[An account of Lourana CRAWFORD (FINNEY), living in Denton Co., TX,
in 1875, as told by her nephew, Jesse James BENTON, in Cow by the
Tail, published 1943, when Jesse was about 80 years old]

Injun Encounter

   "In the summer of 1875, the Injuns broke loose and were raiding
everywhere, killing whole families.  As well as I can remember,
about 1,000 Comanches left the reservation to go on the warpath.
The rode down to Fort Worth, rounded up all the horses they could
find, them pulled back for their reservation.  We were about 30
miles north of Fort Worth.  The Injuns reached there just before
daylight and surrounded our house.  There was about 300 Injuns in
the band, smeared all over with oily war paint.
   "We all kept quiet and stayed in the house.  We saw them talk
things over among themselves awaile, and then moving up the creek
toward the Finney place.  We worried considerable about what would
happen to the Finneys.  My Aunt Lou wasn't afraid of anything
that walked.  We heard afterwards when the Injuns pulled up
around her place, she came out and walked over to them and said
to a buck that looked like the chief, "Please don't take my
horses, I am a widow woman, and they are all I have or can get."
   "The Injun never said a word, but they left her horses alone
and moved on up the creek three mile to the next settlers.  Here
they killed the whole family, including an eight-months-old
baby.  They scalped every one of them except one little girl
with black hair.  She had been stabbed to death as she tried to
hide in a hole under the floor. The next day we found them.
The eight-months-old baby was hanging outside the door on a
meat hook."

[Web Page Author's Note:  Lourana CRAWFORD, "Aunt Lou," above,
was my gg-grandmother.]

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