35 Ryhill Main, Wakefield, Henry Lodge.

36 Saint John's, Wakefield, Hon. Mrs. Maynell Ingram.

37 Sharlston, Wakefield, New Sharlston Coal Co Limited.

38 Shuttle Eye, Wakefield, Lockwood and Stockwell.

39 Stanley, Wakefield, R. Hudson and Co.

40 Stocksmoor, Wakefield, Sir J. L. L. Kaye.

41 Victoria, Wakefield, R. Hudson and Co.

42 Walton, Wakefield, Walton Coal Co., Limited.

43 West Field (Ossett), Wakefield, Joshua Wilby.

44 Westgate Moor, Wakefield, J. Naylor.

45 Woodhouse Lane, Wakefield, J. and J. Roberts.

46 Woodmoor, Wakefield, J. and J Charlesworth.

47 Wrenthorp, Wakefield, Daniel Micklethwalte and Co.

48 Whinny Moor (not working), Wakefield, Naylor and Co.

49 Woollen Well Main, Wakefield, Overend and Flint.



 Yorkshire, North Riding.

 1 Slorth (Hawes), Hawes, Alexander Dimsdale.



 1 Albert, Sheepbridge, Derbyshire Silkstone Coal Co., Limited.

2 Alma, Clay Cross, Thos. Holdsworth.

3 Alma, New Mills, J. Jowitt.

4 Aspenshaw, Hayfield, Aspenshaw Coal Co.

5 Avenue, Chesterfield, Wingerworth Coal Co.

6 Barlow, Sheepbridge, Sheepbridge Coal and Iron Co.

7 Barlow Lees, Chesterfield, Monkhood Colliery Co.

8 Bailey Brook, Alfreton, Butterley Iron and Coal Co.

9 Bariborough, Staveley, Staveley Coal and Iron Co., Limited.

10 Barlboroogh, Chesterfield, M. Barber.

11 Bathurst Main, Bolsover, Minnikin and Co.

12 Beard and Bogsworth, New Mills, L. and B. Hall.

13 Blackwell, Alfreton, Backwell Colliery Co., Limited.

14 Birchwood, Alfreton, C. Seely and Co.

15 Birley, West, Sheffield, Sheffield Coal Co.

16 Birley, South, Sheffield, Jeffcock and Dunn.

17 Birley Railway, Sheffield, Sheffield Coal Co Limited.

18 Birch Vale, New Mills, Thomas Bennett.

19 Blackshale, Pye Bridge, J. Oakes and Co.

20 Blockahale, Newbold, C. H. Plevins and Co.

21 Boyle Hill, Alfreton, Marshall amd Tingle.

22 Boythorpe Lane, Chesterfield, Chestefield and Boythorpe Coal Co.

23 Bottcms Hall, Stockport, J. and M. Tymm.

24 Brampton, New, Chesterfield, Knowles, Wright, and Knowles.

25 Bretby Nos.1,2,3, Burton-on-Trent, Countess of Chesterfield.

26 Bridge Inn, Chesterfield, J. B. Crooks.

27 Brands, Alfreton, Butterley Iron and Coal Co.

28 Brickyard, Alfreton, Butterley Iron and Coal Co.

29 Britain, Alfreton, Butterley Iron and Coal Co.

30 Brockwell, Alfreton, C. J. Saunders.

31 Broom House, Sheepbridge, Whittington and Sheepbridge Coal Co.

32 Brushes, Chesterfield, John Cropper.

33 Bull Close, Nos.1 and 2, Unstone, John Hewitt and Sen.

34 Bugsworth, New Mills, Thos. Bennett.

35 Burned Edge, 1 and 2, New Wills, L. and E. Hall.

36 Butterley Park, Alfreton, Butterley Iron and Coal Co.

37 Butterley Park, Nos.1,2,3,4 and 5, Alfreton, Butterley Iron and Coal Co.

38 Carnfield, Pinxton, Coke and Company.

39 Carr Close, Ilkeston, Bardsley and Smith.

40 Carr Close, Ilkeston, Enoch Mould.

41 Calley, Alfreton, Butterley Iron aud Coal Co.

42 Campbell, Staveley, Staveley Coal and Iron Co., Limited.

43 Chisworth, New Mills, J. Jowitt.

44 Clay Cross,Nos.1,2,3,4,5, and 6, Clay Cross, Clay Cross Co.

45 Cotton and Lenton, Lenton, Cotton Park and Lenton Colliery Co.

46 Cottam, Eckington, Appleby and Co.

47 Cottam Old, Eckington, Renshaw Coal and Iron Co.

48 Cottam New, Eckington, Renshaw Coal and Iron Co.

49 Coates Park, Lenton, J. Oakes and Co.

50 Comstall Road, Ludworth, Andrews and Son.

51 Coomber Wood, Killamarsh, John Shirtcliff.

52 Coppice, Shipley, A. M. Mundy.

53 Cumberland, Clay Cross, Kirby and Cross.

54 Cutthorpe, Chesterfield, J. Springthorpe.

55 Dale, Stanton Gate, Stanton Iron Co.

56 Danes Moor, Clay Cross, Clay Cross Co.

57 Deepamin, Pye Bridge, J. Oakes and Co.

58 Deby, Denby, W D. Lowe.

59 Denby Pottery, Denby, Borne and Sons.

60 Denby Hall, Alfreton, Thomas Bennett.

61 Dimminsdale Old, Tibshelf, Edward Chambers.

62 Dimminsdale New, Tibshelf, Edward Chambers.

63 Dolley Tunnel, New Mills, Thomas Bennett.

64 Drift, Unstone, H. Rangeley and Son.

65 Dronfield Silkstone, Drinfield, Dronfield Silkstone Coal Co. Limited.

66 Dunston, Sheepbridge, Sheepbridge Coal and Iron Co., Limited.

67 Ell Vein Shalgh, Clay Cross, North Wingfield Colliery Co.

68 Enreka, Swadlincote, J & N. Nadin.

69 Exhibition, Alfreton, Butterley Iron and Coal Co.

70 Fullswood, Droifield, A. Badger and Son.

71 Forty Horse, Alfreton, Butterley Iron and Coal Co.

72 Forge, Whittington, Knowles and Co.

73 Foaley Oaks, Whittington, Whittington Silkstone Colliery Co. Limited.

74 Furnace, Clay Cross, Kirkby and Cross.

75 Gomersal, Dronfield, John Sheard.

76 Gosforth, Buxton, Dronfield Silkstone Coal Co. Limited.

77 Goyte, Buxton, Buxton Lime Co.

78 Gresley, Church Gresley, Lord Donington.

79 Greascroft Wood, Church Gresley, Israel Knowles.

80 Gresley Common, Ilkeston, James Woodward.

81 Gresley Wood, Whittington, Moira Colliery Co.

82 Granby Nos.1,2 and 3, Alfreton, Butterley Iron and Coal Co.

83 Grassmoor, Chesterfield, Grassmoor Co.

84 Granville, Swadlincote, Granville Colliery Co., Limited.

85 Gun Lane, Belper, Isaac Shore.

86 Hasland, Chesterfield, Dr. C. Black.

87 Hartsay, New Mills, Butterley Iron and Coal Co.

88 Hartington, Staveley, Staveley Iron and Coal Co.

89 Hallows Farm, Dronfield, Dronfield Silkstone Coal Co. Limited.

90 Heage,(Old), Chesterfield, W. G. Cursham.

91 Heage,(New), Chesterfield, W. G. Cursham.

92 Heanor, Common Side, Heanor, Gillett Brothers.

93 Heanor Lane, Langley Mill, Henry Fletcher.

94 Highfield, Chesterfield, G. Senior.

95 Highfield, Chesterfield, Theophilus Pearson.

96 High Lane, Eckington, Trustees of J. and C. Wells.

97 High Lee, New Mills, Thomas Bennett.

98 Hill Top, Dronfield, Dronfield Brick Co.

99 Hollingwood Old, Staveley, Staveley Coal and Iron Co Limited.

100 Hollingwood, Eckington, J. H. Gosling and Co.

101 Holme, Cheterfield, J. H. Crooks.

102 Holme Close, Cheterfield, H. J. Edwards.

103 Holmwood, Chesterfield, Hardwick Coal Co.

104 Holbrook, Killamarsh, J. and G. Wells.

105 Hornthorpe, Eckington, J. and G. Wells.

106 Hundall, Unstone, Hundall Colliery Co.

107 Ireland, Staveley, Staveley Coal and Iron Co Limited.

108 Illkestone, Ilkestone, Butterley Iron and Coal Co.

109 Killamadot, Ekington, John Sutcliffe.

110 Kirkhallam, Ilkestone, Kirkhallam Coal and Iron Co.

111 Kilburne, Kilburne, J. and N. Nadin.

112 Kitchen Wood, Dronfield Woodhouse, W. Bedford and Co.

113 Langley, Alfreton, Butterley Iron and Coal Co.

114 Langton, Pinxton, Coke and Co.

115 Langith, Sheepbridge, Sheepbridge Coal and Iron Co.

116 Laund, Belper, Belper Laund Colliery Co.

117 Lings, Chesterfield, Wingerworth Coal Co.

118 Loscoe, Alfreton, Butterley Iron and Coal Co.

119 Locoford, Chesterfield, Philemon Hicks.

120 Main, Swadlincote, J. and N. Nadin.

121 Marehay, Marehay, Marehay Colliery Co.

122 Marlpool, Heanor, Heanor and Madlpool Co.

123 Manners, Ilkeston, Manners Colliery Co.

124 Mapperley, Ilkeston, Glendon Iron Co.

125 Mill brow , Ludworth, Ludworth Brck Co.

126 Millfield, Ilkeston, Matthew Hobson.

127 Monkwood (Old), Chesterfield, Monkwood Colliery Co.

128 Morton, Chesterfield, Clay Cross Co.

129 Morley Hill, Wingfield, Geo. Pearson and Co.

130 Newcastle, Shipley, E. M. Mundy.

131 Newhill Park, Burton, Coutess of Chesterfield.

132 New Hucknall, Mansfield, New Hucknall Colliery Co.

133 New Main, Chesterfield, F. S. Whitworth.

134 Newmarket, Clay Cross, Kirby and Co.

135 Nesfield, Barlow, Sheepbridge Coal and Iron Co. Limited.

136 Nether Heage, Belper, Isaac Shore and Co.

137 New Brampton, Chesterfield, Knowles, Wright and Knowles.

138 New Main, Ripley, Butterley Iron and Coal Co.

139 New Pit, Eckington, John Rhodes.

140 New Heanor, Heanor, W. J. Grinshaw.

141 Newbold Lane, Chesterfield, Henry Naylor.

142 North Wingfield, No.7, Clay Cross, Clay Cross Co.

143 Norwood, Eckington, Sheepbridge Coal and Iron Co. Limited.

144 North Derbyshire Brick Work, Stockport, North Derbyshire Brick and Tile Co.

145 Northfield, Shirland, Northfield Colliery Co.

146 Norman, Ilkeston, Samuel Shaw.

147 Nutbrook, Shipley, A. M. Mundy.

148 0akerthorpe, Wingfeld, Geo. Pearson and Co.

149 Oakwell, Ilkeston, Ilkeston Colliery Co.

150 Old Birchwood, Langley Mill, Butterley Iron Co.

151 Old Dunston, Newbold, Geo. Orwin.

152 Ormwood, Langley Mill, John Beardsley.

153 Owl Coates (Heath), Chesterfield, Messrs. Galloway.

154 Park House, No.4, Clay Cross, Clay Cross Co.

155 Park Gate, Eckington, J. and C. Wells Trustees of.

156 Peacock, Ilkeston, Joseph Shorthouse.

157 Pasture Lane, Tibshelf, Edward Chambers.

158 Pentrich, Pentrich, W. C. Haslam.

159 Pinxton, Pinxton, Coke and Co.

160 Pilsley 1,2,3., Clay Cross, Holdsworth and Co.

161 Pleasley, Chesterfield, Stanton Iron Co.

162 Plumbey, Eckington, John Rhodes.

163 Prince Albert, Eckington, J. and C. Wells.

164 Railway, Alfreton, Butterley Iron and Coal Co.

165 Renishaw, Eckington, C. Black and Co.

166 Reservoir, Chesterfield, Gregory and Sharratt.

167 Ripley 7Nos.1 and 2, Alfreton, Butterley Iron and Coal Co.

168 Ripley Road, Heage, Robert Hunt.

169 Riber, Brampton, Wm. Nicholls.

170 Rutland Nos.1,2, and 3, Ilkeston, Rutland Coal Co.

171 Ryefield No.1, Dronfleld, Bourne and Son.

172 Salterwood, Denby, George Dawes.

173 Salterwood, Denby, Executors of W. D. Lowe.

174 Salterwood, New, Denaby, Salterwood Colliery Co.

175 Seymour, Staveley, Staveley Coal and Iron Co., Limited.

176 Shirland, Alfreton, Benton and Woodiwiss.

177 Shady, Alfreton, Seeley Charles and Co.

178 Sheepbridge, Sheepbridge, Sheepbridge Coal and Iron Co., Limited.

179 Shale Cross, New Mills, L, and E. Hall.

180 Shallcross, Buxton, Buxton Lime Co.

181 Sicklebrook Lane, Dronsfield, Rhodes Brothers.

182 Silkstone, Chesterfield, J. H. Andrew aud Co.

183 Silkstone, Chesterfield, Chesterfield, and Boythorpe Colliery Co.

184 Silkstone, Chesterfield, Messrs. Barnes.

185 Silkstone, Belper, W. C. Cursham.

186 Silkstone, Clay Cross, Thomas Houldsworth.

187 Simmondsley, Glossop, Jowitt and Clayton.

188 Silkstone Main, Dronfield, Andrews Brothers.

189 Sleights Nos.1 and 2, Buxton, Coke and Co.

190 Snowdon Lane, Dronfield, C. Swift.

191 Snowdon Lane, Eckington, Swift and Allen.

192 Southgate, Chesterfield, Shire Oaks Colliery Co. Limited.

193 Speedwell, Chesterfield, Staveley Coal and Iron Co.

194 Springwell, Chesterfield, Staveley Coal and Iron Co.

195 Stanhope, Swadlincote, Maples and Co.

196 Stanhope, Swadlincote, J. and N. Nadin.

197 Stanley, Stanley, G. and T. Small.

198 Stanton, Buxton, J. and N. Nadin and Co.

199 Stonyford, Langley Mill, J. Oakes and Co.

200 Storfood Lane, Chesterfield, Dr. C. Black.

201 Stretton, Clay Cross, Sretton Colliery Co.

202 Summerley, Unstone, Jas. Rhodes.

203 St Johns, Staveley, Evans, Wigfield, and Co.

204 Sutton, Chesterfield, William Arkwright.

205 Swanwick (Deep), Alfreton, C. R. P. Morswood.

206 Swanwick (Old), Alfreton, C. R. P. Morswood.

207 Swadlincote. Nos.1,2, and 3, Alfreton, James Woodward.

208 Swadlincote, Burton, Hall and Boardman.

209 Temple Normanton, Chesterfield, Temple Normanton Colliery Co.

210 Thatchmarsh, Buxton, Buxton Lime Co.

211 Thornsett Hey, New Mills, Thos. Bennett.

212 Tibshhelf Nos.1 and 2 and 3, Alfreton, Charles Seeley and Co.

213 Tibshelf, Tibshelf, Edward Chambers.

214 Totley Moor, Dronfield, George Chadwick and Co.

215 Tupton, Chesterfield, Chesterfield and Boythorpe Colliery Co.

216 Unstone, Ilkeston, H. Rangeley and Son.

217 Unstone Main, Unstone, UnstoneCoal and Coke Co., Limited.

218 Unstone, Unstone, Samuel Saxon.

219 Waingroves, Alfreton, Butterley Iron and Coal Co.

220 Wallsend Chesterfield, Tapton Coal Co., Limited.

221 Western, Alfreton, Butterley Iron and Coal Co.

222 Wheeldon Mill, Chesterfield, S. M. Lanchester.

223 Whaley, Whaley, Buxton Lime Co.

224 West Hallam Nos.2 and 3, Ilkeston, West Hallam Coal and Iron Co.

225 Weatwells, Eckington, J. and G. Wells.

226 White Lane Silkstone, Chesterfield, Richardson aud Vardy.

227 Wigwell, Ambergate, Francis Barton.

228 Williamthorpe, Chesterfield, Winmgerworth Coal Co.

229 Winkcobank, S. Normanton, South Normanton Colliery Co.

230 Winning Collieries, S. Normanton, Blackwell Colliery Co. Limited.

231 Woodfield, Swadlincote, Marples and Co.

232 Woodside, Shipley, A Mundy.

233 Woodhouse, Dronsfield, E. H. Phillips.

234 Woodhouse Lane, Eckington, Samuel Saxon.

235 Waterloo, Whaley Bridge, Buxton Lime Co.




 1 Annesley, Mansfield, Annesley Coal Co.

2 Bestwood, Nos.1 and 2, Nottingham, Bestwood Coal and Iron Co. Limited.

3 Blackshale, Eastwood, Awsworth Iron and Coal Co.

4 Brierley Hill, Awsworth, Skegby Coal and Lime Co., Limited.

5 Brinsley, Nottingham, Barber, Walker and Co.

6 Bulwell, Nottingham, C. Seely and Co.

7 Cinder Hill, Nottingham, C. Seely and Co.

8 Clifton, No.1 and 2, Wilford, Clifton Colliery Co., Limited.

9 Clinton, Brinsley, John Beardsley.

10 Cossall, Nottingham, Cossall Colliery Co.

11 Cotmanhay, Eastwood, Barber Walker, and Co.

12 Digby, Eastwood, Digby Coal Co.

13 Eastwood, Eastwood, Barber Walker, and Co.

14 Furnace, Eastwood, Awsworth Iron and Coal Co.

15 High Park, Nottingham, Barber Walker, and Co.

16 Hucknall Torkard, No.1, Nottingham, Hucknall Colliery Co.

17 Kimberley, Nottingham, C Seely and Co.

18 Langton, Pinxton, Coke and Co.

19 Linby, Nottingham, Linby Coal Co.

20 Lodge, Eastwood, William Hall.

21 Mexbro', Selston, Butterley Company.

22 Moorgreen, Nottingham, Barber Walker, and Co.

23 Newcastle, Nottingham, C Seely and Co.

24 New Hucknall, Mansfield, New Hucknall Colliery Co.

25 Newstead, Nottingham, Newstead Colliery Co., Limited.

26 New London, Eastwood, Digby Coal Co.

27 New Silkstone, Pye Bridge, J. Oakes and Co.

26 Piper, Eastwood, Awsworth Iron and Coal Co.

29 Plumptre, Eastwood, Butterley Company.

30 Pollington, Pye Bridge, J. Oakes and Co.

31 Portland No1, 2 and 4, Mansfield, Butterley Company.

32 Selston, Pye Bridge, J Oakes and Co.

33 Shire Oaks and Southgate, Workshop, Shire Oaks Oaks Colliery Co., Limited.

34 Skegby, Mansfield, SkegbyC oal and Lime Co., Limited.

35 Speedwell, Eastwood,Digby Coal Co.

36 Springfield (standing), Eastwood, Knighton and Smith.

37 Teversall, No.1 & 2, Nottingham, Stanton Iron Company.

38 Tunnel, Ilkeston, Richard Evans.

38 Tunnel, Pye Bridge, J. Oakes and Co.

40 Underwood, Eastwood, Barber, Walker, and Co.

41 Watnall New, Eastwood, Barber, Walker, and Co.

42 Wollaton, Nottingham, New and Oldknow.



 1 Alvecote, Tamworth, C. Marshall.

2 Ammington, Tamworth, Ammington Colliery Co.

3 Ansley Nos.1,2,3, Atherstone, Ansley Hall Colliery Co.

4 Baddesley, Atherstone, W Dugdale.

5 Balance, Coventry, Hawkesbury Colliery Co.

6 Birch Coppice, Tamworth, Morris and Shaw.

7 Charity, Bedworth, Bedworth Coal and Iron Co.

8 Craven, Coventry, W. S. and J. Harris.

9 Dosthill, Tamworth, J. H. Pearson.

10 Exhall, Coventry, Edward Wilson.

11 Fly, Coventry, Hawkesbury Colliery Co.

12 Glascote Clay Works, Tamworth, Gibbs and Canning.

13 Griff, Nuneaton, C N Newdegate. M.P.

14 Hall End, Tamworth, Morris and Shaw.

15 Harts Hill, Stockingford, Smallman and Co.

16 Haunch Wood, Nuneaton, William Nowell.

17 Hawkesbury, Bedworth, Hawkesbury Colliery Co.

18 Hockley Hall, Tamworth, J Spencer Balfour.

19 Kettlebrook, Tamworth, T Dumolo.

20 Nuneaton, Nuneaton, Stanley Bros.

21 New Winnings, Coventry, HawkesburyCoal Co.

22 Peel, Nuneaton, G. Skey and Company.

23 Pooley Hall, Tamworth, Pooley Hall Colliery Co. Limited.

24 Seven-foot, Tamworth, Hockley Hall Colliery Co.

25 Speedwell, Coventry, Hawkesbury Colliery Co.

26 Speedwell, New Winningsgs, Coventry, Hawkesbury Colliery Co.

27 Tame Valley, Tame Valley, G. Skey and Co.

28 Wallsgrove, Wyken, Wyken Coal Co.

29 Whateley, Tamworth, Hockley Hall Colliery Co.

30 Wilnecote, Tamworth, Gibbs and Canning.

31 Woodlands, Bedworth, Bedworth Coal Co.

32 Wyken, Coventry, Wyken Coal Company.



 1 Bagworth, Bagworth, Bagworth Coal Co.

2 Blackfordby, Ibstock, Holmes and Hulme.

3 Boothorpe, Swadlincote, Boothorpe Brick and Coal Co.

4 Coleorton, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Coleorton Colliery Co.

5 Donisthorpe No.1 & 2, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Checkland, Son, and Williams.

6 Ellistown, Bagworth, J. J. Ellis.

7 Heath End, Stratton Harold, John Lancaster and Company.

8 Heather, Ibstock, Heather Colliery Co.

9 Ibstock, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Ibstock Colliery Company, Limited.

10 Lindridge, Desford, H. Petrie.

11 Moira, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Lord Donnington.

12 Mount Pleasant, Woodville, Knowles and Co.

13 Nailstone, Bagworth, Joseph Thornton.

14 Netherseal, Netherseal, Netherseal Colliery Co.

15 Newfield, Burton, Knowles and Co.

16 Newfield, Woodvilles, Knowles and Co.

17 Oakthorpe, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Lord Donnington.

18 Pool Clay Pits, Woodville, Ed. and H. Ensor.

19 Plough Flats, Woodville, Capt. Ferry.

20 Potsherd, Burton~on Trent, Thomas Green.

21 Rawdon, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Lord Donnington.

22 Reservoir, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Lord Donnington.

23 Snibston, Nos.1,2, & 3, Leicester, G. L Stephenson.

24 South Leicestershire, Bardon Hill, South Leicestershire Colliery Co.

25 Speedwell, Coalville, Whitwick Colliery Co., Limited.

26 Whitwick, Leicester, Whitwick Colliery Co., Limited.




 1 Callow Hill, Cheadle, C Salt.

2 Cheadle, Cheadle, Plant an Co.

3 Common Side, Cheadle, William Malkin.

4 Consall, Cheadle, Scott and Co.

5 Cross Falts, Cheadle, Salt and Co.

6 Delph House, Cheadle, Sir Lionel Pilkington.

7 Dillhorne, Cheadle, Salt and Co.

8 Hazelell, Cheadle, A. Edward.

9 Ipstones Park, Cheadle, Southall and Co.

10 Lytley, Cheadle, Bolton and Son.

11 Little Above Park, Cheadle, Mann and Co.

12 Park Hall, Cheadle, Almond and Co.

13 Well Street, Cheadle, William Malkin.

14 Woodhead (Hazelwall Pit), Cheadle, Trustees of William Bowers.


1 Bradley Green, Congleton, J. Bradbury.


1 Adderley Green, Longton, Stirrup and Pye

2 Anchor, Longton, H. Ashwell.

3 Bentilee, Longton, Hawley and Bridgewood.

4 Brownfields, Longton, Brownfields Colliery Co.

5 Fenton Park, Longton, Fenton Park Colliery Co Limited.

6 Florence, Longton, Duke of Sutherland.

7 Foley, Longton, Goddard and Sons.

8 Gainmore, Longton, J. and C. Waine..

9 Golden Hill, Longton, Goddard and Sons.

10 Hulme Valley, Longton, Credit Co. Limited.

11 Longton Hall, Longton, J. and A. Glover.

12 Mearhey, Longton, A. Sparrow.

13 Mossfields, Longton, Hawley and Bidgeman.

14 Old Field, Longton, Goddard and Sons.

15 Pool Dole, Longton, Goddard and Sons.

16 Stone Road, Longton, Goddard and Sons.

17 Ubberley Hall (Bucknall), Longton, John Harp and Sons.

18 Weston Coney, Longton, Weston Coney Colliery Co.

19 Willfield, Longton, Wain and Co.


1 Bellsmill, Hanley, Earl Granville.

2 Blakelow, Hanley, Co-operative Coal Co.

3 Boothen, Hanley, Hanley, Earl Granville.

4 Fargree, Hanley, Earl Granville.

5 Foxley, Hanley, Earl Granville.

6 Hanley and Bucknall, Hanley, Hanley and Bucknall Co.

7 Lady's Well, Hanley, Bullhurst Coal Co.

8 Holly Green, Hanley, Earl Granville.

9 Joiner's Square, Hanley, Earl Granville.

10 Ivy House, Hanley, Ivy House and Northwood Co.

11 Lily Dale, Hanley, E. Perrins.

12 Peartree, Hanley, Earl Granville.

13 Race Cource, Hanley, Earl Granville.

14 Slippery Lane, Hanley, Earl Granville.

15 Townsend (Bucknall), Hanley, Holdcroft and Co.


1 Cobridge, Burslem, Tellwright and Watkin.

2 Jackfield, Burslem, Stanfield Colliery Co.

3 Millhays, Burlem, Salt and Co.

4 New Hayes, Burlem, Thomas Wilkinson.

5 Sandbach, Burlem, Tellwright and Watkin.

6 Sneyd Farm, Burslem, Sneyd Colliery Co.

7 Sneyd Green, Burslem, Stanier and Co.

8 Stanfield, Burslem, Stanfield Coal Co.


1 Brownhills, Tunstall, Brownhills Coal and Iron Co., Limited.

2 Chell, Tunstall, R. Beswick.

3 Chatterley, Tunstall, Chatterley Iron Co., Limited,

4 Clanway, Tunstall, Clive and Co.

5 Furlong, Tunstall, William Adams.

6 Goldenhill, Tunstall, Williamson Brothers.

7 Greenfields, Tunstall, William Adams.

8 Greenfields, Tunstall, Chatterley Iron Co Limited.

9 Harriseahead, Tunstall, Samuel Taylor and Son.

10 High Lane, Tunstall, Chatterley Iron Co.

11 Lane Ends Tunstall, Wedgewood Coal Co.

12 Low Lands, Tunstall, Williamson Brothers.

13 Mossfield, Tunstall, Chatterley Iron Co.

14 Newfield, Tunstall, Meller and Scragg.

15 Oxford, Tunstall, Chatterley Iron Co.

16 Packmoor, Tunstall, New PackmoorColliery Co.

17 Packmoor New, Tunstall, Chatterley Iron Co., Limited.

18 Pinnox, Tunstall, Chatterley Iron Co., Limited.

19 Ridgeway, Tunstall, Chatterley Iron Co., Limited.

20 Scotia, Tunstall, Chatterley Iron Co., Limited.

21 Stonetrough,Tunstall, Williamson Brothers.

22 Tileries, Tunstall, Thos. Peake.

23 Thursfield, Tunstall, Kinnersley and Co.

24 Tower Hill, Tunstall, Williamson Brothers.

25 Turnhurst, Tunstall, Turnhurst Colliery Co.

26 Wedgewood,Tunstall, Wedgewood Coal Co.

28 Whitfield (Stoke), Tunstall, Chatterley Iron Co, Limited.

29 Yeldhill, Tunstall, Williamson Brothers.


1 Apedale, Newcastle, Stanier and Co.

2 Bignall Hall, Newcastle, Executors of late J. Wedgewood.

3 Chesterton, Newcastle, Chesterton Coal Co., Limited.

4 Clough Hall, Newcastle, Kinnersley and Co.

5 Crackley, Newcastle, Stanier and Co.

6 Glass Houghto, Newcastle, Chesterton Co., Limited.

7 Holly Wood, Newcastle, Stainer and Co.

8 Holin Wood, Newcastle, Kinnersley and Co.

9 Highcarr, Newcastle, J. H. Williamson.

10 Highcarr, Newcastle, Highcarr Coal Co.

11 Hemheath, Newcastle, Hemheath Mining Co.

12 Jamage, Newcastle, representatives of late J. Wedgwood.

13 Kidegrove, Newcastle, Kinnersley and Co.

14 Knutton, Newcastle, Stanier and Co.

15 Knutton Farm, Newcastle, Viggars and Co.

16 Leycett, Newcastle, Crewe Coal and Iron Co., Limited.

17 Madeley, Newcastle, Crewe Coal and Iron Co., Limited.

18 Mill Bank (Silverdale), Newcastle, J. H. Pearson.

19 Newfield,Newcastle, Jas Bentley aud Co.

20 Old Oak, Newcastle, Stanier and Co.

21 Park House, Newcastle, Stanier and Co.

22 Podmore Hall, Newcastle, Cooper and Craig.

21 Ramscliffe, Newcastle, Kinnersley and Co.

24 Racecourse, Newcastle, Viggars and Co.

25 Red Street, Newcastle, Thomas and Bentley.

26 Rosemary Hill, Newcastle, J. N. Peake

27 Silverdale, Newcastle, Stanier and Co.

28 The Grove, Newcastle, Stanier and Co.

29 The Nate, Newcastle, Stanier and Co.

30 Trubshaw, Newcastle, Kinnersley and Co.

31 Whitebarn, Newcastle, John Blakie.


1 Bellerton Lane, Stoke-on-Trent, K. Heath and Son.

2 Berry Hill, Stoke-on-Trent, Henry Warrington.

3 Biddulph Valley, Stoke-on-Trent, Robert Heath and Son.

4 Bent,Stoke-on-Trent, Robert Heath and Son.

5 Brookhouse, Stoke-on-Trent, Chatterley Iron Co.

6 Bunkers Hill, Stoke-on-Trent, William Rigby and Co.

7 Diglake, Stoke-on-Trent, Audley Coal and Iron Co

8 Globe, Stoke-on-Trent, J. Challenor and Co.

9 Great Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordd Cool and Iron Co Limited.

10 Harecastle, Stoke-on-Trent, Bidder and Elliot.

11 Hayes Wood, Stoke-on-Trent, Rigby and Co.

12 Hollybush, Stoke-on-Trent, Henry Warrington.

13 Lawton, Stoke-on-Trent, Bidder and EIliot.

14 Mitchells Wood, Stoke-on-Trent, New North Staffordshire Coal and Iron Co. Limited

15 Moss, Stoke-on-Trent, Harecastle and Woodshutts Colliery and Coke Co.

16 New Ubberley, Stoke-on-Trent, Chatterley Iron Co.

17 New Chapel, Stoke-on-Trent, Robert Heath and Son.

18 New Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, New Hanley and Bucknall Coal Co.

19 Norton, Stoke-on-Trent, R. Heath and Son.

20 Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent, Earl Granville.

21 Slappenfield, Stoke-on-Trent, Harecastle and Woodshutts Colliery and Coke Co.

22 Swan, Stoke-on-Trent, Rigby and Co.

23 The Grange, Stoke-on-Trent, R. Heath and Son.

24 The Lawn, Stoke-on-Trent, Chatterley Iron Co.

25 Talke-o'th'-Hill, Stoke-on-Trent, New North Staffordshire Coal and Iron Co. Limited

26 Woodshutts, Stoke-on-Trent, Bidder and Elliot.

27 Lilydale, Stoke-on-Trent, Enoch Perkins.


1 Hall-o'Lee, Biddulph, Stanfield Colliery Co.




 1 Abberley, Stourport, W. Norwood.

2 Ash Leasons, Bilston, John Smout.

3 Aldridge, Walsall, Aldridge Colliery Co.

4 Ash Tree, Old Hill, James Holcroft.

5 Amblecote, Stourbridge, John Hall and Co.

6 Alston, Oldbury, Alston Colliery Co.

7 Ashmore Park, Wednesfield, Ashmore Park Colliery Co. Limited.

8 Barbors Field, Bilston, Barbors Field Co.

9 Barn Farm, Bilston, Richard Atkiss.

10 Batemans Hill, Bilston, H B Whitehouse and Son.

11 Balls Hill, West Bromwich, Patent Shaft and Axle Co.

12 Bloxwich, Bloxwich. R. Mason and Sons.

13 Bloxwich, Walsall, T. and M. Baugh.

14 Burrs, Wednesbury, Patent Shaft and Axle Co.

15 Bradley, Bilston, Thorneycoft and Co.

16 Bradley Bridge, Bilston, E. T. Westwood.

17 Bradley Lodge, Bilston, H. Pigott.

18 Bradley Lodge, Bilston, James Bullock.

19 Bullpiece, Darlaston, G Spruce.

20 Bear Hall, Bilston, Isaac Whitehouse.

21 Bunkers Hill,(flooded), Bilston, Thomas Price.

22 Blackheath, Rowley Regis, T. Llewellyn.

23 Brades, 0ldbury, Stour Valley Coal and Iron Co., Limited.

24 Birchill's Hall, Walsall, George Williams.

25 Brettell Lane, Brierley Hill, G K Harrison.

26 Bradley and Hallfields, Bilston, J. Bagnall and Sons.

27 Broadwell, Odbury, Broadwell Colliery Co.

28 Brettell Lane, Brierley Hill, Trotter Haines and Co.

29 Brereton, Rugeley, Countess of Shrewsbury.

30 Blakeley Wood, Wednesbury, Wilson and Griffths.

31 Bullpiece, Darlaston, George Spruce.

32 Brownhills, Walsall, Col. Harrison.

33 Bush Farm, West Bromwich, Wood and Ivory.

34 Burnt Tree, Dudley, Joseph Aston.

35 Blackwagon, Corngreaves, New British Iron Co.

36 Bearmore, Corngreaves, New British Iron Co.

37 Bescolt, Darlaston, Addenbrookes, Smith, and Pidcock.

38 Brierley, Bilston, W. J. Hayward.

39 Barrow Hill Coppice, Dudley, Woodall and Co.

40 Bucket Leasow, Bewdley, Thos. Aston.

41 Bayton, Bewdley, W. Wyatt.

42 Blowers Green (part of), Dudley, Smith and Aston.

43 Blowers Green (part of), Dudley, Skelding and Aston.

44 Broadwaters, Darlaston, David Rose.

45 Brettell Lane, Brierley Hill, Harris and Pearson.

46 Breen Ridding, Bilston, Cooper and Cotton.

47 Bromford and Blackeley Hall, West Bromwich. Blackeley Hall Colliery Co.

48 Batchcroft, Bilston, J. Davies and Co.

49 Bentley, Walsall, Chillington Iron Co.

50 Battyfield, Bilston, W. Mobberley.

51 Belle Isle, New, Brierly Hill, G. Fothergill.

52 Buffery New, Dudley, William Gould.

53 Buffery (old), part of, Dudley , J. Jones and Sons.

54 Buffery (old) Dudley, B. Raybould and Co.

55 Breen Ridding, Bilston, Enoch Cooper.

56 Bradley, Bilston, Enock Cooper.

57 Bradley, Bilston, W. J. Davies.

58 Bradley, Bilston, S. Mansell.

59 Bradley, Bilston, J. Sheldon.

60 Bradley, Bilston, J. W. Fletcher.

61 Bradley, Bilston, C. Kitson.

62 Bradley Row, Bilston, J. Lloyd.

63 Bilston New, Bilston, J. Foster and Co.

64 Bellsmoor, West Bromwich, Richard Burgess.

65 Birchyfield, Oldbury, Church Bridge Colliery Co.

66 Bradford, Wallsall, Bradford Colliery Co.

67 Bretwell Hall, Brierley Hill, C. Skelding.

68 Coopers Bank, Dudley, William Webb.

69 Cradley Heath, Brierley Hill, Parsons and Cooper.

70 Cemetery, Bilston, Richard Atkiss.

71 Cemetery, Bilston, T. Challoner.

72 Cotterhill's Farm, Tipton, J. and A. Vaughan.

73 Cradley Park, Brierley Hill, J King and Co.

74 Crescent, Willenhall, W. Hartshorn and Co.

75 Cold Lanes, Bilston, Geo. Marsom.

76 Coppice, Walsall, Coppice Colliery Company.

77 Crookhay, West Bromwich, Horton and Sons.

78 Crookhay, West Bromwich, Patent Shaft aud Axletree Co.

79 Cordley, West Bromwich, Cordley Colliery Co.

80 Clifton, Oldbury, Joseph Collins.

81 Coneygre, Tipton, Earl of Dudley.

82 Clothiers, Willenhall, John Hill and Co.

83 Causewey Green, Oldbury, John Hadley.

84 Cole's Farm, West Brmawich, Cole's Farm Colliery Co.

85 Coseley, New, Bilston, Messrs. Smith.

86 Cakemore, Oldbury, Cakemore Collieries Co.

87 Cannock and Rugeley, Rugeley, Cannock and Rugeley Colliery Co., Limited.

88 Cannock Lodge, Walsall, Cannock Lodge Colliery Co., Limited.

89 Coal Pool, Walsall, Willenhall Colliery Co.

90 Cradley, Brierley Hill, Cradley Colliery Co.

91 Copse Land, Bilston, J. Waters and Co.

92 Corbirch, Bilston, J. Waters and Co.

93 Crown, Amberestre, Pearson and Co.

94 Crows Bridge, Amberestre, Wasdell and Timmings.

95 Cooper's Bank, Sedgley, William Webb.

96 Coneygre (part of), Tipton, Parks and Co.

97 Cop Hall, West Bromwich, J. Bagnall and Sons.

98 Codsall, Corngreaves, New Britiah Iron Co.

99 Conduit, Walsall, Conduit Colliery Co.

100 Crabtree (part of), Wednesbury, Guy Brothers.

101 Crabtree (part of), Wednesbury, george Heywood and Co.

102 Crabtree (part of), Wednesbury, J. Klmberley.

103 Clattershall, Brierley Hill, Edward Bowen.

104 Cannock Chase Walsall, Cannock Chase Colliery Co., Limited.

105 Cannock and Leascroft, Rugeley, Cannock and Leascroft Colliery Co.

106 Cleveland, Tipton, Parkes and Co.

107 Crescent, Willenhall, Crescent Colliery Co.

108 Chillinton (part of), Wolverhampton, Woollasten and Southan.

109 Chillinton, Wolverhampton, Geo. Haywood and Co.

110 Chillinton, Wolverhampton, Chillinton Iron Co.

111 Cannock and Wimblebury, Rugeley, Cannock and Wimblebury Colliery Co. Limited.

112 Church, Bilston, Church Colliery Co.

113 Coneygre (part), Tipton, Churchill and Co.

114 Coppice Old, Wyrley, Cannock Old Coppics Colliery Co.

115 Cutle's End, West Bromwich, Farley and Sons.

116 Doe Bank, Tipton, Thos. Longmore,

117 Darlaston Green, Darlaston, Price and Co.

118 Darlaston Green, Darlaston, Jas. Saunders.

119 Denbigh Hall, Tipton , William Bickley.

120 Deepfields, Bilston, Guy and Weed.

121 Deans, Wolverhampton, G. and R. Thomas.

122 Dean's Old, Wednesfield, G. and R. Thomas.

123 Dean's Old, Wednesfield, Purlow and Preston.

124 Dudley Wood, Corngreaves, N. Hingley and Sons.

125 Dudley Port, Corngreaves, Waring and Powell.

126 Dudley Port, Old, Tipton, Colbourne and Perry.

127 Deepmoor, Walsall, J. Bagnall and Sons.

128 Deepmoor, Walsall, Taylor and Rartshorne.

129 Deepmoor, Walsall, Bownes Brothers.

130 Dibdale, Dudley, Benjamin Gibbons.

131 Darlaston, Darlaston, David Rose.

132 Darlaston, Darlaston, Patent Shaft and Axeltree Co.

133 Delph, Brierley Hill, J. Hall and Co.

134 Delph, Brierley Hill, Harris and Pearson.

135 Delph, Brierley Hill, B. J. and Pearson.

136 Ebenezer, West Bromwich, Short and Harley.

137 Ettingshall, Bilston, H. B. Whitehouse and Son.

138 Ettingshall (New), Bilston, Geo. Cockayne.

139 Ettingshall, Bilston, Wasdell and Co.

140 Ettingshall Lodge, Wolverhampton, J. Bowen.

141 Ettingshall Lodge, Wolverhampton, W. Bowen.

142 Ettingshall Lodge, Wolverhampton, J. Cadman.

143 Ettingshall Lodge, Wolverhampton, J. Davis.

144 Ettingshall Lodge, Wolverhampton, Riley and Co.

146 Ettingshall Lodge, Wolverhampton, T. Casmill.

146 Ettingshall Lodge, Wolverhampton, J. Cole and Co.

147 Ettingshall Lodge, Wolverhampton, Nicholes and Flavell.

148 Ettingshall Lodge, Wolverhampton, Wyre and Nichols.

149 Ettingshall Park, Wolverhampton, Thomas Guy and Russell.

150 Ettingshall Park, Bilston, Enoch Morpus and Co.

151 Ettingshall Park, Bilston, S. Bannister and Co.

152 Ettingshall Park (part of), Bilston, J. Burrows.

153 Ettingshall Park, Bilston, Richard Bate.

154 Essington Farm, Walsall, Essington Farm Colliery Co. Limited.

155 Essington Wood, Wolverhampton, Darlaston Steel and Iron Co.

156 Eight Locks, West Bromwich, Reynolds and Dunbey.

157 Eagle, Old Hill, Skidmore and Webster.

158 East Cannock, Rugeley, East Cannock Colliery Co., Limited.

159 Eve Hill, Dudley, J. Bennett and Co.

160 Furnace Leasow, Wednesbury, Patent Shaft and Axeltree Co.

161 Fishley, Walsall, Fishley Colliery Co.

162 Fair Oak, Rugeley, Fair Oak Colliery Co.

163 Farm, Dudley, Samuel Naylor.

164 Fly, Rowley Regis, Old Hill Drainage Co.

165 Fly, Rowley Regis, New British Iron Co.

166 Foxyards, Tipton, Earl of Dudley.

167 Foxyards (part of), Tipton, Edward Wones.

168 Foxyards, Tipton, Earl of Dudley.

169 Foxyards, Tipton, Hughes and Martland.

170 Foxyards, Tipton, W. Punter.

171 Foxyards, Tipton, Powell and Hunt.

172 Fox Oak, Brierley Hill, Hastelow and Co.

173 Forest, Walsall, Thomas Checkley.

174 Finches, Walsall, John Rigby.

175 Firtree, Kingswinsford, J. W. and T. Pearson.

176 Furnace Yard, Oldbury, Pratt, Swain, and Jones.

177 Grave Yard, Lower Gornal, W. Hughes and Co.

178 Granville and Gorsty, Old Hill, Swindell and Collis.

179 Grace Mary, New, Rowley Regis, S. Minton and Co.

180 Gospel Oak, Tipton, Grazebrook and Aston.

181 Gawn, Old Hill, N. Hingley and Sons.

182 Groveland, Tipton, Nuttall and Co.

183 Groveland, Tipton, W. Nicholls.

184 Gold's Hill, West Bromwich, Guy Brothers.

185 Gold's Hill, West Bromwich, Bulllock and Nock.

186 Golds Green, West Bromwich, J. Bagnall and Sons.

187 Great Bridge, Tipton, A. Hickman.

188 Great Bridge, Tipton, R. Mason and Sons.

189 Green Lane, Bilston, Thomas Lees.

190 Great Wyrley, Walsall, Great Wyrley Colliery Co. Limited.

191 Hampstead, Great Barr, Birmingham, Hampstead Colliery Co.

192 Hall End, West Bromwich, Hall End Colliery Co.

193 Hall Park (part of), Bilston, R. and S. Bray.

194 Herbert's Park, Bilston, David Jones and Sons.

195 Hobbidob, Lye, Thos. Roper.

196 Hungary Hill, Stourbridge, Rufford and Co.

197 Hilton, Walsall, Hilton Colliery Co., Limited.

198 Hayes, Stourbridge, Fisher and Co.

199 Highflelds, Bilston, Barbor's Field Co.

200 Hatherton, Walsall, G. and R. Thomas.

201 High Meadow, Tipton, R. Mason and Son.

202 Himley, Dudley, Earl of Dudley.

203 Himley, Dudley, R. Raybould.

204 Himley, Dudley, J. Raybould.

205 Haden Hill, Old Hill, W. Bassano and Co.

206 Hall Park (part of), Bilston, S Burrows.

207 Hayes, Rugeley, Countess of Shrewsbury.

208 Hange, Tipton, Round Brothers.

209 Harden, Walsall, E. Crapper and Co.

210 Horsley, Tipton, Horsley Colliery Co.

211 Homer Hill, Brierley Hill, Homer Hill Colliery Co.

212 Himley (part of), Dudley, J. H. Chavasse.

213 Hawne, New, Halesowen, New British Iron Co.

214 Heathfield, Darlaston, J. and J. Cotterill.

215 Hill's Field, Stourbridge, Timmis Bros.

216 Hallbridge, Tipton, Downing and Priests.

217 James Bridge, Darlaston, J. Bagnall and Sons.

218 Jervoise, Wednesbury, Jacob Charlton.

219 Keeling, West Bromwich, Scorfield and Co.

220 Kingswinsford, Darlaston, Benj. Wood.

221 King's. Hill, Wednesbury, Bayley and Hunt.

222 King's. Hill, Wednesbury, Joseph Springthorpe.

223 Leighs Wood, Walsall, Leighs Wood Colliery Co. Limited.

224 Lanesfield, Bilston, J. and G. Spruce and Co.

225 Lodge Holes, Wednesbury, Patent Shaft and Axle Co.

226 Ladymoor, Bilston, Tame Iron Co.

227 Little Loundon, Willenhall, Solly and Urwick.

228 Leabrook, Wednesbury, Edward Smith.

229 Leabrook, Wednesbury, George Hollyhead.

230 Leabrook, Wednesbury, Isaac Smith.

231 Leabrook, Wednesbury, Thomas Longmore.

232 Lye, Brierly Hill, Hickman and Co.

233 Little London, Bilston, S. Groucott and Sons.

234 Little London, Willenhall, Mark Gallear and Co.

235 Lodge Hole, Wednesbury, Patent Shaft and Axletree Co.

236 Monway Field, Wednesbury, Patent Shaft and Axletree Co.

237 Millpool, West Bromwich, Patent Shaft and Axletree Co.

238 Mounts, Wednesbury, Patent Shaft and Axletree Co.

239 Moorlands, Wednesbury, Executors of the late B. Lewis.

240 Mooreroft Old, Bilston, Thomas Terse.

241 Moxley, Bilston, S. Groucutt and Sons.

242 Moxley, Moxley, Evans and Collis.

243 Millfield, Dudley, Geo. Glaze and Son.

244 Mamble, Bewdley, Thos. Aston.

245 Moor Lane, Brierley Hill, Walker and Edwards.

246 Manor, Halls Owen, J. and G. Dunn.

247 Mill Farm, Cleobury, W Wyatt.

248 Mill Street, Bilston, James Kirk.

249 Mount Pleasant, Bilston, Danks and Co.

250 Mount Pleasant, Bilston, J Richards.

251 Mid Cannock, Cannock, Mid Cannock Colliery Co.

252 Netherend, Stourbridge, Jos King and Co.

253 Netherend, Stourbridge, G Skelding.

254 Netherton, Dudley, Messrs. Dunn.

255 Netherton Old, Dudley, M amd W. Grazabrook.

256 Newbury Lane, Oldbury, Nicklin and Whitehead.

257 Newlands, Pelsall, E. Crapper and Co.

258 Neachills Hall, Willenhall, Barbor's Field Co.

259 Newfield, Walsall, E. Parkes and others.

260 New Cross, Wolverhampton, J. George and Co.

261 Neachills (part of), Willenhall, S Groucutt and Sons.

262 Norton Cannock, Walall, Norton Cannock Colliery Co.

263 Old Heath, Wolverhampton, B Caswell.

264 Old Park, Dudley, R. Mills and Co.

265 Old Park, Dudley, S. Garratt and Son.

266 Old Level, Brierley Hill, Henry Hall.

267 Old Park, Dudley, Earl of Dudley.

268 Oak Farm (part of), Dudley, John Walker.

269 Old Hill, Old Hill, N. Hingley and Sons.

270 Old Hill, Old Hill, J. and W. Pearson.

271 Orchard, Dudley, John Raybould.

272 Old Hall, Bewdley, William Davis.

273 Ocker Hill, Tipton, Addenbrookes and Co.

274 Old End, Bilston, S. Groucutt and Sons.

275 Parkfield (part of), Wolverhampton, Thomas Guy.

276 Parkfield, Wolverhampton, Thos. Herrington.

277 Parkfield, Wolverhampton, G. Hodgetts and Co.

278 Pearson's, Old Hill, J. and W. Pearson.

279 Pool Hayes, Willenhall, Pool Hayes Colliery Co.

280 Poolhouse, Stourport, Booth and Hardcastle.

281 Pelsall Hall, Walsall, John Starkey.

282 Penn Hall, Peusax, Worcester, Lewis Brothers.

283 Perry, Birmingham, Perry Colliery Co., Limited.

284 Perry Hall, Wednesfield, Perry Hall Colliery Co.

285 Parkhead Furnace, Dudley, Perry Hall Colliery Co.

286 Piercy, West Bromwich, Pearson and Co.

287 Portobello, Willenhall, W. Ward and Sons.

288 Priorfield, Bilston, Isaac Taylor.

289 Priorfield, Bilston, Thos. Nicholls.

290 Priorfield, Bilston, Joseph Griffiths.

291 Priorfield, Bilston, Wellings and Hinley.

292 Paddock, Bilston, H. B. Whitehouse and Sons.

293 Pump House, West Bromwich, J Bagnall and Sons.

294 Parkhead, Dudley, S Garratt and Sons.

295 Priestfield, New, Bliston, W Ward and Sons.

296 Priestfield, Old, Bliston, George Ratcliffe.

297 Priestfield(part of), Bliston, Southan and Cartwright.

298 Priestfield, Bliston, Robert Lett.

299 Pool Meadow, Willenhall, Bradley and Robinson.

300 Planet, Dudley, John Raybould.

301 Park Lane, Tipton, J. Colbourn, Son, and Co.

302 Prince's End, Tipton, Tibbington Colliery Co.

303 Prince of Wales, Dudley, Dudley Colliery Co.

304 Pelasll, Walsall, Pelasll Coal and Iron Co.

305 Priorfleld, Priorfleld, Isaac Taylor.

306 Priorfleld, Priorfleld, E. Wones.

307 Priorfleld, Priorfleld, G. Willing.

308 Parkes, West Bromwich, Isaiah Vernon.

309 Rough Hay, Darlaston, Simpson and Co.

310 Rough Hay, Darlaston, Butler and Co.

311 Rough Hay, Wolverhampton, Bargwin and Co.

312 Rough Hay, Wolverhampton, Jos. Baugh.

313 Rough Hay, Wolverhampton, Williams and Co.

314 Roughwood, Walsall, RoughwoodColliery Co.

315 Ramrod Hall, Oldhury, Earl of Dudley.

316 Round's Hill, Tipton, Earl of Dudley.

317 Rock Moor, Bewdley, F Rogers.

318 Russell's Hall (part of), Dudley, J Bennett and Co.

319 Russell's Hall, Dudley, Capewell and Skidmote.

320 Russell's Hall, Dudley, W Waterfield and Son.

321 Radnal Field, Oldbury, C M'Kenley and Co.

322 Rookery, Bilston, Exors of Stephen Cole.

323 Rounds Green, Oldbury, R. Mason and Son.

324 Rowley Hall, Rowley Regis, Rowley Hall Colliery Co.

325 Rowley Station, Rowley Regis, Rowley Station Coal Co.

326 Riddings, Old Hill, Samuel Day.

327 Riddings (not working), Old Hill, Smith and Roe.

328 Riddings, Old Hill, Exors. of E. Waldron.

329 Rowley Station, Rowley Regis, Rowley Station Colliery Co.

330 Station (not working), Walsall, Station Colliery Co.

331 Shut End, Dudley, J. Bradley and Co.

332 Shut End, New, Dudley, Cochrane and Co.

333 Saltwells, Old Hill, Earl of Dudley.

334 Spring Hill, Blowich, Darlaston Steel and Iron Co.

335 Swan, West Bromwich, Swan Colliery Co.

336 Spring Vale (part of), Bilston, J. and T. Williams.

337 Spring Vale, Bilston, Thomas Bantock.

338 Stone Cross, West Bromwich, Stone Cross Colliery Co.

339 Swan Farm, West Bromwich, Swan Farm Colliery Co.

340 Spon Lane, West Bronwich, Spon Lane Colliery Co.

341 Samson, Oldbury, Richard Haines.

342 Spring Vale, Bilston, W Johnson.

343 Spring Bank, Willenhall, Springbank Coal Co.

344 Springhead, Wednesbury, J. Simpson and Co.

345 Standiford Meadow, Bilston, Geo. Cockayne.

346 Spring Vale (6 acre), Bilston, Stephen Cole, Executors of.

347 Sandfield, Dudley, H Graze and Co.

348 Springfield, Dudley, Dudley Colliery Co.

349 Springhouse, Rowley Regis, Daniel Mason and Taylor.

350 Sneyd, Bloxwich, A. Bach and Co.

351 Swan, Dudley, Swan Colliery Co.

352 Short Heath, Walsall, Pelsall Coal and Iron Co.

353 South Staffordshire, West Bromwich, South Staffordshire Colliery Co.

354 South Staffordshire, West Bromwich, Samuel Fudge.

355 Stow Heath (part of), Wolverhampton, Thomas Bryan.

356 Speedwell, Oldbury, Clifton and Collins.

357 Sandwell Park, West Bromwich, Sandwell Park Colliery Co., Limited.

358 Tipton Green, Tipton, Tipton Green Colliery Co.

359 Timbertree, Birmingham, New British Iron Co.

360 Tisidale Hall, Tipton, W. and C. E. Bradley.

361 Titford Long Meadow, Oldbury, Messrs. Dunn.

362 Tame Mill, Willenhall, Jos. Hincks.

363 Tividale, Tipton, Wayerloo Colliery Co.

364 Tibbington, Tipton, Tibbington Colliery Co.

365 Tansley Hill, Dudley, John Carlyle.

366 Tividale, Tipton, Round Brothers.

367 Titford, Oldbury, Chapman and Shakeapeare.

368 Toll Gate, Bilston, John Froggatt.

369 Upper Gornal, Dudley, Harvey and Fithern.

370 Upper Gornal, Dudley, Cartwright and Co.

371 Upper Gornal, Dudley, W. H. Waterfield.

372 Valentia, Oldbury, Parkes and Bowater.

373 Vicarage, Wolverhampton, F J Cope.

374 Victoria, Walsall, Victoria Colliery Co.

375 Victoria, Walsall, W. W. Riddell.

376 Wallbutts, Bilston, Bradley Brothers and Southan.

377 Waste Bank, Brierley Hill, B. J. and J. Pearson.

378 Wednesbury, New Mine, West Bromwich, Henry Parish.

379 Wednesbury, New Mine, West Bromwich, Jabez Griffiths.

380 Wednesbury, New Mine, West Bromwich, Jckson and Son.

381 Wednesbury, Old Park, Wednesbury, Patent Shaft and Axle Co.

382 Wednesbury, Oak, Tipton, P. Williams and Sons.

383 Woodside, Dudley, Cochrane and Co.

384 Willingsworth (part of), Tipton, Willingsworth Colliery Co.

385 Wallows, Brierly Hill, Earl of Dudley.

386 Walsall Wood, Walsall, Walsall Wood Colliery Co.

387 Whites Farm, West Bromwich, Thos. Powers.

388 Windmill End, Dudley, Dudley Colliery Co.

389 Witley, Halesowen, Witley Colliery Co.

390 Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton, I. Armatrong.

391 Wolverhampton Road, Bilston, Smith and Roe.

392 Willenhall Road, Wolverhampton, Williams and Co.

393 Wallows (part of), Brierley Hill, John Raybould.

394 Wallows, Brierley Hill, Earl of Dudley.

395 Whyley, West Bromwich, Farley and Duce.

396 West Cannock, Cannock, West Cannock Colliery Co., Limited.

397 Wyrley Cannock, Walsall, Wyrley Cannock Colliery Co.

398 Wall Face, West Bromwich, Walton and Fletcher.

399 Whiteheath Bircheyfield, Oldbury, Churchbridge Colliery Co.

400 Wittymoor, Dudley, Harris and Pearson.

401 Waterfall Lane, Oldbury, William Mills.

402 Windmill End, Dudley, Old Hill Drainage Co.

403 Woodwell, Bloxwich, J. Addenbrooke and Co.

404 Waterloo, Bliston, Bilston Iron Co.

405 Wallows, Brierley Hill, John Raybould.

406 Waterfall Lane, Old Hill, Mines Drainage Commissioners.

407 Witton Lane, West Bromwich, Isaac Law and Co.

408 Woodsetton, Sedley, E. Wone

409 Wood Farm, Sedlegy, G. and R. Thomas.

410 Willenhall, Willenhall, Willenhall, Willenhall Colliery Co.

411 Willenhall, Willenhall, Thomas Challoner.

412 Willenhall, Willenhall, George Hyde.

413 Yew Tree, Rowley Regis, Cohrane and Co.


 Fireclay Mines In The South Staffordshire And Worcestershire District 1875

 1 Amblecote, Stourbridge, J. Hall and Co.

2 Amblecote, Stourbridge, Harris and Pearson.

3 Brettell Lane, Stourbridge, Trotter, Haines and Co.

4 Brettell Lane, Stourbridge, G. K. Harrison.

5 Brettell Lane, Stourbridge, Harris and Pearson.

6 Can Lane, Bliston,

7 Coneygre, Tipton, Earl of Dudley.

8 Clattershall, Stourbridge, Edward Bowen.

9 Cricket Field, Brierley Hill, The Stourbridge Firebrick Co.

10 Crown, Brierley Hill, E. J. and J. Pearson.

11 Delph Lower, Brierly Hill, Harper and Moores.

12 Delph, Brierly Hill, J Hall and Co.

13 Delph, Brierly Hill, Hickman and Co.

14 Delph, Brierly Hill, Harris and Pearson.

15 Delph, Brierly Hill, E. J. and J.Pearson.

16 Dibdale, Dudley, Mrs Gibbons.

17 Freehold, Brierley Hill, Trustees of R. Homer.

18 Foxyards, Tipton, J Colbourn.

19 Foxyards, Tipton, Earl of Dudley.

20 Hayes, Brierley Hill, Fisher aud Co.

21 Hills Field, Lye, Timmis Bros.

22 Himley, Kingswinsford, Earl of Dudley.

23 Hunary Hill, Stourbridge, Rufford and Co.

24 Lye, Stourbridge, Hickman and Co.

25 Lunts, Stourbridge, G.. K. Harrison.

26 Moor Lane, Brierley Hill, J. Hall and Co.

27 Merry Hill, Brierley Hill, Mobberley and Perry.

28 Netherend, Brierley Hill, G. K. Harrison.

20 Netherend, Brierley Hill, J. King and Co.

30 Oak Farm, Dudley, John Walker.

31 Saltbrook, Brierley Hill, Mobberley and Bayley.

32 Shepherd's Brook, Stourbridge, King, Brothers, and Company.

33 Stourbridge Extension, Dudley, Himley Firebrick Co.

34 Timbertree, Oldhill, New British Iron Co.

35 Thorns, Brierley Hill, Earl of Dudley.

36 Thorns, Brierley Hill, Harper and Moores.

37 Thorns, Brierley Hill, Mobberley and Bayley.

38 Upper Gornal, Dudley, Cartwright and Co.

39 Upper Gornal, Dudley, W. H. Waterfield and Co.

40 Wittymoor, Stourbridge, Harris and Pearson.

41 Waste Bank, Stourbridge, B. J. and J. Pearson.




 1 Agecroft, Pendlebury, Andrew Knowles and Sons (Limited).

2 Albert, West Houghton, Denton Colliery Co. (Limited).

3 Alkrington, Alkrington, Chamber Colliery Co. (Limited).

4 Allen's Green, Radcliffe, Andrew Knowles and Sons (Limited).

5 Altham, Altham, Accrington, Rippon and Barlow.

6 Anderton Hall, Blackrod, Smethurst, Hoyle and Grime.

7 Aqueduct , Haigh, Earl of Bradford.

8 Anderton Hall, Arley, Blackrod, B. & R. Fisher and Co.

9 Anderton Hall, Yard Blackrod, B. & R. Fisher and Co.

10 Arley, Over Hulton, Wm. Hulton.

11 Ashtons Field, Little Hulton, Bridgewater Trustees.

12 Ashton Moss, Ashton, Ashton Moss Colliery Co.

13 Ashworth, Ashworth, Rochdale, William Stott.

14 Aspen, Oswaldtwistle, Thomas Simpson and Co.

15 Bally, Little Lever, Thomas Fletcher and Sons.

16 Bamford Closes, Wolstenholme, Robert Lord.

17 Bagslate Moor, Rochdale, James Lord and Brother.

18 Bank, Little Hulton, Bank Colliery Co.

19 Bankfield, Westleigh, J. Speakman.

20 Bank Hall, Burnley, Executors of Colonel Hargreaves.

21 Bank House, Crompton, Oldham, Oldham, Middleton and Rochdale Colliery Co. (Limited).

22 Bardsley, Bardsley, Ashton-under-Lyne, Bardsley Colliery Co.

23 Barracks, Little Hulton, Bridgewater Trustees.

24 Barrowshaw, Barrowshaw, Trustee of John Mayall.

25 Bedford, Bedford John Speakman.

26 Beehole, Burnley, Executors of Colonel Hargreaves.

27 Bell Isle, Tunnicliffe, Executors of John Buckley.

28 Bellthorn, Yate and Pickup Bank, Geo. Hargreaves and Co.

29 Bellthorn, Oswaldtwistle, Thomas Simpson and Co.

30 Bench Carr Fireclay, Wardle, E. Derbyshire and Son.

31 Besom Hill Fireclay, Oldham, W. H. Bentley.

32 Birkacre, Chorley, John Thorn.

33 Birtle, Birtle, Roscow and Lord.

34 Birtle Dean, Bury, Geo. Hopwood.

35 Blackburn, Whitebirk, Dunkenhaigh Colliery Co. (Limited).

36 Black Moss, Radlcliffe, Manchester, Thomas Fletcher and Sons.

37 Blainscough Hall, Coppull, Chorley, Blainscough Hall Colliery Co.

38 Blue Ball, Bacup, Jos. Mills and Bros.

39 Blue Ball, Bacup, James Lord.

40 Bog Farm, Darwen, J. P. Entwistle.

41 Botany Bay, Clifton, Manchester, Clifton and Kersley Co.

42 Bower, Hollinwood, J. W. Marland and Co.

43 Brackley, Middle Hulton, Bridgewater Trustees.

44 Brandwood Moor, Waterfoot, James Brierley and Son.

45 Bradford, Bradford, Manchester, Edward Williams.

46 Bradford, Manchester, Bradford Colliery. Co.

47 Breightmet (not working), Breightmet, Breightmet Colliery Co.

48 Brex, Lower Whitwell, George Hargreaves and Co.

49 Bridgewater, Worsley, Bridgwater Trustees.

50 Brinsop Hall, Arley, Westhoughton, Brinsop Hall Colliery Co. (Limited).

51 Brinsop Hall, Bartonfield, Westhoughton, Brinsop Hall Colliery Co. (Limited).

52 Brinsop Hall, King, Westhoughton, Brinsop Hall Colliery Co. (Limited).

53 Brinsop Hall, Yard, Westhoughton, Brinsop Hall Colliery Co. (Limited).

54 Britannia, Bacup, Townsend and Co.

55 Broad Oak, Ashton-under-Lyne, Broadoak Colliery Co.

56 Broadfield, Westleigh, Exors. of John Speakman.

57 Broadfield, Oswaldtwistle, Accrington, Thomas Simpson and Co.

58 Broadhalgh, Rochdale, Ashworth and Tomlinson.

59 Broomstair, Denton, Manchester, Hyde and Haughton Coal Co.

60 Broughton. Ightenhill Park, Executors of John Hargreaves.

61 Brown Hill Fire Clay, Oldham, W. H. Bentley.

62 Brushes Clough, Crompton, Platt Bros. and Co. (Limited).

63 Bugle Horn, Westhoughton, United Co-operative Coal Mining Society (Limited).

64 Burnden, Burnden, Earl of Bradford.

65 Burnt Hills, Wholaw Nook, Burnley, Executors of Colonel Hargreaves.

66 Burton Nook, Denton, Denton Colliery Co. (Limited).

67 Canal Side, Radcliffe, Andrew Knowles and Sons (Limited).

68 Cartridge Nook, Wardle, Rochdale, James C. Dearden.

69 Cat Hall, Broad Oak, Accrington, George Hargreaves and Co.

70 Chamber, Hollinwood, Chamber Colliery Co. (Limited).

71 Chanters, Atherton, Fletcher, Burrows. and Co.

72 Cheetham Close, Bolton, Edmund Ashworth and Sons,

71 Clamerclough, Farnworth, Bolton, John Gerrard and Son.

74 Cleworth Hall, Tyldesley, Tyldesley Colliery Co. (Limited).

75 Clegswood, Littleborough, Hall and Rogers.

76 Clifton, Burnley, Executors of Colonel Hargreaves.

77 Clifton Hall, Clifton, Manchester, Andrew Knowles and Sons (Limited).

78 Clifton Moss, Clifton, Manchester, Andrew Knowles and Sons (Limited). 79 Close Nook, Rishton, Dunkenhalgh Colliery Co. (Limited).

80 Clough Head, Todmorden, Thomas Temperley.

81 Cobhouse, Birtle, E. D. Miles and Brothers.

82 Cockey Moor, Black Lane, Ratcliffe, Manchester, Cockey Moor Coal Co.

83 Combermere, Tyldesley, Tyldesley Colliery Co. (Limited).

84 Coppy, Cliviger, Burnley, Cliviger Coal Co.

85 Coppy Clough and Park, Church, Dunkenhaigh Colliery Co. (Limited).

86 Coney, Over Darwin, Coney Coal and Fire Clay Co. (Limited).

87 Cow Lee Lane, Westhoughton, T. H. Seddon.

88 Count Hill, Higher Barrowshaw, Trustee re John Mayall.

89 Cranberry Moss, Entwistle, Bolton, Ralph Entwistle and Co. (Limited).

90 Croftside and Victoria, Darcy Lever, Darcy Lever Coal Co.

91 Crook Bank, Wardle, Rochdale, Charles Crossley.

92 Cross Hillock, Astley, Astley and Tyldesley Coal and Salt Co. (Limited).

93 Crow Knowl, Crompton, Oldham, Edmund Butterworth and Sons.

94 Crumbouke Day Eye, Atherton, Fletcher, Burrows and Co.

95 Cupola, Hameldon, Brooks and Pickup.

96 Davenport, Darcy Lever, Darcy Lever Coal Co.

97 Deansgreave, Bacup, John Lord.

98 Dean Fireclay, Cliviger, Brookes and Pickup.

99 Dearnley, Smallbridge, Dearnley Colliery Company.

100 Delph, Middle Hulton, Bridgewater Trustees.

101 Denton, Denton, Manchester, Denton Colliery Co. (Limited).

102 Denton Lane, Chadderton, Chamber Colliery Co. (Limited).

103 Dewhurst Drift, Baxenden, George Hargreaves and Co.

104 Dillhall, Enfield, Dukenhalsh Colliery Co., (Limited).

105 Dingle, Little Lever, Andrew Knowles and Sons (Limited).

106 Disley, Disley, near Stockport, S. Maiden.

107 Doe, Kearsley, Samuel Scowcroft and Sons.

105 Duxbury, Duxbury, Thos. Whittle.

109 Ealees, Littleborough, Ealees Colliery Company.

110 Eccleshill, Darwen, James Racking.

111 Edge Fold, Worsley, Bridgewater Trustees.

112 Edge Lane, Crompton, Oldham, Middleton and Rochdale Coal Co.

113 Ellenbrook, Tyldesley, Bridgewater Trustees.

114 Ellerbeck, Coppull, Ellerbeck Coal and Cannel Co. (Limited).

115 Ellesmere, Worsley, Bridgwater Trustees.

116 Elpit Edge, Butterworth, James Leach.

117 Farnworth Bridge, Little Lever, Bolton, Andrew Knowles and Sons (Limited).

118 Ferney Field, Chadderton, Chamber Colliery Co.

119 Farnworth House, Duxbury, Thomas Whittle.

120 Ferneyfield, Chadderton, Chamber Colliery Co. (Limited).

121 Foggs, Darcy Lever, Bolton, Andrew Knowles and Sons (Limited).

122 Foulclough, Waleden, Todmorden, Reuben Haigh and Co.

123 Freeholds, Facit, Bacup, Benjamin and Joseph Lees.

124 Gambleside, Crawshaw Booth, Geo. Hargreaves and Co.

121 Gannow, Habergham, Executors of Colonel Hargreaves.

126 Gatley, Tyldesley, Bridgewater Trustees.

127 Gibfield, Atherton, Fletcher, Burrows, and Co.

128 Glodwick, Oldham, Glodwick Colliery Co.

129 Goodshaw Hill, Higher Booth, Geo. Hargreaves and Co.

130 Gravel Hole, Great Lever, Earl of Bradford.

131 Great Boys, Tyldesley , Thomas Fletcher and Sons.

132 Great Harwood, Accrington, Great Harwood Coal Co.

133 Great Lever, Great Lever, The Earl of Bradford.

134 Great Wood, Denton, Denton Colliery Co. (Limited).

135 Greave, Bacup, Townsend and Co.

136 Green Lane, Radcliffe, Andrew Knowles and Sons (Limited).

137 Greenland, Rowley Moor, Rochdale, John Lomax and Co.

138 Grime Bridge, Middle Whitwell, George Hargreaves and Co.

139 Habergham, Habergham, Executors of Colonel Hargreaves.

140 Hacken, Darcy Lever, Earl of Bradford.

141 Hagside, Radcliffe, Andrew Knowles and Sons (Limited).

142 Hailstorm, Cowpe, Waterfoot, Butterworth and Brooks.

143 Hampson Meadow, Radcliffe, Andrew Knowles and Sons (Limited).

144 Handle Hall, Calderbrook, J. C. Dearden.

145 Hanging Chadder, Rochdale, Oldham, Middleton and Rochdale Colliery Co. (Limited).

146 Hapton, Hapton, R. and H, Marshall.

147 Hapton Valley, Hapton, Executors of Colonel Hargreaves.

148 Harpurfold, Little Lever, T. Fletcher and Sons.

149 Hartford, Oldham, Oldham, Middldeton, and Rochdale Colliery Co. (Limited).

150 Hauch Hey, Butterworth, Thos. Heap and Son.

151 Healey Hall, Rochdale, Jacob Tweedale and Sons.

152 Heartshead, Heartshead, Ashton-under Lyne. Heartshead Colliery Co.

153 Hearts o'th'Meadow, Westleigh, Wigan Coal and Iron Co.

154 Helmclough, Stackheads , Hardman Brothers.

155 Heskin Hall, Heskin, Chorley, Rev. Wm. Michell.

155 Hewlett, Westhoughton, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

157 Hey Barn, Wardle, John Cheetham.

158 Heyfield, Westleigh, James Diggle.

159 Hey Clough, Wardle, Samuel Stott and Co.

160 Hic-bibi, Coppull, Elerbeck Coal and Cannel Co. (Limited).

161 Higher Croft, Breightmet, Frank Hardcastle.

162 Higher Mill, Staleybridge, Edward Shepley.

163 Higher Shore, Littleborough, James Fletcher and Brothers.

164 Hill End, Harwood, Thomas Hardcastle.

165 Hill, Park Bridge, Rocher Colliery Co. (Limited).

166 Hilton House, Westhoughton, Hic-bibi Coal and Cannel Co. (Limited).

167 Hoddlesden, Over Darwin, Joseph Place and Sons.

168 Hogshead, Bacup, Henry Maden and Co.

169 Hole in Bank, Accrington, George Hargreaves and Co.

170 Hollingworth, Hollingworth, John Taylor and Co.

171 Houghton Barn, Altham, Altham Colliery Co.

172 Howbridge, Atherton, Fletcher Burrows and Co.

173 Hugh Mill, Waterfoot, Ashworth and Townsend.

174 Honeywell Lane, Oldham, Chamber Colliery Company (Limited).

175 Hunger Hill, Rooley Moor, John Lomax and Co.

176 Hunt Clough, Chadderton, Chamber Colliery Co. (Limited).

177 Hurstwood, Cliviger, Cliviger Coal Co.

178 Ingham, -----, Hall and Byers.

179 Intake, Brandwood Moor, David Law.

180 Jubilee, Crompton, Oldham, Oldham, Middldeton, and Rochdale Colliery Co. (Limited).

181 Junction, Ashton, Mountain Mine Coal Co. (Limited).

182 Knott Lanes, Bardsley, Christopher Jacques.

183 Knowl, Wolstenholme, James Butterworth and Son.

184 Ladyshore, Bolton, John Fletcher.

185 Land, Shawforth, Rochdale, James G. Dearden.

186 Lancashire and Yorkshire, Thorne Lees, Shaw and Hayes.

187 Lanefoot, Littleborough, Lanefoot Colliery Co.

188 Laund, Baxenden, George Hargreaves and Co.

189 Lee Moor, Bacup, Thomas Leach.

Lee Moor, Bacup, Oldham, Middleton and Rochdale Colliery Co. (Limited).

190 Lever Bigge, Great Lever, Barlow. Atherton, and Rothwell.

191 Lydgate, Littleborough, Lanefoot Colliery Co.

192 Limehurst, Ashton under-Lyne, Limehurst Colliery Co.

193 Linnyshaw, Worsley, Bridgewater Trustees.

194 Lightowlers, Littleborough, John Tetlow.

195 Livesey, Blackburn, Orlando Brothers (Limited).

196 Livsey Fireclay, Blackburn, Orlando Brothers (Limited).

197 Little Hey, Stoneclough, Andrew Knowles and Sons (Limited).,

198 Little Hey (Pumping) Kersley, Clifton and Kersley Coal Co.

199 Lords Field, Ashton-under-Lyme, Lords Field Colliery Co.

200 Lords Moss Field, Farnworth, Bridgewater Trustees.

201 Lostock Valley, Chorley, Wainson and Co.

202 Lover's Lane, Atherton, Fletcher Burrows, and Co.

203 Low Crompton, Rochdale, Oldham, Middleton, and Rochdale Co. (Limited).

204 Low Side, Glodwick, Oldham, John Ashworth.

205 Lower Darwen, Lower Darwen, Lower Darwen Colliery Co.

206 Lower Hall, Westleigh, James Diggle.

207 Lower Moor, Oldham, John Mayall trustee of.

208 Lumm. Birtle, E B Milnes and Brother.

209 Machine, Farnworth, Bridgewater Trustees.

210 Mangnall's, Worsley Bridgewater Trustees.

211 Manor, Clifton, Manchester, Clifton and Kersley Co.

212 Marklands, Blackrod, T. Whittle.

213 Martholme, Great, Harwood, Great Harwood Coal Co.

214 Meadow Head, Wolstenholme, Meadow Head Colliery Co.

215 Meadows, Bacup, George Hargreaves and Co.

216 Mesne Lea, Worsley, Peter Nightingale and Co.

217 Messhing Trees, Tyldesley, William Ramsden.

218 Middle Bents, Little Lever, Thos Fetcher and Sons.

219 Miller Fold, Accrington, George Hargreaves and Co.

220 Milnrow, Milnrow, Wm. Stott.

221 Moleside, Milnrow, Moorside Firebrick, Tile, and Coal Co.

222 Moorside, Ainsworth, Geo. Hargreaves and Co.

223 Mosley Common, Tyldesley, Bridgewater Trustees.

224 Moss, Kearsley, Samuel Scowcroft and Sons.

225 Moston, Moston Manchester, Platt, Bros., and Co. (Limited).

226 Nabb, Newchurch, George Hargreaves and Co.

227 New Lester, Tyldesley, James Roscoe.

228 New Line, Bacup, John Maden and Son.

229 New Rivin, Little Lever, Andrew Knowles and Sons (Limited).

230 Newtown, Clifton, Clifton and Kersley Coal Co.

231 New Watergate, Hulton, James Roscoe.

232 New Earth, Lees, Chamber Colliery Company Limited.

233 Nook, Tyldesley, Astley and Tyldesley Coal and Salt Co. (Limited).

234 Outwood, Rochdale, Thos. B Williams.

235 Oak, Hollinwood, Chamber Colliery Co. (Limited).

236 Oaken Clough, Bacup, Executors of James Butterworth.

237 Old Clough, Bacup, George Hargeaves and Co.

238 Old House, Sough, James Pickup Entwistle.

239 Openshaw Fold, Radcliffe, Andrew Knowles and Sons (Limited).

240 Outwood, Outwood, Manchester, Thomas Fletcher and Sons.

241 Owl Hole, Little Lever, John Fletcher.

242 Padiham, Padiham, Executers of Colonel Hargreaves.

243 Park, Over Hulton, William Ford Hulton.

244 Park Hall, Blackrod, Horwich, Bolton. Arley Main Colliery Co.

245 Parrock's Fire Clay, Bacup, Geo. H. Hill.

246 Parsonage, Bolton, Denton Colliery Co.

247 Part Banks, Waterfoot, David Law.

248 Paulden, Barrowshaws, Trustee re John Mayall.

249 Peel Hall, Little Hulton, James Roscoe.

250 Pemberton House, Charnock Richard, Chorley, James Barker and Sons.

251 Pendlebury, Pendlebury, Manchester, Andrew Knowles and Sons (Limited).

252 Pendleton, Pendleton, Manchester, Andrew Knowles and Sons (Limited).

253 Priestners, Westleigh, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

254 Portsmouth, Cliviger, Brooks and Pickup.

255 Portsmouth Fire Clay, Cliviger, Brooks and Pickup.

256 Princess*, Eccleshill, W. Pickup. Star Street, Darwen.

257 Railway, Ainsworth, Thos. Fletcher and Sons.

258 Railway, Cliviger, Cliviger Coal Co.

259 Railway, Baxenden, Geo. Hargreaves & Co.

260 Raikes, Great Lever, Earl of Bradford.

261 Railway, Baxenden, Cliviger Colliery Co.

262 Rake Pottery, Littleborough, Rake Fire Brick Co. (Limited).

263 Rawlinson Bridge, Heath Charnock, John Tetlow.

264 Red Lumb, Rochdale, J. and W. Moscrop.

265 Red Walls, Oswaldtwistle, Thos. Simpson and Co.

266 Reedley, Reedley Hallows, Executors of Colonel Hargreaves.

207 Rhodes Bank, Oldham, Chamber Colliery Co. (Limited).

268 Ringley, Outwood, Thos. Fletcher and Sons.

269 Rishton, Rishton, Dunkenhalgh Colliery Co. (Limited)

270 Robin Hill, Oldham, Oldham, Middleton, and Rochdale Co. (Limited).

271 Robin Hood, Clifton, Manchester, Clifton and Kersley Coal Co.

272 Rocher, Park Bridge, Rocher Colliery Co. (Limited).

273 Rook View, Whitworth, Abraham Hill.

274 Rose Hill, Burnden, Bolton, Samuel Scowcroft.

275 Roundthorn, Oldham, Wm. Evans.

276 Rowley, Burnley, Executors of Colonel Hargreaves.

277 Royton, Royton, Oldham, Oldham, Middleton, and Rochdale Co. (Limited).

278 Sand Rock, Walmersley, Bury, John Hall.

279 Sanderson, Worsley, Bridgewater Trustees.

280 Scaitcliffe, Accrington, George Hargreaves and Co.

281 Scot Lane, Blackrod, William Woods and Son.

282 Scout Moor, Shuttleworth, Executrix of Lawence Duckworth.

283 Shakerley, Shakerley, William Ramsden.

284 Shakerley, Shakerley, Tyldesley Colliery Co. (Limited).

285 Sheep Bank, Hollingworth, James Howard.

286 Shipperbottom, Walmersley, Executrix of Lawrence Duckworth.

287 Sholver, Crompton, Oldham, Middleton, and Rochdale Co. (Limited).

288 Sholver Lane, Moorside, T. Mellodew and Co.

289 Simonstone, Simonstone, Burnley, Robert and H. Sager.

290 Sladen Mill, Littleborough, Kershaw Bros.

291 Smallbridge, Rochdale, Samuel Lomax and Co.

292 Smear Hall, Ray with Botton, Exors. of Thomas Kays.

293 Smethurst Hall, Birtle, John Berry and Sons.

294 Smithfold, Little Hulton, John Gibson and Co.

295 Snapes, West Leigh, Manchester, The Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

296 Snape Hill, Walmersley, John Hall.

297 Snow Mill, Darey Lever, Darey Lever Coal Co.

298 Snydall Hall, Westhoughton, Snydall Hall Colliery Co. (Limited).

299 South Grain, Dulesgate, James G. Dearden

300 Spindlepoint, Clifton, Manchester, Clifton and Kersley Coal Co.

301 Springwell, Pilkington, Standlane Colliery Co.

302 Stacksteads, Stacksteads, George Hargreaves and Co.

303 Stonehill, Oswaldtwistle, Thomas Simpson and co.

304 Stopes, Littleborough, Ralph Ashworth and Co. (Limited).

305 Stockfield, Chadderton, Chamber Colliery Co. (Limited).

306 Stonehill, Farnworth, Bolton, Roscow and Lord.

307 Stopes, Little Lever , Thomas Fletcher and Sons

308 Street Gate, Little Hulton, Bolton, Matthew Bennett and Brothers.

309 Sunfield, Moorside, Thos Mellodew and Co.

310 Swinshaw, Crawshaw Booth, George Hargreaves and Co.

311 Skye, Littleborough, Ashworth an Lees and Co.

312 Syke Lane, Hollinworth, Sky Lane Colliery Co.

313 Taylor's Green, Sough, Darwen, Co-operative Wholesale Society.

314 Tonnacliffe, Tonnacliffe, Rochdale, Exors. of J. Buckley.

315 Three Quarters, Over Hutton, Wm. Ford Hulton.

316 Tithebarn, Over Darwin, Jas. Hacking.

317 Toadleach, Healey Rochdale, James G Dearden.

318 Todmerden Moor, Dulesgate, James G Dearden.

319 Tonge, Tonge, Bolton, Frank Hardcastle.

320 Tonge Fold, Tonge, Bolton, Jethro Scowcroft.

321 Tonge Moor, Bolton, Jethro Scowcroft.

322 Tonge Field, Farnworth, Bridgewater Trustees

323 Tongue End Pasture, Rochdale, Henry Heys.

324 Tooter Hill, Sharneyford, James Dearden.

325 Top Pit, Denton, Denton Colliery Co.

326 Towneley Arley, Burnley, Brooks and Pickup.

327 Towneley Drift, Towneley, Brooks and Pickup.

328 Towneley King, Brooks and Pickup.

329 Trawden, Trawden, Executors of Colonel Hargreaves.

330 Tweedale, Rochdale, Coupe and Shepherd.

331 Tyldesley, Tyldesley Astley and Tyldesley Coal Co. (Limited).

332 Union, Cliviger, Burnley, Cliviger Coal Co.

333 Victoria, Rumworth, Thos. Brocklehurst.

334 Victoria, Houghton, Denton Colliery Co.

335 Victoria, Darcy Lever, Darcy Lever Coal Co.

336 Victoria, Little Lever, John Fletcher.

337 Wallnook, Wardle, Rochdale, James G. Dearden.

338 Wardley Coppice Field, Worsley, Bridgewater Trustees.

339 Watergate, Middle Hulton, Bridgewater Trustees.

340 Waterside, Eccleshill Darwen, Waterside Fire Clay Co.

341 Welch Whittle, Welch Whittle, Chorley Blainsclough Hall Colliery Co.

342 Westhoughton, New, Westhoughton, Westhoughton Coal and Cannel Co. (Limited)

343 Westleigh, West Leigh, Manchester, James Diggie.

344 Westleigh, Clifton, Manchester, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

345 Wetearth, Clifton, Manchester, Clifton and Kersley Coal Co.

346 Wharton Hall, Shakerley, Wharton Hall Colliery Co.

347 Whinney Hill, Altham, Accrinton, Altham Colliery Co.

348 Whitaker Bridge, Radcliffe, Andrew Knowles and Son.

349 White Birk, White Birk, Darwen Mining Co. (Limited).

350 Wholaw Nook, Wholaw, Brooks and Pickup.

351 Wilders Moor, Rivington, Fish, Brooker and Co.

352 Wilderswood, Horwich, Bolton, Andrew Peak.

353 Withins Lane, Radcliffe, Andrew Knowles and Son's (Limited).

354 Withnell, Chorley, Frederick Parke.

355 Wolstenholdfold, Radcliffe, Thos. Fletcher and Sons.

356 Woodhouse Lane, Bagslate Rochdale, Teeedale Colliery Co.

357 Wood Nook, Accrington, George Hargreaves and Co.

358 Woodpark, Bardsley, Chamber Colliery Co. (Limited).

359 Woodside, Chadderton, Oldham, Middleton and Rochdale Coal Co. (Limited)

360 Yard, Over Hulton, Wm. Ford Hulton.

361 Yew Tree Tyldesley, Tyldesley Coal Co. (Limited).


 The West Division Of Lancashire. St. Helens

1 Alexandra, Haigh, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

2 Alexandra, St. Helens, St. Helens Colliery Co. (Limited)

3 Ashton's Green, St Helens, Henry Bramall and Co.

4. Carrs, Prescot, Carrs Colliery Co.(Limited)

5. Clay Works, Rainford, Mill Lane Mining Co. (Limited)

6 Collins Green*, St. Helens, Collins Green Colliery Co. (Limited).

7 Crank Hill, Rainford, Prescot, Crank Coal and Fireclay Co. (Limited)

8 Deep Pits, Rainford, Prescot, St. Helens Colliery Co. (Limited)

9 Downall Green, Haydock, Richard Evans and Co.

10 Edge Green, Haydock, Richard Evans and Co.

11 Garswood Park, St. Helens, Dd. Bromilow and Co.

12 Giller's Green, St. Helens, West Lancashire Colliery and Fireclay Co. (Limited).

13 Green Gate, St. Helens, Greengate Colliery Co.

14 Halsnead, Prescot, Richard Evans and Co.

15 Havannah, Haydock, Richard Evans and Co.

16 Huyton, Huyton, Thos. Lea.

17 Laffack Garswood, St. Helens, Dd. Bromilow,

18 Lee, Haydock, Richard Evans and Co.

19 Lilly Lane, Ashton, Richard Evans and Co.

20 Lyme, Haydock, Richard Evans and Co.

21 Mill Lane, Rainford, Thos. Bird and Co.

22 Moss House, St Helens, Richard Evans and Co.

23 New Boston, Haydock, Richard Evans and Co.

24 Old Boston, Haydock, Richard Evans and Co.

25 Peasley Cross, St Helens, Bourne and Robinson.

26 Pewfall, Haydock, Richard Evans and Co.

27 Phoenix, St. Helens, Benjn. B Glover and Co.

28 Prescot, Whiston, Wigan and Whiston Coal Co. (Limited).

29 Queen Pit, Haydock, Richard Evans and Co.

30 Rainford, St. Helens, Rainford Coal Co. (Limited).

31 Rainford Delf St. Helens, Charles Howarth.

32 Ravenhead, St. Helens, St. Helens Colliery Co. (Limited).

33 Redgate, St. Helens, Geo. Molyneux and Co.

34 Royal, St. Helens, Jon Cross.

35 Sherdley, St. Helens, Bourne and Robinson.

36 Stanley, St. Helens, Dd. Bromilow and Co.

37 Stangeways Hall, Hindley, Crompton and Shawcross.

38 Sutton, St. Helens, James Haddock.

39 Union, St. Helens, Wm. Twist.

40 Whiston, Whiston, Wigan and Whiston Coal Co. (Limited).

41 Wood, Haydock, Richard Evans and Co.




 1 Abram, Hindley Green, Abram Coal Co.

2 Albion, Hindley Green, R. and W. Jolley.

3 Ackhurst Hall, Gathurst, Roper, Hamilton and Lamb.

4 Alliance, Wigan, Hilton and Clarke.

5 Amberswood, Hindley, Crompton and Shawcross.

6 Amberswood, Hindley, Ince Hall Coal and Cannel Co. (Limited).

7 Arley Pits, Ince, Ince Hall Coal and Cannel Co. (Limited).

8 Aspull pumping, Aspull, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

9 Bamfurlong, Wigan, Cross, Tetley and Co. (Limited).

10 Barley Brook, Wigan, J. W. Darbyshire.

11 Bawkhouse*, Haigh, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

12 Belle View, Dalton, Nr. Wigan, Wm. Marsh.

13 Berry Street*, Skelmersdale, J. Houghton.

14 Bickershaw, Westleigh, Ackers Whitley, and Co. (Limited).

15 Bickerstaffe, Skelmersdale, Bromilow Forster, and Co.

16 Birchen Heads, Wigan, Thomas Melling.

17 Birket Bank, Wigan, Ince Hall Coal and Cannel Co. (Limited).

18 Black Moss, Skelmersdale, Dewhurst and Berry.

19 Blaguegate, Skelmersdale, Lord Skelmersdale.

20 Blaguegate, Wigan, Winstanley and Co.

21 Bradley Hall Wigan, Benj. and Richd. Fisher.

22 Bradshaw, Aspull, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

23 Bridget, (sinking), Haigh, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

24 Britannia, Haigh, Ince Hall Coal and Cannel Co. (Limited).

25 Broomfield, Standish, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

26 Brynn Hall, Wigan, Wm. E. F. Crippin.

27 Brynn Moss, Wigan, Hoyle, Smethurst and Grime.

28 California, Aspull, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

29 Chapel House, Skelmersdale, Chapel House Colliery Co.

30 Crawford Aspull, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

31 Crow Orchard, Skelmersdale, Crow Orchard Colliery Co. (Limited).

32 Dalton, Dalton, Barrow Hematite and Steel Co.

33 Dean House, Wigan, Lathom and Quirk.

34 Deep, Hindley, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

35 Ditton Brook, Upholland, Ditton Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

36 Douglas Bank, Wigan, Rose Bridge and Douglas Bank Collieries Co. (Limited).

37 Dove Lane, Wigan, Wigan Coal Co.

38 Downal Green, Ashton, Thomas, Stone and Son.

39 East Cannel, Ince, Ince Hall Coal and Cannel Co. (Limited).

40 Elms, Wigan, Hoyle, Smethurst and Grime.

41 Engine, Wigan, John Scowcroft and Co. (Limited).

42 Far Moss, Skelmersdale, Bromilow Foster, and Co.

46 Fir Tree House, Platt Bridge, Crompton and Shawcross.

47 Fogg's Fold, Platt Bridge, Cross, Tetley and Co. (Limited).

48 Garswood, Ashton, Lord Gerrard.

46 Garswood Hall, Ashton, Hoyles, Smethurst and Grime.

47 Giants Hall, Standish, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

48 Gidlow, Wigan, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

49 Gidlow, Wigan, Thos. Gidlow

50 Gidlow and Swinley, Wigan, Rylands, Son and Co (Limited).

51 Golborne, Golborne, Edward Johnson.

52 Godfrey (not working), Haigh, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

53 Gorses, Haigh, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

54 Grammar, Wigan, John Scowcroft and Co. (Limited)

55 Grange Hall, Wigan, William Walmesley.

56 Grants Hall, Wigan, Wigan Coal Co.

57 Gullet (not working), Haigh, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

58 Hindley Field, Wigan, Hindley Field Coal Co.

59 Holland, Upholland, Wigan Coal Co.

60 Hindley Hall, Hindley, Pearson Knowles Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

61 Hindley Hall, Wigan, Roger Leigh and Co.

62 Holme House, Wigan, Smethurst Hoyle, and Grime.

63 Ince, Ince, Ince Hall Coal and Cannel Co.(Limited).

64 Ince Hall, Ince, Pearson and Knowles Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

65 Ince Moss, Ince, Wigan, Crompton and Shawcross.

66 Ince Moss, Ince Pearson and Knowles Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

67 John, Standish, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

68 Kirkless, Aspull, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

69 Kirkless, Aspull, R. Parry and Co.

70 Ladies Lane, Hindley, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited)

71 Langtree, Standish, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

72 Lathom, Skelmersdale, Bromilow Foster, and Co.

73 Lawns Delf, Upholland, John Laithwaite.

74 Lea Green, Lea Green, James Radley.

75 Leyland Green, Ashton, Samuel Stock.

76 Lindsay Haigh, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

77 Long Lane, Hindley, Edward Johnson.

78 Mains, Wigan, Cross Tetley and Co. (Limited).

79 Meadow, Haigh, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

80 Meadows, Wigan, Lamb and Moore.

81 Mesnes, Wigan, Cross Tetley Co (Limited).

82 Moor (not working), Aspull, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

83 Morris Lane (not working), Haigh, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

84 Moss, Skelmersdale, Bromilow, Forster, and Co.

85 Moss Hall, Ince, Moss Hall Coal Co. (Limited).

86 Moss Side, Skelmersdale, Moss Side Land and Brickworks Co. (Limited).

87 Newtown, Wigan, Lamb and Moore.

81 Norley, Wigan, Norley Coal and Cannel Co.

89 Nutgrove, Thatto Heath, James Radley.

90 Orrell Hall, Wigan, Orrell Colliery & Firebrick Co. (Limited).

91 Orrell Post, Orrell, Edward Baldwin.

92 Park, Skelmersdale, Lord Skelmersdale.

93 Park, Skelmersdale, Tawd Vale Coal Co.

94 Park Lane, Ashton, Garswood Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

95 Pear Tree House, Ormskirk, Moss Side Land and Brickworks Co. (Limited).

96 Pemberton, Wigan, Jonathan Blundell and Son.

97 Pemberton Haigh, Ince near Wigan, Ince Hall Coal and Cannel Company.

98 Penny Gate (not working), Hindley, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

99 Pilltoft, Wigan, Coop, Lea and Marsden.

100 Plank Lane, Hindley Green, Ackers Whitley and Co. (Limited).

101 Platt Lane, Platt Lane, Wigan and Whiston Coal Co. (Limited).

102 Pospect, Standish, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

103 Riding Lane, Wigan, Cross Tetley and Co. (Limited).

104 Rose Bridge, Wigan, Rose Bridge and Douglas Bank Colliery Co. (Limited).

105 Robin Hall, Standish, Wigan Coal Co.

106 Saw Mill Ince, Ince Hall Coal and Cannel Co. (Limited).

107 Senela Green, Ashton, Samuel Stock.

108 Shevington Moor, Wigan, Wm. Brindle.

109 Springfield (not working), Orrell, Hitchin and Co.

110 Springs, Wigan, J. Scowcroft and Co. (Limited).

111 Stonehouse, Wigan, J. Scowcroft and Co. (Limited).

112 Sutton Heath, Thatto Heath , James Radley.

113 Swan Lane, Wigan, Ed. Johnson.

114 Swire, Standish, Wigan Coal Co.

115 Tawd Vale, Skelmersdale, Tawd Vale Colliery Co. (Limited).

116 Taylor, Standish, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited)

117 Thatto Heath, Thatto Heath, James Radley.

118 Trencherbone, Ince, The Pearson and Knowles Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

119 Tucker's Hill (not working), Haigh, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

120 Tunnel (not working), Standish, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

121 Upholland (not working), Upholland, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

122 Park Lane, Ashton, Garswood Coal Co.

123 Victoria, Rainford, Victoria Colliery Co. (Limited).

124 Venture, Wigan, Jonathan Blundell and Sons.

125 Wash (not working), Haigh, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

126 West Cannel, Ince, Moss Hall Coal and Cannel Company.

127 William, Haigh, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

128 Winstanley, Winstanley, Meyrick Banks.

129 Whitemoss, Skelmersdale, Whitemoss Coal Co. (Limited).

130 Worthington Hall, Aspull, Worthington Hall Coal and Cannel Co. (Limited).

131 Woodshaw, Aspull, Wigan Coal and Iron Co. (Limited).

132 Worsley Mesnes, Wigan, N. Eckersley.

133 Whorthington (sinking), Standish, Norley Coal and Cannel Co.




 1 Adlington, Stockport, Jonathan Jowett.

2 Astley, Dukinfield, Dunkirk Coal Company.

3 Backspond, Lyme, Macclesfield, W. Hewitt.

4 Bakestone Dale, Macclesfield, W. Gardiner.

5 Banks End, Stockport, L. and B. Hall.

6 Bayley Field, Hyde, T. J. and J. Ashton.

7 Bredbury, Stockport, Bredbury Coal and Iron Company.

8 Bugsworth, Hayfield Stockport, L. and G. Hall.

9 Burnt Edge, Hayfield Stockport, L. and G. Hall.

10 Daisyfield, Hyde, Stellor and Co.

11 Dane Thorn, Macclesfield, W. and H. Hand.

12 Disley, Stockport, S. Maiden.

13 Dukinfield, Dukinfield, John Hall and Son.

14 Eddisbury, Rainow, Macclesfield, Jonathan Hully.

15 Harper's Brook, Marple, Thos. Wainwright

16 Hough Hole, Rainow, Macclesfield, W. Mellor.

17 Hyde, Hyde, Hyde Colliery Co.

18 Marple, Marple, J. and M. Tymm.

19 Mellor, Stockport, Jonathan Jowett.

20 Norbury, Stockport,Clayton and Brooke.

21 Neston, Neston, Neston Colliery Co., Limited.

22 Pottshrigley, Macclesfield, Geo. Lambert.

23 Poynton and Worth, Stockport, Lord Vertion.

24 Redacre, Stockport, George Needham.

25 Robinsclough, Stockport, W. and H. Hand.

26 Sponds and Ringstone, Lyme, Macclesfield, James Jackson.

27 Whaley Bridge, Stockport, L. and E. Hall.

28 Winterfold, Addington, Stockport Daniel Kirk.

29 Victoria, Dunkinfield, Dunkinfield Coal and Cannel Co.




 1 Aracott, Longdon, William. Exley.

2 Aracott New, Pontesbury, J. Proctor.

3 Benthall, Broseley, Benthall Pottery Co.

4 Benthall, Broseley, Hill and Ashton.

5 Benthall, Broseley, Evans and Clough.

6 Billingsley, Bridgenorth, Severn Valley Colliery Co.

7 Broseley, Wellington, Coalbrookdale Company.

8 Broseley, Wellington, W. O. Foster.

9 Calcuts, Wellington, W. O. Foster.

10 Castle Place, Longton, George Finn.

11 Catherton, Ludlow, J. Patchett and Co.

12 Coalbrookdale, Wellington, Coalbrookdale Company.

13 Coppice, Bethnall, W. and J. Evans.

14 Cornbrook, Ludlow, Cornbrook and Knowbury Coal and Stone Co.

15 crunch Meols, Pontesbury, Johi Atherton.

16 Dark Lane, Shifnal, Haybridge Iron Co., Limited.

17 Dawley Bank, Wellington, E. Cheney.

18 Dawley, Wellington, Coalbrookdale Company.

19 Donnington, Wellington, Coalbrookdale Company.

20 Drill, Owestry, Drill Coal and Fire Clay Co.

21 Farley, Pontesbury, Farley Colliery Co.

22 Fish House, Broseley, L. E. Woolstine.

23 Granville, Wellington, The Lilleshall Company.

24 Hadley, Wellington, The Lilleshall Company.

25 Henwood, Shrewsbury, J Atherton.

26 Harcourt, Cleobury, Robert Jones.

27 Haycop Hill, Broseley, Hill and Aston.

25 Highley, Highley, Highley Coal Co.

26 Hanwood, Shrewsbury, J. Atherton.

27 Haycop Hill, Broseley, Hill and Aston.

28 Harcourt, Cleobury, Robert Jones.

29 Hinksay, Shifnal, Haybridge Iron Co. Limited.

30 Horse Hays, Wellington, Coalbrookdale Company.

31 Horseleasow , Wellington, Executors of John Bennett.

32 Jackfield, Broseley, William Exley and Son.

33 Ketley, Wellington, Collierces Co.

34 Kemberton, Shifnal, W. R. Anstice and Co.

35 Knowbury, Ludlow, Roberts and Co.

36 Lawley, Wellington, Coalbrookdale Company.

37 Lawley Bank, Coalbrookdale Company.

38 Lebotwood, Shrewsbury, R. Preen.

39 Lightmore, Wellington, Coalbrookdale Company.

40 Lilleshall, Wellington, The Lilleshall Co.

41 Madeley Court, Wellington, W. O. Foster.

42 Madeley Wood and Kemberton, Ironbridge, Madeley Wood Co.

43 Moat Hall, Shrewsbury, Shorthouse and Co.

44 Moreton Hall, Chirk, Pressgweene Colliery Co. Limited.

45 Malins Lee, Wellington, F Cheney.

46 New House, Pulverbatch, George Fenn.

47 Old Park, Wellington, E. Cheney

48 Park, Snifnal, Heybridge Iron Co.

49 Preesgwyn, Chirk, Pressgweene Colliery Co. Limited.

50 Prior's Lee, Wellington, The Lilleshall Co.

51 Quinta, Chirk, Quinta Colliery Co. Limited.

52 Roughflelds , Wellington, Coalbrookdale Company.

53 Shorthill, Old, Shrewsbury, John Atherton.

54 Stafford, Wellington, The Lilleshall Co.

55 Stirchley, Wellington, E Cheney.

56 Trefonen, Owestry, R. S. France.

57 Watsall, Cleobury, Simmers and Garbett.

58 Waterloo, Wellington, John Williams.

59 Wombridge, Wellington, Executors of John Bennett.

60 Woodhouse, Wellington, The Lilleshall Co.

61 Wyockwardine, Wellington, The Lilleshall Co.




 1 Addle Hill Level, Cinderford, H. Craweshay and Co.

2 Aimwell, Yorkley, James James.

3 All Profit, Cinderford, J. A. Brain.

4 Arles Level, Lydbrook, T. Watson.

5 Bailey Hill, Lydbrook, J. Prothero.

6 Bilson, Cinderford, Bilson and Crump Meadow Coal Co. Limited.

7 Bixdale, Coleford, J. T. Thomas and Co.

8 Broomingbolt, Coleford, H. J. Brown.

9 Bridewell, Coleford, Walter Pritchard.

10 Brookall Ditches, Parkend, Parkend Coal Co.

11 Buckholt, Coleford, J. T. Thomas.

12 Certainty, Coleford, Princess Royal Coal Co.

13 Chapel Quarry, Coleford, J. Foward.

14 Cross Knave, Five Acres, Coleford, Benjamin Davis.

15 Crumpmeadow, Cinderford, Bilsen and Crump Meadow Coal Co., Limited.

16 Darkhill, Coleford, R. Thomas and Co.

17 Dark Hill coal and brick, Coleford, Wanklyn and Gundell.

18 Dog Delf, Yorkley, H. Phipps.

19 Drybrook Level, Newnham, Ebbw Vale Co. Limited.

20 Duck Pit, Cinderford, Goold Brothers.

21 East Slade, Cinderford, New Bowson Co.

22 Edenwall, Coleford, S. Hughes.

23 Ellwood, Coleford, Ellwood Green Colliery Co.

24 Farmers Folly, Coleford, Farmersley Folly Co.

25 Findall, Coleford, Forest of Dean Iron Co.

26 Farmy Lay, Coleford, Shad Hughes.

27 Flour Mill, Bream, Arthur James Price.

28 Foxes Bridge, Newnham, Foxes Bridge Coal Co.

29 Gentlemen Colliers, Coleford, J. Smith.

30 Great Western, Coleford, Great Western Coal Co.

31 Hawkins, Coleford, J. Morris.

32 Hawkwell, Coleford, J. Clivers and Son.

33 Haywood, Cinderford, Littledean Woodside Coal Co.

34 Harry Hill Prosper, Drybrook, J. Roberts.

35 Hopewell Engine, Coleford, Messrs. Blanch.

36 Howbeach Level, Blakeney, Blakeney and Forest of Dean Co.

37 High Meadow, Coleford, High Meadow Coal Co.

38 Howlerslade, Coleford, Trotter, Thomas, and Co.

39 Inkerman, Coleford, Geo. Russell.

40 Invention, Coleford, J. Matthews and Co.

41 Knockley Tump, Bream, Sam. Jenkins.

42 Lightmoor, Cinderford, Crawshay and Sons.

43 Leather Pit, Cinderford, J. A. Russell.

44 Lydbrook, Coleford, Thos. Creswick.

45 Little Britain, Yorkley, J. Phipps

46 Miles Level, Coleford, Western Counties Colliery Co. Limited.

47 Morses Level, Blakeney, Simon Holmes.

48 Nags Head, Yorkley, S. Holmes.

41 New Birch Hill Folly, Coleford, Reuben Joynes.

50 New Bridge Engine, Nailbridge, Mitcheldean Coal Co.

51 New Engine, Parkend, Forest Coal Mining Co.

52 New Fancey, Park End, Park End Coal Co.

53 New Found Out, Coleford, Shad.Hughes.

54 New Mount Pleasant, Coleford, Spicer and Buckland.

55 New Road Level, Coleford, Holmes and Co.

56 Oaken Level, Coleford.

57 Old Fire Engine, Cinderford, S. Baldwin.

58 Old Furnace Coal Level, Coleford, Trotter, Thomas, and Co.

59 Old Croft, Coleford, Hough and Atkinson.

60 Old Leather Pit, Cinderford, A. J. Russell.

61 Paragon, Bilson, Peter Constance.

62 Park End Royal, Lydney, Park End Coal Co., St. Thomas.

63 Parkhill, Lydney, Forest of Dean Iron Co. Limited.

64 Phipp's Pillowell, Lydney, Phipps and Price.

65 Pillowell Level, Lydney, G. Atkinson.

66 Pinckpenny Level, Ruardean, James A. Brain

67 Princess Royal, Bream, Princess Royal Co.

68 Prosper, Lydbrook, G. Russell.

69 Quidchurch, Lydbrook, Quidchurch Coal Co.

70 Resolution and Safeguard, Newnham, Crawshaw and Sons.

71 Ruardean Hill, Blackeney, S Holmes.

72 Setting Sun, Blackeney, J. Griffiths.

73 Speedwell, Coleford, George Russell.

74 St. Vincent, Coleford, Walking and Grindell.

75 Thatchpit or Independent, Coleford, Oliver Lewis.

76 Till Quarry, Coleford, Ellwood Green Coal Co.

77 Trafalgar, Coleford, J. B. and W. B. Brain.

78 Uncertainty, Bream, G. Williams.

71 Union and Cannop Engine, Cinderford, Union and Cannop Engine Coal Co.





 1 Belgium, Bristol, Kingswood and Parkfield Iron Co.

2 California, Bristol, A . and G, Fussell.

3 Coalpit Heath, Frampton Cotterell, The Coal Pit Heath Co.

4 Crew's Hole, Bristol, H. C Burge.

5 Crew's Hole, Bristol, R. F. King.

6 Crown, Warmley (Bristol), E. L. Owen.

7 Easton, Bristol, Leonard Boult, and Co.

8 Fishponds, Bristol, W. Flower.

9 Golden Valley, Bath, Aaron Brain.

10 Hanham, Bristol, Leonard Boult and Co.

11 Kingswood, Bristol, Kingswood Coal and Iron Co. Limited.

12 Mangotsfield, Bristol, Brown and Butler.

13 Mangotsfield Common, Mangotsfield, B. Phipps.

14 New Cheltenham, Bristol, Chubb and Waring.

15 Newent, Newent, Newent Colliery Co.

16 Oldland, Bristol, Oldland Colliery Co.

17 Parkfield, Magotsfield, Kingswood and Parkfields Coal Co.

18 Pennywell Road, Bristol, Chubb and Waring.

19 Rangeworthy, Yate near Bristol, Murley and Sons.

20 Shortwood, Bristol, C. Lovell and Co.

21 Siston Hill, Bristol S. H. Hadley.

22 Speedwell, Bristol, Kingswood and Iron Co.

23 Whitehall, Bristol, Leonard, Boult, and Co.

24 Yate Works, Yate l mile from Chipping Sodbury, Long Nowell and Co.




 1 Downside, Nettlebridge, Bath, W. Evans and Co.

2 Mackintosh, Nettlebridge, Bath, Westbury Iron Co. Limited.

3 Newbury, Nettlebridge, Bath, Westbury Iron Co. Limited.

4 New Rock, Nettlebridge, New Rock Coal Co.

5 Edford, Nettlebridge. Edford Colliery Co.

6 Mells, Frome, Vobster Coal Co.


Radstock District

 1 Braysdown, Radstock, Daubeny and Scobell.

2 Clandown, Radstock, Charles Hollwey.

3 Foxcote, Radstock, Foxcote Colliery Co.

4 Huish, Radstock, Writhrilington Colliery Co.

5 Kilmersdon, Radstock, Kilmersdon Colliery Co.

6 Ludlow, Radstock. Countess of Waldegrave, Trustees of.

7 Middle Pit, Radstock, Old Walton Coal Co.

8 Old Welton, Radstock, Old Welton Coal Co.

9 Tyning, Radstock, Countess of Waldegrave, Trustees of.

10 Welton Hill, Radstock, Welton Hill Coal Co.

11 Writhilington, Lower, Radstock, The Writhlington Colliery Co.

12 Writhilington, Upper, Radstock, The Writhlington Colliery Co.

13 Wellsway, Radstock, Countess Waldegrave, Trustees of the late.


 Paulton District

 1 Ashton Vale, Close to Bristol, Ashton Vale Iron Co. Limited.

2 Bishop Sutton, Paulton (Bristol), Mogg and Co.

3 Conygre Lower (Timsbury), Paulton (Bristol), Samborne, Smith, and Co.

4 Conygre Upper (Timsbury), Paulton (Bristol), Samborne, Smith, and Co.

5 Camerton, Old, Paulton (Bristol), Miss Jarrett.

6 Camerton, New, Paulton (Bristol), Miss Jarrett.

7 Dean Lane, Bedminster (Bristol), H. Bennett.

8 Downside, Bedminster (Bristol), W. Evans and Co.

9 Farringdon, Paulton (Bristol), Radstock Coal Co.

10 Fry's Bottom, Bedminster (Bristol), Earl of Warwick.

11 Grayfield, Bedminster (Bristol), Earl of Warwick.

12 Malago Vale, Bedminster, Bristol Colliery Co.

13 Old Mills, Paulton, William Evans and Co.

14 South Liberty, Bedminster, Ashton Vale Iron Co. Limited.

15 Temple Cloud, Bristol, H. B. Hippisley.


 Nailsea Coal Field

 1 West End, Nailsea, Bristol, Nailsea Coal and Coke Co Limited.

2 White Oak, Nailsea, Bristol, White Oak Colliery Co.



 1 Bideford, Bideford, Bideford Black Paint Co.

2 Broadstone, Bideford, Thomas Pollard and Sons.



 1 Kimmeridge, Kimmeridge, C.D.Grelbe and Co.




On the Edge of Glamorganshire







 1 Aberbeeg, Newport, Powell Bros.

2 Abercarn, No.1, Neport, Ebbw Vale Co. Limited.

3 Abersychan Works, Ebbw Vale, Ebbw Vale Co. Limited.

4 Arall, Newport, T. Latch and Co.

5 Beaufort, Aberstrouth, Beaufort Colliery Co.

6 Beaufort Works, Nantyglo, Nantyglo and Blaina Co Limited.

7 Berris, Pentwynmawr, Temple Stroud.

8 Bovil, Machen, John Brewer and Son.

9 Bovil Sun Level, Machen, John Brewer and Son.

10 Bedwellty, Newport, Tredegar Iron Co. Limited.

11 Blaenavon Works, Pontypool, Blaenavon Iron and Steel Company.

12 Blaecowm, Pontypool, Prosser and Thomas.

13 Blaen Cuffin (in liquidation), Newport, Powell Brothers.

14 Blsensychan, Newport, T. Evans.

15 Blaensychan, Newport, Blaenycwm Coal Co.

16 Bush, Crumlin, Bush Coal Company,

17 Bryngwyn, Newport, W. S. Cartwright.

18 Carllwyn, Mynyddysllwyn, T. Way,

19 Cefn-y-Crib, Pontypool, Blenavon Colliery Co.

20 Celynen, Abercorn, Newport Abercarn Black Vein Steam Coal Co., Limited.

21 Clay Slope, Aberstrouth, Blaendare Co., Limited.

22 Coalbrook Vale Works, Blaina, Coalbrook Vale Co.

23 Coedcae Tillery, Newport, P.S. Phillips.

24 Cwmfarm, Abertillery, J. Wallace.

25 Cwmfrwdoer (in liquidation), Pontynewyndd, Blaendare Coal Co. Limited.

26 Cwmbran, Newport, Patent Nut and Bolt Co.

27 Cwmbran, Brickworks, Newport, H. Parfit.

28 Cwnubyr, Risca, London and South Wales Coal Co., Limited.

29 Cwmyglo, Near Newport, Bedwas and Lanwitt Co.

30 Cwm, Aberbeeg, J. Cook and Co.

31 Cwm, Ebbw Vale, Cwm Colliery Co.

32 Cwm Darran, Newport, Nicholas and Johnson.

33 Cwmdows, Newport, T. Stroud,

34 Cwm Nanty-y~groes, Newport, Clapp aud Williams.

35 Cwrnserchan, Pontypool, Partridge and Jones.

36 Darran, Risca, Jane Jones.

37 Drissiog, Hengoed, Lewis Brothers.

38 Daran, Llanhileth. near Newport, Thomas Phillips Price.

39 Ebbw Vale Works, Ebbw Vale, Ebbw Vale Company Limited.

40 Gelly, Pontypool, Darby and Norris.

41 Gelly, Newport, Lewis Brothers,

42 Gellydwylt, Blackwood, D. Lewis.

43 Gelly-haf, Fleur-de-lis, H. F. Jones.

44 Gelly-haf, Fleur-de-lis, D. Williams and Co.

45 Gelly-haf Issa, Fleur-de-lis, Treaseures and Moore.

46 Gellydeg-issaf, Maesycwmmer, W. Moore and Co.

47 Gelly-iass, Maesycwmmer, Daniel Richards.

45 Glyn Level, Pontypool, Blaendare Co.

49 Glynsychan, Pontypool, John and Phillips.

50 Golynos Works, Abersychan, William Richards.

51 Golynos Slope, Abersychan, William Richards.

52 Green Meadow, Abertillery, Robins, Smith, and Coles.

53 Gwailodywain, Newport, Bevan and Pryce.

54 Gwerna, Maesycwmmer, Nurse and Phillips.

55 Gwrhay, Newport, D. Lewis and Co.

56 Hafod Van, Newport, T. P. Price.

57 Henllis, Newport, Hill and Co.

53 Holybush, Newport, B. D. Williams.

59 Kendon, Crumlin, T. Morgan.

60 Llanarch, Newbridge, J. Patrick.

61 Llandaval, Aberbeeg, Monmouthshire and Cwm Collieries Co.

62 Llanhillheath (not working), Newport, Powell Brothers.

63 Lower Level, Aberstrouth, Blaedare Co., Limited.

64 Lower Place, Aberstrouth, Prothero Trust.

65 Maescwmmer Junction, Maescwmmer, Matthews and Evans.

66 Milfrain Hill, Blaenavon, Matthews and Evans.

67 Nantyglo Works, Nantyglo, Nantyglo and Blaina Co., Limited.

68 New Tredegar, Newport, Powell Duffryn Steam Coal Co., Limited.

69 Old Engine, Nantyglo, Coalbrook Vale Coal Co.

70 Old Furnace, Pontypool, M. Charles.

71 Pantyforest, Ebbw Vale, Powell and Co.

72 Penwaingoch, Blackwood, L. B. Williams.

73 Pontypool Works, Pontypool, Ebbw Vale Co., Limited.

74 Rhos Wen, Newport, Bevan and Price.

75 Rhymney, Newport, Rhymney Iron Company.

76 Risca Black Vein, Newport, London ond South Wales Co.

77 Rock, Bedwelty, J. Davies.

78 Sirhowy Works, Newport, Ebbw Vale Co., Limited.

79 South Wales, Abertillery, South Wales Coal Co.

80 Sun, Nantyglo, Morgan and Williams.

81 Tillery, Abertillery, Jaynes Tillery Colliery Co.

82 Tillery Level, Near Newport, Jaynes Tillery Colliery Co.

83 Ton-y-moch, Newport, David Rees.

84 Tranch, Newport, Tranch Colliery Co.

83 Tredegar, Tredegar, Tredegar Iron and Coal Company Limited.

86 Trelyn, Fleur de Lis, H. Robarts.

87 Tylewin, Fleur de Lis, Rees and Roberts.

88 Tunnel Level (not working), Newport, Jones Evans and Co.

89 Ty Liwyd, Pontllanfraith, Rees Brothers and Co.

90 Ty Liwyd, Maesycwmmer, Roberts and Chivers.

91 Ty-y-berth, Pontllanfraith, David James.

92 Tv Mawr, Pontllanfraith, David Lawrence.

93 Tir Philkins, New, Mynyddysllwyn, Powell Brothers.

94 Tirphill, Tredegar, J. P. Jones.

95 Varteg Hill and Mine, Pontypool, John Vipond and Co., Limited.

96 Varteg Works, Pontypool, Partridge Jones and Co. Limited.

97 Victoria Works, Newport, Ebbw Vale Co., Limited.

98 Wain Level, Nantyglo, Morgan Thomas.

99 Wain Llwyd, Ebbw Vale, Ebbw Vale Steel, Iron, and Coal Co., Limited.

100 Waterloo, Blackwood, William Davies.

101 White Rose, Newport, Powell Duffryn Co. Limited.

102 Winches, Nantyglo, John Lewis.

103 Yard Level, Nantyglo, Chilton and Jones.




 1 Brithdir, Merthyr Tydfil, Dowlais Iron Co.

2 Carngethin, Newport, E. D. Williams.

3 Cefn Clywna, Pontypidd, W. and E. Beddoe.

4 Ci Haul, Bargoed, Bargoed Coal Co.

5 Darran, Bargoed, Rhymney Iron Co.

6 Energlyn, Caerphilly, Energlyn Coal Company.

7 George Inn, Caerphilly, Rhymney Iron Co.

8 Gilvoach Vargood, Gelligaer, Price and Evans.

9 Glanddu, Gelligaer, W. and E. Beddoe.

10 Glanravon, Maesycwmmer, Price Brothers.

11 Gwladis, Cardiff, W. and E. Beddoe.

12 Hendre Denny, Cardiff, David and Sloper.

13 Hengoed, Maesycwmmer, Thomas Thomas.

14 Hengoed, Maesycwmmer, Thomas James and Co.

15 Llaniwit and Black Vein, Caerphilly, Lantwit and Black Vein Coal Co.

16 Mardy, Gellegaer, C. James.

17 New Rhos, Cardiff, Coangethin Colliery Co.

18 Old Rhos, Bargoed, W. and B. Beddoe.

19 Rhos Llanwit, Near Caerphilly, Glamorgan Rhos Llanwit Coal Company Limited.

20 Rhymney, Rhymney, Rhymney Iron Co.

21 Rudry, Caerphilly, Nicholas and Johnson.

22 Twynycoedcae, Machen, Marland and Davies.

23 Wingfield, Gellygaer, Wingfield Colliery Co.




 1 Bonvilles, Saundersfoot, Bonvilles Court Coal and Iron Co., Limited.

2 Creselly, Jeffreston, Jeffreston Anthracite Coal Co., Limited.

3 Book, Haverfordwest, Hook Colliery Co.

4 Kilgetty, Saundersfoot, Bonvilles Court Coal and Iron Co., Limited.

5 Blaynea, Llanelly, David Lloyd.

6 Moreton, Saundersfoot, Saundersfoot and Tenby Collieries Co.

7 South Wood, Haverfordwest, Walters and Canton.

8 Wood Land, Haverfordwest, Canton and Roberts.




 1 Amman, Brynamman, Amman Iron Co.

2 Blaina, Llanelly, David Lloyd.

3 Brynloi, Cwmaman, Rees Jones and Son.

4 Bryn-Gwyn, Llanelly, Nevill Druce and Co.

5 Cabad, Llanelly, William Thomas:

6 Cae, Llanelly, Neville, Druce and Co.

7 California, Llanelly, Norton and Co.

8 Carway, Kidwelly, The Hon. W. H. Yelverton.

9 Cawdor, Cwmaman, Morgan and Thompson.

10 Closissa, Llanelly, Jones and Harry.

11 Cross Hands, Llannon, Norton and Co.

12 Cwm Chapel and Pool, Llannon, Mason and Elkington.

13 Cwmllynfell, Ystalyfera, James and Aubrey.

14 Duffryn, Llanelly, Duffryn Colliery Co.

15 Dynant, Llanelly, Dynant Colliery Co.

16 Garnant, Llanelly, Garnant Coal Co.

17 Gilvach, Llendebie, Norton and Co.

18 Glynea, Llendebie, Neville, Druce, and Co.

19 Glyngerwen, Llendebie, Llewellyn Walters and Co.

20 Gorsygarnent, Llendebie, Garnant Coal Co.

21 Gwaun-cae Gurwen, Llendebie, Gwaun-cae Gurwen Coal Co.

22 Llanerch, Llendebie, D. Thomas.

23 Llangennech, Llendebie, Llangennech Coal Co.

24 Llwynrhidie, Cwmamman, Joseph Thomas.

25 Llwyntendy, Llanelly, Williams and Harry.

26 Maesardafen, Llanelly, W. Rees

27 Middle Amman, Brynaman, Middle Amman Colliery Co.

28 Morfa, Llanelly, Richard Evans.

29 Mwrwg, Llanelly, Mwrwg Vale Coal Co.

30 New Lodge, Burry Port, Wise, and Wood,

31 Oldcastle and Bres, Burry Port, Neville, Druce, and Co.

32 Pencoed, Llanelly, Neville, Druce, and Co.

33 Plasbach, Llanelly , Roberts and Evans.

34 Plssissa, Llanelly , Llangennech Coal Co.

35 Pontyberem, Llanelly, Pontyberem Colliery Co.

36 Rhos, Llandebie, Rhos Colliries Co.

37 Raven, Llanelly, Raven Coal Co.

38 Saint David's, Cwmaman, Llangennech Coal Co.

39 Talylcyn, Pontardulais, W. W. Masters.

40 Talclyn, Swansea, P B. Bell.

41 Thrimsaran, Kidwelly, ThrimsaranColliery Co.

42 Tyllwydd, Cwmaman, Newman and Smith.

43 Yystradgynlais, Swansea Valley, Yystradgynlais and Swansea Colliery Co., Limited.




 1 Aber, Bridgend, Aber Coal Co.

2 Aber Rhondda, Forth, Aber Rhondda Coal Co.

3 Aberaman, Aberdare, Powell Duffryn Steam Coal Co. Limited.

4 Abercwmboy, Aberdare, D. Davis and Sons.

5 Abergorki, Pontypridd, Burnyeat Brown, and Co.

6 Abergorki, Pontypridd, Coffin Co.

7 Abergorki, Aberdare, Aberdare and Plymouth Co.

8 Abergwawr, Aberdare, Powell Duffryn Steam Coal Co.

9 Aberpergwn, Neath, Morgan Stuart Williams.

10 Aberdare Merthyr, Hirwain, Aberdare Merthyr Steam Coal Co.

11 Aberdulais, Neath, James Lewis.

12 Amman, Brynamman, Amman Iron Co.

13 Avon, Maesteg, Sir Daniel Gooch and others.

14 Avon, Maesteg, Sir D. Gooch, Bart.

15 Baglan Hall, Briton Ferry, Greenfell and Sons.

16 Betts Llatwit, Bridgend, W. Boyle & Co.

17 Birch Grove, Llansamlet, Birch Grove Co.

18 Blaenavon, Briton Ferry, Great Western Railway Co.

19 Bargoed, Dowlais, Dowlais Iron Co.

20 Barrow, Dowlais, Barrow Haematite Coal Co.

21 Bedlinog, Dowlais, Dowlais Iron Co.

22 Bedlwyn, Aberdare, Kenway and Co.

23 Bentrewydd, Quakers Yard, William Lewis.

24 Birchgrove Graigola, Swansea, Charles Hopkinson and Sons.

25 Birch Rock, Pontardulais, Birch Rock Coal Co.

26 Bishwell, Swansea, Bishwell Collieryy Co Limited.

27 Blainclydach, Pontypridd, Forest Iron and Steel Co. Limited.

28 Blanant, Aberdare, Aberdare and Plymouth Co.

29 Blaengwawr, Aberdare, D. Davis and Son.

30 Boedryngallt Pit, Pontypridd, Davis and Warner.

31 Boedryngallt Level, Pontypridd, D. Davis and Son.

32 Bontnewidd, Pontypridd, William Lewis.

33 Bryn, Port Talbot, Cwm Avon Copper Co.

34 Braich-y-cymmer, Bridgend, Owners of Braich Colliery.

35 Brynddowy, Neath, Duffryn Main and Neath Abbey United Collieries Co.

36 Brynddu, Bridgend, Brynddu Coal and Coke Co.

37 Bryn Lant, Taibach, Governer and Co.'s sucessors.

38 Bryngrw, Aberdare, Morgan and Thomas.

39 Brynna Groynon, Bridgend, Barrow Haematite Steel Co Limited.

40 Bryn Willach, Swansea, H. H. Vivian, M.P.

41 Bryn Morgan, Swansea, W. H. Essery.

42 Buxton, Dowlais, Dowlais Iron Co.

43 Bwllfa Dare, Aberdare, Bwllfa and Merthyr Dare Colliery Co.

44 Broadoak, Soughor, Broadoak Colliery Co.

45 Broombill (not working), Tailiach, Vivian and Sons.

46 Brithdir (Old), Neath, Dynevor Coal Co.

47 Brithdir (West), Neath, Dynevor Coal Co.

48 Brithwenydd, Pontypridd, D. Thomas.

49 Bryncethin, Bridgend, Barrow Haematite Steel Co. Limited.

50 Bryn Coch, Cardiff, David Morgan.

51 Bryn Mawr, Gower Road, Bryn Mawr Colliery Co. Limited.

52 Bryndowe Level, Neath, Dynevor Coal Co.

53 Bryn Morgan, Swansea Valley, W. H. Essery.

54 Bute, Aberdare, Aberdare Rhondda Steam Coal Co.

55 Bute Merthyr, Pontypridd, Marqiuis of Bute.

56 Caedu, Tondu, Llynvi, Tondu and Ogmore Coal and Iron Co.

57 Cefn Elas, Merthyr Tydfil, J. Smith.

58 Cefn, Bridgend, Bryndu Coal and Coke Co.

59 Cefn Golan, Gower Road, J. W. Pearce.

60 Cefn Merthyr, Hirwain, Bwlfa Colliery Co.

61 Church, Gellygaer, Cardiff Swansea Coal Co Limited.

62 Church, Gellygaer, W. and E, Beddoe.

63 Cilely, Llantrissant, Great Western Railway Co.

64 Clymnyl, Llantrissant, Aberdare and Plymouth Co.

65 Clay Patch Level, Llantrissant Aberdare and Plymouth Co.

66 Clyddach Vale, Pontypridd, Thomas Riches and Co.

67 Coedbridden, Loughor, David Bevan.

68 Coedcae, Merthyr, Coed Cae Coal Co.

69 Colly Levels, Dowlais, Dowlais Iron Co.

70 Copper Pit, Swansea, John Glassbrook.

71 Corrwg Fechan, Britton Ferry, Corrwg Fechan Coal Co.

72 Court Herbert, Neath, Govnevor and Company of Copper Miners.

73 Craig-yr-allt, Cardiff, T. and W. Booker and Co. Limited.

74 Cribbwr Main, Bridgend, Cribbwr Main Coal Co.

75 Crynant, Neath, Evans and Bevan.

76 Cwm, Merthyr Tvdvil, R. T. Crawshay.

77 Cwmaman, Aberdare, Aberdare and Plymouth Co.

78 Cwmavon, Port Talbot, Govnevor and Company of Copper Miners.

79 Cwm Bach, Aberdare, Aberdare and Plymouth Co.

80 Cwm Bach, Swansea, Cwm BachCoal Co.

81 Cwmclich, Swansea, White Son and Co.

82 Cwmclydach, Pontypridd, W. Perch and Co.

83 Cwmdare, Aberdare, Powell Duffryn Steam Coal Co.

84 Cwmdu, Neath, Duffryn Main and Neath Abbey United Collieries Co.

85 Cwmdu, Bridgend, Llynvi, Tondu and Ogmore Coal and Iron Co.

86 Cyfartha Collieries, Merthyr, Crawshay Brothers.

87 Cymmer, Pontypridd, G. Insele and Co.

88 Cwm Nant-llwyd, Swansea, Primrose Coal Co.

89 Cwmneol, Aberdare, Powell Duffryn Steam Coal Co.

90 Cwm, Swansea, John Glassbrook.

91 Cyfing, Ystalyfera, Ystalyfera Iron Co.

92 Cymla, Neath, J. W. Davie.

93 Danygraig, Swansea, C. Lambert and Co.

94 Dinas Pits, Pontypridd, Coffin and Co.

95 Dinas Isha, Pontypridd, D. Thomas.

96 Dinas Main, Bridgend, Evans, Evans and Son.

97 Dowlais, Dowlais, Dowlais Iron Co.

98 Duffryn Pits, Aberdare, Powell Duffryn Steam Coal Co.

99 Duffryn Deep, Mountain Ash, Nixon, Taylor and Co.

100 Duffryn Main, Neath, Duffryn Main and Neath Abbey United Collieries Co.

101 Duffryn Rhondda, Maesteg, Duffryn Rhondda Coal Co.

102 Duffryn Rhondda, Maesteg, Llynvi Tondu and Ogmore Coal and Iron Co.

103 Dunnraven Merthyr, Treherbert, Joseph Thomas.

104 Dunnraven Aberdare, Glyn Neath, Glyn Neath Collieries Co. Limited.

105 Dunraven North, Pontypridd, London and South Wales Steam Coal Co.

106 Dunraven South, Pontypridd, Joseph Thomas.

107 Dwrllas, Swansea, Morris Smith and Co.

108 Eilwen, Ystalyfera, Ystalyfera Coal and Iron Co.

109 Ellin, Neath, Evans and Bevan.

110 Emily, Llansamlet, Emily Colliery Co.

111 Feeder Drift, Ystalyfera, Ystalyfera Iron Co.

112 Ferndale Nos.1, 2 and 4, Pontypridd, D Davis and Sons.

113 Fernhill, Treherbert, Watkinson and Sons.

114 Ffaldu, Bridgend, Ffaldu Steam Coal Co.

115 Ffoes, Bridgend, W. Williams.

116 Fforchaman, Aberdare, Powell Duffryn Steam Coal Co., Limited.

117 Fforchmoel, Aberdare, F. Finder.

118 Forest Level, Aberdare, Nixon, Taylor and Co.

119 Four-foot Level, Hirwain, Aberdare Rhondda Steam Coal Co.

120 Fowlers Pontypridd, Pontypridd, Fowlers Pontypridd Steam Coal Co.

121 Furnace Blwm, Cardiff, Morgan and Jones.

122 Gadlys, Aberdare, Waynes Merthyr Steam Coal and Iron Works Co. Limited.

123 Garwen, Maesteg, Llynvi, Tondu and Ogmore Coal and Iron Co.

124 Garth, Bridgend, Llynvi, Tondu and Ogmore Coal and Iron Co.

125 Gelly, Pontypridd, Thomas and Griffiths.

126 Gellin, Neath, Evans and Bevan.

127 Gellygare, Pontypridd, Powells Gellygare Colliery Co.

128 Gellyhir, Swansea, Gellyhir Colliery Co.

129 Gilfach, Pontypridd, Glamorgan Coal Co.

130 Gilwen, Ystalyfera, Ystalyfera Iron Co.

131 Glyncorrwg, Briton Ferry, Glyncorrwg Coal Co., Limited.

132 Goitre, Taibach, Vivian and Sons.

133 Graig, Merthyr, Plymouth Iron Co.

134 Graig, Merthyr, Graig Coal Co.

135 Graig, Slant, Swansea, Cwmfelin Tin Plate Co.

136 Graig Merthyr, Swansea Vale, Cory Yeo and Co.

137 Graig Level, Pontypridd, London and South Wales Steam Coal Co.

138 Graig, Aberdare, Powell Duffryn Steam Coal Co., Limited.

139 Graigduu, (not working), Pontypridd, L. Lewis.

140 Great Western, Pontypridd, Great Western Coal Co.

141 Gorwydd, Swansea, Executors of late Alfred Sterry.

142 Gwndwn Cadi, Swansea S. and J. Hill.

143 Gnoll, Neath, Trustees of the late T. and J. Grant.

144 Graigola, Glais, Cory Yeo and Co.

145 Gin Pit and Duffryn, Bridgend, Llynvi, Tondu and Ogmore Coal and Iron Co.

146 Harris Navigation, Quaker's Yard, Harris Navigation Steam Coal Co.

147 Hendreforgan, Swansea Valley, Hendreforgan Colliery Co., Limited.

148 High Duffryn, Aberdsre, Powell Duffryn Steam Coal Co.

149 Hills Mine, Cliddach, Hill and Nicholas.

150 Ithrim, Swansea Valley, J. L. Rees.

151 Jones Navigation, Pontypridd, Thomas Jones.

152 Lady Margaret, Treherbert, Marquis of Bute.

153 Llan Drift, Cardiff, T. W. Booker and Co., Limited.

154 Laneclay, Llantrissant, Loftus Iron Co., Limited, Mortgagees.

155 Llettymawr, Llantrit, John Williams and Co.

156 Lanmorlais, Penclawdd, Lanmorlais Coal Co.

157 Llan-Darran Dhu, Pontypridd, Rasser and Casslet.

158 Llanwit Wallsend, Llantrissant, Llanwit Wallsend Coal Co.

159 Llanwit Red Ash, Llantrissant, Powellels Llanwit Co.

160 Llest, Bridgend, Llest Coal Co.

161 Letty Shenkin, Aberdare, Burnyeat Brown and Co.

162 Llwyccelyn, Pontypridd, E. Thomas.

163 Llwynrhidia, Cwmaman, David Morgans.

164 Llyn-y-pia Nos.2 and 3., Pontypridd, Glamorgan Coal Co.

165 Lllancaiach, Pontypridd, Powells Gelligaer Coal Co.

166 Llynvi Valley, Bridgend, James Humby.

167 Maesteg Deep, Pontypridd, Llantwit Coal Co.

168 Maesteg Merthyr, Pontypridd, William Davies.

169 Maesteg Patch, Bridgend, Llynvi, Tondu and Ogmore Coal and Iron Co.

170 Maesteg Duffryn, Bridgend, Llynvi, Tondu and Ogmore Coal and Iron Co.

171 Maesteg Merthyr, Bridgend, William Davies.

172 Maes-y-Marchog, Neath, Maes-y-Marchog Coal Co.

174 Main, Neath, Dynevor, Duffryn, and Neath Abbey United Colliery Co., Limited.

175 Mansel, Swansea, Cwmfelin Tin Plate Co.

176 Mardy, Aberdare, Lockets Merthyr Steam Coal Co.

177 Marine Rhondda, Pontypridd, Fowler's Pontypridd Steam Coal Co.

178 Merthyr Dare, Aberdare, Bwllfa and Merthyr Dare Co Colliery Co.

179 Merthyr Valley, Merthyr, Nixon, Taylor, and Co.

180 Morfa, Taibach, Vivian and Sons.

181 Mountain, Neath, Exors. of the late Alfred Sterry.

182 Mountain Level, Nos.1 & 2, Merthyr, Crawshay Brothers.

183 Mynydd-bach-y-glo, Swansea, Landore Tin Plate Co.

184 Mwrwg Vale, Llanelly, Mwrwg Vale Coal Co.

185 Nantgarw Lantwit, Pontypridd, W. Williams and Co.

186 Nantymelin, Aberdare, Griffiths and Humphries.

187 Navigation, Aberdare, Nixon, Taylor, and Cory.

188 Neath Merthyr, Resolven, Neath Merthyr Coal Co.

189 New Church, Gellygaer, W. P. Stewart.

190 Newbridge, Pontypridd, Newbridge Rhondda Coal Co.

191 North Llantwit, Pontypridd, Llantwit Coal Co.

192 New Cymmer, Pontypridd, David Joseph.

193 Oakwood Pits, Bridgend, Governor and Co., successors.

194 Ocean Merthyr Collieries. Rhondda Valley, David Davies and Co.

195 Ocean Park Pits, Pontypridd, David Davies and Co.

196 Original, Merthyr, Aberdare and Plymouth Coal Co.

197 Pautywain Four Feet, Dowlais, Dowlais Iron Co.

198 Park, Briton Ferry, Pascoe, Grenfell and Sons.

199 Park Pit, Llansamlet, The Landore Siemens' Steel Co., Limited.

200 Park Slip, Bridgend, Llynvi, Tondu and Ogmore Coal and Iron Co.

201 Penallta Level, Bridgend, W. and E. Beddoe.

202 Penrhiew, Bridgend, P. Rees.

203 Penrhiwfer, Pontypridd, Glamorgan Coal Co.

204 Penrhiw-Ceiber, Aberdare, Penrhiw-Ceiber Navigation Steam Coal Co.

205 Pentrefelin, Swansea, Vivian and Sons.

206 Pentre, Swansea, Vivian and Sons.

207 Pentre, Pontypridd, Swansea and Cardiff Coal Co.

208 Prosper Level, Hirwain, W. Williams.

209 Penydarran, Merthyr, Dowlais Iron Co.

210 Penwilla, Swansea, Penwilla Coal Co.

211 Penygraig, Pontypridd, Penygraig Coal Co.

212 Plassissa, Llangannech, Llangnnech Coal Co. Limited.

213 Plasmarl, Swansea, John Glassbrook.

214 Perthyglision, Pontyridd, R. I. Griffiths.

215 Primrose, Merthyr, Primrose Coal Co.

216 Pwllcarn, Bridgend, Pwllcarn Colliery Co.

217 Pwllgwaun, Pontypridd, D. Thomas.

218 Redhead, Swansea, The Landore Siemens' Steel Co., Limited.

219 Resolven, Neath, Cardiff and Swansea Steam Coal Co., Limited.

220 Resolven Lower, Neath, Attenborough and May.

221 Rhondda Merthyr, Pontypridd, Rhondda Merthyr Coal Co.

222 Rhondda Mountain, Glyn Neath, Rhondda Mountain Steam Coal Co. Limited.

223 Rhyding, Neath, Evans and Bevan.

224 Rhydydefid, Swansea, Philip Richard.

225 Rhydwain, Aberdare, John Morgan.

226 Risca, Pontypridd, Thomas Jones.

227 River Level Pit, Aberdare, Aberdare and Plymouth Co.

228 Roadside, Merthyr, Aberdare, Aberdare and Plymouth Co.

229 Rock Level, Cardiff, T. W. Booker and Co. Limited.

230 Seven Sisters, Neath, Evans and Bevan.

231 Sisters, Swansea, Charles Hopkinson and Son.

232 South Level, Hirwain, Thos. Hopkins.

233 South Pit No 2, Merthyr, Aberdare and Plymouth Iron Co.

234 Sgnborwen, Aberdare, Samuel Thomas.

235 Swan (not working), Briton Ferry, Grenfell and Sons.

236 Taibach, Merthyr, Aberdare and Plymouth Iron Co.

237 Tewgoed, Taibach, R. B. Byass and Co.

238 Tir Issa, Llansamlet, Landore Siemans Steel Co., Limited.

239 Tophill, Pontypridd, W. G. Cartwright.

240 Tor Cefn, Neath, Evans and Bevan.

241 Tower Graig, Hirwain, William Williams.

242 Trealaw, Rhondda Valley, Trealaw Coal and Brick Co.

243 Treaman, Aberdare, Powell's Duffryn Steam Coal Co., Limited.

244 Tunnel, Aberdare, Aberdare Iron Co.

245 Tychafach, Pontypridd, Tychafach Colliery Co.

246 Tydraw, Swansea, Thomas and Beddoes.

247 Tygwynbach, Bridgend, Llynvi, Tondu and Ogmore Coal and Iron Co.

248 Tylacoch, Pontypridd, Tylacoch Steam Coal Co.

249 Tynewydd, Tondu, Llynvi, Tondu and Ogmore Coal and Iron Co.

250 Tynewydd Buyden, Cardiff, James Barrow.

251 Tyrisaf, Pontardulais, John Lewis.

252 Tynwydd, Pontypridd, Troedyrhlw Coal Co.

253 Tynybedu, Pontypridd, Thomas and Griffiths.

254 Tylchafach, Llantriasant, Tylchafach Co.

255 typica, Pontredowlais, John Lewis.

256 Tylchafach , Caerphilly, Tylchafach Coal Co.

257 Tylors, Pontypridd, Tylors Colliey' Co., Limited.

258 Tywith, Bridgend, Llynvi, Tondu and Ogmore Coal and Iron Co.

259 Voilart, Swansea, Tyr Glandwr Coal Co.

260 Vochriw, Nos. 1 and 2, Swansea Dowlais Iron Co.

261 Waun Level, Dowlais, Aberdare and Plymouth Co.

262 Weig (not working), Swansea, Weig Coal Co.

263 Wenallt, Neath, Josha Williams and Co.

264 Werfa, Aberdare, Heath, Evans and Co.

265 Wernduu, Pontardawe, Primrose Coal Co.

266 Wern Level (not working), Pontypridd, E. Thomas.

267 Western Merthyr, Clydach, The Western Merthyr Coal and Fuel Co. Limited.

268 West Brithdir, Neath, Duffryn Main and Neath Abbey United Collieries Co. Limited.

269 West Rhondda, Bridgead, West Rhondda Coal and Coke Co.

270 West Swansea, Swansea, West Swansea Coal Co. Limited.

271 Weifach, Swansea, Worcester Coal Co.

272 Worcester, Swansea, Worcester Coal Co.

273 Wyndham, Tondu, Llynvi, Tondu and Ogmore Coal and Iron Co.

274 Ynisawdre, Bridgend, Ynisawdre Coal Coke and Fire Brick Co. Limited.

275 Ynysfaio, Pontypridd, Cope and Co.

276 Ynisher, Pontypridd, Ynisher Steam Coal Co.

277 Ystrad Isha, Swansea, Ynisher Steam Coal Co.




 1 Gilfach, Ystalyfera , J. W. Walters.

2 Gwawnclawdd, Swansea, Ystalyfera Iron Co.

3 Ryssw, Brynmawr, T. Watkins.

4 Wainavon Slope, Brynmawr , Wainavon Slope Colliery Co.

5 Ystradguulais and Swansea, Ystradguulais, Ystradguulais and Swansea Colliery Co.



NOTE. - The Collieries marked C. are worked in the Calciferious Sandstone series, and those marked L. in the Carboniferous Limestone series.



Baillieston And Shettleston District.

Airdrie And Coatbridge District.

AYRSHIRE. Ayr, Dalmellington, And Girvan District.

Irvine, Kilwinning And Dalry District.

Kilmarmnock And Galston District.

Cumnock And Muirkirk District.

STIRLINGSHIRE, Western Division.















1 Aitkenhead, Glasgow, George Crookstone.

2 Balgray L, Maryhill, Robert Addie and Sons.

3 Balornirk L, Bishop Briggs, James Dunlop and Co.

4 Bishop Briggs L, Bishop Briggs, William Dixon.

5 Bogleshole, Tollcross, James Dunlop and Co.

6 Cadder L, Bishop Briggs, Carron Iron Company.

7 Cambuslang, Cambuslang, Cambuslang Coal Co.

8 Carmyle, Tollcross, James Dunlop and Co.

9 Eastfield, Cambuslang, T. G. Buchanan.

10 Farm, Rutherglen, James Fairrie.

11 Flemington, Cambuslang, Flemington Coal Co.

12 Foxley, Tollcross, Foxley Coal Co.

13 Gartnavel, Maryhill Robert Adddie and Sons.

14 Gilshochill L, Summerlee Iron Co.

15 Govan, Glasgow, Wiliam S. Dixon.

16 Hamilton Hill, Glasgow, Strone Coal Co.

17 Kenmire L, Bishop Briggs, Summerlee Iron Co.

18 Kirkhill, Cambuslang, Kirkhill Coal Co.

19 Newton, Cambuslang, James Dunlop and Co.

20 Over Possil,L, Bishop Briggs, W. Wallace and Co.

21 Sararen, Springburn, James Smith.

22 Spittalbill, Cambuslang, Clyde Coal Co.

23 Stonelaw, Rutherglen, F. R. Reid.

24 Tollcross, Tollcross, George McNair and Co.

25 Wellshot, Cambuslang, Dunn Bros.

26 Westburn, Cambuslang, R. Forrster.

27 Westburn, Cambuslang, Flemington Coal Co.


Baillieston And Shettleston District.

1 Aitkenstone, Baillieston, Springhill Coal Co.

2 Baillieston, Baillieston, William Young and Co.

3 Bartonshill, Baillieston, William Baird and Co.

4 Bogside, Baillieston, John Reid.

5 Braehead, Baillieston, Dunn Bros.

6 Bredisholme, Baillieston, Dunn Brothers.

7 Burnt Broom, Mount Vernon, Dunn Brothers

8 Calderbank, Baillieston, Provanhall Coal Co.

9 Drumpark, Baillieston, Kirkwood Coal Company.

10 Ellismuir, Baillieston, Provanhall Coal Co.

11 Gartercraig, Shettleston, Gartercraig Coal Co.

12 Glendufhill, Baillieston, Glendufhill Coal Co.

13 Hall Hill, Glendufhill, Springhill Coal Co.

14 Heatheryknowe, Tollcross, Heatheryknowe Coal Co.

15 Kenmuir, Tollcross, James Dunlop and Co.

16 Kenmuirhill, Tollcross, John Horne.

17 Lightburn, Shettleston, Alexander Rankine.

18 Mainhill, Baillieston, William Baird and Co.

19 Netherhouse, Baillieston, John Young.

20 Springhill, Baillieston, Springhill Coal Co.

21 Wester Hallhill, Springhill, Ferrier and Strain.



Airdrie And Coatbridge District.

1 Cairnhill, Airdrie, William Baird and Co.

2 Calder Iron Works, Coatbridge, W. S. Dixon.

3 Drumpeller, Coatbridge, Drumpeller Coal Co.

4 Drumpeller, Coatbridge,Summerlee Iron Co.

5 Dundyvan, Coatbridge, Drumpeller Coal Co.

6 Faskine, Airdrie, William Baird and Company.

7 Garturk, Airdrie, Petigrew and Co.

8 Hillhead, Airdrie, William Baird and Company.

9 Kirkwood, Airdrie, Kirkwood Coal Co.

10 Kirkwood, Airdrie, Summerlee Iron Co.

11 Monkland, Airdrie, Monkland Iron Co.

12 Palacecraig, Airdrie, William Baird and Co.

13 Phoenix, Coatbridge, John Spencer.

14 Raw, Coatbridge, Alex. Cameron.

15 Raw, Coatbridge, William Bairn and Company.

16 Rosehill, Coatbridge, Robert Addie and Sons.

17 Souterhouse, Coatbridge, Pettigrew and Co.

18 Summerlee, Coatbridge, Summerlee Iron Co.



AYRSHIRE. Ayr, Dalmellington, And Girvan District.

1 Ambank, Ayr, George Taylor and Co.

2 Barganie C, Maybole, M'Harrie and Couper.

3 Beoch, Dalmellington, Carbieston, Dalmellington Iron Company.

4 Carbieston, Coylton, Dalmellington Iron Company.

5 Chalmerston, Dalmellington, Dalmellington Iron Company.

6 Craigmark Dalmellington, Dalmellington Iron Company.

7 Dalharo, L, Patna, Dalmellington Iron Company.

8 Dalquharran L, Maybole, Hon. T. F. Kennedy.

9 Dalziel, L, Maybole, Jas. Couper.

10 Drongan, Coylton, J. and J. Gilmour.

11 Duchray, Coylton, J. and J. Gilmour.

12 Enterkine, Ayr, George Taylor and Co.

13 Garrochill, Coylton, J. and J. Gilmour.

14 Jellieston, Patna, Dalmellington Iron Company.

15 Kerse, Coylton, Merry and Cunningham.

16 Pennyvenie, Dalmellington , Dalmellington Iron Company.

17 Schaw, Coylton, R. amd J. Dunsmuir.

18 Sundrum, Sundrum, Dalmellington Iron Company.

19 Sundrum, Ayr, George Taylor and Co.

20 Tribbock, Sundrum, John Galloway and Co.



Irvine, Kilwinning And Dalry District.

1 Annick Lodge, Irvine, Annick Lodge Coal Co.

2 Auchinharvie, Saltcoats, Merry and Cunningham.

3 Barr, L, Beith, Mackay aud Co.

4 Bartonholme, Killwinning, Eglinton Iron Company.

5 Blair, Dalry, Merry and Cunningham.

6 Boutreehill, Dreghorn, Finnie and Finlay.

7 Broomlands, Dreghorn, Merry and Cunningham.

8 Burgh, Irvine, J. Paterson and Co.

9 Caulderhame, Kilmarnock, A. Finnie and Son.

10 Crossroads, L, Dalry, R.Donnismuir.

11 Doura, Irvine, John Barr.

12 Eglinton, Kilwinning, A. Kenneth and Sons.

13 Eglinton Ironworks, Kilwinning, Eglinton Iron Company.

14 Fergushill, Kilwinning, A. Finnie and Sons.

15 Kersland, Dalry, James Oliphant.

16 Middleton, Dalry, Merry and Cunningham.

17 Misk, Kilwinning, Eglinton Iron Company.

18 Perceton, Irvine, J. and H. Craig.

19 Redburn, Kilwinning, Eglinton Iron Company.

20 Springhill, Kilmarnock, A. Finnie and Sons.

21 Springside, Irvine. A. Kenneth and Sons.

22 Stevenstone, Stevenstone , Ardeer Coal Co.



Kilmarmnock And Galston District.

1 Ashyard, Galston, Eaglesham and Dunlop.

2 Bankhead, Galston, Eglinton Iron Company.

3 Barleith, Hurlford, John Galloway.

4 Bellfield, Hurlford, Bellfield Coal Co.

5 Bonnyton, Kilmarnock, John Gilmour and Co.

6 Burn Bank and Ladyton, Galston, Boyd, Gilmour and Co.

7 Caprington, Kilmarnock, W. S. Cunningham.

8 Drummuir, Dreghorn, Merry and Cunningham.

9 Dykehead, Hurlford, J. and A. Eaglesham.

10 East Thornton, Kilmarnock, A. Finney and Son.

11 Galston, Galston, John Horne.

12 Gauchalland, Galston, Gauchalland Coal Co.

13 Goatfoot, Galston, Boyd, Gilmour, and Co.

14 Grange, Kilmarnock, R. Yeats and Co.

15 Grougar, Kilmarnock, Eglinton Iron Company.

16 Hayside, Kilmarnock, T. Oastler and Co.

17 Hillhead, Kilmarnock, J. and M. Craig.

18 Holmes, Galston, John Horne.

19 Hurlford, Hurlford, John Howie.

20 Hurlford, Hurlford, Allan, Gilmour and Co.

21 Kllmarnock, Hurlford, A. Finnie and Sons.

22 Loudoun, Galston, Eglinton Iron Co.

23 Maxwood, Galston, Maxwood Coal Co.

24 Paddocklaw, Dreghorn, Merry and Cunningham.

25 Plaen, Kilmarnock, John McKnight.

26 Portland, Hurlford, Allan, Gilmour, and Co.

27 Portland Ironworks, Hurlford, Eglinton Iron Co.

28 Skerrington, Hurlford, Allan, Gilmour, and Co.

29 South Hook, Dreghorn, Merry and Cunningham.

30 Woodhill, Dreghorn, William Rankin.




Cumnock And Muirkirk District.

1 Afton, N. Cumnock, Lanemark Coal Co.

2 Auldhouseburn L, Muirkirk, Lanemark Coal Co.

3 Ballochmyle, Achinleck, William Walker.

4 Bank, N. Cumnock, New Bank Coal Co.

5 Berryhill, Cumnock, Eglinton Iron Co.

6 Coalburn, Cumnock, Jas. McNichol.

7 Common, Cumnock, R. and T. Bell.

8 Cross Flat, Muirkirk, R. and T. Bell.

9 Dykes, Cumnock, Eglinton Iron Co.

10 Gilmilnscroft, Auchinleck, Gilmour, Wood, and Anderson.

11 Glenbuck, Muirkirk, Barr and Co.

12 Glenlogan, Cumnock, Eglinton Iron Co.

13 Glengyron, Cumnock, Eglinton Iron Co.

14 Grasshill, Cumnock, Eglinton Iron Co.

15 Hindsward, Cumnock, Eglinton Iron Co.

16 Kaimes, Cumnock, Eglinton Iron Co.

17 Knockterra, Cumnock, Eglinton Iron Co.

18 Lanemark, N, Cumnock, Lanemark Coal Company.

19 Lightshaw, L, Muirkirk, Eglinton Iron Co.

20 Lugar Ironworks, Cumnock, Lanemark Coal Company.

21 Maidenbank L, Muirkirk, Cumnock, Lanemark Coal Company.

22 Pathhcad, N. Cumnock, Archibald. Gray and Company.

23 South Boig, N. Cumnock, Lanemark Coal Conipany.

24 Wellwood, Mirkirk, Eglinton Iron Co.



STIRLINGSHIRE, Western Division.

l Auchinrivock, Kilsyth, M. M'Gregor.

2 Balglass L, Lernnoxtown, Mr. Muirhead.

4 Balmalioch, Kilsyth, Brown and Rennie.

5 Banknock, Banknock, William Wilson.

6 Banockburn, L, Banockburn, J Johnstone.

7 Bantone L, Kilsyth, Carron Iron Co.

8 Barrwood, L, Kilsyth, William Baird and Company.

9 Campsie, L, Lennoxtown, Hurlet and Campsie Alum Co.

10 Cowie, L, Bannockburn, Cameron and Hutton.

11 Dennyhill, L, Denny, Robert Addie and Sons.

12 Dunmore, L, Stirling, Moyes Murray, and Co.

13 East Plean, L, Bannockburn, East Plean Coal Co.

14 Glorrat, L, Lennoxtown, Daniel Wilson.

15 Greenyards, L, Bannockburn, William Rattay.

16 Haugh, Kilsyth, William Baird and Co.

17 Neilston, L, Kilsyth, James Wallace.

18 Queenzie, L, Kilsyth, J. Bow and Company.

19 Riskend, L, Kilsyth, William Baird and Company.




1 Baljaffray, L, Duntocher, James Young and Sons.

2 Blaldardie, L, Duntocher, Merry and Cunningham.

3 Cloberhill, Maryhill, Monkland Iron Co.

4 Drumchapel, L, Duntocher, J. M. and N. Robson.

5 Garscadden, L, Duntocher, W. S. Dixon and Co.

6 Garscube, L, Maryhill, M'Nair, Stokes and Dixon.

7 Gartshore, L, Kilsyth, William Baird and Company.

8 Knightswood, L, Maryhill, Summerlee Iion Co.

9 Meiklehill, Kirkintilloch, J. and A. Wallace.

10 Netherwood, L, Cumbernauld, Miller, Cumming and Martin.

11 Solesgarth, L, Kirkintilloch, Barr and Co.

12 Wester Gartshore, Kirkintilloch, J. and A. Wallace.





1 Blackstone, L, Paisley, Allan Claig and Sons.

2 Blackstone, L, Paisley, W Black.

3 Clippens, L, Johnstone, Clippins Shale Co

4 Darnley, Thornliebank, A. Kirkwood.

5 Dules, Barrhead, Barrhead Coal and Lime Co.

6 Fulton, L, Johnstone, J. Liddell and Co.

7 Inkerman, L, Johnstone, Wikinsham Oil Co.

8 Jordon Hill, Maryhill, Monkland Iron Co.

9 Nitshill, L, Hurlet, Nitshill Coal Co.

10 Pollock, Pollockshaws, J. Wilson.

11 Quarrelton, L, Kirkintilloch, Barr and Co.

12 Wester Gartshore, Kirkintilloch, J. and A. Wallace.



1 Drumlemble, L, Campbelton, J. Smeille and Son.



1 Bankhead, Sanquhar, Misses Whygham.

2 Cairnburn, Sanquhar, Misses Whygham.

3 Canonbie, Canonbie, Duke or Buccleuch.

4 Gateside, Sanquhar, Misses Whygham.




1 Airdrie and Chapelside, New Monkland, Ferrier and Strain.

2 Arden, New Monkland, William Black and Sons.

3 Arden, New Monkland, Shotts Iron Co.

4 Auchingray, New Monkland, James Gemmell.

5 Avonhead, New Monkland, Glasgow Steam Coal Co.

6 Avonhead, New Monkland, Avonhead Coal Co.

7 Barblues, New Monkland, A. and W. Weir.

8 Bells Dyke, New Monkland, Bells Dyke Coal Co.

9 Blackrigg, New Monkland, John A. McCallum.

10 Broomfield, New Monkland, Broomfield Coal Co.

11 Brownieside, New Monkland, William Black and Sons.

12 Brownyside, New Monkland, Shotts Iron Co.

13 Brownrigg, New Monkland, Brownrigg Coal Co.

14 Brownrigg, New Monkland, Drumgray Coal Co.

15 Chapelhall, New Monkland, Monkland Iron and Coal Co., Limited.

16 Cotton Mill, New Monkland, John Robertson and Son.

17 Darngaville and Grayrigg, New Monkland, Pat Rankine.

18 Drumbowie, New Monkland, Alexander Waddell.

19 Dumgray, New Monkland, Dumgray Coal Co.

20 Drumshangie, New Monkland, Drumshangie Coal Co.

21 Dryflat, New Monkland, Drumbowie and Dryflat Coal Co.

22 Easter Glentore, New Monkland, James Gennell.

23 East Greengairs, New Monkland, Dumgray Coal Co.

24 Fary Bank, New Monkland, William Millar.

25 Gartness, New Monkland, Gartness Mineral Co. Limited.

26 Meadowfield, New Monkland, William Black and Sons.

27 Meadow Bank, New Monkland, Robertson and Sons.

28 Rocksoleg, New Monkland, J. A. McCallum.

29 Rawyards, New Monkland, Rawyards Coal Co.

30 Riggend, New Monkland, Howisson and Co

31 Roadside, New Monkland, R. McAllister.

32 Roughcraig, New Monkland, William Forsyth.

33 Roughrigg, New Monkland, Robert Forrester.

34 Springwells, New Monkland, James Simpson.

35 Stand, New Monkland, Thomas Jackson.

36 Thrashbush, New Monkland, Thrashbush Coal Co.

37 Wes Longrigg, New Monkland, James Gemmell.

38 West Drumgray, New Monkland, J. Young and Co.

39 Whiterigg, New Monkland, William Black and Sons.


1 Allanshaw, Hamilton, Allanshaw Coal Co.

2 Allanton, Hamilton, Austine and Co.

3 Backmuir, Hamilton, Clyde Coal Co Limited.

4 Barncliuth, Hamilton, Archibald Russell.

5 Bent, Hamilton, Bent Colliery Co.

6 Bog, Hamilton, Hamilton, McCulloch and Co.

7 Braidhurst, Hamilton, Addie, Gavin and Sons.

8 Cadzow, Hamilton, Cadzow Coal Co Limited.

9 Dyke Head, Hamilton, Summerlee Iron Co.

10 Carfin, Hamilton, Carfin Coal Co.

11 Carfin, Hamilton, Robert Ure.

12 Earnock, Hamilton, John Watson.

13 Eddlwood, Hamilton, Eddlwood Coal Co.

14 Fairholm, Hamilton, Glasgow iron Co.

15 Fernigare, Hamilton, Archibald Russell.

16 Greenfield, Hamilton, Hamilton Coal Co.

17 Haughhead, Hamilton, John Macdonald.

18 Home Farm, Hamilton, Hamilton, McCulloch and Co.

19 Merryton, Hamilton, Merryton Coal Co.

20 Motherwell, Hamilton, John Watson.

21 North Motherwell, Hamilton, Merry and Cunninghame Limited.

22 Quarter, Hamilton, Colin Dunlop and Co.

23 Town Lands, Hamilton, Clyde Coal Co Limited.

24 Udston, Hamilton, Dunn and Ure.


1 Auchinheath, L. Lemsahagow, Thomas Thornton.

2 Auchinheath Southfield and Fence, L, Lemsahagow, Nitshill and Lemsahagow Coal Co.

3 Auchlolan, L, Lemsahagow, Colin Dunlop and Co.

4 Braidholme, Lemsahagow, Colin Dunlop and Co.

5 Bankend, L. Lemsahagow, Monkland iron and Coal Co. Limited.

6 Craignethan, L, Lemsahagow, Lemsahagow and Longlee Coal Co.

7 Stevenston, Lemsahagow, Lemsahagow and Longlee Coal Co.

8 Stevenston, Lemsahagow, John Hamilton and Co.


1 Auchinlea, Shotts, Gibb, McIntyre and Ancell.

2 Benhar, West, Shotts, Robert Addie and Sons.

3 Benhar, West, Shotts, Benhar Coal Co.

4 Bidallan, Shotts, A. G. Simpson.

5 Blairmuckhill, Shottts, Barr and Higgins.

6 Calder Head, Shotts, James Darling.

7 Cleland, Shotts, Omoa and Cleeland Iron and Coal Co. Limited.

8 Dunyston, Shotts, Summerlee Iron Co.

9 Greenhill, Shotts, Robert Young.

10 Knowton, Shotts, R. R. Horne.

11 Langbyres, Shotts, Omoa and Cleeland Iron and Coal Co. Limited.

12 Limridge, Shotts, Gibb, McIntyre and Ancell.

13 Limridge, Shotts, Barr and Higgins.

14 North Linrig, Shotts, Millen, Wyper and Co.

15 Shotts, Shotts, Shotts Iron Co.

16 Spindleside, Shotts, Monkland Iron and Coal Co,. Limited.

17 Spring Bank, Shotts, Springbank Coal Co.

18 Stepends, Shotts, Summerlee Iron Co.

19 Westwood, Shotts, Barr and Hughes.

20 Wyndedge, Shotts, Omon and Cleland Iron and Coal Co.


1 Ashgill, Dalserf, Brand and Co.

2 Auldton, Dalferf, Brand and Co.

3 Broom Hill, Dalserf, D. McNaughton and Co.

4 Canderside, Dalserf, Thomas Barrowman.

5 Cornsilloch, Dalserf, N. Cochrane and Co.

6 Hill, Dalserf, James Smith and Sons.

7 Longlee, Dalserf, William Barr and Sons.

8 Mariage, Dalserf, James Sym.

9 Over Dalserf, Dalserf, William Barr and Sons.

10 Raploch, Dalserf, Trustees of James Frew.

11 Skellyton, Dalserf, Alexander Smith.

12 Swinhill, Dalserf, George Miller.

13 Woodside, Dalserf, Joseph Hutchinson.


1 Auchenrath, Blantyre, Merry and Cunningham.

2 Blantyre, Blantyre, W. Dixon Limited.

3 Craig Head, Blantyre, W. Baird and Co.


1 Brownlees, Carluke, Archibald Russell.

2 Castlehill, L, Shotts Iron Co.

3 East Law, Carluke, Loundon and Miller.

4 Law, Carluke, John Wilson.

5 Maulslie, Carluke, James Waddell and Son.

6 Orchard, Carluke, Thomas Barr.

7 Shawfield, Carluke, John Wilson.

8 Stockfield, Carluke, W. Gilchrist.

9 Stravenhouse, Carluke, James Thornton,

10 Waterland, Carluke, William Hamilton and Co.


1 Braidhurst, Dalzell, Addie, Gavin and Son.

2 Camp, Dalzell, John Williams and Co.

3 Dalzell and Shields, Dalzell, J. McAndrew and Co.

4 Dalzell, Dalzell, Wishaw Coal Co.

5 Glenclelland, Dalzell, Ker and Mitchell.

6 Meadowhead, Dalziel, Glasgow Iron Co.

7 Nether Johnstone, Dalziel, Jasmes McNaughton, Sons and Co.

8 Nether Johnstone, Dalziel, Glasgow Iron Co.

9 Overjohnstone, Dalziel, Glasgow Iron Co.

l0 Parkhead, Dalziel, Glasgow Iron Co.

11 Parkhead, Dalziel, John Watson.

12 Shieldmuir, Dalziel, Summerlee Iron Co.

13 Shieldmuir, Dalziel, James Wood.

14 Sunnyside, Dalziel, Merry and Cunninghame Limited.


1 Bothwell Castle, Bothwell, Wiliam Baird and Co.

2 Bothwell Park, Bothwell, William Baird and Co.

3 Bredisholme, Bothwell, Provanhall Coal Co.

4 Carfin, Bothwell, W. Dixon Limited.

5 Carfin, Bothwell, A. G. Simpsom.

6 Craighead, Bothwell, W. Baird and Co.

7 Cleland, Bothwell, Monkland Iron and Coal Co Ltd.

8 Cleland, Bothwell, W, Dixon Limited.

9 Cleland Townhead, Bothwell, P. and R. Wyper.

10 Crinkledyke, Bothwell, Coltness Iron Co.

11 Douglas Park, Bothwell, John Wilson.

12 Hattonrigg, Bothwell, Mossend Irom Co.

13 Haughhead, Bothwell, John Hendrie

14 Hutton Hill, Bothwell, Hutton Hill Coal Co.

15 Ligbrannoch, Bothwell, Wilson and Co.

16 Maryville, Bothwell, John Hendrie

17 Milnwood, Bothwell, John Christie.

18 Newarthill, Bothwell, Walter Gibb.

19 Newlands, Bothwell, Dunn brother.

20 Orbiston, Bothwell, Mossend Iron Co.

21 Rosehall, Bothwell, R. Addie and Sons.

22 Stevenston, Bothwell, Stevenston Coal Co.

23 Stonecraigs, Bothwell, Coltness Iron Co.

24 Tannocksid, Bothwell, Monkland Iron and Coal Co., Limited.

25 Thankerton, Bothwell, Monkland Iron and Coal Co., Limited.

26 Woodend, Bothwell, Coltness Iron Co.

27 Wyndedge, Bothwell, Robert Dick.


1 Allanton, Cambusnethan, Moniingside Coal Co.

2 Blindburn, Cambusnethan, Blindburn Coal Co.

3 Chapel, Cambusnethan, Thos. Gray.

4 Clydesdale, Cambusnethan, Archibald Russell.

5 Coltness, Cambusnethan, Coltness Iron Co.

6 Craigaeuk, Cambusnethan, Merry and Cunninghame Limited.

7 Garrion Gill, Cambusnethan, Coltness Iron Co.

8 Green, Cambusnethan, Glasgow Iron Co.

9 Green, Cambusnethan, Robert Bell.

10 Green, Cambusnethan, W. Hundspith and Co.

11 Morningside, Cambusnethan, Shotts Iron Co.

12 Muirhouse, Cambusnethan, Glasgow Iron Co.

13 Netherton, Cambusnethan, Glasgow Iron Co.

14 North Netherton, Cambusnethan, Glasgow Iron Co.

15 Overtown Overtown, Cambusnethan, John Wilson.

16 Overtown Station, Cambusnethan, Brand and Co.

17 Shieldmuir, Cambusnethan, Glasgow Iron Co.



1 Cleugh Gas Coal Works, L, Carnwath, William Darling's Trustees.

2 Climpy, L, Carnwath, Gavin Paull.

3 Haywood, L, Carnwath, Haywood Gas Coal Co.

4 Wilsontown, L, Carwath, William Dixon Limited.

5 Wilsontown, L, Carwath, Gavin Paull.


1 Glebe, Douglas, Grieveson and Co.

2 Glespin, Douglas, James Swann.

3 Ponfeight, L, Douglas, Ponfeight Coal Co.

4 Rigside, L, Douglas, James Swann.




1 Bilburnie, L, Markinch, John Balfour.

2 Balgenie, Markinch, Chas. B. Balfour.

3 Cameron, Markinch, Bowman and Co.


1 Elgin and Wellwood, L., Dunfermline, Thos. Spowart and Co.

2 Kingseat L, Dunfermline, A. Wallace.

3 Kinneddir, L, Dunfermline, W. C. C. Erskine.

4 Muircock Hall, L, Dunfermline, West of Fife Coal Co.

5 Townhill, L, Dunfermline, Townhill Coal Co.


1 Begg, L, Auchterdarran, Goodalll Brothers.

2 Cardenden, L, Auchterdarran, J. Goodall.

3 Denend, L, Auchterdarran, Denend Coal Co.

4 Dundonald, L, Auchterdarran, Alex. Naysmyth.

5 Foulford, Auchterdarran, Lochgelly Coal and Iron Co.

6 Lochgelly, Auchterdarran, Lochgelly Coal and Iron Co.

7 Raith, Auchterdarran, Lochgelly Coal and Iron Co.


1 Kelly and Balcorma, Carnbee, A. G. Yooll.


1 Death and Balairsdam, L, Beath, Fife Coal Co. Limited.

2 Clackatone. L, Beath, Scotland and Auld.

3 Cowdenbeath, Beath, Cowdenbeath Iron Co.

4 Hill of Beath L, Beath, Ord Adams.

5 Lassolie, L, Beath, Lassolie Coal Co.


1 Donibristle, L, Aberdour, Grieve and Nasmyth.


1 Cluny, l, Kirkaldy, Cluny Coal Co.

2 Dunnikier, L, Kirkaldy, Walter Herd.


1 Leven, Methhillhill, Fife Coal Co. Limited.

2 Firmey, Methhillhill, Fife Coal Co. Limited.


1 Dysart, Dysart, Earl of Rosslyn.


1 Fordell, L, Dalgetty, G. W. M. Henderson,


1 North Steel End, L, Saline, Steel End Coal Co.

1 Binnend, Burntisland, Binnend Oil Co.

1 Kilinux, L, Kennoway, Robert Christie.


1 Drumhead, Kilcanquhar, Mrs. B. Lumsden.

2 Largoward and Lathallan, L, Kilcanquhar, Thos. Brown.


1 Lorchore and Capeldrae, Ballingray, Lorchore and Capeldrae, Cannel Coal co. Limited.

2 Lumphinnans, L, Ballingray, Lumphinnans Iron Co.


1 Muiredge, L, Wemyss, Bowman and Co.

1 Wemyss, Wemyss, J. H. B. Wemyss.




1 Alloa, Alloa, Alloa Coal Co.

2 Devon, Alloa, Alloa Coal Co.

1 Dollar, Dollar, B. Snowdowne.

1 Clackmannan, Clackmannan, Clackmannan Coal Co.

2 Ferryton, Clackmannan, Clackmannan Coal Co.

3 Tillicoultry, Clackmannan, Alloa Coal Co.



1 Elphingstone, L, Tranent, Durie and Nisbet.

2 Elphingstone,Tower, L, Tranent, Deans and Moore.

1 Penston, Gladsmnir, Deans and Moore.

1 Ormiston Hall, Ormiston, Elizabeth White.

1 Fountain Hall, Pencaitland, A. L. Cochrane and Brothers.

2 Pencaitland, L, Pencaitland, Deans and Moore.

1 Prestongrange, L, Prestonpans, Prestongrange Iron and Coal Co.

2 Prestonlinks, L, Prestonpans, J. and C. Grieve.





1 Arniston, L, Cranston, Arniston Coal Co. Limited.

2 Prestonhall, Cranston, W. and R. Woods.

1 Brunstane, L, Pennicuick, Sir G. Clerk, Bart.

1 Carberry, L, Inveresk, Deans and Moore.

1 Dalhousie, Cockpen, Archibald Hood.

2 Polton, Cockpen, Polton Coal Co.

1 Dalkeith, Dalkeith, Marquis of Lothian.

2 Edgehead, Dalkeith, W. and R. Johnstone.

1 Roslin, Loanhead, Glasgow Iron Co.

1 Gilmerton. L, Liberton, Glagow Iron Co.

2 Niddrie,L, Liberton, Benhar Coal Co., Limited.


1 Loanhead, L, Lasswade, Shotts Iron Co.

2 Whitehill and Gorton, L, Lasswade, Arch. Hood.

1 Addie Well, West Calder, Young's Paraffinc Light and Mineral Oil Co., Limited.

2 Foulshields, Stonyburn, West Calder, Foulshields Coal Co.

3 Loganlea, L, West Calder, Loganlea Coal Co.

4 Woodmuir, West Calder, Wishaw Estate.

5 Woodfords, West Calder, West Calder Oil Co., Limited.

1 Newbattle, L, Newbattle, Marquis of Lothian.

1 Vogrie, L, Temple, Vogrie Coal Co.

1 Broxburn, Broxburn, Broxburn Oil Co.

1 Eldin, Bonnyrigg, EldinColliery Co.





1 Bantaskine and Zetland, Polmont, John Wilson.

2 Redding, Redding, Redding Colliery Co.

3 Dunmore, Airth, Robert Forrester.


1 Arnloss, South, Slamannan, James Watt.

2 Balquhatstone, Slamannan, John Watson.

3 Barnsonim, Slamannan, John Colquhoun.

4 Blackrigg, Slamannan, John Wateson.

5 Broxton, Slamannan, Broxton Coal Co.

6 Crosshill, Slamannan, G. Anderson.

7 Drumriggend, Slamannan, James Nimmo and Sons.

8 Jawcraig, Slamannan, C. J. Alexander.

9 Lodge, Slamannan, John Watson.

10 Limerigg, Lochside, Slamannan, James Nimmo and Sons.

11 Limerigg and Weat Drumclair, Slamannan, Limerigg Coal Co. Limited.

12 Lochend, Slamannan, James Nimmo and Co.

13 Lochouse, Slamannan, James Nimmo and Co.

14 Longrgg, Slamannan, James Nimmo and Co.

15 Longriggend, Slamannan, James Nimmo and Co.

16 Southfield, Slamannan, William Black and Sons.

17 Stanerigg, Slamannan, Matthew Hay and Sons.

18 West Limerigg, Slamannan, Lacour and Watson.


1 Blackbraes, Muiravonside, James Russell and Son.

2 Candle, Muiravonside, Henry Walker and Son.

3 Hill, Muiravonside, Coatbridge Tin Plate Co.

4 Standrig, Muiravonside, W. and J. Wilson.


1 Callendar, Falkirk, Callendar Coal Co.

2 Craigburn, Falkirk, R. Addies and Sons.

3 Greenrig, Falkirk, Robert Addies and Co.

4 Shieldhill, Falkirk, Carron Iron Co.


1 Carron Hall, Larbert, Carron Iron Co.

2 Kinnard, Labert, Carron Iron Co..

3 Grangemouth, Bothkennar, Grangemouth Coal Co.



1 Armadale, Bathgate, Momkland Iron and Coal Co.

2 Balbardie, L, Bathgate, Hemry Walker and Son.

3 Barbauchlaw, Bathgate, James Woods.

4 Bathville, Bathgate, James Woods.

5 Boghead, Bathgate, J. Russell and Son.

6 Mosside, Bathgate, Paul Gavin.

7 Moss Hall, L., Bathgate, R. R. Horne.

8 Torbanchill, Bathgate, R. R. Horne.

9 Trees, Bathgate, William Torrance.

10 Wester Barbauchlaw, Bathgate, Uphill Mineral Oil Co, Limited.


1 Benhar, East, Whitburn, Benhar Coal Co Limited.

2 Crofthead, Whitburn, Crofthead Iron Co.

3 Fauldhouse, Whitburn, W. Dixon Limited.

4 Fauldhouse, Whitburn, Thomas Thornton.

5 Foulshields, L., and Stonyburn, Whitburn, Foulshields Coal Co.

6 Harthill, Whitburn, Shotts Iron Co.

7 Polkemmet, Whitburn, Shotts Iron Co.

8 Stonehead, Whitburn, Thomas Thornton.


1 Grange, L, Carriden, Henry Cadell.

1 Kinnell, L, Bo'ness, G. Wilson and Co.

1 Broxburn, Uphall, Robert Bell.

1 Muiravonside, Muiravonside, James Nimmo and Co.

2 Redford, Muiravonside, James Cadell and Co.

1 Woodend, Torpichen, Coltness Iron Co.



1 Blairhall, L, Culcross, Carron Iron Co.

2 Broca, 0olite, Golspie, Duke of Sutherland.

3 Blairingone, Fossoway, Blairingone Coal Co.

4 Middleton, Muckhart, James Snowdowne.



CONNAUGHT COAL FIELD. Lough Allen District. Counties Lettrim, Roscommon, And Sligo.


MUNSTER COAL FIELD. Slieyardagh District. Counties Tipperary And Cork.

ULSTER COAL FIELD. Counties Antrim And Tyrone.



CONNAUGHT COAL FIELD. Lough Allen District. Counties Lettrim, Roscommon, And Sligo.

1 Geevagh, Ballyfaron, Carrick-on-Shannon, Henry O'Rorke.

2 Greagnageera, Carrick-on-Shannon, John McGreevy.

3 Gubberadda, Carrick-on-Shannon, Patrick Walsh.

4 Knokateeane, Lough Allen, Michael Laydon.

5 Knockateeene, Lough Allen, Patrirk Ryan and Co.

6 Seltanaskeagh, Drumkeerin, Lough Allen Clay Works Co., Limited.

7 Seltenveeny, Lough Allen, Peter McPartland.





1 Ardough, Milford Carlow, George Rowe.

2 Bilboa, Milford, Carlow, Mrs. L. Hosey.

3 Boundary, Crettyard, Michael Shea.

4 Brian Clogh, Coleen, Castlecomer, Robson, Grace, and Co.

5 Clogh, Old, Clogh Castlecomer, Comerford, Lawrence.

6 Clogh, Old, Clogh Castlecomer, Thomas Breen

7 Clogh, Old, Clogh Castlecomer, Thomas Kerr.

8 Clogh, Old, Clogh Castlecomer, Partrickk Shortall.

9 Cloncen, Crettyard, Carlow, William Shae.

10 Curragh (not working), Castlecomer, Michael Brennan.

11 Doonane Banks, Crettyard, Joseoh Dobbs.

12 Hollypark, Crettyard, Cadlow, Edge, Benj. Booker.

13 Jarrow, Cloneen, Crettyyard, Jospeh Dobbs.

14 Moldubeagh, Castlecomer, Leinster Colliery Co.

15 Monteen, Crettyyard,Castlecomer, Hall and Dobbs.

16 OldLordship (not working), Castlecomer, Arthur and T. Bradley.

17 Rock Wood, Coolbawn,Castlecomer, Joseph Dobbs.

18 Rock Bridge (not working), Coolbawn,Castlecomer, John Bradley.

19 Rock Hill, Coolbawn,Castlecomer, Thomas Keer.

20 Rockwoood, Castlecomer, Joseph Dobbs

21 Rossmore, Bolboa, Castlecomer, James Brennan.

22 Skehena, Castlecomer, Michael Shortall.

23 Taylors (not working), Cloneen, James Taylor.

24 Taylor's Boundary, Crettyord, Corlow, James Taylor.

25 Towlerton, Ballickmoyler, Carlow, William Edge.

26 Trial, Crettyard, William Smith.

27 Upper Coolbawn, Coolbawn, Castlecomer, John Close.



MUNSTER COAL FIELD. Slieyardagh District. Counties Tipperary And Cork.

1 Coalbrook and Bolintlea, Slievardagh, Lisnamrock, Mining Co, of Ireland, Limited.

2 Lickfln, Kantuck, Co. Cork, Mining Co, of Ireland, Limited.

3 Earshill and Ballynastick, Slievardagh, Lisnamrock, Mining Co, of Ireland, Limited.

4 Follacamin and Knockinglass, Slievardagh, Lisnamrock, Mining Co, of Ireland, Limited.

5 Venture Fair (not working), Slievardagh, Lisnamrock, Mining Co, of Ireland, Limited.



ULSTER COAL FIELD. Counties Antrim And Tyrone.

1 Annagher, Coal Island, Dungannon, Robert Sommerville and Co.

2 Ballycastle, Ballycastle Ballymoney, Godden and McDonald.

3 Coal Island, Duugannon, J. McNally and Co.

4 Congo, Edinidork, Tyone Coal Mining Co., Limited.

5 Derry, Coal Island, F. McKenna and Co.

6 Derry, Coal Island, Neile, William and Co.

7 Derry, Coal Island, McNally and Donnelly.

8 Drumrea, Coal Island, McKenna, Devlin, and McNally.

9 Gortnaska Fire Clay (not working), Coal Island, Sloan, Andrew and Co.

10 10 Mountjoy Trial, Coal Island, Devlin, Daniel.

11 Ulster Fire Clay, Coal Island, Devlin, Daniel.








 1 Altami and Argoed, Buckley, Altami Colliery Co., Limited.

2 Alyn Bank, Padeswood, Alyn Bank Coal Co.

3 Aston Hall, Hawarden, Aston Hall Colliery Co., Limited.

4 Bailey Hill, Mold, Bailey Hill Coal Co

5 Bedford, Mold, Bedford Pits Colliey Co., Limited.

6 Bettisfield, Mold, Bettisfield Colliery Co., Limited.

7 Bistre United, Bagillt, Bistre United Coal and Cannel Co.

8 Buckley Main, Buckley, Rowlands and Co.

9 Cae Blydden, Buckley, Coed Talon Colliery Co., Limited.

10 Coed Tallon, Buckley, Coed Talon Colliery Co., Limited.

11 Coleshill, Flint, Coleshill Colliery Co., Limited.

12 Coppa, Padeswood, Mold, Coppa Cannel Co., Limited.

13 Dublin Main, Northop, Dublin Main Coal Co, Limited.

14 Dee Side, Queens Ferry, Dee Side Colliery Co.

15 Elm, Buckley, George Watkinson and Sons Limited.

16 Englefield, Holywell, Englefield Colliery Co., Limited.

17 Mostyn, Mostyn , Mostyn Coal and Iron Co., Limited.

18 Ewloe Hall, Buckley, Mold, Edward Parry.

19 Flint Marsh, Flint, Flint Marsh Colliery Co., Limited.

20 Flowery Field, Buckley, E. Parry, jnr.

21 Galchog, Northop, Flint, Alfred Purrsell.

22 Hanmer, Mostyn, Sir George Elliot, Bart.

23 Hazelwood, Coed Talon, J. Allcard and Bros.

24 Hawarden, Buckley, Hawarden Colliery Co.

25 Hope, Wrexham, The Lilleshall Co.

26 Leaswood Green, Wrexham, Leaswood Cannel and Gas Coal Co., Limited.

27 Leaswood Main, Wrexham, New Leaswood Main Colliery Co., Limited.

28 Lexham Green, Wrexham, William Hancock.

29 Little Mountain, Buckley, Little Mountain Coal, Iron and Clay Co., Limited.

30 Llong, Mold, E. Thompson and Co.

31 Maes-y-greg, Buckley, George Watkinson and Sons Limited.

32 Main Coal, Buckley, Coed Talon Colliery Co., Limited.

33 Mancot, Queens Ferry, Josh. Wright.

34 Mold Argoed, Mold, Padeswood United Cannel Coal and Iron Co., Limited.

35 Mostyn Quay, Holywell, Mostyn Coal and Iron Co.

36 Nant Mawr, Mold, Padeswood United Cannel Coal and Iron Co., Limited.

37 Nerquis, Mold, John Thompson.

38 North Leeswood Cannel, Coed Talon, North Leeswood Cannel Co.

39 Oak Pits, Mold, Oak Pits Colliery Co.

40 Padeswood, Mold, Padeswood United Coal and Cannel Co.

41 Pentrobin, Buckley, Aston Hall Coal Co.

42 Plas Bellin, Northop Flint Aston Hall Coal Co

43 Plas-y-Mowys, Coed Talon, William Wasley and Co.

44 Pontblydden, Mold, Pontblydden Colliery Co.

45 Queen's Ferry, Hawarden, Aston Hall Coal Co.

46 Sandycroft, Buckley, Mold, Sandycroft Brick, Tile and Colliery Co.

47 South Buckley, Buckley, Mold, Aston Hall Coal Co.

48 Spon Green, Buckley, Mold, William Hancock.

49 Tryddyn, Coed Talon, Mold, Flintshire Oil and Cannel Co., Limited.

50 Victoria, Padeswood, A. C. King.

51 Wern, Bagillt, Flint, Wern Colliery and Cannel Co. Limited.





 1 Acrefair, Ruabon, New British Iron Co.

2 Acton, Wrexham, Wrexham and Acton Colliery Co., Limited.

3 Albert, Ruabon, Albert Brick and Coal Co.

4 Bankduu or Black Bank, Ruabon, William Thomas.

5 Bersham, Wrexham, J. G. and W. Barnes.

6 Black Park, Chirk, Ruabon, Black Park Colliery Co.

7 Brandy, Old, Ruabon, Gomer Roberts.

8 Broughton, Brymbo, Broughton Coal Co.

9 Brymbo, Wrexham, The Brymbo Coal Company.

10 Brynkinalt, Chirk, Ruabon, Brynkinalt Colliery Co., Limited.

11 Bryn Mally, Wrexham, Thomas Clayton and Co.

12 Bryn-y-fellin, Ruabon, Jenkyn Lloyd and Co.

13 Cae-pen-ty, Wrexham, Hyde, Barton. and Butler.

14 Camrian, Ruabon, John Jackson.

15 Christionueth (not working), Ruabon, B. C. Javal and Co.

16 Coedpoeth, Talwrn, Wrexham, Vron Colliery Co.

17 Delf, Acrefair, T. H. Seacombe.

18 Erwlwyd, Rhos, Ruabon, Pant Coal Brick, and Fire Clay Co.

19 Ffrwd, Wrexham, Sparrow, James and Son.

20 Furnace Bank, Ruabon, Elias Clarke and others.

21 Gardden Lodge, Ruabon, Gardden Lodge Coal, Coke, and Firebrick Co, Limited.

22 Gatewen, Wrexham, Broughton Coal Co.

23 Grosvenor (Coedpoeth), Wrexham, Grosvenor Colliery Co., Limited.

24 Gutter Hill, Ruabon, William Griffiths and Co.

25 Gwersyllt, Wrexham, Thomas Clayton.

26 Ruabon, Ruabon, Ruabon Coal and Coke Co Limited.

27 Llanerchrngog, Ruabon, Rhos Brick and Coal Co.

28 Llay Hall, Wrexham, Llay Hall Coal, Iron, and Coke Limited.

29 Llwynenion, Ruabon, W. C. Hussey-Jones.

30 Nant, Brymbo, Westminster Brymbo Coal and Co., Limited.

31 Pant Hill (not working), Tan-y-clydd, Ruabon, Gomar Roberts.

32 Pen-y-Bryn, Ruabon, Charles T. Thomas.

33 Penhoddw, Ruabon, H. R. Bower.

34 Pendwll, Wrexham, Thos. Clayton.

35 Penrhos, Penrhos, The Brymbo Coal Co.

36 Pentre-dwr, Ruabon, J Jarvis and Co.

37 Pen-y-cae, Ruabon, Price Evans.

38 Plasbennion, Ruabon, Jos. Evans.

39 Plaskynaston, Ruabon , Plas Kynaston Coal Co.

40 Plassissa, Ruabon, John Williams.

41 Plas Power, Wrexham, Plas Power Coal Co.

42 Ponkey, Ruabon, John Griffiths and Co.

43 Ruabon, Ruabon , Ruabon Coal and Coke Co., Limited.

44 Smelt, Penrhos, The Brymbo Coal Co.

45 Square, Ruabon, Meryick Jones.

46 Street Josa, Ruabon, Joseph Evans.

47 Sycamore (not working), Ruabon, Evan Hughes.

48 Treffynant, Ruabon, J. C. Edwards.

49 Vauxhall, Ruabon, Vauxhall Colliery Co., Limited.

50 Vron, Wrexham, Vron Colliery Co., Limited.

51 Westminster, Wrexham, Westminster Brymbo Coal and Coke Co., Limited.

52 Wrexham, Wrexham, Wrexham and Acton Collieries Limited.

55 Wynn Hall, Ruabon, Keurick and Sons.

54 Wynnstay, Ruabon , New British Iron Co.



 1 Minera, Garwen, Bonvilles Court Coal and Iron Co., Limited.

2 Pont Marquis, Bodorgan, Richard Griffiths.