Origin of the Prichard Association in Johnson County

Origin of the Prichard Association in Johnson County

It was during the summer of 1912 that Dr. Elvin Prichard of Los Angeles, Calif., paid a visit to his old home and friends in Johnson county. While visiting among his nearest blood relatives, the Daniel Prichard line, he expressed a desire to see every Prichard of the name, however remote the relationship might be, before returning to his far western home. Accordingly a committee was named, and notices sent out to as many as possible, naming August 28th, as the date, and Franklin as the place where the first family gathering should be held. About 135 persons responded to this first call, and the day was most happily spent in greeting both old and new friends. One of the features of the day was the bountiful dinner served at the noon hour in the Floral and Art building at the fair grounds, which had previously been arranged with long and spacious tables.

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A program had been prepared for the afternoon  over which Mrs. Emma De Pue Prichard presided; Edna Mayne Prichard acting as secretary. At the conclusion of the program it was unanimously voted by those present to make the family gathering an annual affair, and officers were elected as follows for the ensuing year: President, Lewis E. Prichard; vice-president, Henry R. Prichard; secretary-treasurer, Edna Mayne Prichard; historian, Martha C. Johnson. 

The Second annual reunion of the Prichard family was held at the Franklin fair grounds Sept. 4, 1913. About 175 persons were present. After a sumptuous repast, the following program was listened to with interest: "Genealogy - First Branches,: Mrs. Martha Johnson; "Later Lines and Anecdotes," L. E. Prichard. A short talk was made by Charles F. Prichard on the publication of a genealogy. A motion was made and carried to appoint a committee to solicit data, pledges and money for a family book, which was to cost not more than $1.25. The committee named was as follows: Mrs. Martha Johnson, Mrs. Kate Prichard, Mrs. Emma Pangburn, Miss Hazel Prichard.

In the selection of officers for the coming year, the same officers were re-elected with the exception that Edwin H. Pritchard of Acton, was elected to succeed Henry R. Prichard as vice-president.

The third annual reunion was held at the Franklin fair grounds on Thursday, August 6, 1914. There were 275 persons present. This was by far the largest and most successful gathering held thus far, and much interest was manifested in the publication of the family history. With the assistance of L. E. Sellers quite a number of additional pledges for copies of the book were given over to the committee.

After the election of officers and a social hour, all departed for their homes promising themselves and each other to meet again on August 15, 1915. The following officers were chosen: President, Edwin H. Pritchard; vice-president, H. R. Prichard; secretary-treasurer, Mrs. Emma Pangburn. 

The first three meetings of the Prichard family disclose some interesting facts. The descendants of James and Elizabeth Hughes Prichard were almost exclusively farmers, having inherited their love for the soil from their Maryland ancestry, who were planters. There were few trades people among them; no carpenters, weavers, blacksmiths or barbers. Not until the fourth and fifth generations do we find a very great number of professional men among them. The fifth generation, however, can show a goodly number of lawyers, doctors, teachers, preachers, merchants, college presidents, bankers and business men and women. That it is principally the fourth generation who have taken an interest in the affairs of this great family and have spent many weary hours in trying to bring to you as well as to generations yet unborn, a clear, concise and logical history of the Prichard family. 

This committee has written hundreds of letters, examined county records and made innumerable telephone calls in their effort to obtain all existing data; visited old abandoned family burying grounds and cemeteries in the county where the dust of scores of pioneer settlers repose, oftentimes removing snow, frozen earth and rank growth from. the half buried tombstones in their search for names, dates of births and deaths.

The compilers of this history realize that it is not complete, but this in6om-pleteness is due largely to poorly-kept records. Each successive generation seems to have grown more careless and indifferent in regard to the matter of family records. To ignore the past and one's indebtedness to it, is to confess one's inferiority and lack of appreciation of things worth while, for "He who careth not from whence he came, careth little whither he goeth."

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To all those who in any way whatever have contributed to the success of this publication we desire to express our indebted

Mrs. Kate F. Prichard collected all data upon the descendants of Elizabeth Prichard Walker, Mary Prichard Dunn, Cassandra Prichard Forsyth and Nancy Prichard Forsyth.

Mrs. Emma S. Pangburn collected and prepared all data relating to the descendants of Lewis Prichard.

Mrs. Susan Prichard McQuinn collected the data upon the descendants of Sarah Prichard Tyler and Daniel Prichard.

The genealogy and history of Curtis Prichard's descendants were prepared by Martha C. Johnson.